Archives: July, 2007

Nicole Richie Has Had a Baby in the Oven For Four Months
ABC's Robin Roberts Has Cancer
Usher Not Trimming His Beard
Kiki's London Neighbors Aren't Fans
Liquid Lunch Ep 41 - "The Trifecta of Misbehaving Starlets"
Smells Like Victory for "Shiloh" Perfumier
Who Are the Mother and Child?
Remains of the Day: Scarlett Johansson Not Up For Playing Jenna Jameson
Mandy Moore Seems Nice
Dina Lohan: Still Talkin'
You Spin Me Round: Fall Out Boy Gives Their Music 'Some Space'
Reese And Jake Creepin'
Rosie Uses Paula in Her Poem
Former American Idol Finalist Arrested
Fashion Disaster: Britney Spears
Quick Hits: Cindy Crawford Still Has It
Vanity Fair Rates the Best Dressed
Lindsay Lohan Gets Sued
Star Jones Drops The Charade
Usher's Fiancee Speaks
Paris and Her Shoes
Michael Lohan Continues To Act The Fool
They Should Be So Lucky
Crackhead Utilizes The Press To Win Back Ex-Girlfriend
Free Shipping at Locher's Until August 15th!
Each Duff Girl Denies Being in a Relationship
"Stardust" Premieres in Hollywood
David Beckham Gets a Truth Bomb from Pele
To Grope or Not to Grope in Public, for Jessica Biel, That is the Question
Music in the Morning: Tegan and Sara - "Back In Your Head"
Alli Sims Steps Up Her Master Plan
No More Simple Life for Paris Hilton
Movie Heads: The Simpsons Movie
Who's That Daddy in the Window?
Al Gore's Son Pleads Guilty
Remains of the Day: Brian Dunkleman is Still Bitter
Shed A Tear
Lane Garrison's PSA
Caption Prince Frederic Von Anhalt
Your Posh Update
Paris Hilton's Heiress Status Fading Fast
Jessica Alba Wanted to Get Married, Boyfriend Didn't
Fashion Disaster: Sienna Miller
Quick Hits: Britney Spears and the Pole
Mama Spears Hunts for Britney in Vegas
Faith Hill Determined to Protect Her Man's Junk
Aniston Moving?
Diddy's Kinda Over, At Least In The South Of France
Weight Loss Secrets of the Stars
McSpicy Sets Up Shop
Crackhead Back With Pre-Supermodel Girlfriend
Paris In What Sounds Like A Sure Thing At Oscar Time
Brad and Angie Retiring and Moving to Europe?
Britney Keeps the Crazy Coming with a Botched Video Shoot
"I Know Who Killed Me" Doesn't Do Much to Revive Lindsay Lohan's Career
No Wedding Bells for Usher
Music in the Morning: Coconut Records - "Nighttiming"
Isla Fisher Shows Off Baby Bump at 'Hot Rod' Premiere
David Gets Bored of Shopping With Victoria
Fall Out Boy Return From Uganda
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
Three Men Involved in Crazy Lindsay Car Chase Might Sue
Kelly Clarkson Agrees to Work on New Pop Album
Celebrity Buzz Meter for July 27th 2007
Is Britney's Lil' Sis Pregnant?
Caption Robbie Williams
The Television Critics Association Draws Just About Everyone But Your Mom
Terrible Parents Go To Court
People Love Watching Beyonce Fall Down Some Stairs
"Sultan of Sleaze" Arrested for Trying to Extort Money from Tom Cruise
Who's Hailing a Cab?
Whoopi and Sherri to Bring Some Laughs to "The View"
Fashion Disaster: Parker Posey
Quick Hits: The Spice Girls Expand
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Want You to Know They Are All BFF with the Beckhams
Richie Gets Four Days In The Big House
Fracas At The Wynn
Does Bono's Wife Know About This?
Chloe is Going All Gwen Stefani on Topshop's Ass
Rumer Willis Present At Drug Bust
Nicole Richie To Plead Guilty?
Britney In Vegas Sans Assistant Or Dignity
David Beckham Might as Well Have a Giant Bullseye Drawn on His Crotch
Paris Hilton Gets New Pet, Pisses Off A New Set of People
Amy Winehouse Wears a Wife-Beater for a Reason
BREAKING! Three Men Joined Lindsay on Her Car Chase and DUI
Listen to the 911 Call That Resulted in Lindsay Lohan's 2nd DUI
Music in the Morning: Maximo Park - "Girls Who Play Guitars"
Naomi Watts Gives A Child To The World, Lindsay Lohan Not The Father
I Think It's Time For This Entire Family To Shut The Hell Up
Is Courtney Trying to Express Her Love for the Gays?
Who's Skirt is Hiked Up?
Catherine Zeta-Jones Can Totally Stand the Heat in the Kitchen
Remains of the Day: John Mayer Falls Into the Gap
Caption Heidi Klum
Hilary Duff Trolls For Guys In The World Of Professional Hockey
Spells like Teen Spirits
Fashion Fix: Someone is a Liar Liar Pants on Fire
She's 13 So Be Nice
Angie Feeling Blue Over Less Than Mighty Box Office Returns
Introducing Princess Tiaami
Fashion Disaster: Mimi
Quick Hits: Merry Miller Makes Excessive Use of Awkward Pauses
Lindsay Lohan Looking at 180 Days, a Damaged Career and Says She Likes to Borrow Cokeheads' Pants
Matt Damon Says "Bourne Saved My Career"
Diane Sawyer Has To Talk To Nicole Richie
Lohan's Uncle Enables
Excuse Me While I Whip This Out
Dori Cooperman Is A Socialite Who Wants Attention But She Will Dump You If Things Get Intense Despite Being A Criminal Herself
Country Star Taken Down By Cops At Airport
There's Trouble In Knocked Up To Avoid Jail Land
David Hasselhoff Says His Crazy, Drunk Hamburger Video Gave Him Closure
Lindsay Doesn't Always Drink and Drive
New Episode of "Hey Paula" Tonight on Bravo
Matt Damon Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame and Congrats from Jimmy Kimmel
Music in the Morning: Aly & AJ - "Potential Breakup Song"
The, Uh, Backstreet Boys Have A New Record Coming Out
Paula Abdul Denies Slutty Dolls Fired Her
Madonna Eats Her Enemies and Those of Her Children
TT: Mosci's 2yr Anniversary Event
Viral Video of the Week: Filipino's Stomp The Yard
Britney's Shop-o-rama
Remains of the Day: Cate Blanchett Set to Show Off the Goods
Guess That Bracelet On Her Ankle Was Actually Hooked Up To Something
Paris Goes For The Low Hangers
A Rocker With a Boyfriend
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Please Don't Do This To Me
Jessica Alba Dumps Boyfriend on the Phone
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Don't See Nothing Wrong with a Little Bump and Grind
Fashion Disaster: Keira Knightley
Quick Hits: Anne Hathaway Has Standards
Melanie Brown Says Baby Was Planned
The Beckhams Shop Till They Drop
The Fall Beyonce Doesn't Want You to See
Lohan's Incredibly Annoying Father Ordered To Drop It
Britney's Cousin Joins Team Federline
Maggie Gyllenhaal Kicks Kate Off Her Agent Provocateur Horse
Slutty Dolls Fire Paula Abdul
Matt Leinart Disagrees With Baby Mama
Britney's Photoshoot Swag
Celebrities Hit the Fox TCA
ASL's Corteo Ticket Giveaway!
Eddie Murphy's Girlfriend Shows off Her Boyfriend and Ring at the "Who's Your Caddy?" Premiere
Dinah Lohan Speaks Out, Lindsay Emails Access Hollywood
Christina Aguilera Has a Donut Emergency
Music in the Morning: Cher vs. Portishead - "Believe"
Starlets Do Baseball Players
Courtney Love Wants Her Mouth Back
Lindsay Lohan's Dad and Lawyer Speak Out
Comedy Central Roast of Flava Flav Red Carpet Arrivals
Liquid Lunch Ep 40 - "Tales of the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav"
New Gender-Bending Reality Dating Series Set to Hit the U.S.
Remains of the Day: Princess Tiaamii?
Matt Leinart's Baby Mama Displeased With His Parenting
Lohan Wasn't Pleased That Her Assistant Quit So She Thought She'd Chase Her
You Spin Me Round: Pete Doherty Manages to Make Some Music
OK! Magazine Isn't Dumb, Plans To Run Britney Amok Interview As Is
Lindsay Lohan Hits Up X17 for Cash
JLO and Marc Anthony Make Movies and Music Together
Fashion Disaster: Liza Minnelli
Quick Hits: Lohan Free Edition
The Friendship That No One Cares About Is Over
Lindsay Lohan DUI Updates
Caption Lindsay Lohan
Diddy Cashes In On Breakup
Conde Nast Has a Taste for Blood?
This Has To Be Fiction
Gladys Knight Ticket Giveaway at the Hollywood Bowl!
Drew Carey To Oversee Plinko And Showcase Showdown
Juicier Lindsay Lohan Update
Kim Kardashian Is Naked, Tacky
BREAKING: Lindsay Lohan Busted For Second DUI!
Paris Hilton Says She Never Wanted to Be Posh's Friend in the First Place. So There.
Season Finale of "My Life on the D-List" Tonight!
Flavor Flav Gets Roasted
"Damages" Premieres Tonight on FX
Britney Spears Nearly Gets Mauled after Shopping
Music in the Morning: Common - "Driving Me Wild" Featuring Lily Allen
Brigitte Nielsen Feels Better
Celebrity Weekend Photo Mix
Matt Dillon Lashes Out
The Last Cut Is The Deepest, Says Shanna
Who's Donning the Pink
Tyra Banks Not Leaving Your TV Anytime Soon
Remains of the Day: Hayden Panettiere Sings Again
Rihanna Sets A Record
Kelly Clarkson Backpedals
Who's the Shy Art Lover?
Now on Recapist
Brad Takes Off On His Hog
Jimmy Kimmel Gets Cut Out of Comedy Central Roast
Kate Moss Fears Sex Tape Leaks
Fashion Disaster: Sharon Stone
Quick Hits: Zahara and Pax Give Us the Aww Moment of the Day
Rappers Manage to Synch up Their Arrests
L.A. Welcomes the Beckhams with Open Arms
Harry Potter Rules The World
Spice Girls Looking To Possibly Double Their Take
L'oreal Paris Offends Me
A Closeted TV Hunk With an Annoyed Boyfriend
Country Star Lives The Music
I Can't Believe John Waters Is Covering For Travolta's Gay Ass
Britney's Siamese Twin's Agenda Revealed
Britney Pregnant AGAIN?
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Take Their Musical Marriage on Tour
Nicky Hilton Heads for the Hills, Whilst Paris Alerts the Media
Lindsay Lohan Enjoyed Nudity in Rehab, But Still Dumped for Being "Dull"
Music in the Morning: Rihanna - "Don't Stop the Music"
David Beckham Makes His LA Galaxy Debut
Tammy Faye Baker: March 7, 1942 - July 20, 2007
Britney Spears Takes Sean Preston For a Ride
Husbands, Your Ladies are Safe From Anderson Cooper
Brangelina Play in France
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Two Of My Favorite Old Queens Tussle
The Brangelina Pitt-Jolie Clan Enjoy Some Time in France
Celebrity Buzz Meter for July 20th 2007
Some Relative of Ashton Kutcher's is Hating on Demi
A Socialite Who Gives Party Favors
Elizabeth Arden Doesn't Appreciate Mimi's Photoshop Skills
John Mayer's On Top Of Ryan Seacrest.
Wii Fit
Recapist Wants YOU!
More Details On The Gigantic Bash Tom Cruise Is Throwing For Posh and Becks
Pete Doherty Orders Friends to Waste Breakfast on Photogs
J.K. Rowling Tells Fans to Simmer Down
Fashion Disaster: Hayden Christensen
Quick Hits: Tammy Faye Baker Hearts the Gays
Former Soap Actor Says He's Not Going to Hell
Drew Barrymore Spotted Looking Suspiciously Like One Half of a Couple
JANE Magazine Closes, Eva Mendes Celebrates By Losing Her Top On The Cover
Keira Knightley Takes On Adult Role
Who's Saying Goodbye
Naomi Isn't Cut Out for Planting Trees
Tall Blonde Mess Checks In
Lauryn Hill Into Self-Sabotage
Lohan's Post-Rehab Vegas Visit May Have Shut Down Film
Jessica Biel's "Too Sexy" Problem Takes a Backseat to Her New Distaste for Fame
John Travolta Got Footloose with James Bond
BREAKING: Lindsay Lohan Booked!
Heidi Klum Enjoys Third Emmy Nomination
Chelsea Does It L.A.-Style
Music in the Morning: Rilo Kiley - "The Moneymaker"
Usher Doesn't Appreciate His Fans
Britney's Shooting A New Video
Justin Timberlake Serves it up Southern-Style
Viral Video of the Week: We Are A Faaamaleee
Courtney Love Trying to Stir up Some Shit with Gwen
Remains of the Day: Jennifer Aniston Does a Little Baby Shopping
Is There Any Portion Of These People's Lives That Hasn't Been Recorded?
Barbra Streisand Is A Maniac
Fashion Fix: I Always Wondered What Andy Warhol Smelled Like
What You've Been Missing on TV This Summer
Paula's Reaching
Heather Mills Playing Hardball During Divorce Settlement Talks
Mustang Sally
John Mayer Likes Horsies
Fashion Disaster: Agyness Deyn
Quick Hits: Tom Cruise Squints
Amy Winehouse Makes Like a Camel
Posh Thinks She's Too Posh for Paris
Cisco Adler Has A Gift
Britney Cools Off
Who's Making Out in the Ocean?
Over the Top?
Anne Heche Divorce Stays Ugly
Emmy Nominations 2007
Scientology Still Trying To Ensnare The Beckhams
Tara Reid Goes Back to the Drawing Board
Kimberly Stewart Doesn't Just Spend Time Planning Her Fashion Disasters
Gossip Does a Body Good
Another Steller Sneak Peek of a New Episode of "Hey Paula"
Paris and Tyler Atkins Seem Well-Suited for One Another
Music in the Morning: Tegan & Sara - "The Con"
Tori Spelling Goes On Entertainment Tonight To Blatantly Shill For NutriSystem
Paternity Question For Nicole Richie
Seriously, Were You Actually Expecting Uplifting Nick Nolte News?
Trend Thrift: Lipstick Bandits & Legends of Style
Gisele Bundchen is One Rich Beeotch
Remains of the Day: Kristen Cavalleri Goes Casual
Paula Abdul Rouses Herself From Drugged Stupor Long Enough To Discuss Her Boyfriend
A Starlet Looking to Score Some Ecstacy
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Lohan Resorting To Junior High School-Level Highs
ANTM's Jaslene Lands "Latina" Cover
Usher vs. His Fans
Fashion Disaster: Thelma Harper...Er...Tori Spelling
Quick Hits: Rachel Bilson, Untanned
CSI Actor Goes Ape Shit on Photographer
Britney and Her Mom, "Slap It Out, B*tch"
Personification Of Evil Finally Succumbing To His Demons
Winona Talks Shoplifting
Who's Sporting the Plaid?
Gwen is Totally Pissed
Irritating Couple Doesn't Die In Plane Crash