Archives: April, 2007

Fanjayas Everywhere Devastated
Fashion Forum: What List from Fashion Hell is This?
Ali Larter Shows Off the Goods
You Would Think Someone That Stoned Wouldn't Have The Energy To Be A Diva
America's Next Top Model: Thanks For The Memories, Brittany
Larry Birkhead Into Dudes, Gets Sold Out
Lindsay Lohan MySpace
auf Wiedersehen, Tar-jhay!
Mischa Barton is Here To Help
Attention Whoring Millionaire Combover Sends Lingerie To Barbara Walters
We're NOT Breaking Up! Uh! Uh! Uh!
Wasted Horses at a Stones Concert?
Joan Rivers Getting Replaced By A New Fake Face
The Cheerleader Hits the Spot with Some Guy
Lindsay's Happy Not to Be Boozing It Up
Music in the Morning: CocoRosie - 'Rainbowarriors'
Lohan's Threesome With Kiera Knightley Is Off
More Sex Tape Back And Forth From The Cast of "Laguna Beach/The Hills"
Jennifer Garner is "Intoxicated"
Remains of the Day: Jordan Criticizes Elizabeth Hurley's Taste
Sounds Like William Was Over Kate Awhile Ago...
Who's That?
Trend Thrift: Robertson Blvd.
Sarah Ferguson And A Retinue Of Trannies
The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Was Ret Ta Go In Kindergarden
You knew that Nasally Was a Form of Singing, Right?
Paris Hilton Exposes Her Boobs as Proof
Celebrity Buzz Meter for April 18th, 2007
Tweens Will Love Avril Lavigne's New CD
Quick Hits: The Infamous Rolling of the Eyes by Simon Cowell
Hey Paula...You Better Settle Down, Girl!
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Kristin Cavallari Gets Paid
Happy Birthday, Suri Cruise!
Britney Spears' New Addiction
Fashion Disaster: Danielle Egnew Who?
Jenna James Talks Cancer and Miscarriage
Adam Brody Enters the Land of Women
Madonna's Husband Is Full Of Derision, Advice
That's An Awfully Big Bag You Have
Chloe Sevigny Spills About Her Childhood In Suburban Connecticut
Fashion Forum: Dude Looks Like a Lady
I'll Have What She's Having
America's Next Top Model: "What The F*ck Is Wrong With My Baby's Head?"
Fantasia Backs It Up
Jeremy Piven On The Set Of "Entourage"
The Many Faces Of Sienna Miller
Kylie Minogue Has Entered The Dating Pool
Dreamgirls DVD Giveaway!
Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams Are Taking A Break
Luke Wilson Is All "Owen! Owen! Owen!"
David Beckham's Mysterious Tattoo
Shia LaBeouf Makes Me Lament My Normal Childhood
Music in the Morning: Feist - '1 2 3 4'
Lily Allen's Too Sloppy To Finish Her Damn Tour
Eva Mendes, Judith Light, Patrica Wettig, & Ron Rifkin in the ASL Video Lounge
MSNBC'S Rita Cosby To Lob Literary Hand Grenade
He's About Had It With The Blind Chick
Remains of the Day: Pete Wentz Will Kiss Anyone
Slow Your Roll, Kiki
Madonna and the Kiddies Visit Malawi
You Spin Me Round: Pearl Jam to Headline Lollapalooza 2007
"White Space" at the W
Shear Genius
Lohan Tongue-Lashing Her Female DJ Friend?
What Was Jack Bauer Doing From 11 PM to Midnight?
Maxim Calls Sanjaya a Girl
Harrison Ford Finally Proposes to Calista Flockhart
Jessica Simpson Gives Us Just a Glimpse
Quick Hits: Tobey Maguire May Not Be the Best Endorser
How Do You Work This Life Thing? CONTEST REMINDER
Caption Tara Reid
Hogan Family Drama
Liquid Lunch Ep. 26 - "The Smell of Ass and Poppers"
Pam Anderson Responds to Unflattering Pix
Cruz and McConaghey Give World the Silent Treatment
Lay Off Angelina
Fashion Disaster: Britney Spears
John Travolta is Deluded
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Celebrate the Louis Vuitton Cup
Singer Famous During Glam-Era/80's Thinks The Nazis Were Hot Shit
Stars and Creator of "Desperate Housewives" Talk with ASL
Fashion Forum: Kate Moss' Spiral and Designer Duel
Britney Might Have Fired Her Manager
J.Lo To Sue Over H-Bomb
Heather Mills Takes a Tumble
Fergie Goes to Church
Beyonce Looking To Score
The Rock Flexes for the Kids
Cameron Diaz Ain't Scared of Some Old Age
Clips from the New Episode of "Shear Genius"
Paris Shows Off Her Love...and Tan
Manson's Wood
Music in the Morning: Dinosaur Jr. 'Start Choppin''
Madge Does The Village
Ryan Gosling's Playing Games And We Are Not Amused
Erase MS Brings Out the Celebs
ASL Interviews "Ugly Betty" Cast at the GLAAD Media Awards
Remains of the Day: Jennifer Garner and Her 'Baby Biscuits'
Director Transparently In Lust With Halle Berry
Kate Moss' Rough Night Out
Recapist Hearts "Drive"
Matthew McConaughey's Trailer Romance
Michael Jackson is a Good Father?
In Case You Missed It
You Know She Didn't Want Teri Hatcher There
Quick Hits: Models Kind of Modeling Clothes
Jon Voight Shouldn't Hold His Breath for a Card this June 17th
Guess Who's Behind the Wheel
Tinsley Mortimer is Winning and Celebs Don't Even Know It's a Competition
High-Maintenance Stars of "Sahara"
Fashion Disaster: Kara Tointon
Jared Leto's No Love Machine
Jake Gyllenhaal Presents Jennifer Aniston with GLAAD Media Award in Los Angeles Saturday Night
Timbaland Doesn't Like Groupies, Smoking
Did Britney Spears Get Lipo?
Bruce and Demi's Daughter Talullah Hates Her Name
Fashion Forum: DNA Doesn't Deliver and Drew's Fanny Pack
Caption Robbie Williams
Madonna Back In Malawai
Prince William's Single
Nasty Girl
Brad And Angie Having Issues
Penelope Cruz Wants in on the Adoption Action
A Gay R&B Singer Who Likes Ecstasy?
No Love for Anna's Diaries
Britney Gets Sarcastic on X17
The TV Land Awards Bring Out Strange Couplings
Sanjaya Gets Booed
Music in the Morning: The Shins - 'Australia'
Will The Beckham's "Kick" The Bucket?
Birkhead Gone Wild
R.I.P Don Ho
Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish Reunited
America Ferrera Ain't Starving, Y'all
Jeremy Piven and His Man Boobs
Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Over And Out!
Should Ro Stay Or Should She Go?
Observations of an Obsessive Compulsive TV Aficionado
If You've Got Some Spare Time
Celebrities Always Get the Perks
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
Lohan And Kiera Knightley To Take Part In A Threesome For Their New Movie
The Wayne Stays In The Picture
Madonna And Justin Punch The Timeclock
Have a Socialite's Night: Sean Lennon's at Irving Plaza
Brooke Shields Should Be Cited For Child Endangerment If This Actually Takes Place
Violet Affleck Likes the Bubbly
Recapist Recaps
Imus Fired, Rutgers Girls Accept Apology, Simmer Down Everyone
On Set With Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker
Urban Cowgirl Goes Shopping
Quick Hits: Reichen Lehmkuhl Gets a Kiss
Courtney Denies Gastric Bypass
"The Tripper": ASL's Exclusive Interview with David Arquette
Oh, You Crazy Kids!
Leo Says "No Baby"
Fashion Disaster: Geri Halliwell
No K-Fed for Linds, She Says
Guess the Ass
Mel. B's Already Gone For The DNA To Prove Eddie Murphy Is The Father
J. Lo Subtly Alerting Us To The Fact That She's Boarded The Mothership
Fashion Forum: Model Talk and All that Jazz
Sanjaya Had It Rough
Fashion Fix Friday Caption It Contest
Joe Francis Is Just Aching To Be Beaten By Guards While Being Referred To As "Rich California Boy"
Jimmy Kimmel Backpedals And A Socialite's Life Gets A Page Six Mention! Oh Happy Day!
Another Divorce Finalized
The Story of Pink, Goldie and Kurt
The Baby Stuff's Over...Now, Let's Fight Over Her Diaries
The Poopy Life
Madonna Returns to Malawi
Music in the Morning: Patrick Wolf - 'The Magic Position'
Gwen Stefani Has Denied Herself For A Very Long Time
British Plastic Chicks Gearin' Up To Brawl
Kate Moss and Pete Doherty Engaged...Huh?
Remains of the Day: Jessica Wants Another Rock to Start a Collection
Marc Anthony Owes
Fashion Fix: Manscaping and Make-Up
Caption Jordan and Peter Andre
Steve Sanders' Schlong
Recapist Roundup
CoverGirl Ain't Just for ANTM Winners, Y'all
In Case You Missed It
Quick Hits: I Don't Remember This Girl at All
We Knew It Had to Happen: Kylie Backlash Begins
Is this Official Yet? Did I Miss Something?
*NEW* Celebrity Photo Junkies Ep. 4
John Travolta Nixes Today Show Appearance
Brad's All, "Where's the Love for Shiloh, Yo?"
Fashion Disaster: What is that Will?
More Celebrity Pregnancy?
Childhood Dreams Shatter As Neverland Might Finally Have A Buyer
Just a Simple Girl Walking Her Dog
MSNBC Boots Unintelligible Old Racist
Lohan Arranging Booty Call For When She Gets Back To L.A. Via Pipes Bursting
"Girls Gone Wild" Creep In Trouble Again
Reese Witherspoon Is Amazed By All The Attention She Gets
Did Courtney Get The Band?
Paris Hilton Snubs Her Latest Plaything's Friends
Gisele to Bridget, "Here's a Gift-Basket of Thongs and Angel Wings for Your Baby! Babies Still Wear Those, Right?"
But Have They Cast Sugarpie Yet?
Tom Cruise Gets Some Flak Over Hitler Film
Leeza Gibbons Dances Her Last Dance
It's a Rocker Family Vacation
The Jackson Family On TV
Music in the Morning: Rihanna featuring Jay-Z - "Umbrella"
Justin Timberlake Working With Someone Whose Ego Is Matching His Own Recently Inflated One
Snoop Dogg's Take On The Imus/Rutgers Basketball Situation
Remains of the Day: Anderson Cooper Scores!
ASL PARTY PATROL: YMI Jeans Fashion Show
Lane Garrison Should Pray For Solitary Confinement
Now on Recapist
TrendThrift: toatoa
Brad Pitt's Just Fine With What He Has
J. Lo Sticking With Her Papi
TomKat Resurfaces
The Dysfunction Will Hopefully Come to an End
Caption Drew Barrymore
Mischa Barton Dines With Kim Kardashian
Quick Hits: Steven Tyler Adjusts
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Pete Wentz on the Penis
Celebrity Buzz Meter for April 11th, 2007
BREAKING: Lane Garrision to Plead Guilty to Manslaughter
ASL Exclusive Interview: Lizzie Post
These Two Confuse Me
Hawaiians Disappointed in Sean Penn
Fashion Disaster: Keira and Her Orlando Look-A-Like
Dina Lohan Likes to Party
Halle Berry and Bruce Willis Are Not 'Perfect Strangers'
Hollywood Producer's Daughter Suffers As Rod Stewart's Son Makes Obvious Bid For Hype For His Reality Show
Dannielynn's Bahamian Vacation Not Over Just Yet
Fashion Forum: Diddy Likey
Naomi Campbell Neglects To RSVP
The Real People In The World
Welcome to the House of Sanjaya
Roseanne Does The Backpedaling Thing
Paris and Nicole Pretend to be Friends for their Show...Again
Lindsay Lohan Will Get Paid to Pretend to Do Drugs
Johnny Cash's House Burns Down
Kevin Spacey Lights Up Broadway
Snoop Dogg Facing Possible Time In The Pound
Music in the Morning: Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - "Thou Shalt Always Kill"
Someone's Missing The Spotlight
Skating with the Stars
Remains of the Day: Pete Wentz on Penises
Today on Recapist
Rutgers Basketball Players Respond To Fossilized George Washington-looking Radio Blowhard Saying Racist Things About Them
Smashing Pumpkins Reunite for "Zeitgeist"
Scarlett, and Justin, and Ryan And Jessica
BREAKING NEWS: It's Official, Larry Birkhead Is Dannielynn's Father
Please Let This Sex Tape Happen
Angelina Jolie Eats on Set
Everyone *Hearts* Diane Keaton
Quick Hits: Christina Ricci Dons Green
Keep Jimmy Kimmel Away from Us
Liquid Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 25 - "Speaking of Schmucks..."
Which Singer Needed to Cover Up Her Boobs?
Tara Conner Finally Realized the West Coast is the Best Coast
Where You Go, Joe?
Kirsten Dunst on Weed
Fashion Disaster: Kristin Davis
J. Harvey in Life & Style
Justin Timberlake Doesn't Hate on His Ex
Two Hoes No Longer Working The Same Corner
Mandy Moore Is Incredibly Self-Aware
Fashion Forum: Chloe Wears Mom Jeans
Harvey Weinstein To Hack "Grindhouse" In Half, And Re-Display It
Halle Berry And "Parade" Magazine Are Slap-Fighting
Shit, This Paparazzi Thing Is For Reals...
America's Next Top Model: Everybody Out Of The Gene Pool!
Oh, So He Gave The Money Back Then?
More Britney Romance Rumblings
George Clooney Hearts Angry Huckabees
Sharon Osbourne Boots Brandy
Tobey Maguire and AA
Celebs Enjoying the Holiday Weekend
Divorce Agrees With K-Fed
Rufus Wainwright - "The One You Love"
Why I Have A Man-Crush On Kevin James, By J. Harvey
Donna Martin's Mom Offering Advice To Larry Birkhead
Queen Kate
Remains of the Day: Marilyn Manson is Still a Freak
Starships Soon To Hover Over NYC, Crazy Gay Guy Driving
A Socialite's Library: How Do You Work This Life Thing? CONTEST
Laguna Beach's Jason Wahler Is Something That Starts With "D" And Ends With "-Bag"
Famester Forum Fun
Quick Hits: Patrick Dempsey Dons Spandex
Don Imus Is Still Alive...And Making Disparaging Comments
In Case You Missed It
Thank You, Easter Bunny!