Archives: July, 2007

Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Loves Dogs
Britney's Handling Everything
Courtney Love Gets More Stuff Tightened
"Dexter" and "Californication" Represent for Showtime Up in TCA
"Hairspray" NYC Screeening Attended by a Solo Katie Holmes
Lindsay Lohan Enjoys Denim and Sobriety
Gym Class Heroes - "Clothes Off!"
Posh's Show Sucked
Dave Chapelle Still High Maintenance
Remains of the Day: What Happened Val?!?
Lily Allen Will Just Show It To You
You Spin Me Round: Gnarls Barkley Ready New Disc
"Weeds" Cast Enjoys Some Horsing Around at the Showtime TCA
Tracey Ullman's "State of the Union"
Quick Hits: It's A Bit Nippy Down Under
Fashion Disaster: Brooke Hogan in Her Good Ol' Days
Prince Ain't Much of a People Person
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 39 - "Our Cherry on this Podcast Got Busted, and We're Totally Faking It."
Eva Longoria Returns to "Desperate Housewives" a Housewife
Isaiah Washington Gets Some Love from NBC
"They Tried to Make Me Eat a Sandwich, I said, 'No, No, No!'"
Paris' Newest Victim Has Previous Experience Being Victimized
Plastic-Looking Teen Star Had Lust For His Co-Worker From The Get-Go
Breaking: Donald Trump Is A Fame Whore
Gisele Bundchen Is Unhappy
Gisele Bundchen Is Happy
Jon Lovitz Actually Does Something Funny, Beats The Stuffing Out of Andy Dick
A Sneak Peek at Pete Wentz
Tim Gunn is the New Croc Slayer
Britney Spears Pisses off the Humane Society
Star Jones Opens Up about Her Weight, Offers Invite to Rosie
Lindsay Lohan Is Ready for Her Close-Up, Mr. DeMille
Kathy Griffin Flies Across the Ocean for Possible Nookie
XYZ Affair - "All My Friends"
French & Saunders Rock Our World
Fancy Lad To Serve Up Chicken
Drunken Miss USA Sees The Light, Marks The Occasion With Tats
Katie Looking Sorta Normal
Remains of the Day: Britney Has a Bad Day
Harry Potter Works His Box Office Magic
Kelly Rowland Takes a Tumble
Britney's Got Legs, But Doesn't Yet Quite Know How to Use 'Em
Quick Hits: The British Are Coming
Fashion Disaster: Dean McDermott
Is The Price Right for Drew Carey?
Remy Ma's Itchy Trigger Finger
Posh Spice Clearly Has Seen My Sad Little Closet
Greasy Sketchball Cut Off By Parents
Pink Wouldn't Write Songs For Britney
Samantha Ronson Looking To Afford Some New Turntables
Member of "Terror Squad" Lives Up To Her Affiliation
Happy And Wet
Britney Adds a Dog to Her Menagerie
Lohan Nervous About Nude Photos
Harry Potter Chippy To Rep Chanel
Lindsay Lohan Wraps up Rehab
Wedding Bells Ring for Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell
Diddy Celebrates the End of His Relationship, Will Pay for It Later
Snoop to Get Real on TV
R. Kelly - "Same Girl"
Lisa Timmons Does Her Own Friday Five
Lindsay Lohan Uses MySpace Like Her Own Personal Jerry Springer Show
Michelle Rodriguez Announces Clothing Line
Celebrity Buzz Meter for July 13th, 2007
Children's Services Gets Harassed by Britney's Stalker
Scarlett Johansson Plays Tourist in Spain
Doing the Duff Sisters
Paris Hilton's Jail Time Being Investigated, Cousin Popped for DUI
Quick Hits: Duff Thinks She Can Dance
Beckhams Officially Arrive in Los Angeles
Fashion Disaster: Tara Reid
Spring Wedding for Brangelina?
Nicole Richie Catches a Legal Break
Condom Fashion Show...You Have My Attention Sir
Fan Has Second Thoughts after Asking for Sienna Miller's Autograph
Woo hoo! Lindsay's All, "Rehab Rocks!"
Caption It: Jennifer Garner
Miss New Jersey Gets to Keep Her Crown
Kevin Federline Likes Giant Clothes
Angelina Jolie Breaks Senators' Hearts
Music in the Morning: Run DMC vs. Jason Nevins - "It's Like That"
Jessica Simpson States the Obvious
Kelly Clarkson Wears a Pretty Dress, Has a Potty Mouth
Posh Spice Talks Fashion with the L.A. Times Image Section
Remains of the Day: Kath Gets Knocked Up
Trailer Park Rock
Hilary Duff Surprised at Her Ex's Partying Ways
Fashion Fix: Just One Reason I Loves Me Some Dior
Carmen Electra Attends "Hairspray" Premiere without Her Lady Friend
The ESPYs Extreme Kickoff Party Photo-O-Rama
Quick Hits: Brit Tries...Sometimes
Britney in "The Bodyguard 2"
Fashion Disaster: Vintage Harry Potter Disaster
Angelina Jolie Still Shrinking, Brad is Distraught
ESPYS Extreme Party
John McCain: It Was the Sweaters That Failed Me
Brittany Murphy Gets a New Do
Hallmark Cards Has a Sense of Humor
Caption It: Britney Spears
Nicole Richie's Baby Troubles
Cameron Diaz Enjoys a Sunny Day in NYC with a Sunny Smile
See The World As Paula Does
Music in the Morning: Bat for Lashes - "What's a Girl to Do"
Courtney Cox...Is Walking
Lindsay Confesses Her Lady Love
Remains of the Day: Lily Allen Passes Judgment
Josh Duhamel Dishes that Fergie's Not Yet Ready for the Pole
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Orlando Bloom Gives us the Thumbs-Up!
Trend Thrift: Wicati Boutique
Rosie O'Donnell Bashes Elisabeth and Donald on Her Cruise
Courtney Love Just Added Another Ring to her Tree Trunk
Quick Hits: Hello Alyssa
Sienna Miller Wants to Put Me out of a Job
Peter Andre Talks Babies
Fashion Disaster: Paris Hilton
Usher Hustles to Get Down the Aisle
Darius McCreary Gets Superhead?
Sex and Drugs
Crew of Jane Isn't Going Down With the Ship
I Want Tori Spelling to Marry Me
Jason Priestley Talks Babies
Last Call for Entries for the "Mad Men" Martini Shaker Giveaway!
Who Just Left the Gym?
Charlie Sheen Wins the Break-Up
Nicole Richie Court Stuff
Music in the Morning: Matt & Kim - "Yea Yeah" (Flosstradamus Remix)
Lindsay Lohan Wants to Get Wasted on Water
Brandon Davis Not Satisfied with Just Keeping Quiet and Doing the Chicken Dance
Remains of the Day: Deelishis Ties the Knot
Scarlett Johansson Enjoys More Woody
You Spin Me Round: The Foo Fighters Are Back
Teri Hatcher Makes Friends about as Often as She Eats
Pillow Face
Liquid Lunch Double Feature
Jude Law to Do Some Good Doin'
Hayden Panettiere Enjoys Some Summer Vacation
Quick Hits: Ashlee and Pete Share
Adam Levine Talks Boys with Seventeen Magazine
Fashion Disaster: Nicole Richie
Getting Bootylicious Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
Paris Hilton Tries Weed for the First Time
Ralphie, You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
Caption Orlando Bloom
More Kathy Griffin from "My Life on the D-List"
Denise Richards Is My Personal Punching Bag for No Good Reason
Who's Gone Green?
"Mad Men" on AMC...Plus a Giveaway!
Gwen Stefani's Ab Muscles Available in a Bottle...At Least That's My Hope
Julia Stiles + Cosmo = The Following Post
Music in the Morning: Smashing Pumpkins: 'Tarantula'
Daniel Radcliffe Reveals his Details in Details
Katie Couric's Hands Are Registered Weapons
Remains of the Day: Lisa Rinna Stretches
Halle Berry's Body Refuses to Age
Caption Johnny Knoxville
Valentino Anniversary Show Attracts Stars and Fashion Giants
Scott Caan Mugs It Up For the Camera
Harry Potter Fans Refuse to Face Facts
British Barbie and Ken Do the British Grand Prix
Where in the World is J. Harvey?
Quick Hits: Cindy Crawford Works It
Denise Richards Thought She Was Getting a Ring, Not a Kiss-Off
Rockers and Hollywood Horndogs
Fashion Disaster: Kylie Minogue
Britney, You Looking for a Girl Kato Kaelin?
Live Earth Concerts Dance the Last Dance
Clay Aiken Joins the Mile-High Club...Sort Of
Kate Doesn't Share Her Bit of Crazy
Paris Hilton Easing Back into Party Life
Unique Book Marketing Strageties
Who's Been Bitten By the Shopping Bug?
The Heiress to Paris Hilton's Cell Phone Number
Britney Spears Might Actually Be Single
Foxy Brown Makes Like Carmen Sandiego
Music in the Morning: Amy Winehouse - 'Take the Box'
Eva Longoria Weds For a Second Time
Guess the Ass
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
Celebrity Buzz Meter for July 6th 2007
Harry Potter Doesn't Find Relationships To Be Magical
Pete Burns Gets Hitched
Kelly Clarkson Is Fickle
Caption Shar Jackson
Desperate Housewife No Longer Desperate
Is It a Boy for Nicole and Joel?
ASL Party Patrol: Elle Magazine & Original Penguin
Poker Party
Quick Hits: Wentworth Miller Poses
Madonna Has Some Splaining to Do
Eva and Tony Take a Little Boat Ride
Clay Aiken's A Top 40 Radio Station
Paris Hilton Tries Acting Like a Grown-Up
Fashion Disaster: Eva Green
Britney's New Boyfriend Has Loose Lips
Orlando Bloom Takes it to the Stage
Diddy Celebrates Relationship Ending With Threesome
Random Laguna Beach Chick Pleads Guilty
Mischa Has Too Many Flats For Her Own Good
The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Doesn't Want Your Strange T-Shirts
Harry Wants To Serve
John Travolta Makes Us All Uncomfortable
Britney Utilizes SpellCheck, Edits
Bai Ling Tricks Some Fool into Marrying Her?
Lohan Has Hearts in Her Eyes
Paula Abdul Stumbles over to England
Affleck/Damon Watch 2007 in Hawaii Continues
Nelly Furtado Is Going to Have to Stop Being Promiscuous
Music in the Morning: The Bicycles - 'Paris Be Mine'
Victoria Beckham Is A Control Freak
Avril Lavigne Sued For Stealing Songs
E'erbody Partied on the 4th in Malibu
Remains of the Day: Trailer Park Pete
Terrifying Ghoul Looking For Vacation Home In Maryland
Caption Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Todd Bridges
Fashion Fix: Behold...3121
Hugh Grant Put Divine Brown's Kids Through College
Hayden Panettiere Sings an Uplifting Song
And X-Tina's Definitely Preggo Too. E! News Says So.
Paris Hilton Hits Malibu
Viral Video of the Week: Walk It Out, Fosse
Lindsay Lohan Bids America A Happy Birthday!
Quick Hits: 50 Cent Tightens His Purse Strings
Hilary Duff Shows Off Bikini Bod to Impress Brody Jenner
ASL's Giveaway to See Queen Latifah at the Hollywood Bowl!
Jessica Simpson Enjoying Some Rebound Nookie with Dane Cook?
Beyonce's Feet Need to Breathe
Yes, Nicole Richie Is Definitely Pregnant. Us Weekly Told Us So.
Fashion Disaster: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Britney Drops a Poetic Bomb on Her Moms
Jim Carrey Spends the 4th With His Loved Ones
Aniston Loses Model
Kate Moss Jettisons Crackhead's Belongings
Does Britney Spears Have a New Man?
Marie-Antoinette Never Had It So Good
Paris's Beautiful Wish For All Of Us To Be Safe
Diddy's Baby Mama Has Had It Up To Here
Adam Sandler Grabbed Jessica Biel's Boobs
Britney Apologizes With An Elegant Letter
Ashley Tisdale Hits the Beaches of Hawaii
ASL's Review of the FX Series "Damages"
Wayne Brady's Wife Files for Divorce
Sex and the City Movie Is Really Probably Happening
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" Premieres in London
Al Gore's Son Busted with Pot
Music in the Morning: UNKLE - "Rabbit In Your Headlights"
Avril Lavigne Accused Of Ripping Off Songs
Nicole Richie Likes Attention
Dontcha Wish Your Boyfriend Smelled Rich Like Me?
Remains of the Day: R.E.M. Returns
John Travolta Assures Us That Scientology Is Ok With The Gays
John Legend Enjoys His Stage Exerience a Little Too Much
You Spin Me Round: PJ Harvey is Back with 'White Chalk'
BREAKING: Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera Are Pregnant
The Duff Sisters Slum It Up With Brody Jenner
If Patrick Dempsey Were a More Punctual Individual...
Liv Tyler's Son Milo Knows How to Amuse Himself
Movie Heads: Oceans 13
Ole' Crack Attack Pleads Guilty
Quick Hits: Charlize Theron and Kate Hudson Give Good Face
What's the Dilly with Diddy and Sienna?
Janice Dickinson Knows How to Hold a Grudge
Special Look at a "Damages" Trailer from FX
Fergie Sells the Ferg
Olsen Twins Don't Want to Be Seen Dining
Fashion Disaster: Guess Who
Ginger Spice, the Driving Force Behind the Spice Girls Reunion
Details on Lindsay Lohan's 21st Birthday
John Stamos Isn't Driving K.I.T.T.
His Name Is Prince And He Is Needy
Living the Dream
Elton John Is One Bitchy Queen And He Will Snap On You Despite Your Badge And Gun
All Of Zach Braff's Hard Work Finally Paid Off
French Wedding Cake is a Man's Thing For Tony Parker
Penis Crisis
Fantasia's Pierced Down There
MADD Mad at Paris?
Shia LaBeouf Sounds Suspicously Sensible
Lindsay Lohan Quietly Turns Twenty-One
Kimberly Stewart and Tommy Lee Together?
Cameron Diaz Is All, "I JUST Patched Things up with Peru and Now This..."
Music in the Morning: Art Brut - "Direct Hit"
Why Can't Boston Have One?
Princess Diana's Concert Not Raising Much Money For Charity
Sarah Michelle Gellar Hits Harrod's
Remains of the Day: Is Pete Doherty a Cheater?
A-Rod's Wife Is Incredibly Appropriate
Demi Moore Goes in For a Tune Up
Nick And Vanessa Didn't Have The Combined Brain Power Between Them To Realize They Should Bang Indoors
Caption Ryan Phillippe
The Hoff's Ex in a Hit-and-Run Fiasco
Paris Hilton Continues to Enjoy the Spotlight
Smells Like Ganja
Quick Hits: Tony Parker Exposes His Booty
Demi Moore and Katie Holmes Hot for Role in "Nine"
Celebrities Love Prince
Michael Jackson is Leaving Las Vegas
Angie vs. Jennifer & the Mother-in-Law