Archives: August, 2007

Paolo Nutini - "Rehab"
Viral Video of the Week Courtesy of "The Daily Show"
Who's She Kiddin'?
Jodie Foster On Kids
Remains: From Rehab to Tanning Salon
We're Sorry For Running Another Britney Story But This One's Kinda Funny
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Foxy Brown's Still A Maniac
Regis and Kathie Lee Reunite
Quick Hits: Anne Is Frisky
Fashion Disaster: Majandra Delfino
Kim Kardashian Says, "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Bootyful."
Don Imus Gets Sued by Rutgers Basketball Player
"Rush Hour 3" Leaves Director Hurting for Cash
Britney Hopes "Comeback" Performance At VMAS Will Make Us Forget She's Toe-Up And In Lots Of Trouble
It's a Subpoena Party!
Evan Rachel Wood On Dating Attention Whore
Sienna Miller Gets Into Her Work
Britney's Former Assistant Outs Her
That Whole New Image Thing Didn't Last
Lindsay Lohan is a Lawsuit Magnet
Britney and Kevin Want Privacy During Custody Case
Lily Allen's Laughing at Her Sexy Text
"Superbad" Premiere
Music In The Morning: Girls Aloud - "Sexy! No No No"
Andy Milonakis's Rap Album Will Be Dirty & Retarded
Brothel Sells
Remains: My Eyes! My Eyes!
Everybody's Gettin' A Subpoena
You Spin Me Round: Coldplay
It Wasn't The Dogs' Fault
Liquid Lunch Ep. 43 - "It Takes a Village People"
Celebrities, Cocktails, and Koi: ABSOLUT Hancock Park
James Blunt Thinks Partying is Beautiful
Quick Hits: Dancing In the Sheets
Fashion Disaster: Ashley Olsen
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Already Has a Promising Career
Matt Damon to Guest Star on Cartoon
Mandy Moore Does "I Am Mandy Moore"
Tawny Kitaen Sues Ex for Snatching Her Millions
Britney Losing Her Kids To Weedy Scrub Update
Anti-Christ To Be Published, Goldman Family Will Benefit
Sir Ben Kingsley Up In A Troll's Business
Amy Winehouse Re-Destroys The Integrity Of Her Hit Song
Rose Byrne Enjoys a "Sexy" Relationship with Glenn Close on "Damages"
Jeff Lewis Still "Flipping Out" on Bravo - New Episode
Jess Alba Spreading Her Wings as a Singleton
Richard Branson Tries to Bring Sexy Back to Flying
Music in the Morning: Bad Brains - "Give Thanks and Praise/Jah Love"
Jason Never Liked Heidi
Courtney Love Doesn't Buy People's Dieting Claims
Rosie Fights With Hog Owner
Remains of the Day: I Love Photos
Adrian Grenier Is Flirting With Disaster
I Knew His Parental Concern Was Too Good To Be True
This Guy Killed A Duck With A Brick
Quick Hits: Brad's Little Man
Fashion Disaster: Jason Davis
Cameron Diaz Former Money Manger Sued, She Resumes Film Career
Bruce Willis' Mystery Woman Revealed
Heidi Klum Not Happy to Have the Beckhams in Her Neighborhood
Matt Damon Calls Out BFF Ben Affleck
Chloe Sevigny's Nose is Clean...Right
Gentle Giant, Not So Gentle
Caption It: David Beckham
Amy Winehouse Retains The Integrity Of Her Hit Song
Lohan's Actually In Rehab?
Alli Sims Gets Involved in Brit's Custody Battle
Paris Hilton Back to Life, Back to Reality
Will Smith's Breath Stuns Fan on Set of "Hancock"
Kate Holmes Looking to Upgrade Tom Cruise
Music In the Morning: Dropkick Murphys- "Spicy McHaggis Jig"
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
Why No One Listens To The Radio Anymore
Team Audrina? Anyone?
Hillary Clinton at The Abbey, Insider Account
Two Crazy Lohans Nearly Done Fighting
Britney Must Think It's Easy Being Green
Ed Harris Needs To Check Himself
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Red Carpet Interview
Brad Pitt Does His Civic Duty
Who's Taking a Trip to Fred Segal?
About Damn Time
Another Argument Against Matching Tattoos Shows Itself
Paris Hilton Wastes Adrian Grenier's Time
Fashion Disaster: Julia Roberts
Quick Hits: Believe in Britney
50 Cent vs. Kanye West--It's Going Down Sept. 11th
Hollywood Foreign Press Luncheon Sees Stars Goof Off
Ashlee Simpson Warns Other Girls To Keep Their Paws Off Her Mascara
Scary Spice's Husband Is A Little Too Free With His Hands
Locher's Free Shipping Ends August 15th!
Brit Versus Brits
Brad Pitt Won't Be Wearing A Gimp Suit Anytime Soon
Amy Winehouse Destroys The Integrity Of Her Hit Song
The Olsen Twins Are Psych(ot)ic
Beyonce Loves Diamonds
Interpol Giveaway!
Angelina Jolie Is Impartial
Weeds Giveaway!
Bridget Moynahan Sells Manhattan Home, Looks Ready to Burst
Music in the Morning: Charlotte Gainsbourg - "The Operation"
Exclusive Interview with Lauren of the "The Hills"
Clay Aiken Sees God
An Aging Supermodel Having An Affair
Ricky Martin's Rainbow Family
Fashion Fix: Style Feeder
Remains of the Day: Covet Sarah Jessica Parker
Who's Doing a Little Shopping at Marc Jacobs
Why I Take Drugs
See Macy Gray at the Hollywood Bowl for Free!
Can He Afford This?
Leo DiCaprio Has the Opposite of My Work Ethic
Sexual Assault at Playboy Mansion Investigated
Fashion Disaster: Mischa, Mischa, Mischa
Quick Hits: Gwyneth Paltrow Feeds the Animals
Reese Enjoying Some Afternoon Delight with Jake?
Angelina Getting to Work in Chicago
The Hills Season 3 Premiere Party in Malibu
The Hoff's Ex Fired By Her Attorney
Correction: Lily Allen Has A Visa
Will David Beckham Play Tonight?
I'm Old School...Sign Me Up For Robert Downey Jr.
Scary Spice Has Been Married For Awhile
Lohan's Parents As Terrible As You Imagined
K-Fed Makes His Move
Kelly Ripa and Hubby Together Again on TV?
Paris Hilton Hoping to Blind the Stars Once Again
Glenn Close Enjoys Swapping the Big Screen for the Small One on "Damages"
Christina Aguilera Shops, Expecting Baby Girl
Music in the Morning: Sia - "Buttons"
Damien, It's All For You!
Kelly Osbourne Has Morals
Britney Accuses Mom of Getting with K-Fed
Viral Video of the Week: ?????? ???????
Liquid Lunch Ep. 42 - "Do You Remember the Latin Explosion?"
Amy Winehouse Does the Inevitable
Remains of the Day: Anna Nicole Smith is Still Making News
Pete Doherty Has The Functionality For Blackmail?
Usher's Mom Didn't Attend Wedding
Lindsay Lohan On Fashion
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Kate Hudson's New Tail
Toni Braxton's New Single is "Unbreak My Bank"
Zac Efron Abs It Up on Rolling Stone
Fashion Disaster: Vintage Linda Hamilton
Quick Hits: Brody Jenner's a Thug
Kim Kardashian to Be Filmed...Doing Whatever It Is She Does
The Jolie-Pitts Arrive in Chicago
Wynonna Judd Has It Rough
Porn Was More Profitable for McCarroll
Endless Misery 2: What Happened Inside The Hotel Room With Britney And The College Tool Who Sold Her Ass Out
Endless Misery
Kim Porter Has Something To Say
Britney's Head On Someone Else's Body
Nick Carter Doesn't Care about Paris Hilton Anymore
Courtney Cox and David Arquette Most Likely to Succeed
Kat Von D's Show "LA Ink" Premieres
Jessica Biel Not Sure about Flaunting the Ladies
Music in the Morning; 50 Cent Featuring Justin Timberlake - "Ayo Technology"
What The Hell?
MTV VMA Performers Announced
ASL PARTY PATROL: Big Rigs at Brick and Mortar
Project Runway Winner Pretends to Be Homeless
OCD TV - Last Comic Standing (Semi-Finals)
Cisco Adler Thinks Nicole Richie Won't Eat Her Baby
Liquid Lunch Technical Difficulties
Remains of the Day: Some Paris Hilton Footwear
This Should End Quickly
You Spin Me Round: Amy Winehouse Re-Ignites Import Debate
The MTV Video Music Award Nominations
Who's Hiding Behind His Hat?
Charlie Sheen Said Denise Asked for a Pretty Personal Memento of His
The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Feuding
Fashion Disaster: Sarah Silverman
Quick Hits: Clive Owen Gives Good Face
Matt Damon Works Hard for Tha Money
Sienna Miller Does More Partying with Puff Daddy
Michael Lohan Displeased With Dina Lohan's Choice Of Male Companion
Remind Me To Take Up Doing Drugs In Britain
Kors and His Commandments
Lily Allen Should Have Cooled It On The Karate Kicks
Britney Blows Off Magazine
Tramps Settle
Michelle Pfeiffer Gets Her Star
Robbie Williams Suffers Cracked Knee and Rib, Enjoys Peace
"Flipping Out" Episode Two Sneak Peek
Bust Out the Hula Hoops and Roller Skates, Crazy People. It's "American Idol" Audition Time Again.
Music in the Morning: Maroon 5 - "Wake Up Call"
This Is An Important Issue
Kathy Hilton Knows Hardship
Chris Rock Has Had Enough of Supposed Baby-Mama
Movie Heads: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Britney Under New Management
Remains of the Day: Marc Jacobs Struts His Stuff
Doesn't Regis Philbin Have This Issue?
Ricky Martin Strips For Some Reason
Gloria Allred Can Be Scary
Who's Donning the Spandex
Roseanne's Pissed That She Didn't Get The Gig
Cameron Diaz and Jude Law Say They're Just Friends
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Make St. Tropez Go Bonkers
Fashion Disaster: John Galliano
Quick Hits: Judy Garland Lives!
Angelina Jolie Says, "Seriously. We're Not Broken Up."
Madonna Might Have to Return Her African Baby
Gwyneth Paltrow Uses Deadly Snake Venom To Stem The Inevitable Tide Of Hag
Gold-Digger 1, Usher's Mama 0
Moving On Up
B-Listers Are Crazy
Torn Between Two Fine Ass Men
Where Is Lohan?
Jennifer Lopez Loves Her Pscychic Friends, Downplays Diva Demeanor
David Beckham and Robbie Williams to Play House on Wisteria Lane?
Nicole Richie Decides to Stay in County Jail, Gets a Baby Present from Danny Bonaduce
Paris Hilton Lands Role in Horror Musical
Music in th Morning: Black Lips - "Cold Hands"
ASL PARTY PATROL: Frontiers Magazine Hot 25 Party
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Lindsay Says A Lot Of Stuff In Her "Elle" Interview
Love Just Seems to Elude Flavor Flav
Celebrity Buzz Meter for August 3rd, 2007
Brangelina Perseveres, Despite L&S
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
John Mayer Loves Chocolate
Country Fans Are Bonkers
Caption Cindy Crawford
Nicole Richie Is Eating
Ellen Barkin Looking to Get More Dough from Ex-Hubby
The Richie Family Continues Publicly Admitting to the Obvious
Fashion Disaster: Hilary Duff
Quick HIts: Evan Rachel Wood Speaks
Present-Day Madonna Cursing Slutty Yet-Infinitely-Way-More-Interesting Madonna of the Past
Britney and Dude Enjoy Community Lollipop
Pamela Anderson Is Through With Acting!
Lohan Set Herself Up To Fail
Who's Showing Off Her Bum?
Heidi's Family Jewels
Paula Abdul Is Demanding, Asleep
"Did He Ask You To Wear A Strap-On, Too?"
Lohan Pissed Off Louis Vuitton With Her Looting
ASL's Interview with Rose Byrne, Star of "Damages"
Sarah Michelle Gellar Chooses Love over Her Career
Lindsay Lohan vs. Hasselhoff
Sunset Plaza Tent Sale and More!
Bratz Movie Giveaway!
Music in the Morning: J Dilla - "Won't Do"
Creepy Old Hollywood News
Nicole Taking A Cue From Paris
Lawyers Love Litigating Lohans
Love and Drugs
Shopping With The Stars Photo Mix
Well, There Goes Lunch. Thanks, Naked TomKat.
Remains of the Day: More Merry
Water Sports Enthusiast Finally Going To Court
R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet For Ten More Episodes
Bobby Brown Is Worried Osama Bin Laden Is After Him
Fashion Fix: You Can Wiggle Around in J.Lo's HotPants for a Mere $265
Picture It: 2057
Lane Garrison May Avoid Prison
Who's at the Airport?
Lindsay Writes Her Own Burn Book
Marilyn Manson Stiffs Keyboard Player, Buys Dead Chinese Girl's Bones
Fashion Disaster: Rob Schneider
Quick Hits: Kevin Smith Has Some Fun
Showtime Generates Buzz with New Seasons of Shows
Nicole Richie Admits She Thought She Could Drive High
Maniac Doesn't Want To Sit Near Posh
Skeletal Husband Annoyed His Past And Present Wives Are Sharing Magazine Cover
Everything's Coming Up Reese
Tragedy In Minneapolis
Interchangeable Reality Show Mannequins Despise Each Other
Brad Pitt To The Most Beautiful Woman In The World: "Get Thee To Rehab!"
Orlando Bloom Hates Watching His Movies
"Heroes" Stars Support Cast Member's Directorial Venture
Tom Cruise to Teach David Beckham How to Deal with the Media
Amy Winehouse Possibly Moving to Miami, I'm Guessing to Escape David Gest's Tongue
Music in the Morning: Cold War Kids - "Hospital Beds"
Mel B. Explains Her Bid For Riches
Rosie And Star On Whoopi
Rosie Turned Down $2 Million Offer to Appear on "The Apprentice"
Jordan and Peter Show Off Princess Tiaamii
Viral Video of the Week: "The Dance" by mittymoo
TT: El Mercado's Common Listening Party
Nicole Richie Tells OK! Her Wrong Side of the Road SNAFU Was Not OK
Remains of the Day: Catherine Zeta Jones is Not Shy
Scary Spice Sues Trannie Afficionado
Who's Photographing the Paparazzi?
Alli Simms' Master Plan Continues, Defends Britney's Parenting Skills
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Kate Moss Pissed that Her Junkie Ex Keeps Talking Shit
JLO is the Boss and Has Advice
Beyonce on Dancing in Heels
Fashion Disaster: Sarah Jessica Parker
Quick Hits: Jennifer Garner Considers a New Challenge