Archives: April, 2007

Courtney's Having A Garage Sale
Kim Kardashian Sets It Free, Ray J. Celebrates
The Waitress Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival
Remains of the Day: Keisha Castle Hughes is a Mommy
Harry's Off To War
Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta Jones Still Looking Cozy
Elisabeth Hasselbeck To Hopefully Spawn A Less Irritating Person Than Herself
Recapist Recaps
Sandy And Jesse Doing Fine After Psycho's Attack
Why Carry The Kids Yourself When You Have A Nanny?
In Case You Missed It
More Of The Endless "Spiderman 3" World Tour
Quick Hits: Lance Bass' New Man Candy
Andy Dick Gropes Yet Another Stranger In Public
Red Carpet Interview with "Hairspray" Cast Members
BREAKING! Victoria Beckham Smiles!
Boy George Likes A Captive Audience
More Anna Nicole Stuff
It's A Tribeca Reunion
Fashion Disaster: Sally Kirkland...Yes Again
Roseanne To Replace Rosie?
MTV Australia VMA's Bring Out American C-Listers
Britney's Shopping Her Story Around
Who's Stepping Out?
Walking Pile Of Drugs Gets New Implant
Topshop Tonight
American Idol Finalist Will Cut You
Paris Hilton To Enter Bullrun 2007
The People Who Brought You "Sex And The City" Are All Ruthless, Backstabbing Sluts
Marcia Cross Brings Out The Babies
Lohan Basically Giving Us All A Free Pass
While I've Been Watching TV and Eating Veal...
Prince William's Ex-Girlfriend Points Finger At Charles
Britney Spears Has Some Car Trouble
Victoria Beckham's Nipples Report For Duty
The Stars Flock to Coachella
Music in the Morning: White Stripes - 'Icky Thump'
Who is the Bikini Babe?
Lindsay Lohan Loves Chanel
Observations of an Obsessive Compulsive TV Aficionado
Aww. Another Reason to Love Ryan Phillippe
What's Happening on Famesters?
Name the Shy Starlet
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
The Beckhams Found A House, L.A. Braces Itself
Paris Hilton Exposes Her...Innards?
Have a Socialite's Night: Meet Tim Gunn in Person!
Flat Iron And Dannielynn Are Free, Virgie Consoling Herself With Canned Ham And White Russians
The Wayne Stays In The Picture
Letter Lover Contest Winners!
Crazy Defends Other Crazies' Marriage
The Recapists Have Been Busy
Linsday Lohan's Driver Acts Like Lindsay Lohan
Fashion Fix: "Sex and The City" Caption It Contest
Whitney Houston's Young Piece Of Tail Looks Like He's Figuring Out Why Bobby Stepped
Quick Hits: 'Grey's Anatomy Embraces the Penis'
Leonardo DiCaprio Visits 'Gardener of Eden'
Phil Spector's Crazy Hair Is Just the Tip Of The Iceberg
Celebrity Buzz Meter for April 27th, 2007
Marilyn Beckham
Michelle Rodriguez Confirms Everyone's Suspicions
Richard Gere Appears Mildly Annoyed By Arrest Warrant In India
Tyra Banks Feels Up Rosie
Fashion Disaster: Hayden Christensen
US Weekly Hot Hollywood Party
Guess the Ass
Caption Hugh Grant
Lady Who Tried To Kill Sandra Bullock's Husband Isn't New To The Neighborhood
Fashion Forum: Genius?
Alec Baldwin Thinks Dora The Explorer Is A Pig, Too
Cameron Diaz Overreacts
Britney Cancels Comeback
Hayden Christensen Has A Pallor About Him And Needs To Pee
Angelina Jolie Has Some Demands
Virgie Arthur Sets Her Barcalounger And Bucket Of Chicken Directly In Dannielynn's Path To Freedom
Posh And Becks Party With Their Boy Diddy In London Town
Alexyss Taylor Schools Us On "Vagina Power"
Cam'ron Says Sorry
Britney Spears Thinking About Writing A Book
Life&Style Weekly Has a Lot Invested in Brad Jen
Music in the Morning: Gwen Stefani - '4 In The Morning'
Socalite Rank Is Over
Sandy Bullock's Husband Attacked
Tyra Banks Pays Unpaid Tab With Her Boobies
Remains of the Day: Don't Touch the Timberlake
Prince Is The Shortest, Most Wonderful Rock Star In The World
Fashion Fix: Flats Vs. Pumps
Eve's In Jail, And Got A Visit From Sean Penn
Angelina Jolie Has Some Skinny Legs
Arrest Warrant Issued For Richard Gere Over Kiss
In Case You Missed It
Pamela Anderson Dons Her Famous Red Swimsuit
Quick Hits: Perez Hilton Gets the SuperNews Treatment
"Where Has Our Katie Gone?" Wonder Her Fans
Now, He's Bringing Waxy Back
ASL Interviews Laura Howard of PromQueen.TV
Lindsay Lohan Is A Lesbian...But Just In Japan
The Best Part Of Idol Aid
Some Silly Fool Buys Anna's Diaries
Fashion Disaster: Jennifer Tilly
Kevin Federline Is One Talented Man
Dannielynn Gets To Go Home With Her Daddy
Tribeca Film Festival Opens
A Socialite's Library: For The Love Of Letters CONTEST
Spiderman Has Needs
Athletes For Hope
Murdering Record Producer Cuts Up Rock Star Asses While On Trial
Fashion Rundown
Hugh Grant Gets Arrested For Hurling Baked Beans During Wobbly
Jared Leto's Just Not Believable
Donald Trump's Upset About Rosie Leaving "The View"
Britney Spears Is Hungry
No Wonder Why She's Batshit Crazy Lately...
Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful
Sanjaya Doesn't Yet Realize...Well, You Know
Kirsten Dunst Is Done With Actors
Keith Urban's Tour Hits The UK
Alec Baldwin Is Determined To Screw With My TV Time
Music in the Morning: Marilyn Manson - 'Heart-Shaped Glasses'
Sanjaya's Moms Had An Herbal Refreshment Stand
Hugh Grant Will Kick The Shit Out Of You. Literally.
Keira Knightley's Bones Look Hungry
Remains of the Day: Kate Beckinsale Needs To Choose Her Words a Bit More Wisely
Aniston and Vince Vaughn Know That Ex-Sex Is The Best Sex
Trend Thrift: Locher's (dot com)
Joe Francis Doesn't Know When To Let Up
Did You Miss Your Favorite Show?
Elizabeth Hurley Doesn't Mind Recycling
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Quick Hits: All White Homies Look the Same
Exclusive Red Carpet Interview with Nadia Bjorlin
He's Bringing Tipsy Back
ASL Party Patrol: Anna Nicole Smith Tribute
And Then Her "Universe's Best Mommy" Mug Will Actually Be True
Heather Mills Hangs Up Her Dancing Shoe
Fashion Disaster: One Hot Spidey Mess
Joe Simpson Wants To Spread His Creepy Fatherly Love
Let the Tribeca Film Festival Begin!
Anderson Cooper's Modest
Free Arts NYC
Stevie Nicks On Britney And Lohan
Oprah And Ralph Are Like Peas And Carrots
Ashlee Simpson Thinks Plastic Surgery Is Cool But Still Not Admitting She Had It
Victoria Beckham Talks About Her Ongoing Battle With Food
Breaking News: Rosie's Out. Of "The View".
Rosie Leaving "The View"?
Well, Hullo There...
Cameron Diaz Ducks Paparazzi...Still Not Used To Being Famous
Snoop Offers To Chat It Up With Oprah
George Michael Has To Be Judged Before He Can Rock Out, Most Likely Literally With His C*ck Out
Lindsay Leaves Winstons Dressed Like Jordan Catalano from the Waist Up
Pax Jolie To Get A Present from Brad
Music in the Morning: Tori Amos - 'Big Wheel'
You Know That Couple In High School Or Freshman Year Of College That Goes Back And Forth And Everyone Hates Their Asses?
Scary Spice Isn't Playin'
Hayden Watch Continues
Remains of the Day: The Daddy Dearest Doll
Virgie Still Causin' Probs
It's All in the Recap
You Spin Me Round: Is Patrick Wolf Done?
Perez Hilton Smacked Upside The Blue Head With Lawsuit
Guess the Jogger
So Many Parties, So Little Time
A Socialite's Library: For the Love of Letters CONTEST
Christian Slater Is Into It
Quick Hits: Cristiano Ronaldo is Player of the Year
Jane Fonda and Lindsay Lohan Won't Be Going Clubbing Any Time Soon
Liquid Lunch Ep. 27 - "Posing Nude for Cancer"
Masi Oka of 'Heroes' Almost Gave Up Acting
Sofia Coppola Avoids Her Ex
Kirsten Dunst Enjoys Some Googly British Love
Britney Spears Is Abalicious
Fashion Disaster: Jodie Marsh
Rosie O'Donnell Not Done with Trump Feud
Celebrities Can-Do For the NYC Food Bank
Kim Sez She Didn't Leak The "Pig" Tape
'Spider-Man 3' London Premiere After Party
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers To Rule From Rehab
Tweens Like Abercrombie And Fitch...
Hollywood Gone Hillbilly On MySpace: The Fallout Continues
I Kinda Like Dita Von Teese
Separated At Birth
It's Still Going To Be Sorta Sad When Lusty Cons Make Him Strip For Their Smuggled-In Video Cameras And He Weeps Softly To Himself At Last Knowing What Exploitation Feels Like
Hilary Swank Will Take Any Job She Can Get
Shear Genius - Sneak Preview for Episode 3
Keith Richards' Mother Passes Away
Lindsay Lohan Steals Shit When The Friendship's Over
Spider-Man 3 Premieres In The UK
Anna Nicole Smith Is Goofy From The Beyond
Music in the Morning: Scissor Sisters - 'Kiss You Off'
The Paparazzi Are Getting Really Indignant Lately...
Do It.
We Are Totally Stalking Hayden Christensen
Remains of the Day: Cate Blanchett is Bob Dylan
That's a Lovely Daughter You Have Ms. Hudson
Father Of The Year Should Avoid His Website
Adam Brody Wants a Beard
Rod Stewart's Kid Is Fun At Parties
Thou Shalt Show Some Class
Zit-Popping is the New Burping
In Case You Missed It
Espionage At Del Taco
Observations of an Obsessive Compulsive TV Aficionado
Quick Hits: David Beckham Fan Gets Up Close and Personal
JLO Makes Bank Shaking Her Booty
Monday Movie Heads: Disturbia Starring Shia LaBeouf
When Madonna's Away, Guy Will Play
Movieline Celebrates Young Hollywood
"Spider-Man 3" Is Insanely Expensive
Fashion Disaster: Britney Loves Hats Y'all
A Celebrity With a Mysterious Tattoo
Sheryl Crow to Karl Rove: "A Change Would Do You Good"
Petra Chats Up Sanjaya
Tommy Lee...Well, You Know.
Guess Who Alanis Morissette is Chatting Up
Madonna's New Kid Might Not Have Kept That Meeting With His Pop
Fashion Forum: Karl's Kidnapping Plot
Clark Griswold Has A Right To Be Pissed
Spice Girls Minus Melanie B Reunite For Geri Halliwell's Baby's Christening
Chris Rock's Paternity Stalker Is A Jailbird
Demi And Ashton Are Jewishly Mystic/Mystically Jewish
Everyone In Hollywood Getting Hillbilly On MySpace
Not Even A Car Crash Can Keep The Hulk Down
Nick Lachey and Vanessa M-Something Move in Together
Apprentice Reject Reveals Her Personal Assets
Sanjaya Hits Up the White House for Dinner
Alec Baldwin Still Working on Removing His Foot from Hit Mouth
Music in the Morning: Bjork - 'Earth Intruders'
Hilary Duff Dances With Elephants
Scarlett Johansson to Join 'South Pacific?'
Aren't You Tired Of Lurking?
Nicky and Paris Hilton Take Boyfriends on a Little Getaway
Vanessa Williams Takes It Off
ASL's Exclusive Interview With The Bravery
Friday Five: Lisa Timmons' Top Five
Friday Five: J. Harvey's Top Five
Caption David Gest
Amy Winehouse Nearly Done in By Some Gum
Have a Socialite's Night: Are You Up For a Pokeman Party?
The Wayne Stays In The Picture
Fashion Fix: Entourage Caption It Contest
You Can Now Walk All Over Erik Estrada
Cam'ron Ain't No Snitch
"This Life Thing" Contest Winners
Jesse Metcalfe Is Single?
Kelly Clarkson is Surprised at Her Own Success
Victoria's Secret Names Alba and Timberlake Sexiest
Quick Hits: Renee Zellweger Scores!
Courntey Love Working on Kicking Her Addiction to Physical Perfection
ASL's Exclusive Interview With Halifax
Kate & Owen Celebrate
Katie, You Bettah Work!
Oh James, I'm Sure You Tell All the Girls They're Beautiful
Fashion Disaster: LaToya Jackson
Pete Wentz to Team Up With DKNY
"The View" Loves Its Ladies
Jessica Alba Steps Up
Katie & Peter Come To E!
Anna Kournikova: Pretty, Not An Animal Lover
"America's Got Talent" But Not Brandy
Fashion Forum: The Smartest Thing Estee Lauder Has Ever Done
Celebrity Mundane: Jake Gyllenahaal Drinks a Smoothie, Reese Witherspoon Drinks Coffee
Anna Had Even More Diaries, And These Ones Were Dirty
Tom Cruise Hosts Scientology Benefit
Jury Sworn In For Eccentric, Trigger-Happy Record Producer's Murder Trial
Something's in Kate Moss' Nose
Britney And Her Dad Get Into It Publicly Over Her Former Manager
Selma Blair Did Some Rehab on the Side
Danny Bondaduce Bogarts HIs Wife's Interview
Lindsay Lohan Says She's Going to Chill Out on the Partying...Starting NOW!
Paris Walks Her Trainer
Alec Baldwin Responds
Music in the Morning: Tokyo Police Club - 'Cheer It On'
Short Guy From "Entourage" On What Dating Nicky Hilton Was Like
60 Second Celebrity Red Carpet Interviews
Virgie Arthur And Her Step-Brother Were Really Close, And By "Close" I Mean Screwing
Jordan and Peter Paint the Town Pink
Remains of the Day: Angelina Jolie Doesn't Want You To Smell Like Shiloh
Britney Spears Works It
Jude Law Dating Someone, Not A Nanny
Holy Future Therapy Sessions, Batman!
Fashion Fix: Ciao Skinny Jeans
"Laguna Beach" Sex Tape Is Flaccid
Recapist Mourns the Loss of Sanjaya
ASL Video Lounge Reality Star Update
Chris Rock's Dad Woes
Paris Hilton's Legally Able to Drive Again
Wax Matthew
Quick Hits: The Death of a Socialite
Birkhead's Baby Already Starting to Pay His Legal Bills?
Caption Madonna
Neil Patrick Harris Says He Came Out to Avoid Witch Hunt
Filming "A Mighty Heart" was Mighty Distressing for Angelina
Did Lindsay Lohan Flood Harry Morton's Condo on Purpose?
Fashion Disaster: Kirstie Alley
Run, Katie, Run!
Jessica Alba Shows Us Her Best Revlon Face
Brad Pitt Interview False?