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Paris Hilton Ditches the Black Wig and Straw Hat and Dons a Bikini
Julia Roberts' Son Henry Make His Debut
Celebrity Buzz Meter for June 29th, 2007
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five (Nina Raci Rules!)
Wait A Sec...
I Know You're Probably Over This, But We Insist
Crazy Astronaut Lady Says There Was No Diaper
Paula Abdul is Exhausting!
Don't Fly With Penelope Cruz
Get Your Own 'Hairspray' Autograph
Pink Taco Opens
Eve Pleads No Contest
Calum Best Has High Hopes For Himself and Lindsay Lohan
Quick Hits: One Last Trip to the Schoolyard
Germany Finally Gives up and Agrees to Embrace the Crazy
Britney Spears to Copy Katie Holmes' Look
Paris Triples Larry King's Usual Audience
Kristy Swanson Talks Food and Fist-Fighting
Michael Jackson Clears Up Some Stuff
Fashion Disaster: Poor Kelly
Nicole Richie Wedding Dress Shopping?
Clint Eastwood Honored at LA Film Festival
Plastic British Chick Spawns
Tom Cruise Hits Up Amsterdam
Beyond Creepy
The Rundown
Lily Allen Pinched
Benoit's Troubled Doctor Has His Office Raided
Christina Aguilera's Baby Bump
Who's Looking Dapper?
K-Fed Stalls/A Planet Trashbag Update
Scott Baio Tried to Trick Us
"Will You Accept This Rose-Shaped Wart from Me?"
Isaiah Washington Keeps Talking, and I'm Getting Frustrated Because I Have to Keep Writing about It
Naomi Watts and Bridget Moynahan Have Been Cleared for Take-Off
Britney Spears Gives Her Mother a Legal Warning
Music in the Morning: Lil Mama featuring Avril Lavigne - 'Girlfriend'
Paris Hilton's To Do List: Get Out of Jail, Do Larry King, Put On Black Wig, Head to Hawaii
Britney May Have Served Lynne Spears Her Restraining Order
I Wouldn't Sleep With George Michael Anytime Soon
The Following Post Contains A Huge Spoiler For "Rescue Me" But It Also Contains Celebrity Gossip So Enter At Your Own Risk
Marilyn Manson Haunts Germany
Remains of the Day: Shar Jackson Told You So
Caption Queen Latifah
WWE Head Calls Benoit "A Monster"
Fashion Fix: Kidman Is Ironically Funny
Lindsay On The Powder During Her Crash
Mmm. Who Could This Blind Item Be About?
Paris Moves to Malibu for the Summer
Cameron Diaz Had Her Way With Mike Myers
Nina Raci Finally Confronts Haters
Quick Hits: Kristen Bell's Feeling a Little Yellow
Tyrese Is Apparently Still Making Albums
EXCLUSIVE: Video of Paris Hilton on Larry King Live!
Marc Jacobs Skews Young
Jennifer Aniston Trying to Take Things Slow
Usher Knocked Up
Fashion Disaster: Guess Who
Nicky Hilton Annoyed to be Home for Paris' Release
'Transformers' Has Arrived!
Cocaine Makes You Paranoid
A Zigga Zig Ah!
Bruce Willis In Search Of Ass In Front Of Daughter
Jolie-Pitt Kids Get A Lot Of Hot Swag
Surf's Up
Britney Realized She Couldn't Do Cyndi Lauper Tour Appearance Because She Doesn't Actually Sing
Justin Timberlake's a Gas
"Hey Paula" Premieres Tonight!
Angelina Jolie Gets Comforting Words of Advice from Billy Bob
POND'S Dazzling Diamonds Sweepstakes
Vivica A. Fox Acted the Fool When Getting Arrested
Jennifer Garner Sporting a Bump?
Paris Keeps It Somber with Larry King
Music in the Morning: Bright Eyes - "Hot Knives"
Paris Hilton Arrives at Larry King For Her Big Interview!
Lindsay's Dad Doesn't Know How to Spell Her Name
Victoria Beckham's Closet Is Elaborate
"Are You Going to the After-After-After-After-After-Party?"
Remains of the Day: Michael Lohan is Very Close to Lyndsay Lohan
Isaiah Washington Might Get Hired By The Competition
Viral Video of the Week
Trend Thrift: Rock$tars!
More Journalists Cracking Under The Pressure To Cover Paris Hilton's Slag Ass
O.J. Has to Practice Acting Like a Human Being
BET Awards Gift Suite
She Is So Done With His Ass
Quick Hits: NBC Wants to Hang on to Leno
I Have a Feeling Amy's Winehouse Is Going to Write "Seriously, Stop Trying to Send me to Rehab"
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
You Know the Drill
More with the Paris! Paris! Paris!
I Think I Might Do Well to Stay out of the Tower Bar
Fashion Disaster: Jessica Simpson
K-Fed Still Concerned for Britney
More From the BET Awards
Sheriff Still Trying To Save His Career After Releasing Paris Early From Prison Debacle
Guess the Junk
John Stamos Melts Down In Australia
Cavalli Has A Thing For...
Chris Benoit Planned Ahead/WWE Retracts Tribute
Britney Unable To Perform The Simplest Of Tasks
Kelly Clarkson Backlash Continues
My Fondest Wish For Celebrity Drama In 1989 Has Finally Come True
"Dreamgirls" Wins Big at the BET Awards
Moving Pictures and Airborne Go "Kabluey"
Gavin Rossdale Hints at Something That Would Have Made My Hormonal Teenage Self Very Happy
Werner Herzog's "Rescue Dawn" Premieres
Phil Spector Has a PostSecret
Music in the Morning: Common - 'The People'
Thieving Gossip Blogger Counter-Sues, Gears Up For Battle
Paris Attending To Hair Issues Prior To Turning Over New Leaf
BET Awards Pre-Party Gets the Party Started
Remains of the Day: Amy Winehouse Brought to You By David LaChappelle
Rosie Puts Weird Pic Of Her Daughter Ready For War On Her Blog
Is Britney Spears Filing a Restraining Order Against Her Mother?
You Spin Me Round: Eight Tracks
Liquid Lunch Ep. 36 - "American Roosters Say Cockle-Doodle-Doo"
WWE Wrestler Had History Of Domestic Violence
ASL's Exclusive Interview With Paramore
PETA Calls Michael Moore a Fattie
Surfer Dude
Mandy Moore Is Sweet
Quick Hits: Hey, Paula
Alan Cumming Gets Them Leaving
Jodie Foster Helps Kick-Start New Trevor Project Campaign
Mommie Dearest Omitted from Anna Nicole Biopic
Zach Braff Blogs That He's Not a Player, He Just Crushes a Lot
Britney Spears Exposes Herself Once Again
Fashion Disaster: Sienna Miller
Tragedy Strikes the WWE
Who's Behind the Big Hat?
Scary News Hellion Knocked Up With Twins
Brad Pitt Taking Kids to School Moment of the Day
Voldemort Bangs Ellen Barkin
This Will Be Probably One of the Very Few Times I Mention Rachel Roy
Fox Reporter Strays From Journalism Rules But Does Speak For All Of Us
Tyrese Is Engaged But Not To Brandy
The Father From "Heroes" Is Pissed People Thought He Was Making Time With His TV Daughter
Some People Just Gotta Have Some Hannah Montana
Michael Lohan Has a Good Day in Court
Kathy Griffin Hits Up a Middle School
Lock Up Your Kids, Paris Is Free
Ludacris and T.I. Enjoy a Scuffle at a Power Brunch
Hollywood Does Its Part to Raise HIV Awareness
Lindsay Lohan Kicking It Like Tony the Tiger in Rehab
Music in the Morning: Mark Ronson featuring Lily Allen - 'Oh My God'
Freedom Reigns For Paris Hilton
Paris To Teach Class
Movie Heads: Shrek The Third (The Lost Episode)
Tom Sizemore Going Down
Erotica LA Gets Its Groove On
Remains of the Day: Kate Moss' Sticks
Germany A Lot Less Tolerant Of Crazy Than America
Guess the Parents
Jessica Simpson Lunches With Doomed Guy
Recapist Roundup
Barbara Walters Explains Her Pass on the Paris Interview
Brad Pitt Shoots
NYC Gay Pride
Quick Hits: Unwanted Advertising
John Krasinski Might Be The New "Fletch"
Jack Black Has a Handful
Justin Timberlake Is Pissy in Sweden
Eva Longoria Sells Wedding Pix to OK!
Fashion Disaster: Heath Ledger
Cameron Diaz Apologizes to Peru
Angelina Jolie's Kids Aren't Fans of the Paparazzi Either
Rosie Denies Britney Performing At True Colors In L.A.
Caption Shirley MacClaine
Foxy Brown Now Says She Wasn't Present For Her Own Beatdown, What?
Jessica Paster's Dog Needs A Diaper
Paris To Build Halfway House For Released Convicts
Who's Getting Huggy
Lily Allen Totally Using Her Record Company, Having Time of Her Life
Prince At The Roosevelt Hotel
Britney's Cryptic, Alienating
Kristanna Loken Shares My Secret Pain
Oh, Britney Spears. Like You Need One More Thing to Do Poorly Right Now.
Isaiah Washington Says T.R. Knight Is Responsible for the Hostile Work Environment on "Grey's"
JT and Jessica Biel Take It to Sweden
Foxy Brown Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine
Music in the Morning: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Down Boy'
Kate Middleton and Prince William Are Back On?
Pitt Stop: Guggenheim in Bilbao
Who Has the Munchies?
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Head Back to the U.S.
Celebrity Dirt Weekly Recap
Pamela Anderson Gets Her Fight On
Tune in to Larry King Wednesday Night For His Interview With Paris Hilton
Guess the Tattoo
'Die Hard' New York Premiere is a Family Affair
Don't Mess With George Clooney's Property
What's Happening at Famesters
Brad Pitt is Wonderful
Rosario Dawson Heats Things Up
Paris Hilton to Be Released From Prison on Tuesday
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
Tom Cruise REALLY Into David Beckham I Mean Soccer
Mischa Barton Gives Us Bedroom Eyes
Larry King is Uncomfortable With Kathy Griffin's Love For Anderson Cooper
Oh Angie, Say It Isn't So...
Courteney Cox and OmniPeace
Celebrity Buzz Meter for June 22nd, 2007
What You Missed on TV This Week
Kim to Paris, "I Say a Little Prayer for You!"
It's Eddie's
Renee Zellwegger Is Not Bridget Jones
Quick Hits: Lindsay Lohan Hits the Beach
Caption Eddie Murphy
Rosie Gets One Step Closer to her Dream Job
Naomi Watts is Uber Pregnant
Beyonce Upgrades Her Security
Fashion Disaster: Alexis Arquette
NBC Goes, "What Paris Deal?"
Brad Pitt is all Smiles
Zoe Kravitz Fine, Wants You Off Her Shit
Even Lame Shows Have Divas
Joe Has Morals Among His Whips and Handcuffs
Salt-N-Pepa REUNITED! Cuz It Feels So Good!
Keri Russell's Baby Controversy
Jerry Seinfeld Too Rich And Disconnected From Society To Realize That Not Everyone Will Love A Rape Joke
Bad Angle
"Grey's Anatomy" Star's Fiance Probably Sold Someone I Know Drugs At One Point Or Another
Fran Drescher Celebrates Being Cancer Free
Another James Brown Love-Child Emerges
"A Mighty Heart" Premieres Today
It's Just Britney Against the Music. And the Music's Winning.
Enrique Iglesias Is Too Pretty to Get Married, No?
Paris Hilton is a Changed Woman
Music in the Morning: Mutya Buena feat. Amy Winehouse - 'B Boy Baby'
Wes Craven Not Having Pauly Shore's Lawncare Procrastination
Bruce Willis Is Doing My Job
Justin and Jessica, Sitting in a Tree
Remains of the Day: Halle Berry Has a Big Regret
Isaiah Washington Blames The Victim
Ferkho's Celebrity Cooch Covers
Fashion Fix: Fashion Never Do's
Prince William Is Loaded
Matt Damon Takes in Some Paddle Surfing With Jen and Luciana
Roselyn Sanchez in 'Yellow'
Dear Diary, It's Me. Pete Doherty.
Happy Gays are Here Again
Angie And Brad Take Maddox To School, Try Out New Umbrellas
Quick Hits: Christina Aguilera is Still Covering Things Up
Liv Tyler Has a Hankering for Plastic Surgery
Giesele Bunchen Gets Her Kicks
John Mayer is Back to Business as Usual
TomKat Attend the Wedding of the Richest Man in Australia
Fashion Disaster: Cynthia Nixon
Paris Hilton to Make Bank
Breaking: Celebrities Love Jewelery
James Franco Gets Fired
Star Jones Throws Husband A Birthday Party
Mandy Moore Cutting Up Zach Braff
Nurses Are Fashionable People Too
Reese And Jake Might Be Over
Fashion Giants Bid Farewell to Gianfranco Ferre
Kelly Clarkson Was Bulimic
John McClane Saves The World Again Accompanied By Maggie Q And The Mac Guy
Britney Didn't Like What The Craft Services Tables Was Offering
This Is Why We're Hot
One Week Left to Try and Get on "The Real World"
Jessica Simpson Gets Skinny Again
Jessica Biel Gives Good Cover
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shove You
The Affleck and Damon Babies Enjoy Hawaii
George Clooney Loves Ladies Long Time
Music in the Morning: M.I.A. - 'Boyz'
Justin Timberlake On What Madonna's Paying Him for
Paris Writes
LG's Mobile TV Party Attracts Some Old-Timey TV Stars
Remains of the Day: Is Tyra Banks Coming to a Red Light Video Store Near You?
Sally Kirkland Wants Attention
Paul McCartney Turns 65
TT: LF Warehouse Blowout Sale
Hillary Clinton Better Step It Up
Guess the Belly
Jack Osbourne and Paris Hilton?
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Jude Law's Drunk
Quick Hits: Pamela Anderson Believes in Magic
TomKat Attempts to Kill Pregnancy Rumors
Jessica Biel Spends Some Quality Time With Justin Timberlake's Mother
Come On, Did Britney Ever REALLY Stop Drinking?
Larry Birkhead Fights with Debra Opri for His Money
Brad Pitt Makes a Familiar Trek
Fashion Disaster: Carmine Gotti
Lindsay Doing Some Extra-Credit Rehab
Jennifer Anistion Toasts Author, Intuitionist and Designer Laura Day
Avril Looking To Bring Snarly Bubblegum Self To The Silver Screen
Diddy's The Worst, So Are A Few Others
Cavalli Loves H&M Too
The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Still Banning Press
Who's Going For a Ride?
Tom Sizemore Hit Bottom
Seconds Before Going Home To Make Hamburger Helper For The Fam
Christina Aguilera Officially With Child?