Archives: June, 2007

Ashlee Simpson Supports Pete
Brett Michaels Looking for His Rock of Love
Jesus' Phone Is Ringing off the Hook with Calls from Young Hollywood
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Finally Comes Clean
Heidi Klum Eats Some More Food, Y'all
Kelly Rowland Seriously Thought Beyonce Would Beat Out Helen Mirren
Music in the Morning: Dresden Dolls - 'Shores of California'
Lesbian DJ And Crazy Old Rich Lady Square Off
Jessica Biel Didn't Take The Hint
"Sicko" Clips Pulled Offline
Remains of the Day: Jude Law's Nanny Bags a Singer
O.J. Has Balls, Even For A Psychopathic Killer
You Spin Me Round: Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nothing to Eff With
Nicole Richie Fighting For Her Right To Drive The Wrong Way Down The Freeway While Stoned Out Of Her Gourd
Jennifer Aniston Gets a Visit From Brad Pitt's Mom
No Real Paris News, But We're Trying Here
Who's the Baby?
Carmine Gotti's 21st Birthday Party, Brought To You By Mystic Tan And K&G's Fashion Superstore!
Quick Hits: John Lennon and Yoko Ono Pose Spoofed
Rosie O'Donnell REALLY Wants "The Price Is Right" Gig
Liquid Lunch Ep. 35 - "Wedding Bells and Taco Trucks"
Isaiah Washington Receives Some Surprising Support
50's Baby-Mama's Eyes Just Got Bigger
A Blond Actress With a Coke Habit
Fashion Disaster: Fergie
Katie Holmes, Baby Factory Back in Production?
Alicia Keys Wows Four Seasons of Hope Gala
Naomi Still Making Money Off Her Psychosis
Felicity Gave Birth To A Soft-Spoken Navel-Gazing Baby
Vicky Is a Bitch...Surprise
Shar Jackson Offers To Pee On A Stick
Jennifer Aniston is Smart
John Travolta Is Wretched
The "Mojo" Awards
If You're Not Busy Today With Work Or Breathing Or Washing Your Hair Or Staring At Walls
Kathy Griffin and I Swear Too Much
ASL Tank-Top Winner!
Phil Spector Defense Lawyer Could Be Held in Contempt of Court
Gossip Columnist Claudia Cohen Memorialized
Britney Will No Longer Be Scaring the Bejeesus out of Unsuspecting Floridians
Music in the Morning: Justin Timberlake - 'LoveStoned'
Coral From "The Real World" Is Gay
Paris' Neighbors Are Over It
Is There a Little Bunny in Hef's Future?
Remains of the Day: Julian Schnabel is Apparently a Fan of Hot Pink
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Do Hawaii
Caption Sean Stewart
Lohan's 21st Is Cancelled
Hilary Duff Stuffs Backpacks, Tears Up
Busta Rhymes Cries into His Birthday Cake
Robbie Williams Is A Sexy Boston Terrier With Hot Legs
Julia Roberts Gave Birth
Quick Hits: Jessica Simpson Stretches Things
Vanessa Minnillo May Have Cut Herself Out of Her Own Reality Show
TomKat Celebrates David Beckham's Last Game With Real Madrid
Movie Heads: Knocked Up
"Fantastic Four" Does Well, I React by Being an "Unenthused One"
Eva Longoria's Friends Think She's Settling
Fashion Disaster: Gemma Ward
Rosie O'Donnell Taking a Break from the "Heteros"
David Beckham is a Winner
The Olsen Twins Have A Lot Of Nerve
Ryan Phillippe Sports a Tank Top
Paris Is Cold, Mother Prone To Exaggeration
Gianfranco Ferre is Now a Spirit in the Sky
Tom Cruise Can Marry You
Kristy Swanson Makes Comeback Bid Via Arrest For Assault
Soccer Action
True Colors Tour: Gay Woodstock
Paris Hilton Enjoys Popularity in Prison
Jennie Garth Joins Cast of "Dancing with the Stars"
Last Chance for Your Discount at Locher's!
Oprah is Almost as Powerful as Jesus
Katharine McPhee Kicks Up Her Heels A Bit
Rod Stewart Gets Hitched
Music in the Morning: The Scanners - "Bombs"
Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons Enjoying Some Dinner?
What's Happening on Famesters?
Angelina Jolie Takes the Kids Shopping
Lara Flynn Boyle is Almost Worthy of a Guess Who
Celebrity Dirt Weekly Recap
Candy Spelling Must Be Extremely Bored
Chris Lowell Gives Us a Peek
Is Nicole Richie Pregnant and Engaged?
Summer Isn't All Reruns
It Was Ellen's Night at the Emmys
Someone's Doesn't Want to be Photographed
Paparazzo Learns Angelina Jolie Isn't Evil After All
Ellen Pompeo Was Raised by Drag Queens But Still Remains Boring
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
The Hoff Got The Kids
Demi and Ashton Kidnap Dog!
Celebrity Buzz Meter for June 15th, 2007
Jessica Biel Needs To Read This STAT
Angelina Jolie Hits the Sexshops
J.R. Rotem Should Have A Top Hat And Tails On He's Such A Gentleman
Jessica Simpson is Joyous
Boy Band Guru Busted in Indonesia
A Legendary TV Newsman With a Past
Brad Pitt Takes Maddox to Mars 2112
Quick Hits: A Look at 'Tudors' Season Two
"The Simple Life" Staff Ordered to Be Nice
Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Phelps
Lindsay's Bodyguard Stretches the Truth a Tad
Angelina Does Damage Control
Fashion Disaster: Hilary Duff
Nicky Hilton and Mom Bother Me Via People Magazine
This Means She's Guilty, Right?
Judd's Duds
Greasy Guy Attracts More Problems
The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Addresses Her Weight Loss
Crone Gets Star
"No, Sweetie, We Had You So Mommy Didn't Have To Go To Jail...."
New "Man vs. Wild" Episode Premieres Tonight!
Hilary Duff Visits Normandie Elementary School
ASL T-Shirt Giveaway!
Lindsay Gets Her Drunk-Ass Sued
Victoria Beckham Launches Denim Line
Matthew McConaughey, "Bachelor of the Year"? Huh?
Music in the Morning: Gang of Four - 'Tattoo'
"Lost" Creators Aren't Going To Dick You Over Like "The Sopranos" Guy Did
Kelly Clarkson Cancels Her Tour
She's Almost Smaller Than He Is
Gwen Stefani
Grey Gardens 2007 Turn 21
MTV Movie Awards YouTube Explosion
Fashion Fix: $710? Give Me 3 Pairs
Caption Jordan
Mika Whimsicals It Up
Brad Pitt Takes Pax to the Doctor
Paris Hilton's Amazing Acting Abilities Have Backfired on Her
Hell's Bells - Don't Forget to Call Your Father Sunday!
Jennifer Garner Pimps Out Her Face
Quick Hits: Eric Dane Fever Hits Monte Carlo
Rufus on Anderson
Who's Screaming For Ice Cream
"Show Business: The Road to Broadway"
Shar Jackson Says She Hasn't Been Infected with Another K-Fed Baby
Jennifer Aniston to Get Musical on Us
Fashion Disaster: Diane Keaton
BREAKING: Nicole Richie Looking Awfully Pregnant
Angelina Puts Borders on Reporters
Jake Gyllenhaal's Broadway Dreams
Paris Transferred
Ali Lohan Victim Of Dog Lady Smear Campaign
Britney Spears Bestowing The Honor Of Naming Her New Album On Her Fans
Rod Stewart's Kid Plays The Blame Game
How Many "Shrek 3" Premieres Do These People Have To Attend?
Lohan Strikes Back
Who's a Little Out of It?
ASL T-Shirt Giveaway!
Battlestar Galactica Coming to a Close
Angelina Jolie Rocks $26.00 Outfit at 'A Mighty Heart' Premiere
Cloris Leachman Too Old for "Young Frankenstein"?
Enrique Iglesias Ready to Get Back in the Business of Making People Swoon
Paris Hilton's Poison Fears
Music in the Morning: They Might Be Giants -'With the Dark'
Aniston To Adopt Baby To Replace Fake One She Has In Brad Shrine
Paris' Jerk Parents Cut The Line
Pamela Parties Prematurely with PETA
Remains of the Day: Jennifer Lopez's Betrayal
Britney Getting Paid For Photos?
I Still Can't Believe This Guy is 31 Years Old
Trend Thrift: Apartment 3 Downtown Grand Opening
Shar Jackson Denies She's Releasing K-Fed's Latest
Nicole and Joel Visit the Salon
Getting Caught Snorting Coke is the Best Thing to Happen to Kate Moss' Career Since "Heroin Chic"
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Ryan Phillippe Representing The U.S. Postal Service
Quick Hits: Anna Kourikova Shows it Off
Lynne Spears Gives Her Side of the Story
Mariah Carey Enjoys Her Muhammad Ali
Kelly Clarkson's Manager Found in His Car Sobbing and Listening to "Since You've Been Gone" on Repeat
Is Katie Copying Posh Again?
Fashion Disaster: Rachel Weisz
Isaiah Washington Speaks
John Cusack Talks Horror
Britney's Mom And K-Fed In Dastardly Soap Opera-Type Cahoots
Wilmer Valderrama Takes it to the Mike
The Funniest Thing Ever 2
Matthew McConaughey Is A Feminist
"Real World:San Diego" Star Dies
Angela Chase And Meryl Streep's Daughter
K-Fed Keeps Breeding
No Gwen Doesn't Mean No Doubt
Victoria Beckham Would Be Happy as Poor Spice as Long as She Had David
Baby Murphy Spice
Million Dollar Baby
Paris Dropped Like a Hot Potato by Her Agent
Music in the Morning: Poison - 'What I Like About You'
Don't You HAVE To Be Gay To Be A Scientologist?
You Know They Asked Cuz' Of The Resemblance
Juliette Lewis and the Licks Get Feisty
Remains of the Day: Pete Wentz Loses It
Royal Princes Talk
'Fantastic Four' World Premiere
You Spin Me Round: The Sopranos Finale Soundtrack: An In-Depth Investigation (Kinda)
When Did He Have Time To Design Clothes?
Geri Halliwell Hires Giant as Trainer
Human Giant & Horatio Sanz Talk to ASL
Paris Hilton Has ADD
OCD TV: "Hell's Kitchen"
Caridee Giggles It Up In Congress
Matt Dallas is All Smiiley
Posh is Buds with Jennifer Aniston's New Guy
Liquid Lunch Ep. 34 - "Jesus Take The Wheel"
Quick Hits: Ryan Phillippe Plays Daddy
The Countdown Begins Until Paris Hilton's Release Party
Brit's Booty Gets Lonely Under Her Dress
Fashion Disaster: Taryn Manning
Guess the (Slight) Bald Spot
Anne Heche Loses Custody of Homer. Says, "D'OH!"
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber Make it Legal!
"Sopranos" Creator Says Suck It To Fans Upset At Series Ending
Owen Wilson Is Into The Environment, Likes Boobs
Jill Stuart Isn't Showing Love for Lindsay's Knife Wielding, Lesbian Trysts, or Drunken Mishaps
Dennis Quaid and Wife Expecting Twins
Princess Di Was Human
Retarded-Sounding Socialite Cozies Up To Lohan In Rehab
You Would Think The Lesbian Community Would Have Had Flyers Up Warning Against This Very Thing
Cameron Looks Beautiful, While Justin Looks Like a Dork
ASL Readers Enjoy 20% Off at Locher's!
Victoria Beckham Has Lunch With Perez Hilton
ASL's Lisa Timmons Does the Radio
More of Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the D-List"
Stavros Niarchos Does Some Lonely Shopping
Is Christina Aguilera with Bun?
Music in the Morning: Franz Ferdiand - 'All My Friends'
A Likely Story
Courtney Love Was Robbed
Remains of the Day: Kate Moss is Particular
Joe Francis Feels Celebrities Are Treated Poorly In The Criminal Justice System
Timbaland Gets his Fight On
You're Not Gonna See Kelly Clarkson Knocked Up Anytime Soon
Sharon Stone Loses Her Top
Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Likes Giving the Milk Away for Free
Caption Patrick Dempsey
Movies About God Aren't Funny Unless They're With George Burns And John Denver
Quick Hits: Jake Gyllenhaal Makes a Musical Appearance
Isaiah Washington Is Seriously Pissed
Has Sienna Miller Dumped Jamie Burke For Matthew Rhys?
Dina Lohan Strategically Visits Lindsay
Bloodthirsty "Soprano" Fans Disappointed with Finale
The Travails of a TV Teen Hellion
Fashion Disaster: Helena Bonham Carter
There's Trouble Brewing in the Claynation
2007 Tony Awards
Play Nice: A Note To Our Beloved Readers
Seacrest Turns On Cowell
This Guy Sold Lohan Out The Best
Diddy Is King of the FiFi
Paris Tells Barbara Walters That She "Used To Act Dumb", Millions Wonder How They Missed The Subtle Differences In Her Intelligence Since Then
Angelina Feels Lucky
The Cast Of "Shrek 3": Getting Old Sucks
New Book Alleges John John Was Busy: Madonna, Trannies, Guys And Hookers
Ricky Martin is King of Puerto Rican Day
George Michael is Frank
Campari Likes to Party
The Silent Victims of Hot Women
Spike TV "Guy's Choice" Awards
Paris Hilton Receives Visitors in Jail
Music in the Morning: Arctic Monkeys - 'Fluorescent Adolescent'
David Letterman's Son's Kidnap Plotter Escapes From Prison
Now on Famesters
Someone's Being Playful
Paris Hilton Issues a Statement
Where is Naomi Watts Going to Raise Her Child?
Cate Blanchett Headed Home For Sydney Film Festival
Rumor Miller: Are Reese and Jake Having a Baby?
Britney and the Kids Leave Hawaii
Recapist Round Up
Paris Hilton's Friend Jennifer Rovero Has Her Say
'Big Love' Celebrates Its Season Premiere
ASL PARTY PATROL: Instinct Magazine Party
Please Stop Asking Courteney Cox About Jennifer Aniston
Kanye West Turns 3-0
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five (Not Paris Hilton's)
Paris Staying In Jailhouse Medical Facility While Lawyers Scramble
Note: This Is Not A Paris Hilton Story, It's About Lindsay Lohan Trying To Sneak Pills Into Rehab
Paris Hilton Honored by AFI
Red Carpet Video: The Real World Denver
Katie Holmes Talks
Paris Filing Appeal/City Attorney In L.A. Restores My Faith In Humanity With His Words
Richie Sambora Comes Undone While Getting Unplugged
The Three 6 Mafia Is Not from Detroit
Breaking News: Paris Hilton Going Back to Jail, Someone Finally Had A Lick Of Sense In Their Head
Damn, Why Won't This Bitch Leave Me Alone?
Quick Hits: Jesse Metcafe Gets His Tan On
Red Carpet Video: Ken Davitian Likes Being Naked
There's a Paris Hilton Expert In Our Midst
Paris in the Squad Car
Vanessa Williams Loves Playing Wilhelmina Slater
It Was a Mob Scene
Adam Brody Gets His Canoodle On
Paris is Taken to Court
George Michael Off the Hook