2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 7 – Denise Richards

We are counting down the top 10 people who the ASL editors, Lisa Timmons and J. Harvey would love to Bitch Slap for their behavior in the past year. Each day, for the next ten days we will be revealing the top ten. Here we go:

7. Denise Richards – A bikini is NOT the new little black dress. The only accessory that she seems to prefer more than her ta-tas would probably be her children, which are her props of choice for photo shoots. As for her infamous laptop-throwing incident, she should be happy paparazzi even bother taking her picture. And why is she acting like her personal life is off-limits? It’s not like she’s been enforcing any boundaries when it comes to spilling to the media about her custody battle with her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. And let’s not forget the fact that she stole her best friend’s husband, only to have karma serve her a hot, steaming plate of “in your face,” when he took her to Hawaii to break up with her crazy ass. Oh yes and one final thing, leave Charlie’s sperm alone.

Check out the Denise Richards 2007 photo gallery featuring over 15 photos after the jump. The Top 10 Bitch Slap Awards listees are here.

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