Archives: June, 2007

ASL on the Red Carpet with Kevin James
Fashion Disaster: Kimberly Stewart
Caption Josh Henderson
Paula Abdul's Reality Show: Just As Crazy As You Thought She Was
Today Is Your Day To Share The Love
Josh Hartnett's Busy
Finally Someone Addresses the "Wannabes"
Paris! Paris! Paris!
"Ocean's Thirteen" Has Its Premiere in Chicago
Martha Missed The Previous Occupation Of "Crazy Terrorist" On His Resume
Mariah Carey Reemerges
Posh Was Terrified About Faking She Can Sing Again
You Know You Want This
When Robin Williams Gets Honored, Celebrities Show Up
Someone's Under A Microscope
BREAKING: Isaiah Washington Fired!
Do You Remember Thinking Mark McGrath Was Hot and Sort of Cool?
Lonely Lindsay
Richie Sambora in Rehab
Rio de Janeiro Hearts Gisele Bundchen
Paris Hilton Back in the Slammer?
Dina Lohan Visits Her Tax Deduction in Rehab
Music in the Morning: Sum 41 - 'Underclass Hero'
Paris Hilton Speaks
Enrique Insists That He's Packin'
About Time
SJP Assures Us There Will Be More Sex
Remains of the Day: Mika Really Doesn't Tell Us Anything
Anne Heche's Ex Denies Charges That He's A Wanker
More Brenda Dickson Fun
LC from the LB in the UC for the MTV
Paris Hilton: Cardassian Conspiracy?
Wayne's Favorite Things!
Emma Watson Likes 'Em Sporty and Smart
Paris Either Has A Rash Or Bitch Is Crazy
Eddie Izzard Is Protective Of Teri Hatcher's Drunk Ass
Quick Hits: Jayden Federline Lives!
Did We Just Get Dissed by Stephen Colletti?
Do These People Think It's "Boston Legal" or Something?
Paul Rudd Has Some Fun
The Couple That Pretends to Puke Together, Well...Makes Me Puke.
Criss Angel is Freaking Our Minds
Fashion Disaster: Nancy Dell'Olio
Mischa's Parents Are Worried
Society Celebrates at Whitney Gala
Is This Allowed?
Projectile Child Found In Akon Stage Incident
The Official Document Showing Why Paris Hilton Was Reassigned
'Ocean's Thirteen' Cast Does Las Vegas
Justin Sings For Britney
BREAKING: Paris Hilton Taken from Jail and Placed Under House Arrest!
Nicole Richie Does "Letterman"
The Eternal Debate As To Whether I'm Hot Or Not Is So Depressing To Me
Jessica and John: The Final Days
Bob Barker Leave His Days of "The Price Is Right" Behind Him
Paris Hilton Is Not Enjoying Jail As Much As One Might Expect
Borat and Fiancee Expecting a Visit from a Kazakhstani Stork
Vicky Does Graduate Fashion Week
Music in the Morning: The Killers - 'For Reason's Unknown'
Cute Pocket Gay Staying, Gets Raise
Someone In Lohan's Inner Circle Is Totally Screwing Her
Remains of the Day: Britney Spears Is Having Difficulty Unloading Malibu Home
Joe Francis Likes Jail
Hairspray On The Carpet
Trend Thrift: Marcia Bloom Designs
Ryan Reynolds: Nice Abs, Owns Thesaurus
Gee I Wonder Who This Is?
Will Smith Prevented A Murder
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Vanity Fair's 20-Cover Shoot for Africa
Quick Hits: We Love Paula Abdul
Paris Hilton's Shrink Visits Her in the Clink
LOST Star Wins Celebrity Poker Tournament
Dina "Firepants" Lohan
Jennifer Aniston's Hot Mystery Man Identified
Fashion Disaster: Melissa George
Nicole Richie Pregnant?
'Ocean's Thirteen' Premieres In Los Angeles
Caption Maggie Gyllenhaal
Jesus Christ, How Long Does Breaking Up Take?
Who's Enjoying a Little Girl on Girl Action?
Paris' Underage Brother Mugged After Trying To Get Into NYC Club, That'll Teach Him
Vanessa is Comfy on Lucky
John Lennon Did Not Write "Imagine" For This To Happen
Andy Samberg Says it's Cool to Fart at MTV Movie Awards
Magician Dedicating Tricks To Cameron Diaz
Rescue Me
We Knew This Would Happen
Cast of 'Oceans Thirteen' Leave Their Impressions
The Davids are Splitting
Oprah Gets No Warm Fuzzies When She Thinks about Dad's Book
Britney Spears Doesn't Sound Like a Paris Hilton Fan
Victoria Beckham is UK Glamour's "Woman of the Year"
Knocked Up
Gisele Bundchen and I Have Something in Common
Music in the Morning: Paul McCartney - 'Dance Tonight'
Josh Duhamel: MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet
Akon's Being Investigated For Hurling Kid
The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Finds It Easier To Communicate When She's Naked
Ryan Seacrest Throws a Temper Tantrum
Remains of the Day: Lindsay, Paris and Britney Get a Makeover
There's A Bigger Virus At Paris' Prison Than Her Herpes
You Spin Me Round: 'Control' - Joy Division
Heidi and Spencer Are As Fake As Her Ta-Tas
2007 MTV Movie Awards: Jessica Alba Red Carpet Interview
Posh Needs to Quit Playing Games with My Heart
Matt Damon's Diaper Talk
Quick Hits: Designer Thierry Mugler Gets His Eww On
A Designer Using Rehab as a Rouse?
Ooh-Yay Uck-Say.
Seth Rogen Knocks Up the MTV Movie Awards
Liquid Lunch Ep. 33 - "Is That Gwen Stefani? No, That's a Man with a Blonde Mullet."
Amy Winehouse and Her Husband Hard at Work on Material for Her Next Album
Paris Might Not Look So Hot in 20-Odd Days
Ricky Martin Buys Miami Studio
Fashion Disaster: Evangeline Lilly
Everything Glittered at the CFDA Awards
Angelina and Brad to Adopt Another Baby?
Tousled And Sandy-Haired Celebrity Californians Call It A Day
Akon Will Throw You
CFDA Threesome
Someone's Shy
Even The Fashion World Has Those Couples That Annoy The Shit Out Of Everyone
Settle Down, It's Just A Game
Jessica Alba And The Guy She's Supposedly Having Problems With
Ben Affleck Visits Boston Food Bank
That WAS Vanessa Manillo Holding A Knife To Lindsay Lohan In Those Stupid-Ass Pics!
Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the D-List" Premieres Tonight
Rihanna Didn't Set to Lose Weight, It Just Happened
Phil Spector Trial Moves at the Speed of Molasses
When Britney Spears Is Feeling Blue, She Cheers Up By Getting Orange
Heidi Klum, A Supermodel Who Eats
Paris Is Learning?
Music in the Morning: Hilary Duff - 'Stranger'
MTV Movie Awards: Michael Bay Attacks! Tyrese Gets Naked?
The Funniest Thing Ever
Clooney And Pitt Asked To Save Gay Landmark In Cali
Chris Evans Leaves Hyde
Remains of the Day: Katherine Heigl is a Natural Beauty
Mandy Moore Sweepstakes - Presented by
Shemar Moore Joins The D.U.I. Pantheon
Beyonce and Jay-Z Engaged?
Recapist: Just In Case You Missed Something on the 2007 MTV Movie Awards
Backstage at the ALMA Awards in Pasadena
2007 MTV Movie Awards Pressroom
Nicole Richie Takes A Hike
Quick Hits: Jessica Simpson Likes Sweats
Will Lily Allen Soon Be Singing the "Rehab" Song?
Michael Jackson Auction Nets Over $1.5 Million
ASL ROCKS the 2007 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet
John Mayer Gets Sexy For Curves
Jessica Simpson Probably Doesn't Realize She's Repeating Herself
Posh Decides to Forego Reality
Fashion Disaster: Victoria Beckham
Heidi Montag Says Playboy Needs to Give More
MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Part Two
Enrique Iglesias Gets His G.A.Y. On
Boston Is Funny
Justin Timberlake Gets His Ass Beat By Coke Bottle
Donatella Hates Cheap Suits, But Loves Jude Law...Go Figure
Paris Hilton's Mug Shot
Dina Lohan Fulfilled?
Get A Nanny
Please Make This Disappear
Courtney Loves Gives up Smoking
Totally Sexy And Dangerous
ASL Does the 2007 MTV Movie Awards and the Movie Awards are Totally Into It
America's Next Top Model: This One's For Bonnie
OH SNAP! Paris Hilton in Jail!
ABC Celebs Gather For Homeless Charity
2007 MTV Movie Awards Winners
Bruce Willis Sounds Like My Dad
OCD TV Intervention
Music in the Morning: The Gossip - 'Listen Up'
LA County Jail Abuzz Over Paris Hilton's Arrival
What's Going on at Famesters?
Heidi Klum Likes to Have Help
Is Lindsay Lohan Being Sold Out By Her Friends and Family?
Ben Affleck Gives Commencement Address at High School
Eva Longoira and the ALMA Awards
Lauren Hastings Wishes Lindsay Lohan Well
Pirates, Dancers, Teens in Peril - Welcome to the Summer TV Season
Marilyn Manson Claims He Never Cheated on Dita Von Teese
Guess Who's Hiding
Chris Daughtry Is Doing Pretty Well For Himself
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five!
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
Nicole Richie Apparently Slept With Everyone Down At The DMV, Even The Grumpy Lady Who Takes The Pictures
Kathy Griffin Is Awesome
The Backstreet Boys Still Have Fans
Rumer Willis is on Lindsay Lohan's Side
Hair Product Addict With Returned Baby's Money Held Prisoner By Potentially Thieving Ex-Lawyer
Jennifer Aniston Enjoys A Memorial Weekend Date
Sharon Stone Is in Mensa and Likes Whimsical Political Jokes
Celebrity Buzz Meter for June 1st, 2007
Nicole Richie Gets With Lohan's Chick
Quick Hits: Star Magazine Loves Photoshopping
Aniston Shills Water
Celebs Show Up For Wes Borland Album Launch Party
Florida Is Hungry for a Joe Francis Sandwich
Nicky Hilton Needs to Get Hit by a Drunk Driver
Fashion Disaster: Ashlee Simpson
The FiFi Awards Brings Out the Celebs
Mary-Kate Olsen Won't Be Getting Any Cosmetics Endorsements Any Time Soon
Do We Live In A Cartoon? Or A Bad Sitcom?
Danny Bonaduce is Just Plain Trashy
Tom Sizemore's On The Lam
A "Fat Rant"
John Travolta Trying For A Non-"Degraded" Child
Mike Tyson's Not Leaving Arizona Any Time Soon
A-Rod's Wife Has Left The Dugout
Beyonce Wants to be a Mom A Decade From Now
Paula's Hurt
The Police To Go Unplugged
Nicole Richie's Emaciated Feet Are Shaking in Her Expensive Boots
Lindsay Lohan's Past Self Plays a Prank on Her Future Self
Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt Is Starting to Sound Like a Character on "Dynasty"
Heidi Montag's Boobies Get A Call from Playboy
Michael Lohan Had Been Eerily Quiet for Far Too Long
Music in the Morning: Timbaland - 'Throw It On Me'