Archives: April, 2007

New Book Has Katie Holmes All In A Tizzy
Monday Movie Heads: GRINDHOUSE
Is Britney Spears Undergoing Lipo?
Jenna Jameson Disappearing In Front Of Her Fans
David Beckham Gets All "Prison Break" On Us
Fashion Disaster: Another Olsen Offense
Angie And Her Bro Say, "We're Orphans."
Caption Heidi Klum
Lame Producer Is A Name Dropper, Complete Ass
Ashlee Simpson And That Flasher Hook Up
D-Listed Should Sue Her Ass Right Back
Tuesday Is Truth Day
Kid From "Desperate Housewives" Picks Up Transsexual Hooker
Introducing Famesters, The Social Networking Site For The Celebrity Inside Us All
Even People Who Have Been Inside Paris Hilton Don't Want To Be Associated With Brandon Davis
Elizabeth Hurley Furious With Her Father-In-Law
Cast Of New "Hairspray" Movie Turned Into Dolls
Say Hello To Recapist
Katie Holmes Gets Back To Moviemakin'
Kirsten Dunst Gets Dizumped
Jordan Takes the Twins Out for a Shopping Spree
Music in the Morning: Fergie and Charlotte Church - "9 to 5"
Observations of an Obsessive Compulsive TV Aficionado
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
Anna Nicole Wasn't Dainty
Unnecessary Shame And Regret
Have a Socialite's Night: Save Some Room For John Legend
Tobey Not Ready To Quit Superhero Biz
It's the 'Year of the Dog'
Hearst's Panty Raid
Marilyn Manson's Ex Not A Fan
The Wayne Stays In The Picture
Britney's Malibu Mansion Price Drop
Is That a Baby Bump?
Penelope Cruz And Josh Hartnett Get Cozy In The Caribbean
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Kate Moss
Quick Hits: The Grindhouse Girls Go Nude
An Inside Look at Anna Nicole's Diaries
Caption Frankie Muniz
An Evening Out With Wayne and Lisa on the Sunset Strip
Tori Amos Lends Her Support To Britney Spears
A Rapper Says Something Insensitive...Unbelievable!
Fashion Fix: Entourage Caption It Contest
The Boys (and Girls) of 'Entourage' Hit the Red Carpet
"Out" Magazine Getting Heat For Outing Anderson And Jodie, Though We All Kinda Sorta Already Knew It
Lauren Conrad Might Want To Release A Sex Tape, Then I Might Know Who She Is
Britney Wants To Complain To The Manager
Scarjo's Coy About Who She's Bangin'
Where's the Hamburglar?
Naomi Watts And Liev Schreiber Don't Want A Bastard
Steven Robinson Goes To The Great Big Fashion House In The Sky
Ron Jeremy On A Boob-Grabbing Rampage
Dannielynn's Just Fine, Thanks
Disney Angry With Keith Richards For Being Keith Richards
Lindsay Lohan Fancies Herself A Princess
There's 43 Lbs. Less of Whoopi Goldberg to Love
Music in the Morning: Fall Out Boy - "Thnks fr th Mmrs"
Whitney's Funny
Hopefully, He Doesn't Read THIS Blog...
You Want Some Of This Mess?
Remains of the Day: Pete Doherty to Get His Wee-Wee Pierced
Complete Hypocrisy
The Latest Story On Drunken Whore-y
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Was Named After Angelina's Brother
Katie Holmes Gets Fitted
George Clooney Can't Help But Be Charming
Jordan Is Quite Pregnant
There Will Be No "Black Snake Moon"
ASL's Wayne Ford On The News In L.A.
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Bob Geldof
Quick Hits: Shiloh's Namesake Revealed!
Rose McGowan, Mouth Like A Sailor
Caption 'American Idol's' Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis
Jennifer Garner And Violet Affleck Hit The Playground
Britney Spears Goes Through Men Like She Goes Through Rehab
Bobby And Whitney Are Officially Through
Fashion Fix: Accessories Face Off
Keira Knightley's Pal Is Scary
"Christmas Story" (aka the Ralphie movie) Creator And Son Killed By Drunk Driver
Reese And Jake Are Dining Together
Tab Rags Angered At The Most Beautiful Woman In The World For Not Sharing
J. Lo's Career Path Looking Like It's Strewn With Debris And Kinda Just Ends In One Of Those Highway Barrier Things
Caption Lance Bass
Josh Groban's Panda Love
Someone Didn't Like "Factory Girl"...
Tim Gunn Better Bust Out Some Help-Wanted Signs
Aniston Has Dinner, We Call It A Budding Relationship
Love Ain't Got No Love For Three 6 Mafia
Flea Hasn't Been Himself Lately
Nicole Richie And Joel Madden Still Doing Whatever It Is They're Doing...A Relationship?
30 Rock Gets Renewed, Despite The Fact That No One Is Listening to Me
Music in the Morning: The Apples in Stereo - "Can You Feel It?"
Caption Ann Coulter
Britney Struggling To Get It Back
The Ratings For Her Radio Show Must Be Down...
Energy Suckers
Remains of the Day: Tori Spelling's Husband is a Sick Man
Valerie Bertinelli Up-Front About Weight Issues
Anand Jon Released...For Now
Hayden Panettiere Doesn't Want To Be Mistaken For Annoying Cokehead
Trend Thrift: popKiller
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 24 - "The Wayne Mask Smells Funny"
"The Hills" Just Got A Bit More Hilly
Courtney Love Loves Showing Off Her New Bod
ASL's Exclusive Interview With Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Nick Lachey Getting Sued For Some Kind Of Basketball Franchise Thingy
Celebrity Buzz Meter - ASL's Top 10 Countdown Show
Quick Hits: Is TomKat In Trouble?
Tinsley Mortimer Throws Bows
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Dr. 90120 Robert Ray
Britney's Shaved Head Inspires CSI: Miami Episode
Lindsay And Hilary Get Friendly
"No Mango For You"
John Travolta's Emergency Landing
Paris Doesn't Want Us Reminded Of The Fact That She's A Drunk-Drivin', Parole-Violatin' Lush
Miranda From Sex & The City Recycles
Keira Knightley Leaves House With Wet Hair!
Julia Child Sucked
"Out" Magazine Just Says "F*ck It"...
Halle Berry Gets A Star
Kate Moss Not Making The List
Celebrities Surrounded By Cocaine, Oh My!
Is That A...(Gulp)...Scrunchie?!?
Ron Jeremy Does What Comes Natural
Sanjaya! (Said Slowly With a Whisper)
Angelina's Bro Has Nothing But Good Things To Say About Her And Yet I'm Still Utterly Creeped Out
Brian Bonsall, Yet Another Former Child Actor Gone Bonkers
Mark Wahlberg Doubtful About "The Departed" Follow-Up
Heather Mills Hates Being Called The G-Word
Music in the Morning: Fugazi - "Waiting Room"
Keith Richards Thinks There's Nothing Better Than Snorting Your Dad's Ashes Along With a Little Blow
"And That's How Mommy And Daddy Met And Fell In Love..."
Ivanka Trump Loves Smart, Intelligent Men
Remains of the Day: Leo and the Polar Bear
The World Can Rest Easy Knowing that Scott Stapp's Sex Tape is Safe
Concert Tickets Winner!
Naomi's Under-Things Become A Market All Their Own
BREAKING: Gunman Shoots One At CNN Headquarters, Then Is Shot Himself
You Spin Me Round: Karen O & Cool Keith's 'Teaser'
Chris Between A Rock And A Hard Place
Britney Spears Shows Off Her Tattoo
Lindsay Lohan Is Doing A DJ
Celebrity Spotlight: David Wright
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Natasha Bedingfield
Quick Hits: Elisha Cuthbert Looks Smashing
These Two Really Shouldn't Own A Video Camera
Kylie Minogue Is Upset
Who's The Nice Jewish Boy?
Liquid Lunch Podcast - Bound and Gagged
Tale As Old As Time, Actress Falls For Director
A Noisy Affair
Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game
Movie Heads: Blades of Glory
Eva Longoria's Wedding Is Right On Track
The Cure Team Up With Ashlee Simpson
Is Richard Gere's New Film A 'Hoax?'
Melanie B Gives Birth. Should Eddie Murphy Be Celebrating?
Beyonce Taps Into Spanish Market
Jennifer Lopez Has Her Day In Court
A Day On Sunset Plaza
Caption Gerard Butler
UPDATE: Out With The Old At Dior
Scientology Brunch
Hilary Duff On Body Image
Victoria Beckham Gets Her Ski On
Debra Opri Is All, "Oh No You Di'int!"
Music in the Morning: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - "Bomb. Repeat. Bomb."
GQ's Most Stylish Award Goes To...
Sienna Miller Doesn't Want People To Know She's Hanging Out With Diddy
Gisele. Bored.
Alanis Morrissette Covers 'My Humps'
Evil Genius In Bahamian Mansion Not So Genius, Throws In The Towel
Remains of the Day: Howie Day's Publicist Sells Him Out
That's A Lot Of Nannies
Well, If She Didn't Make It So Damn Easy...
Angelina's New Baby's Baby Momma Speaks
Larry Birkhead Seriously Better Hope That Baby Is His
Who Is Lindsay Lohan Gawking At?
Pete Doherty Doll A Little Too Accurate
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Veronica Grey
Quick Hits: No More Hunger Strike For Sanjaya
Fergie Dishes On Her Past With The Ladies
Who's Dining With Kimberly Stewart
Blind Items: An Actress Who Swings? No?
Would You Like A Pair Of Concert Tickets?
Rosie Aims Her Anger Rays At Bill O'Reilly
Avril Lavigne On Britney Spears
Beyonce Gives Former Associate The "Irreplaceable" Treatment
Kids Choice Awards: The Red Carpet Men
Timbaland Puts Scott Storch On Blast
Grey Gardens 2007 Are Either Vampires With A Sensitivity To Light Or Real Stupid
The Re-Growth of Britney Spears
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Claims Friendship With Rosie
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Likes It When You Watch
Kids' Choice Awards Ended With A Shooting, Hip-Hop Award Show Producers Smirk And Say "See?"
J. Harvey's Evening With The Pussycat Dolls And Christina Aguilera
"American Idol" Ain't Just A Talent Show, Y'all
Usher Announces Engagement
Only One Million Dollars For Fed-Ex
Nickelodeon's 2007 Kids' Choice Awards
Angelyne At Rexall's Drugs
GRR, Diddy Angry!
Music in the Morning: Maroon 5 - "Makes Me Wonder"
Britney Spears Joins The Pussycat Dolls