Archives: May, 2007

Nick Cannon Lands an Angel
Penelope and Josh Must Not Have Had A Good Time
Kelly Clarkson Battles Old Guy From Record Company
Donatella Versace Has A Scent
Dina Lohan Works
Zach Braff is One Strange Bird
Shear Genius - Ep. 5 Sneak Peek!
Tom Sizemore Still a Hot Mess
Sean Stewart, Are You Seriously This Stupid?
Kathy Hilton Does Some More Talking Out Her Neck
Lindsay Likes 'Em British
Music in the Morning: Interpol - 'Heinrich Maneuver' Live at Coachella 2007
Ashlee and Jessica Don't Get Along
Lohan Poses With A Gun On Magazine Cover To Frighten Paparazzi Despite The Fact That She Recently Was Quoted As Saying She Likes Having Her Picture Taken, I'll Have What She's Having
Joey Lawrence Joins Cast of 'Chicago'
Remains of the Day: Someone's Got a New Pair
Jessica Simpson Can't Have Dairy
You Spin Me Round: Beastie Boys "The Mix Up"
If You Sign This Petition, We're Coming To Your House To Slap You
Paris Hilton's Most Stable Relationship is with Her Publicist
Just For the Hell of It, The 'King of Fashion' Gala Part Three
It's a Regular Think Tank up in Pinkberry
Quick Hits: It's a Model Overload
George Michael Doesn't Front and Pleads Guilty
Liquid Lunch Ep. 29 - "Dick Will Make You Slap Somebody!"
The 'King of Fashion' Gala Part Two
Phil Spector Sure Likes Pointing Guns at Ladies
Rosie Likes Her "View" Better
Fashion Disaster: Maya Rudolph
Paris Seriously Is Going to Jail
The 'King of Fashion' Gala
J. Harvey Loves Canada!
Sanjaya and.....New York?
Brandon Flowers of The Killers is Knocked Up
The Smell of Rumeur
What is Melanie Griffith Doing to Herself?
Naomi Campbell Liked Sweeping
Brooke Hogan Works Her Panties
Annie Lennox Experiences The Climax of Every Bad Teen Movie
Mischa Barton: Tousled Or Drunk?
Neve Campbell Marries
Paris Fighting It
Usher's Mama Officially Booted as Manager
R. Kelly Still Waiting for His Trial
Madonna's Looking for Fresh Meat
Paris Hilton Got Lifted at Coachella
Jessica Biel Says It's Hard Being Sexy
Music in the Morning: Architecture In Helsinki - 'Heart It Races'
The Hoff Won't Be Seeing The Kiddies Anytime Soon
Handyman Busted For DUI
Demi and Ashton Still Together, Still Doing Kabbalah
Remains of the Day: Lindsay Set to Music
Paris Claims Cops Pull Her Over To Ask Her Out, L.A. Police Officers Collectively Vomit Upon Hearing This
Fergie's a Fierce Competor
Someone Attacked Britney's Ass?
Hayden Panettiere Claims She's Boring
Brittany Murphy Gets Married All Secret-Like
Who's Diddy Hugging?
I Made The Same Face When I Heard The Following...
Quick Hits: Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrates
More Trouble for Pete Doherty
OCD TV- 'Little People, Big World'
The Afflecks Go to the Farmer's Market
Kid Rock Fondly Remembers His Tussle with Anna Nicole
Harry Morton Is Very Upset with...Someone
Fashion Disaster: Jade Goody
Cameron and JT Ain't Mad at Each Other
Time For Another Workout With Matthew McConaughey
Existence of God Proven, Paris Could Very Well Get Her Ass Beat In Jail
Uma Thurman's Ex Is Brave
Gisele's Rump is in High Demand While Wang is at War
Are They For Real?
"Spiderman 3" Busts Records
Brad and Angie Bored With This/Brad Won't Drop Trou
Elliot Mintz Has Paris Incarcerated, Calls It A Day
Lily Allen's Back on Tour and Not So Excited She Just Can't Hide It
Who's the Daddy
Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin Square Off on All Fronts
The Hiltons Are A Classy Bunch
Kentucky Derby Sees Stars
David Hasselhoff Tries His Hand at Damage Control
Music in the Morning: LCD Soundsystem - "All My Friends"
Paris Hilton Quote of the Day
Lindsay Lohan Goes On a Coke-a-thon
Is Usher About to Dump His Mother As His Manager?
Jessica Simpson's Boobs Host Pussycat Lounge Party
Anne Hathaway Likes Expensive Things
What's Going on at Famesters
How Much Time Will Paris Hilton Spend in the Clinker?
Guess Who's Being Windswept
BREAKING: Paris Hilton is Going to Jail!!!!!!
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
Paris and Boy Might Be Over
Um, Britney Needs To Hire a Professional Wigmaker
You Know You Wanna Play
Relic Strikes Back
Natalie Portman Goes Downtown For Dinner
Gisele Might Have Been Making Unruly Demands, Vicky's Secret Might Not Have Loved The Fact That She Was Digesting Food
Right Now on Recapist
Tragedy Strikes Colin Farrell's Current Relationship
944's Anniversary Party at "Hotel Stoli"
Lindsay Lohan Is "Brilliant"
Quick Hits: Prince William Doesn't Come Cheap
Heidi Montag Shows the New Girls Off to the Paparazzi
Nathan Lane Shares His "Coming Out" Story with Ellen
Celebrity Buzz Meter for May 5th, 2007
A Different Kind of "Ménage à Trois"
The Women of Hollywood Sure Do Love Their Escada
Matt Groening Has Funny "Simpsons" Stories about Prince and Liz Taylor
Fashion Disaster: Manny J
Baby Shiloh Walks!
Scarlett Johansson Shined at the Party of Love
Lohan Attends Britney's LA Show, Britney's Aunt Wouldn't Have Been Caught Dead There
Kelly Clarkson's New Album Is Over
J. Harvey Has A Request For His Three Readers - Help Support "Autism Speaks"!
Signed Celebrity Footwear
Kiki Skipped "Spiderman 3" NYC Screening To Go To Her Birthday, Got Rash
Who's the Mother of This Baby?
Michelle Rodriguez Wasn't Ready To Talk About It
Bad Talent Show
Things Aren't Looking Good For Moesha
Penelope Cruz Celebrates Her B-Day with Her Man, Josh Hartnett
Who's the Practice Mom?
Two Pretty People Back on the Dating Market
Eric Bana Wishes Australia Acted Less Dorky around the Cool Kids
Chris Noth and a Parrot
Ashlee Simpson "Confident" with Her Image
Music in the Morning: Handsome Furs - 'Dumb Animals'
Uh, Where's The Chick Who Won <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">The Best Trannie Contest</span>"The Search For The Next Pussycat Doll"?
Jada Pinkett Says That Katie Holmes Is Runnin' Things
Stoli Hotel Opens and I Have An Excuse to Use the Expression: "Holy Stoli!"
Remains of the Day: Folks, Ne-Yo's Not Gay
Paris Might Be Giving Up Oral For Extra Blankets And Soap
The Beautiful Celebrate With the New York City Ballet
"Lucky" Chip and Pepper Shopping Spree
David Hasselhoff Is Messy
Recapist Brings You a 'Gilmore Girls' Recap While It Still Can
Keira Knightly Tired of Being Admired, Tired of Playing the Game
Jada Pinkett Smith Goes on a Great Tomato Adventure
In Case You Missed It
I Think She Asked Me For A Dollar Outside The ATM Recently
Quick Hits: Screech Lets the Sh*t Fly
Isaiah Washington Gets GLAAD
Drew Barrymore's Transformation
Play the Fashion Disaster Game! Cause We Said So!
Amanda Woodward and Dr. Peter Burns? How Fabulous!
Who's Enjoying Some Ocean Time
Busta Bust Busted
Fashion Disaster: Cynthia Rowley
I'm Hoping She Was Baking
David Beckham Celebrates His 32nd Birthday at Cipriani
"Paris Boy"
"Dawson's Creek" Exec Dropped The C-Bomb On Michelle Williams
Fashion Face Off
Britney's Second Show Sucked As Bad As Her First
Brangelina Hit Prague
Tommy Hilfiger Appears On "Oprah" To Clear Up That Urban Legend Finally...
Brad and Pax Disembark
Rat Disrupts Seedy Activity At Lohan Party
Michael Mann to To Team Up With Leonardo DiCaprio
The Hoff Did Some Hassling of His Own, Says His Ex
Kirsten Dunst's No Nonsense Approach to Dieting
A Sneak Peek at "Creature Comforts"
Tom and Katie Have Rich People Problems
The Newest Fantastic Four Opens in Australia
Tracy Morgan Chats with TMZ
Music in the Morning: Lil Mama - 'Lip Gloss'
Rosie Getting Soft
Put A Shirt On, Ma
"Paris, Je T'aime" Premieres
Remains of the Day: Lily Allen to Launch Clothing Line
Angelina Bounces Booty While Brad Babysits
Trend Thrift: National Council of Jewish Women of Los Angeles Thrift Shops
Scary Spice Ain't Playin' 2: Bringin' In The Lawyers
Scratch 'N Sniff Earl
Lindsay Lohan Has More Jobs She'd Like to Do Poorly
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Britney Returns to the Stage
Lily Allen On Her Way To The Gym
Quick Hits: Blake Lewis Gives Love a Bad Name
'Day Zero' Premieres at Tribeca
Barbara Streisand Probably Farts Clouds of Diamond Dust
Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana Celebrate 'Lucky You'
Sanjaya's Getting No Love from his Hometown and His Mom's Still Getting Blazed
Katie Holmes Remembering That Not All Men Are Built Like Keebler Elves
Fashion Disaster: Kirsten Dunst
Don't Call It a Comeback...Just Yet
Get Ready For Some 'Ugly Betty' Shockers
Roseanne Wants The Job
Tobey Maguire's Mom Makes Him Sound Sorta Gay
Kicking It At the L'Oreal Paris Lounge
Some Smart Cookies Receive Awards
If Vegas Survives Lohan's Birthday, MTV Plans To Hold The VMA's There
Lindsay Lohan To Spend 21st Birthday In Vegas, Las Vegas Calls In National Guard
David Beckham Needs You To Be Discreet
Britney Spears And Her Brief Show
Julia Roberts to Team Up With 'Prada' Director?
Server Issues
R. Kelly Probably Means Well
Shear Genius - Ep. 4 Sneak Peek!
Jake and Reese, Our Continued "Coverage" Continues
Hollywood and Washington Mourn Jack Valenti
"Cagney & Lacey" DVD Launch Party
Cameron Diaz Takes the High Road
Music in the Morning: Mark Ronson - 'Stop Me'
Kelly Osbourne Is A Buzzkill
Dannielynn's On U.S. Soil
Spidey Says, "Mama, I'm Coming Home!"
Remains of the Day: Keira Knightley Finds Beth Ditto Sexy
Peter Doesn't Recognize Jordan
You Spin Me Round: Rage Against the Machine at Coachella
New York's Mother Isn't Who She Claims To Be
Recapist Watches So You Don't Have To
The Beckham's New Home in Beverly Hills
Reporters Gone Wild
Brooke Shields Goes and Flies A Kite
Lohan Gets In Bed With Ellen
Quick Hits: Reichen Lemkuhl Works For Gay
Debra Messing Just Said No to Faking It
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 28 - "Oh Hell No! I Don't Like Whips."
She Loves Them, She Hates Them, She Loves Them...
Don't Judge Her
Fashion Disaster: Bryce Dallas
Where Everybody Knows Your Name...Cause You Got Caught Banging in the Bathroom
Somone's Getting Married
Tracy Morgan Not Going to Jail
Britney Seeing Fellow Rehabber Again?
The Great Wall of Fendi and Tim Gunn's Endowment
'The Air I Breathe' Premiere
Virgie Arthur Puts Down Her Chimichanga And Kool-Aid With Vodka And Lashes Out
Gisele Bundchen Hangs Up Her Wings
Lindsay Lohan Is A Vagina Tease
Brooke Shields Is Being Slowly Hypnotized
Angelina Jolie and Mariane Pearl Bonded
David Hasselhoff to Face Off with Larry Birkhead's Former Lawyer
Bruce Willis Will Not Be Flashing His Vagina Anytime Soon
A Day at the Beach With Heidi Klum, Seal, And The Kids
New York Has No More Love For Tango
How Much Is That Lady In The Window?
John Travolta Hates The Environment
Music in the Morning: Beirut - 'Elephant Gun'