George Clooney Enjoys the National Board of Review Awards Despite the Looming Threat of Fabio

Hey, Golden Globes, sorry your party sucked. Luckily, though, the National Board of Review Awards pulled through with a kegger next door, attracting all kinds of A-listers eager to put on their best dark suits and dresses and take a stroll down the red carpet. Since the winners had already been announced before the ceremony, there was no guesswork and the whole “I’m clapping with this forced smile on my face because I’m so happy for you that you won and not me and there’s probably a camera filming me isn’t there” moment between nominees was avoided completely. And here’s George Clooney looking pensive, but knowing he’s safe because an awards show is the last place that Fabio would think to look for him.

Husband and wife, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were both present for their respective projects. Ben was presented with a directing award by his brother, Casey, who starred in Ben’s film, “Gone Baby Gone.” Jennifer, looking like the older sister of her co-star in “Juno,” Ellen Page, gladly handed over the breakthrough-performance award to the 20-year-old Page.

This is just a sentence dedicated to how smashing I think Kate Winslet looks. That is all.

“No Country for Old Men” stars Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin were also on hand, taking the formal, grizzled look to a whole new level and seriously, can y’all believe that Catherine Zeta Jones and that old dude are still going at it?

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