2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 7 – Denise Richards

December 25th, 2007 // 8 Comments

We are counting down the top 10 people who the ASL editors, Lisa Timmons and J. Harvey would love to Bitch Slap for their behavior in the past year. Each day, for the next ten days we will be revealing the top ten. Here we go:

7. Denise Richards – A bikini is NOT the new little black dress. The only accessory that she seems to prefer more than her ta-tas would probably be her children, which are her props of choice for photo shoots. As for her infamous laptop-throwing incident, she should be happy paparazzi even bother taking her picture. And why is she acting like her personal life is off-limits? It’s not like she’s been enforcing any boundaries when it comes to spilling to the media about her custody battle with her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. And let’s not forget the fact that she stole her best friend’s husband, only to have karma serve her a hot, steaming plate of “in your face,” when he took her to Hawaii to break up with her crazy ass. Oh yes and one final thing, leave Charlie’s sperm alone.

Check out the Denise Richards 2007 photo gallery featuring over 15 photos after the jump. The Top 10 Bitch Slap Awards listees are here.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Lisa

    You really are a nasty person aren’t you ‘Lisa Timmons’. Denise just lost her mother and has had a horrible year dealing with the ex-husband from hell.

    Goddamit you are the one who has to live with yourself for writing such horrible shit!!!

  2. Zelda F.

    I’m sorry that / if Denise just lost her mother, that is sad for anyone. However, it still doesn’t give her the right to be a two faced, vicious, malicious, conniving bitch who’d sleep with her best friends not even ex-husband yet (yeah, I know, Heather is the one who told Richie to get lost, but girlfriends DO NOT sleep with their best friends husband, regardless of the x-factor). Who cares if the ex wife from hell has to deal with her ex husband from hell. They’re both a couple of crazy’s who deserve one another! Denise is a bitch.

  3. Liza

    So far wrong Zelda, that it makes me so cross. i cannot make judgements like that on someone I don’t know, all I DO know is that one-sided and vile attacks on Denise like this when she clearly has gone through a really rough time bring out a really defensive side on me,….I see it as bullying of the highest order and I cant sit here and read it in good conscience without stating MY opinion on what has been written.

    you live with yourself, much liek Lisa, for making these statements. Plus if you genuinely believe that Heather and Denise were EVER AT ANY GIVEN POINT ”best friends” then you need to wake up

    Urgh sometimes I just hate the human race and what it has become.

  4. circuslion

    Raise your hand if you think “Lisa” and “Liza” are the same person. Raise both hands if you believe that person is also Denise.
    Now that you have both hands in the hair, wave em like you just don’t care – then bring it on home for a 1-2 double bitch slap to Denise. Yeah baby.

  5. Denise, I think you have a nice looking and tasting pussy. This because you’re loved by so many different guy’s!!

  6. Zelda F.

    Liza / Lisa / Denise: Go ahead with your opinion. Fact is, Denise IS a bat shit crazy, spoilt, attention whore who slept with her friend’s, (best or not, again, I don’t care, don’t care to keep track of D list celebrities) not even ex husband. Isn’t that documented enuf? Or do you think those photos on the beach in Hawaii were just coincidental? She’s just as nuts as Charlie is – they deserve each other. I’m sorry she lost her mother, but the woman is crazy, self entitled and uses the paps to her advantage; getting her mug on the gossip blogs! And I might add, I certainly don’t have any sympthy for a bitch that throws her lap top off a foyer and hits little old ladies. Urgh!!! THAT just makes ME cross!!!

  7. Logan

    Richie needs to lift some weights. His chest is pitiful…….

  8. Deborah

    Denise *is* bat-shit crazy scary, and I don’t think a bitchslap is gonna smack her out of it at this point.

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