Archives: August, 2007

Paris Hilton at the Airport
Amy Winehouse Pisses Off Producer
Celebrity Buzz Meter for August 31st, 2007
Jude Law's Been Colorized
Remains of the Day: The 'Heroes' World Tour Continues
Those Are His Daughters
Becks Wants More Kids Because His Soccer Days Are Obviously Over And He's Going to Need Something To Do
Cameron Diaz Gets a Paparazzi Birthday Surprise
Caption Sting
The Ten-Year Anniversary of Princess Diana's Passing Commemorated
Sienna Miller Parties Hard with Her Houseguest
Owen Wilson's Ex-Girlfriend Describes Him as "Happy"
Our Server Doesn't Want You to Have Access to Gossip
Tim Gunn Has A New Show But Screw That, Where's Project Runway?
George Clooney In Venice (Tilda Swinton Rules)
Tom Cruise Is A Nazi
"It's Britney, Bitch."
Kylie Minogue Back in the Business of Making Pop Music
Who's the Doggy Lover?
Sheryl Crow Does a Sammy Hagar Impersonation
And Then Some Heroes Came Along
The Jig Is Up For Britney's Ex-Manager
Mel B. Is On Top Of The World
Music in the Morning: José González - "Down the Line"
Jennifer Garner Draws the Line at Getting Her Boobs Punched
BREAKING: Britney Spears' New Tracks
Larry Birkhead Denies OK! Magazine Accusations
ASL Giving Away Tickets to See Rufus Wainwright at the Hollywood Bowl!
Pam is 30% More Unpredictable on this Season of "The Office"
Eve Annoyed That Her Alcohol-Monitoring Anklet Doesn't Match The Rest Of Her Outfit
Resident Evil: Extinction Exclusive!
Remains of the Day: Jerry O'Connell Takes it Off
Maybe They Overpaid
My New Favorite Couple Enjoyed A Romantic Dinner
Naomi Campbell Whacks Apartheid Upside the Head with a Phone
Jesse Metcalfe Expresses His Heartbreak Through a New Tattoo
Brandon Davis Has a Birthday and Nobody Cares
Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards Keep the Sexual Tension High by Appearing Ready to Kill Each Other at Any Given Moment
Lauren Conrad to Confuse Me by Populating the World with More Clones
Thanks For The Sperm, Now Step
Ellen's Over Her Job
To The Beat Of The Rhythm of the Night, Bitch I'll Kick Your Ass
I Need To Befriend Aniston
Ryan Reynolds Plays Three Different Characters in His Most Recent Film, All Have Great Abs
Who's Hanging in Laguna Beach?
Kevin Bacon Gets One Degree Closer to Himself
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Diane Keaton
Ashton Kutcher Tells the Ladies How to Accessorize
Shia LaBeouf and Rihanna Together?
Jeremy Piven Embracing His Destiny
Music in the Morning: The Bees - "Listening Man"
Fergie Does Lovely Lady Handbags
Miss Teen USA Contestant Lauren Caitlin Upton Talks Geography
Whitney Vs. Bobby--Who is the Less Irresponsible Parent?
Bullet Bypasses Beyonce
"Grey's Anatomy" Chick Has Her Own Show So She Needs To Tell Inane Stories To Try And Get Us To Watch It
An International Sex Symbol and a Hip-Hop Star
Remains of the Day: David Beckham Hangs 10
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Lindsay Gets Down On Toilet
Keira Knightly And Her Bones Go For A Gondola Ride
Paris Hilton Takes a Break from Her Non-Existent Humanitarian Efforts to Party in Vegas
Paparazzi Flashes + Black Sheer Tops = Nipple Alert
Recapist Watches So You Don't Have To
Britney Could Have Stayed Under Rihanna's "Umbrella"
Jennifer Lopez to Provide Me with More Spoiled Teenager Footage to Enjoy
Courtney Love Points Fingers Regarding Owen Wilson's Downward Spiral
Plastic Teens Get A Pay Upgrade
Hopefully This Isn't The Single
Brad Took Charge
Lohan's Dad's Efforts Have Paid Off
Jennifer Garner Talks about Last Year's Fainting Spells
Who Has the Flat Stomach?
Heidi Montag Clearly Gets Her Bad Judgement from Her Parents
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Jason Davis
Mandy Experiences an Ex-Rated Encounter in Vegas
Britney Spears Might Be Getting Her Shit Together
The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Was In Iraq
Music in the Morning: The Shins - "Turn on Me"
Jessica Biel Hosts the Grand Opening of The Ivy Hotel in San Diego
Zahara Jolie-Pitt Brings Us Today's Moment of Cuteness
Teri Hatcher Looks Like She Wants to Take a Bite Out of Me
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 44 - The Girl Who Made Me Do The Hula-Hoop Around The Gym
Britney Subpoena Hunt Results In Monster Truck Rally
Remains of the Day: If Perez Hilton Were Photoshopped
Amy Winehouse's In-Laws Want You To Stop Giving Her Drug Money
Angie Does Iraq
The Madoption Process Continues
Sarah Hardings' Boob Slip
Now on Famesters
Ryan Phillippe is a Serious Actor, Y'all.
U.S. Open Sees Stars
Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher Break Bread
BREAKING: Owen Wilson's Suicide Attempt Confirmed
"Spiderman" Fans Wanted Kirsten Dunst Swag
Paris Won't Sleep With Just Anyone
Jude Law Will Fly 500 Miles To Get Laid
More On Why Owen Wilson Chose To Try And Cash It In
Looks Like K-Fed's Definitely The One Who Sicced The Social Workers On Britney
Guess Who's Got a New Chick?
A Fashion Designer With a Label Issue
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Mischa Barton
Don't Be Fooled By This Photo
"Flipping Out" New Episode Sneak Peek
Hayden Panettiere Has Milk
Music in the Morning: The Good, the Bad, & the Queen - "Kingdom of Doom"
Cameron Diaz Hooking Up with Bradley Cooper?
Owen Wilson Was Blue
Jessica Simpson Spontaneously Sings
Movie Heads Mashup: "Halloween" VS. "I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With"
Kid Rock Slums
Remains of the Day: Lindsay Lohan Sexes Things Up
Britney Update: All Hell Is Breakin' Loose But It's Ok Because The Dog Is Fine
Caption Pete Wentz
Recapist Round Up
Wondering Where Jesus Is? Well, Michael Vick Found Him for You.
Brad Pitt is a Good Daddy
Mama Hogan Issues a Statement about Nick's Crash
Wentworth Miller Makes Us Speculate
Please Leave Owen Wilson Alone
Fashion Disaster: Kylie Minogue
Britney's Got A Lead Foot
Jessica Alba Holds Grudges
Guess Who's Making Out?
Teens Choose Zac Efron Because He Spreads Better And He Comes In Crunchy Style Too
Hulk Hogan's Son In Car Crash
Nicole Richie Was "Pleasantly Surprised"
Amy Winehouse Says Blake Tried to Stop Her from Doing Drugs
Cameron Diaz Caught Up in NYC Club Raid
Los Angeles Times Image Launch Party
Brangelina Hit Up Humanitarians in the Hamptons
Music in the Morning: Wisely - "Through Any Window"
Report: Owen Wilson Attempted Suicide
Celebrity Buzz Meter for August 24th 2007
Britney And Paris Hanging Out Again?
Dumbass II (Jamie Foxx Edition)
Guess Who
Quick Hits: Eva 4 Eva'
Brad Pitt To Be Responsible For Another Incredibly Shocking Show On FX
Is She Or Isn't She?
Reese And Jake Enjoyed The Vineyard Together
Lifestyles Wants to Dress Enrique's Tiny Weiner
Fashion Disaster: Debra Messing
Mel Gibson No Longer
Charlize Theron Walks with a Purpose
Kristen Dunst Gets A-Burgled
Debra Opri Gets Zilch from Tha Hoff
Kanye and 50 Make Nice And End Their Transparent Bid For Sales
Michael Vick's Father Confirms It
Ali Lohan Crashes
Paris Shops For Nicole's Fetus
Time For Everyone To Go To Their Individual Corners
JLO is Done with Smelly Dancers
Nicole Richie and Her Jail Stuff
Lindsay Lohan Cops to Her Obvious Drug Problems, Will Do Time
Kate Bosworth to Help Panties Party
Venus Williams Giving Us the Opportunity to Dress Like Her
Music in the Morning: The Go! Team - "Doing it Right"
82 Minutes Was Enough Time In Prison For Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie Decides She Needs a Prison Break
Britney's Still With Us
Superficial Friends vs. Brangelina
Vivica's Birthday Party Was A Mess
Caption Bill Maher
It's Only Fun 'til Somebody Dies or Loses an Eye...
Celebrities Leavin' The Club
Sneak Peek at New "Mad Men" Episode!
Mel B Looks More Like Happy Spice These Days
Quick Hits: Britney Needs to Resurface
BREAKING: Lindsay Lohan Avoids Felony Charges
Fashion Disaster: Kate Bosworth
Sienna Miller Running Half-Way House for Marooned Actors
Richard Gere's Booty is Ready for Its Close-Up
John Mayer and Cameron Diaz Get Snuggly
The Worst Prank Ever Pulled on England
Crazy Goes To Jail
Tom Brady's Officially A Babydaddy
Angelina's Liver In Grave Danger
Paris Settles
Eva Longoria Is Content
Nick Lachey Gives Good O-Face
Jessica Alba Back with Her Ex?
Andy Roddick Might Have a Slight Sunscreen Addiction
Orlando Bloom Thinks It's an Honor Just to be Nominated
Music in the Morning: 50 Cent - "Follow My Lead"
Wednesday Celebrity Photo Mix
Xenu Doesn't Want Tom And Katie Sharing A Bed
Pete Doherty's Cat Is A Junkie
Remains: Get It While You Can
Beyonce Shows Em'
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Bump? (II)
Uma Thurman Trying on Elle Macpherson's Hand-Me-Downs?
Quick Hits: Did Everyone Burn Their Bras?
Fashion Disaster: Juliette Lewis
Tyra Banks Needs to Be the Diva in the Relationship
Tom Brady Wants to Be There for His Baby-Mama
Linsday Lohan Wants to Bring Sexy Back to Rehab
Paris Hilton to Pretend to Write a Second Book
Kate Moss Has Issues
Plastic Teen Stars Want More Cash
This "Collaboration" Seems To Involve An Exchange Of Bodily Fluids
Nicole Richie Has Plans
Britney Rejects Her One Chance At Salvation
Jade Jagger Enjoys Playing Coppertone Girl
Lindsay Lohan Might Get a Lucky Break
Katie Price Uses Her Boobs to Sell Some Smelly Stuff
Back Off, Chris Hansen. Hayden Panettiere's Fair Game Now.
Music in the Morning: James Blunt - "1973"
That's A Big Bag
Two Hot Bitches On "24" This Season
Remains: Zac Efron Shirtless
Scary Spice Defends Her Batterer
You Spin Me Round: Kayne West
Annie Lennox Teams With Madonna And The Rest Of The Free World
Foxy Brown, The New Spokesperson For Blackberry?
Quick Hits: Slick Peter
Fashion Disaster: Amy Sedaris
Janice Puts Another Man Between Her Legs For PETA
Amy Boozehound Leaves Rehab
Jennifer Lopez Makes Crazy S&M Music Video
Methface McCrackhead Arrested Again
Naomi Campbell To Beat Down Racist Magazines With Cell Phone
"The Hills" Are Alive With The Sound Of Sexy Time
This Rehab Sounds Delightful
K-Fed To Guest Star On Terrible Show
Jeremy Piven Continues To Cement His Rep As Biggest Tool In Hollywood
Mandy Moore Blogs, Therefore She Is
Yay! More "Flight of the Conchords"!
Adrian Grenier Wants to Protect His Relationship from the Media
"Flipping Out" Episode 4 Preview Clip
Salma Hayek about to Give Birth to Second Season of "Ugly Betty"
Music in the Morning: Tokyo Police Club - "Citizens of Tomorrow"
Having A Baby Makes One Cranky
Ugly Betty - "Brighter, Bolder, Bettyer" Promo
Ryan Seacrest To Bore Us At The Emmys
Remains: What Are You Doing With That Hose Cory?
PETA's Man Of The Year Pleads Guilty
Mary-Kate Olsen Dropped Out Of School Because Of "Spies"
Lily Allen Not a Fan of George W.
Quick Hits: Rihanna Slips
Fashion Disaster: Bobby Trendy
Lindsay Lohan Working on Next Album
Britney's Rehab Gets Subpoenaed
Working with Tom Cruise Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
Amy Winehouse's Mom Scared for Her Daughter's Life
Grease Brothers Broke As A Joke
Trump Trying To Round Up Unholy Skank Trio
Pete Doherty Appreciative Of Kate Moss' Hiring Practices
Justin Timberlake Unfulfilled By Glamazon
Britney's Lawyer Has Had It
Paris Hilton's Clothing Line Causes a Riot
Mena Suvari Bares More than Usual in Her Bikini
Cruise Family Rumors Abound
David Beckham Kicks it in the Big Apple
Music in the Morning: Mimi and Flo - "Same Dude"
Drew Carey Is Cute
Guess Who
Slovenly Housewife-Lookin Guy Is A Flight Risk
Prettyboy Fight
A Bush is Engaged
Quick Hits: Paris ...Well...You Know
Fashion Disaster: Brooke Shields
Who Has the Upper Hand? Kate Hudson or Dax Shepard?
Jack Nicholson Has to Drink Water Constantly
The Hoff Wants Ex to Take Vocational Exam
Angelina Did Not Throw Wine at Brad
Lily Allen's In A Bag
Uncle Kracker Busted
Donkeys Lying About Song
More Indecision From Amy Winehouse
Nicole's Runnin' Things
Madame Tussauds Turns Yet Another Celebrity Into Wax
Beyonce Falls For a New Fragrance by Emporio Armani
Paris Hilton Does Nothing Worthwhile But We Have To Post This Anyway
Ryan Phillippe to Star in "Studio 55: Electric Boogaloo"
Music in the Morning: Plastic Little - "Dopeness"
Nicole Richie's Baby Might Be Legitimate
Remains: Madge Shoots Up
Heidi Montag Has A Song
Star Jones Continues To Embrace Her New Lover - THE TRUTH!
Stoic Posh Emotes Slightly to David's First Goal
Quick Hits: Bynes Hitches Her Skirt Up
Fashion Disaster:Maria Menounos
Cut to the Chase
"The Hills" Annoy New Yorkers with Their Fakeness
Pink's Hubby Says He's True Blue
Britney Takes off Her Top and Enjoys Private Magic Show
Keira Knightly in an Ad with Someone Else's Boobs
Halle Berry Without Child
Britney's Parenting Skill.....Ugh, You Know The Drill
Thank You For Losing The Bangs
Part Of Her Program Is To Make Sure She's Crispy
Amy Winehouse Out Of Rehab, Back In The Pub
Cameron Diaz Not A Tastemaker
Kevin Federline Gets Dissed by Keanu
Suri Cruise to Fall into the Gap
"Mad Men" Preview for Episode 5
Cameron Diaz Has Legs