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Justin Timberlake For Pepsi

Here’s an early peak at Justin’s Super Bowl ad for Pepsi. Poor thing. …

Michael Prieve |

Victoria Beckham Consoles Teary Girl From Revere, MA

Is she crying because she got to meet Victoria Beckham, or is she crying because she’s terrified and thinks she’s being menaced by an alien? I vote for the latter. Here’s Posh Spice promoting her new line of jeans, DVB, at Saks Fifth Avenue in my hometown of Boston! Not to generalize about…

J. Harvey |

Katie Holmes Eats, Leaves

Katie Holmes managed to get a day pass from Tom Cruise’s side and enjoyed lunch at Joan’s on Third in West Hollywood. Other women would pass by as she ate and ask about daughter Suri, and Katie would reply “Suri’s fine, thank you!” God, she’s weird. And unhappy. Reportedly Katie was really cheerful…

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Music in the Morning: Jonas Brothers – ‘When You Look Me in the Eyes’

Random fact: I am approximately 15 years too old to enjoy this band.


Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert Swap Spit

Sheesh and they don’t look like they’re having all that much fun with it. Why so glum, chums? “House of Wax” co-stars, Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert, were spotted last night, getting their freak on. The two were reportedly “all over each other and making out,” according to a witness at New York’s…

Lisa Timmons |

Ellen Pompeo Exposes Her Anatomy

Here we see Ellen Pompeo and husband, Chris Ivery, rushing out the door for the airport. Last time she was there, she had a mix-up with her ID and now it looks like her bra was what she forgot this time. Ellen gives us a peek at her tiny ladies under her thin,…

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V05 Gift Basket Giveaway!

Here’s another fun giveaway for you guys. VO5 has revamped its image with their line of Extreme Style products and we have a gift basket full of hair styling goodies for one lucky reader. Click here to check out what you could possibly be winning. On their website, they’ve got a virtual styling…

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Christina Ricci Will Pay You to Get That Monkey Off Her Breast

Christina Ricci looks fresh-faced and super-cute with those bangs of hers. I’m also loving the trench coat and purse combo. I like that she’s all glam, except for her jeans and sneakers peeking out underneath it all. Very cute.

But what’s not cute is how Christina seems to keep having strange run-ins…

Lisa Timmons |

Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams Had A Spat Outside Of Rehab

It turns out Heath Ledger had some issues going on, a lot of them concerning drugs and booze. According to “sources”, Heath had a problem with alcohol, cocainya and even dabbled in heroin. Yikes. Reportedly, this was what ended Heath and Michelle’s engagement. Michelle even went so far as to force him into…

J. Harvey |

Kylie Minogue Empathizing With Britney Spears

Global darling pop star Kylie Minogue is speaking out about Britney Spears and her series of meltdowns should be expected. Kylie says she herself has come close to a meltdown herself before. Ok, that’s fine but sweetie, you had cancer. Britney’s toughest challenge has been itchy scalp and bad personal choices involving men,…

J. Harvey |

Jessica Alba Expecting a Boy?

We have a theory that Jessica Alba and her boyfriend, Cash Warren are expecting a boy. After performing a number of scientific tests, digging through her trash and examining photos of her belly bump for hours on end…we came up with nothing. Then we read that she had recently purchased a bunch of…

Lisa Timmons |

Oprah Winfrey Immortalized in Bronze

The artist, Daniel Edwards, who has created such pop-culture-influenced sculptures as a dead Paris Hilton in repose, Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin run and a well-endowed bust of Hillary Clinton, has now created a likeness of talk show host Oprah.

This bronze statue, depicts a nude and decidedly curvy Oprah,…

Lisa Timmons |

Ryan Gosling Awarded at Santa Barbara Film Festival

Ryan Gosling is looking alternately somber and genuinely pleased at the 2008 Santa Barbara Film Festival, where he received an Independent Award Tribute at the Lobero. If you look closely at his lapel, you can see a small black ribbon that the actor is wearing as a tribute to the late Heath Ledger.

Lisa Timmons |

Cameron Diaz Has the Need For Speed …Man

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself with that title. Cameron Diaz was spotted in the Bahamas canoodling with Felicty star Scott Speedman at the beginning of the year. Apparently her new love interest has a house there, and the two were seen “frolicking on the beach” and “they were definitely smooching.”


Intern Traci |

Kathy Griffin vs. Scientology

Kathy Griffin has built an entire career on making fun of Hollywood celebrities and herself, of course, but her on-stage target of the moment is Scientology. The red-haired comedian’s inside view of the organization comes from a close friend of hers, Judy Toll, who thought it would be a good career move, but…

Lisa Timmons |

Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey….

It’s confirmed! Gwen Stefani’s father-in-law has leaked that the singer and husband Gavin Rossdale are expecting child number two, and the couple couldn’t be more excited.

“They and the whole family are delighted,” he told People Magazine. Reps for Gwen and Gavin have not yet made a statement.

Last summer Gwen…

Intern Traci |

Jake Gyllenhaal Struggling With Heath’s Death

Jake Gyllenhaal was more than just Heath Ledger’s costar in Brokeback Mountain, he was also a very close friend to the actor and godfather to his daughter Matilda Rose.

A source on the New Mexico set of his latest film “Brothers” told People Magazine that Jake has been taking the loss of…

Intern Traci |

Rumer Willis Flashes Some Cleavage at a Party for a Phone

Seriously, I don’t get the hat. Maybe I’m just too old and out of touch to understand why headwear that reminds me of my grandmother is youthful. Everybody was kind of looking ragged at this Blackberry Pearl 8130 Smartphone launch hosted by Verizon in NYC. Of the bunch, I think that Rumer here…

Lisa Timmons |

Angie’s Pregnancy News For Sale?

When Angelina Jolie showed up to the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards in a dress that looked like it was designed to strategically cover her belly bump, it just confirmed suspicions that the actress was pregnant with twins, as had been reported earlier. And now, Angie is allegedly considering selling confirmation of the news…

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