Archives: May, 2007

Jessica Alba is Kinda Annoying
Vanessa Williams Tangles With Dognappers
Jordin Sparks Likes Her Own Curves
Remains of the Day: Heath Ledger Scares Us
Paula's Former Flunkie Wasn't Having It
Jennifer Braff, Amore Fashion Goddess, On NBC
Ronald Reagan's Daughter Has A Message For You, Lohan
Caption Jessica Biel
Rihanna Knows Firsthand That Crack is Whack
From Producer Sherwood Schwartzkopf
Christina Aguilera Stinks
Quick Hits: Is Josh Harntnett Stepping Out on Penelope Cruz?
What's Up With Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen?
Celebrity Daughters on the Cover of a Magazine
Maroon 5 Are a Hit!
Rosies Are Red, Violets Are Blue
Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Syracuse a Thrill
Mischa Barton Still Detoxing From Cisco Adler
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Fashion Disaster: Nicky Hilton
Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon Take Separate Cars
Redheads Gotta Stick Together
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and the Children's Health Fund Gala
Paris Has Friends?
Lohan's 21st Birthday Party Might Suck Without Sponsors Paying For It
Vivienne Let One Slip
Paris Gets Assigned A Cellmate
A Closeted Boy-Bander, Oh My!
Paula Abdul in "Conference Call From Hell"
Is This Eddie Murphy's Baby?
Wanna Buy a Magazine? How About Interview?
Reason #2,456 Why The Yankees Suck: A-Rod's A Cheater
Lindsay Lohan's Supposed Suicidal Tendencies
Paula Abdul Slurs Some Excuses For Being Constantly Wobbly
Marilyn Manson Chats About Lindsay Lohan's Crotch
Matthew McConaughey Acts Wacky for A Movie
David Hyde Pierce Reveals Some Shocking News
Music in the Morning: UNKLE - 'Burn My Shadow'
Kevin Costner is Nasty
Kate Winslet Is My Best Friend and She Doesn't Even Know It
Remains of the Day: Plug Your Ears, Kfed is Planning a New Album
Spelling to Get Dancing?
Jude Law is Footloose and Fancy Free Once Again
Trend Thrift: Bikini Season!!
More Reese and Jake Lovey Dovey Stuff
Kylie Minogue Celebrates Birthday With Sister Dannii
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 32 - "Rudolph The Wayne-Nosed Reindeer"
"Idol" Cured of Its McPheever?
Caption Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan
Oops, She's Totally Doing It Again
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are All For Remembering Your Roots
Quick Hits: Kristen Bell Takes It Off
Lindsay Lohan's Dad Seems Crazy, But Means Well
'Knocked Up' is Getting Some Excellent Buzz
I Miss George Michael
Lindsay's Boy Gets His Freak on without Her
Does "Entourage" Need Expanding?
Fashion Disaster: Britney...It's Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel
Jordin Sparks, "American Liar"
Beefcake Moment of the Day: Cristiano Ronaldo
Everyone Calm Down, Mischa's Fine
Clive Davis Has Always Had An Issue With Kelly Clarkson
If You've Wondered About Tom Ford's Penis...
Highlighted Baby Winner Sued By Former Mouthpiece
Paris Bounced From Book
I Don't Care If He's Goofy And Wearing A Pen Around His Neck, He's Hot
You Can't Hang Out With Nicole Richie Unless Your Organs Are Failing
Matthew McConaughey Endorses Brushing
Shear Genius - FINALE Sneak Peek!
Shiloh Turned One, Brangelina Celebrated
Rosie O'Donnell on Poem Overdrive
Lindsay Lohan, A Glass Half-Full Kind of Gal
Tobey Maguire, Spider-Dad
Kate Hudson Enjoys A Lady Night Out
Music in the Morning: Eve - 'Tambourine'
Brandy Car Crash Death Incident Getting Increasingly Complicated
Women On "The View" Are Covering Up
You Know It's Crazy When Sharon Stone's the Most Conservatively Dressed Chick in the Joint
Remains of the Day: Ashley Judd is Super Excited For Husband Dario Franchitti's Indy Win
"America's Next Top Model" Judge Makes It On One of J. Harvey's Favorite Soaps
Britney Lays It Out For Us
You Spin Me Round: Portishead is Back
Lohan's Lawyer Took Her To Rehab, Shirley MacLaine Not A Fan
Summer Television is Upon Us
Pam Anderson Breaks It to Her Kids about Her Sex-Tape with Tommy Lee
OCD TV: "So You Think You Can Dance"
Jennifer Anistion and Courteney Cox Hit the Beach
Cannes Wasn't Rollicking For These Two?
Quick Hits: Salma Hayek is Growing
At Least She Didn't Find out from his MySpace Page...
Guess the Ring Wearer
Miss USA Falls and Goes Boom
Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan Momentarily Stop Aiming their Missiles at Each Other
Need a Kidney AND Want to Get Famous?
Britney Spears Goes Yachting
Fashion Disaster: Asia Argento
Virtual Insanity
Gwen Stefani Celebrates Kingston's Birthday
Lohan's Crazy Dad Got Her In Touch With Jesusified Drug Counselor
Newest Trend: Not Visiting Your Mom In The Hospital
The Good Book
Michael Lohan Spoke About Lindsay Lohan's DUI
Justin, Jessica and Cameron Are A Big Pain In The Ass For The People Running "The MTV Movie Awards"
Mischa Barton Rushed To The Hospital
Nag Nag Nag
Lohan Checking Back In After Attempted Vehicular Homicide of Curb
Rosie on "Nuclear Wednesday"
Justin Timberlake Likes Making Money
Barbra Streisand Rome Concert a No-Go
New Baby-Mama, Sheryl Crow
"Pirates" Takes Home Impressive Booty
Music in the Morning: The White Stripes: 'Icky Thump'
What Do Ya Know, Cocaine Found in Lindsay's Car After DUI Crash Arrest
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five!
Cameron Diaz Presents Rock Ring to Heart
Lohan Strips
Marilyn Manson Totally Queer For Justin Timberlake
Rosie Quit Early
Trump Backing Rosie On This One
What Really Happened To Paula's Nose?
Quick Hits: Jessica Is Like So Deep
Paris Hilton Gets Her Party On While She Still Can
Genesis & Robin Williams Backstage at the "VH1 Rock Honors"
Hey, Remember When Rosie and Elisabeth Threw Down?
Someone Help Jessica Simpson
Fashion Disaster: Diana DeGarmo
Justin Timberlake "In Love" With Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz Urged To Come Down Off Ledge
Scarlett's Bringing Louis Back
Directing Can Age You
Clive Davis Is Grumpy, Pissed At Kelly Clarkson
Beyonce Ain't in the Mood to Ring the Alarm
"Ocean's Thirteen" Premieres at Cannes
No Awesome Fight to Report from Wednesday's Episode of "The View"
Lindsay Lohan to Sing More of Other People's Songs Real Soon
Paging Dr. Thiessen
Music in the Morning: Queens of the Stone Age - 'Sick, Sick, Sick'
Jessica Simpson's Babbling Something
Suddenly Buddhist
Sarah Jessica Parker Takes a Dainty Bite out of Fashion
A Socialite's Life Exclusive: J. Harvey Faces Off With Perez Hilton or Perez Hilton and Lady Sovereign Do Boston And J. Harvey Gets Real Drizzunk
Fashion Fix: Milk Bomb- Couture Kid Wear
Michael Jackson Makes Bank Just Showing Up As His Crazy Self
Mandy Moore Sweepstakes - Presented by
Rosie O'Donnell Sings Some Amy Winehouse
Anna Nicole's Sis Reaches for the Stars
Britney Spears Shows Off Her Favorite Son Once Again
It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Sharon Stone and Kylie Minogue Get Funky
Quick Hits: David Beckham Just Can't Seem to Keep His Hands Out of His Pants
Is "American Idol" Losing Steam?
Ozzy & Sharon...Why Wouldn't You Want to Watch?
Sheryl Crow Shows Off Her Little Man
Mary-Kate Branches Out on "Weeds"
Couple from "The Hills" Engaged
Matthew McConaughey Gets It ON!
Fashion Disaster: Ashton Is Such a Bad Ass
Breaking News: Isaiah Washington's Ass Is Fired
'Ocean's Thirteen' Cast Are Some Pretty Good Fundraisers
Michelle Rodriguez Isn't Helping Her Case
Courtney Love Is Innocent
It's Like Zoolander But Faye Dunaway Rocks A Beret
Dina Lohan Is Forgetful
The Entourage Boys Hit Cannes
Hova Sued By His Waitstaff
He So Doesn't Want To Kiss Her
Wasn't This A Bad Movie With Andie MacDowell?
"Flight of the Conchords" Giveaway Winners!
Rosie O'Donnell Ditching "The View" Early
Justin Timberlake is the Tops
Samberg's Sundays Might Be Lazy, But Perhaps Not Lonely
American Idol Crowns Jordin Sparks!
Have We Seen the Last of Captain Jack Sparrow?
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Keeping the Fake Friendship Alive
Music in the Morning: Dan Deacon - 'The Crystal Cat'
Lindsay's 21st Is Gonna Be So Off The Hook That Her Friggin' LAWYER Is Bragging About It.
I'm Guessing Kurt Wouldn't Have Loved This
The de Grisogono Party at Cannes
Remains of the Day: Jake on a Train
Backstage with Alice in Chains at the VH1 Rock Honors
Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan Take It To The Streets
Trend Thrift: Mosci
Lindsay Lohan Undresses For Jill Stuart
Sure, Rosie And Elisabeth Are Best Pals. Yep. Right.
What Will Cannes Think of 'Ocean's Thirteeen?'
The "Bell" of Cannes
Rosie Involved in Costley Swindle
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Matthew McConaughey Blazes Up
Quick Hits: Sharon Stone Shows Off the Bod
A New Baby for the Cruise Family?
Vicky Gets To Pass Judgment...
More "Grey's Anatomy" Uncertainty
Maroon 5 Throws a Release Party
Mischa Barton Just Wants to Chillax
Fashion Disaster: Britney Never Fails
There's a New Champion for "Dancing with the Stars"
Demi Moore and Kevin Costner Debut Mr. Brooks
Sharp Dressed Men with Beards! Backstage with ZZ Top at the VH1 Rock Honors
Eve Disputing Breathalyzer
Is She In Rehab Or Not?
T.R. Knight and Cynthia Nixon Played Host
Celebs Get Paid
My People Turn On Britney
"Death-Proof" Comes to Cannes
Where's Callum?
Brangelina Actually Talk about Brangelina
Shear Genius - Ep. 7 Sneak Peek!
More of the Pretty Girls Emphasizing How Great Their Personalities Are
Victoria Beckham Experiences Los Angeleno Rites of Passage
Nicole Richie In Rehab For Eating Disorder And Substance Abuse
George Michael Has No Interest in Getting off The Pot
Music in the Morning: Kanye West - 'Can't Tell Me Nothing'
John Mayer Does Stand Up
Cameron Diaz Gets Lots of Green to Be Green
Matthew McConaughey Likes to Test the Power of His Abs
Remains of the Day: Jessica Biel Picks Some Radishes
'Ocean's Thirteen' Cast Bands Together For Darfur
Ozzy Osbourne Backstage (Part 2) at the VH1 Rock Honors
You Spin Me Round: Jay-Z Does 'Rehab'
'The Riches" Are Still Trying To Adjust
Angelina Jolie Taking a Year Off
Paris Hilton Finds God
ASL PARTY PATROL: Jennifer Hudson at Long Beach Gay Pride
Ozzy Osbourne Backstage at the VH1 Rock Honors Part 1
Janet Jackson Looking Happy
Quick Hits: Jason Statham Has Good Form
How the Heck is Enrique Iglesias?
Who's the Daddy?
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 31 - "Let It Be A Mutual Insertion"
Helen Mirren Ain't Gonna Lie, Becks Gets Her Hot
Demi Moore Hints at Wanting a Baby Boy
Fashion Disaster: Amber Valletta
Oprah Not Pleased with Dad's Proposed Book
Ben Stiller Gets Knocked Up
Caption Sharon Stone
Sporty Spice Is Stubborn
"Katee Holmes" To Lose Virginity On Film
Liz Hangs Up Her Riding Crop While Audrey Tautou Snags Chanel Role
Britney Back On The Sauce (Rehab Works Wonders 2)
A Rehabbed Starlet With a Meth Problem
Mess Charged
Beckham Takes One In The Junk
The Most Beautiful Woman In The World To Live Her Life, Write Country Song
Nicole Richie In Rehab For Eating Disorder And Substance Abuse
Blowjobs Might Be Harmful to Your Health
Paula Abdul Acts Out My Fantasy Taco Bell Commercial
Mischa Barton Dresses Up For Cannes
"Flight of the Conchords" Giveaway!
2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards
David Hasselhoff Gets to See His Kids Again
Music in the Morning: Beastie Boys - "Off the Grid"
Sleazy Dickhead's Internet War With Crazy Old Woman In Beverly Hills Humiliates Donna Martin
Hot Guy From "Prison Break" Pleads Guilty
Oprah Getting Her Black-Tie Affair On
Remains of the Day: Calum Best Only Has Praise For Lindsay Lohan
Scott Stapp Chucks Orangina Bottle At Wife's Face
Season Rewind
That Was Fast
Brad and Angie Play Dress Up
Leonardo DiCaprio Finds It Ain't Easy Being Green
Movie Heads: 28 Weeks Later
Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Work It Out
Quick Hits: Are You a Jezebel
OCD TV: 'Medium'
Keith Urban Ready for Babies
The Ladies Turned Out For Chanel
Kid Rock Not Interested in a Tommy Lee Relationship with Pammie
John Mayer and Jessica Simpson Addicted to Make-Up Sex
Fashion Disaster: Sara Forestier
Guess the Ass
Scott Stapp Gets Arrested and Amazingly Not for Inflicting "Arms Wide Open" Upon the World
There Was No Partying After the Cannes Premiere of 'A Mighty Heart'
Michael Jackson's Paintings of Naked Children Returned To Him
U2 in 3D
Future Jail Beating Victim Back With Old Boyfriend
Ewan McGregor's Wonderjock
Spice Girls Reunite, My Long Vigil Is Over
Tobey Maguire Takes Rubi to Fred Segal
Don't Read This If You Didn't Watch The "Grey's Anatomy" Season Finale The Other Night
Rehab Works Wonders
Britney Spears Still Acting Like She's A-List Or Something
Congratulations to the Winner of the "Malibu Survival Kit"!
Rolling Stone's Daughter Prefers Prince Over Her Dad
More Amy Winehouse Wedding Details
Pirates Premiere at Disney Drives Fans Bonkers
Britney Pulls An Ashlee Simpson at the Orlando HOB
Music in the Morning: Justice - "D.A.N.C.E."
Jessica Simpson Puts Her Boobs Away
Caption a Photoshopped Andy Roddick
Famesters Action
Amy Winehouse Marries
A Jet-Setting Actor With a Thing For Male Masseurs
Josh Hartnett, Man of Squinty Eyes
Caption the Fergies
Some End of the Week Recapping, Yo
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Hits the Streets of L.A.
Who's Wearing the Pasties?