2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 8 – Pamela Anderson

We are counting down the top 10 people who the ASL editors, Lisa Timmons and J. Harvey would love to Bitch Slap for their behavior in the past year. Each day, for the next ten days we will be revealing the top ten. Here we go:

8. Pamela Anderson – As if it weren’t enough for her to be on this list, based solely on her association with Denise Richards, the woman treats marriage like a drug habit. Now, I know her wedding shenanigans with Kid Rock took place last year, but all of her drama spilled into this year as well. As always with her, there were pregnancy rumors, hook-ups with her exes, and even some public fisticuffs between her former flames Tommy Lee and Kid Rock because really, who wouldn’t fight for the honor of this woman? Additionally, the woman who put sex-tapes on the map rented herself out to a man whose own sex-tape infamy has earned himself the title, “The King of Sleaze,” Rick Salomon, in order to pay off her gambling debt and like a fairy-tale romance, the two fell in love and had themselves a Vegas wedding. And just to keep things interesting, she’s not wearing a wedding ring, possibly doing a “Newlyweds”-style reality series about their relationship and now they may or may not be getting a divorce. And that last bit all basically took place these last two months.

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