2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 2 – Isaiah Washington

We are counting down the top 10 people who the ASL editors, Lisa Timmons and J. Harvey would love to Bitch Slap for their behavior in the past year. Here is the rest of the top ten.

2. Dear Isaiah,

You’re kind of a dumbass, who got played by dumbasses. You make your living in Hollywood, and yet you were arrogant enough to open your fool mouth and fling the “f” word about. Dumbass, you work in an industry full of “f”s! Apparently, you’ve always been something of a strange ranger on your movie and television sets. And a brawl with Patrick Dempsey on the set of “Gray’s Anatomoy” had you referring to co-star T.R. Knight ( who’s gay) by the aforementioned slur and revealed you for the dumbass that you are. Then you went and said it AGAIN at last year’s Golden Globes. That time you came off as A) a liar and B) a total and complete crazy person. You had to apologize. And go to “rehab” for, what I guess would be, homophobia? Which seems a little short bus. And you went through it, and jumped through all the hoops, and got fired anyway. So there was obviously a gay guy over there at ABC who was running all that. Gay Mafia Forever!