Archives: September, 2007

Who is Hayden Panettiere Flirting With?
Milo Ventimiglia in Black and White and Single
Angelina Jolie is Still the Face of St. John
Someone Needs a Manicure
Zac Efron Steps Out on Vanessa Hudgens
BREAKING: Kiefer Sutherland Charged with DUI
Nick Carter's Making a Career out of Trashing Ex-Girlfriends
Hilary Duff Yokes Those Melons
Remains of the Day: Milo Shows Off the Goods
Declare Yourself Blonde
Lindsay Lohan Gets Her Claws Done
Unlike Me, Bono Doesn't Have to Buy His Medals
Can You Say High Heels?
Justin and Beyonce Make Beautiful Music Together
Kirsten Dunst Will Have Easy Access to a Voodoo Doll of Her Ex
Elizabeth Taylor's Scent of White Diamonds Has Lured Yet Another Suitor
Britney Spears: Believe
Nicole Richie Gets Schooled On Hooch
Ben Stiller Gives Us An Owen Wilson Update
Trying Too Hard
Natalie Portman Shows Her Ass
Matthew McConaughey Still Hasn't Wrestled Out of His Suit Just Yet
Who's the Evian Drinker?
Hilary Swank Displays Some "Insolence"
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Fergie
War Spending Pisses Angelina Jolie Off
Praise Jesus!
Tee Hee
Music in the Morning: Velvet Underground - 'Rock and Roll'
Hello, My Name Is Zahara Gets Some Love from Fergie
OMG! I Just Caught JT's Sweaty Tee! It Smells Like Diamonds and the Dalai Lama!
Your Bottom Of The Barrel Post For Your End Of Day Pleasure
Remains of the Day: Kirsten Bell Show Off the Bod
Gigolo And Pimp
Heidi Klum Back To Shillin' On QVC
Britney Spears Wins an Award, But Nothing to Brag about
Caption Carrot Top
Tom Cruise on Farts and Alien Bunkers
Lindsay Lohan Not Yet Ready for the Real World
US Weekly Honors Hot Hollywood
America's Next Top Model: I Think It Was Benny Ninja, In The Old Navy, With The Stopwatch
Bridget Moynahan Goes To Church / Pimps Out Her Kid To "OK!"
Brad Pitt Gifts Nawlins With Some Houses
Britney Spears Employs The Paparazzi In Obtaining Feminine Hygiene Products
That's Right, Kanye. We Caught you at Intermix.
Who's Getting a Kiss Off?
Vacation's Over for Joel and Nicole
ASL's Exclusive Interview With The Last Goodnight
Pammie Likes to Party
Crazy Beats The Rap (For Now)
Music in the Morning: Pissed Jeans - 'I've Still Got You (Ice Cream)'
David Beckham Heads Back to England
Jennifer Lopez Does Some Sexy Photos Before Getting Fat
Jennifer Aniston's a Busy Lady
Celebrity Photo Mix: Stars On Set
Shave It
Remains of the Day: Natalie Portman Shows Off Her Stems
Halle Berry's Baby Threatened
Marcia And Jan Weren't Doing It
Britney Spears Makes Us Nervous
Caption It: Fashion Action From Easy Spirit
Matthew McConaughey Gets Tasered and Forced into a Suit
Rachel Bilson Set to Get Chuck Off
Heidi Montag Would Rather Die Than Not Have Big Boobs
Usher Has An Album, A Fragrance And A Baby Boy On The Way
Kate Moss Sends A Message To Her Crack Fiend
Keep Her
Chaos In The Classroom
Jennifer Lopez Comes Home
Who's Wearing the Questionable Footwear
Courteney Cox and Coco Do Their Thing
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Jennifer Elison
Brad Pitt Bloodied, But Not Hurting
Here's The 911 Call From George Clooney's Motorcycle Accident
Effie Shows Up On The "Sex And The City" Set
Music in the Morning: The Tough Alliance - "First Class Riot"
So Long, Sweet Summer -A Look at "Green Flash"
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 48 - "Salma Hayek is a Sexy Oompa Loompa"
Courtney Love is Barely Alive and Denies Getting Jack Osbourne Hooked on Pills
Chris Hansen, You've Been Scooped
Keri Hilson Anticipates Britney Spears' VMA Performance of 'Gimme More'
Remains of the Day: Will Jessica Biel Don the Golden Braclets?
Our Ongoing Coverage Of The "Sex And The City" Feature Film Continues
Hide The Kids, Lohan Might Be Getting Out Soon
David Beckham Fronts Like He's Running from Paparazzi
Are Those Damn Pics Real Or Not?
The Fall TV Season Begins on Recapist
Whitney Houston Gets Our Hopes Up
Paris Hilton's Swedish/Humanoid Boyfriend Says She's Down to Earth
George Clooney Does Feel Lucky, Punk
Hot Couple
Britney Destroys A Quiznos
Kiefer Sutherland Still Drankin' And Drivin'
Marcia Cross Makes Me Want to Be a Squatter in Her On-Set Trailer
Guess Who's Wearing Camouflage
Hot Irish Actors Lend Their Hotness to a Worthy Cause
Caption Lauren Conrad
Jake Gyllenhaal to Let His Brother Go to War
A Socialite's Life Would Like To Honor The President of Iran As Our Worst Person On Earth For September!
Dita von Teese Fetishes It Up For PETA
Music in the Morning: Les Savy Fav - 'Patty Lee'
TomKat Celebrates Victory in Germany
Vintage Milo Ventiglimia
Dirty Sexy Money Sex Change
Gay Guy Thanks Gay Icon For His Career
Remains of the Day: Oscar de la Hoya Photos Seem Less and Less Credible
Meg White's Indie But She Ain't THAT Indie
Hannah Montana Pregnancy Craziness
Caption Ben and Jen
"The Game Plan" Premieres with Less Than Groundbreaking Results
Paris Hilton Does Her Schtick in Canada
Lindsay Lohan, Homewrecker?
They Look Thrilled...
I Want To Stay In Her Room
Babies Were A Birthin' Over The Weekend
This Isn't Going To End Well
Brad Pitt's Takes a Punch to the Nose
Who's Donning the Gaudy Duds
This Just In...Mariah Carey is a Diva
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Tori Spelling
Nicole Richie Says What We're All Thinking
George Clooney Wipes Out
Hostess Stopped Making Orange Sno-balls
Music in the Morning: Jay-Z - 'Blue Magic'
Tara Reid Shields the British from Her Secret Weapons at Fashion Week
Jon Stewart Backstage at the Emmys Learning OJ is in Jail
Sex Can Be Seen All Over the City
Victoria Beckham Thinks Her Car Won't Run without Her Initials Embroidered on It
Remains of the Day: Joe Francis Spends His Jail Time Writing
Milla Jovovich To Turn Baby Into Future B-Movie Action Heroine
Nicole and Joel Are Excited About Their Baby Blah Blah Blah
Angie Goes to the Movies at the U.N.
Guess the Ass
ASL Attends Cartel and Honorary Title Concert
Sarah Jessica Parker Experiences Death by Flower
The Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party Makes Me Feel Old and Frumpy
George Clooney Knows How to Amuse Himself
Jennifer Aniston Marries Ben Affleck
J. Lo's Mom Isn't Amused
The Stars Have It In For Britney
Paris Hilton Probably Doesn't Have a Lot of Underwear to Give
Beyonce Goes Darker
Mark Wahlberg Will Be Brad Pitt's Million Dollar Baby--Minus The Pesky Paralysis
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Bai Ling
Big and Charlotte Surprise the Heck Out of Each Other
Prince Adopts Twins
Gap Kids Ad
Music in the Morning: Nina Simone - "Feeling Good"
Amy Winehouse Mumbles Her Way Through Another Awards Show
Brad Pitt Uses His Kids to Get High
Jeremy Piven Will Bore You to Tears
Diddy Puts His Dirty Ad On The Internets
Greg Scarnici Does Britney Spears
Kathy Griffin Lands Herself A Cash Cow
Scarjo's A Straight-Up Ass On Set
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston Look Happy as Clams
Recapist is Watching
CBS Throws a Party Amidst Controversy
Hayden & Milo--Caught on Tape
Angelina Jolie Says Four is Her Magic Number
America's Next Top Model: "I'm Beautiful. I'm Smart. I Can Play Beer Pong."
Rose McGowan Hacking Up Her Face Cost Her "Speed Racer"
Jerks Make Movie Together
Oscar de La Hoya Likes Incense, Wine And Candles And It's Such A Freaky Scene
B-Listers Ham It Up In Court
Performers at the Dream Concert Makes Beautiful Music
Who's Up For Some World Peace?
Dan Rather Sues Everybody
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Britney Spears
Who Isn't Paris Hilton Dating, Really?
OJ Witnesses Are Ruining My Dreams And He's Out On Bail
Ashanti's In A Bad Movie
Music in the Morning: Menomena - "Wet and Rusting"
Hayden Panettiere Helps Co-Star Save Face
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
ASL at the Emmys
Gossip Girl Premieres Tonight
Snotty Actress Premieres Her Flick
Remains of the Day: Oscar de la Hoya Shows Some Leg
Anyone Can Get On TV
You Ladies Better Not Start Wearing That Fug Outfit She's Got On
We Are So The Bane of Sean Penn's Existence
Ashley Tisdale Gets Her Club On
Justin Timberlake Has Juicy Ribs
Melanie Brown's Being Accused of Sucking as a Mother
Nick Carter Might Be Taking One for Backstreet
Brad Pitt Loves Mary-Louise Parker And Adoption
Alicia Silverstone Loses Her Clothes For Animals
Why Doesn't She Just Wear A Sign That Says "I Don't Give A F*ck"?
Remind Me To Rush Out To The Theater
Felicity And Baby
Guess Who's Showing in London
Tom Brady Says He Didn't Cheat
Heidi Montag Sings
Jennifer Aniston On The Move
Take Notes, John Travolta
The World is Flat. Who Knew?
Brit Gets To Keep Her Half Of The Kids, Has To Get Tested For Funyun Abuse
Music in the Morning: Wu-Tang - "Watch Your Mouth"
Yeah, We Know
Liquid Lunch Ep 47 - "It's A Boobcast, Really"
O.J. Simpson Charged With Kidnapping and Roberry
O.J. Simpson Charged With Kidnapping and Roberry
Alicia Keys On Telly
Sally Field Backstage at the Emmys
Remains of the Day: Barbara Walters Defends Elisabeth
ASL's Exclusive Interview With Cartel
Recognize This Face?
Kylie Minogue Gets Sexy in Lots of Leather
Katherine Heigl Really Didn't Expect to Win an Emmy
Reese Witherspoon Is Fun, Dammit
Brad Pitt Tries to Promote His Jesse James Movie, Gets Mobbed
"The Kingdom" Brings Some Heat to Los Angeles
Listen to O.J. Simpson Sounding Crazy
Vanessa Hudgens Admits to Crush on Matt Damon
Britney's Management Team Got A Clue
BREAKING: Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant!
Scarlett Wants Capt. Abs To Slow The Hell Down
Halle Berry Gets Earmarked by Aretha Franklin
Who's Taking a Swig?
Owen Wilson's Suicide Attempt Adds Somber Undertone to "Darjeeling Limited"
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Gareth Pugh's Creations
Heidi Montag Confirms That Yes, She's Definitely White
50 Cent Disappoints The Rest Of The World
Justin Timberlake Phones In A Paparazzi Smackdown
Adrian Grenier Is So Hyping His Upcoming Documentary By Claiming He'd Actually Date Paris Hilton
Music in the Morning: Mark Ronson - "Valerie" Featuring Amy Winehouse
Direct TV Emmy Party
BREAKING: Britney Spears Temporarily Loses Custody
America Ferrara Backstage at the 2007 Primetime Emmy Awards
Barry Manilow Gives Elisabeth Hasselbeck the Proverbial Finger
BREAKING: K-Fed's Life in Danger?
Junior Senior Giveaway Winners
Greedy Rich People Get Free Shit
Remains of the Day: Shia LaBeouf Shows Some Skin
Triathlons Are Glamorous
The Emmys Tanked
HBO's Post-Emmy Party
Featured on Recapist
Pamela Anderson Accepts an Indecent Proposal
Kanye West Rocks the Emmys TV Guide Party
Britney Spears' Custody Battle is Going to Get Real Messy Real Fast
Praise Jesus
There's A War On But The Network Brass Doesn't Want Sally Field Telling You About It
Is He Already Past It?
Because He Totally Needed The Ego Boost
EW's Pre-Emmy Party
Guess Who Should Have Worn a Bra
Lindsay Lohan's "Friend" from Rehab Denies Benefits
Emmy Red Carpet Fashions Get Us the Wrongest Way Possible
2007 Emmy Winners Happy to Take Home Their Pointy Statues
Guy Ritchie Just Wants To Go To The Pub
Pure Evil Arrested
ASL Sort of Live-Blogs the Emmys
ASL Hits Up the 59th Annual Emmy Awards Nominee Reception
Gwen Stefani Sues Forever 21
ASL Will Be Live-Blogging the Emmys
Eddie Vedder Is Still Doing Stuff
David Beckham Doing What He Does Best
A Chance to Win Some Junior Senior Swag
Oh Yeah, He's Definitely A JFK-Type
Wilson Cruz Has Film Work!
Joaquin Phoenix Breaks Down During Interview
Seth Green Responds to Chris Crocker
Kate Bosworth is So Over Orlando
OJ Simpson Suspected in Burglary
Charlize Theron Steps Out with Her Man for "In The Valley of Elah"
Your Mess Update
Vanessa Hudgens Goes A Little Too Far With The "Accidental" Release Of Sexy Photos Marketing Ploy
This Can Be More Interesting Than It Looks, If You Only Try
Someone Used To Give Equal Time
Rachel McAdams Goes to Toronto for "Married Life"
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Beth Ditto
When Viggo Mortenson Has a Naked Fight Scene, Everyone Wins
Kabbalah Celebs Hit Tel Aviv As Terrorist Threatens To Behead Madge And Britney
Ryan Gosling's Movie Where He's Dating His Blow-Up Doll Is Getting Good Reviews
Music in the Morning: Girl Talk - "Friday Night"
Cate Blanchett's Bob Dylan Might Get Her in Good with Oscar
Celebrities Give the Clothes Off Their Backs
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Evan Rachel Wood Is Defensive
Remains of the Day: Brooke Hogan's on the Loose
Charlize Theron Is Married But Not Really
Colin Farrell's A Saint
Demi Moore Frustrated with Film Roles
Reese and Jake Doing the On-Again, Off-Again Thing
Celebutantes' Real-Life Drama Inspires "Hollywood Brats"
Heath Ledger Tries to Block David Blaine's...You Know
"Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" Sneak Peek
The Woman To The Left Is So Jazzed About Brad And His Buddhist Monk
Britney Emerges, Meets Up With Ex-Scrub