Archives: December, 2007

Paris Hilton Wants You to Buy Champagne in a Can
Will Smith Hopes It's Not Too Late to Apologize to NYC
Naomi Watts Walks Her Little Bundle of Cuteness
Nip/Tuck: Julia Grows A Pair
Halle Berry Gets Some Award
Irritating Jessica Alba To Have Irritating Baby
Drunk, or Just Camera Shy?
Hayden Panettiere to Announce Golden Globes
Katie Holmes Rolls Out Of Bed And Does Some Xmas Shopping
Al Gore Rocks Out With His Nobel Prize
Jessica Simpson's Deliriously Happy Homecoming
Music in the Morning: The LeeVees - 'How Do You Spell Channukkahh'
My Reaction Exactly (Reese Witherspoon And Vince Vaughn Working Together)
A Socialite's Life Exclusive: Pick on an Animal Your Own Size - Friend of Olsen Twins Think PETA's Treatment is Unfair
Liquid Lunch Podcast is Getting Its Hair Did
Sean Penn Sweeps The Critic's Choice Nominations
Remains of the Day: Madonna's Shiners
Shirley MacLaine On Lindsay Lohan
Does Daniel Day-Lewis Own A Wonder Emporium?
SNEAK PEEK at Tonight's Episode of "Real Housewives"
Hilary Swank Is Shiny, Takes A Lot Of Vitamins
Gratuitous Shirtless Mario Lopez Photo of the Day
JLo's Kids To Be Incredibly Spoiled
David Beckham: Spice Boy
"Unqualified With J. Harvey: Lesbi Friends!"
Rumer Willis At "The Hills" Season Finale Party
Queen Latifah Not Marrying Her "Trainer"
Julia Roberts And Insert Corny "War" Headline Here
Britney Spears In The Pink
Lindsay Lohan Eats and Gets Some Work Done
Sarah Jessica Parker To Star In "Curious George" Sequel
Kate Hudson Makes Nice With The Ex
Hayden Panettiere Looks Cute, Saves The World Like On TV
Teri Hatcher Celebrates A Birthday
Paris Hilton Comforts Orange-Skinned Friend
Britney Spears' Best Friend Vanishes
Music in the Morning: Bangers & Cash - 'B.O.O.T.A.Y.'
Charlize Theron Broken Into
John Mayer On The Set
Lauren Conrad Contributes To The Ongoing Fall Of "The Hills"
Courtney Love Regretting Letting Her Daughter Out
Will Smith To Play Lady MacBeth
Michael Vick Sentenced
Remains of the Day: Show's Over
Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt's Publicity Stunt Engagement Is Over
Leo DiCaprio Goes Grizzly
Eva Mendes Gets Orange for Campari
Exclusive Spice Girl Concert Footage & Photos from the Staples Center
Welcome Back, J.T.!
Janice Dickinson Says Tyra Is A Fattie Fat-Face
Paris Hilton Didn't Slap Anyone in Miami
Did Kim Kardashian Actually Win An Award for Something?
Larry Birkhead Is Not Fascinating
The Ben Affleck Family Contend With Pushy New Yorkers
Javier Bardem Befriends Nosferatu
Jesse Metcalfe is America's Most Hairless Model
David Beckham Puts his Pelvis on a Silver Platter
Ricky Martin's Skin Care Specialist Spills the Beans
Mary Louise Parker Busts Out the Freakum Dress, Back Together With Ex?
Wilmer Valderrama Braves Daylight for His T-Shirt Launch
Guess Who's Shopping at Kitson Kids
Scott Baio Gets Married
Quote of the Day
Christian Bale Makes His Fans and Stalkers Happy
Brad Pitt Teaches Angelina Jolie About Boxing
Oprah Winfrey On Obama's Trail
Rumer Willis And "The Water Horse"
Music in the Morning: Bjork - 'Declare Independence'
Lindsay Lohan Banned From Hotel After Leaving Her Used Syringe Behind
Stacy Ferguson Pimps the Purses
George Clooney Kicks Off the Dubai International Film Festival
Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo Marrying? Maybe Not.
Britney Spears Enjoys a Real Good Bargain
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Take In A Fight
Hilary Duff On Her Weight
Guess Who's Behind the Cover of a Magazine
Britney Spears Should Have Just Gone To The Sears Portrait Studio
Spike TV Doles Out Video Gaming Awards
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Shop 'Til They Drop
Paris Hilton Sends Back Her Pizza, Tracks Down Ex
Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson Enjoy a Peruvian Holiday
Obnoxiously Long Quote of the Day
Jessica Simpson In A Film That's Probably Rocketing To DVD
Carrie Underwood's Got A Food Issue
Katherine Heigl Obviously Terrified Of Judd Apatow's Wrath
Johnny Depp Looking Hot, Playing Gangster In Michael Mann's Next Flick
Remains of the Day: The Grammys Kick Off!
The Lovely Ladies of "30 Rock"
Beware of Patrick Duffy
Justin Timberlake Rules His Sexy Kingdom with an Iron Fist
Juliette Lewis Is So Hot She Should Live On The Sun, Thinks Brad Pitt Has A Small Penis
Tyrant Banks Rewards Her Staff with a Donation to the "Human Fund"
Caught on Film: Victoria Beckham Seen Drinking Actual Liquid
Lauren Conrad Makes Our Brown Eyes Blue
Renee Zellweger Works Out to Keep from Going Crazy
China Won't Let Will Smith In
Sienna Miller Wins Back Her Nude Photos
Lisa Marie Shows Up to a Charity Event Looking Like She Hasn't Slept Since 2005
Paris Hilton Infects Miami with Her New Fragrance
Keira Knightley on The Path to Nudism
America's Next Top Model: Great Bawl Of China
TomKat and Becks Buddy up at The Spice Girls Concert
Sporty Spice Gets Some Support
Fergie AKA "Juansome Fulaysheeo"?
Caption David Spade
Rumer Willis Spends Some of Her Parents' Money
Who's Getting a Kiss?
Kate Price and Peter Andre Break Stuff on Their TV Show
Sharon Osbourne:"Yeah It's My Book, Bitch! You Got Somethin' To Say?"
Madonna To Share Her "Licorice" With Us In April
Busboy Rats Out Lohan's Drinking During Car Crash Two Years Ago
Oh Honey, Even Jesus Can't Help You Now
Eva Mendes Naked, Disdainful Of Fur
"America Idol"s Jessica Sierra Spices Up Her Recent Arrest With A Dash Of Sex Tape
Sex and the City Trailer!!!
Justin Timberlake's Closing Concert Photo Mix
Remains of the Day: Mayer's Flavor of the Week
Australian Film Institute Awards Creates the Opportunity for Cate Blanchett and Tara Reid to Meet
Kylie Minogue Beat Cancer Only To Be Attacked By Maki Roll At Nobu Chanel Dinner
Joe Simpson Plays Grinch to Pete Wentz
Britney Threatens Paris to Behave Or Else
Johnny Depp Is Stingy With His Blood
Fashion Elite Want To Talk To You About Charity
Lily Allen Is Tired of Being Admired
Justin Couldn't Handle Mandy Moore's Feet
Jordin Sparks Gives ASL Her Blessing
George Clooney is the Punxsutawney Phil of Awards Season
But Do They Go With That Dress?
Keira Knightly's New Flick Has A Dirty Mouth
George Clooney on the Pot
Britney Spears No Longer Allowed to Party All The Time at Winston's
Kanye West and Amy Winehouse Top Contenders in 50th Annual Grammy Nominations
GQ Man of the Year Awards, Judd Apatow Responds to Katherine Heigl
Kiefer Sutherland Starts Doing His Time
Who's Holding the Baby?
Dolly Parton Might Be a Swinger
Project Runway: "Dying Over It, Dying Because of It"
Detailed Plans for ABBA Museum Revealed
Amy Winehouse Gets a Makeover
Vanessa Hudgens Has Legal Problems, Y'all
Heidi Klum On Her Family Life
Bow Wow Makes A Withdrawal, Acts Trashy About It
"Teen" Magazine Like Totally Picks The Hottest Guys!
Music in the Morning: John Mayer - 'Say'
Music in the Morning: The Who - 'My Generation' (Live on Later with Jools Holland)
Joyeux Anniversaire, Jay-Z!
Jodie Foster Peeks Warily Around The Closet Door
Now on Recapist: A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila - "Three's A Crowd"
Kiefer Sutherland Officially Charged
Nicole Kidman Looking Slightly More Animated Than Usual
Viral Video of the Week: This Man Needs His 16-inch Sausage
Remains of the Day: Pretty Boy
Russell Simmons Is Limber
Brad Pitt's a Happy Dad
SNEAK PEEK at Tonight's Episode of "Project Runway"
Bedraggled-Looking Celebs Show Up For Clothing Line Unveiling At Kitson
Britney Spears Investigated for Child Abuse and Neglect
Victoria Beckham Admits She's Holding a Gay Man Hostage
Amy Winehouse Visits Blake in Jail, Returns in Tears
T.R. Knight Cursing Himself Never to Be a Bride
Paris Hilton Makes an Appearance in Mickey Avalon's "Mr. Right"
Tara Reid Promises The Lowest Price in Town
Dolce & Gabbana's New Fragrance Has Rendered Matthew McConaughey Pensive
Scarlett Johansson Sues US Weekly Over Accusation Of Beauty Via Scalpel
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Apologizes for Acting the Fool
Britney Spears Could Make Restraining Order Number Three...Give It Time
Keira Knightley Will Interview Naked If You'd Just Ask
"Unqualified with J. Harvey: Workplace Etiquette"
TomKat Enjoy Some Restrained Fun at Hyde Park
Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish Looking Coupleish
Caption Ben Affleck
Australia Can't Get Enough of Michael Buble
Who's Trolling the Toy Store?
Nip/Tuck: Plastic Fantastic
"Gossip Girl" Cast Don't Want You To Believe The Gossip
Quote of the Day
Will Smith Needs a "Spoiler Alert" Before Talking
Teri Hatcher Sued For Endorsing Every Skincare Product Except The One She Obviously Uses
Kate Hudson Looking Hot At Dolce & Gabbana
Woman Transfixed By Cameras, Fails To React To New Dolce & Gabbana Store
Music in the Morning: The Raveonettes - 'Dead Sound'
Closet Convention
Britney Spears Was Being Searched For WAY Too Much In 2007
Patrick Dempsey Representing Versace In 2008
"The View"'s Sherri Shepherd? Not The Brightest Bulb On The Christmas Tree.
Remains of the Day: What Will She Say This Time?
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 58 - Nose-Job Laments
Forbes Lists the 20 Young Celebrities You Should Be Most Jealous Of
Cyndi Lauper's Horrifying Secret Revealed
Dennis Quaid Sues Drug Company
Blunder Woman
More From the Premiere of 'Sweeney Todd'
TomKat Enjoy a Winter Wonderland
Lindsay Lohan Rebounding with Heath Ledger?
Demi Moore And Daughter Rumer Willis Still Proving That Genetics Are Cruel
Ashley Tisdale Admits She Got Her Beak Worked On
"Atonement" Tastefully Premieres in NYC with Keira Knightley
Britney Spears Almost Kisses Video Shoot Goodbye
John Mayer Really Likes Free Milk
L.A. Juno Premiere Looks Like a Family Affair
Brad Pitt Calls New Orleans Home
Will Smith Just Says No to Scientology
Smile Bright in the Spotlight With Crest and Scope
Guess Who's Chatting Up Julie Brown?
Eva Longoria's Cleavage Gets Tongues Wagging
Yay or Nay?
Johnny Depp's His Own Man
Nicole Richie Fatigued After Doing Something Nice For Someone Other Than Herself
Akon Pleads Not Guilty To Catapulting Fan
Music in the Morning: The White Stripes - 'Conquest'
The Golden Compass Gets Two Thumbs Pointed South
Angelina Jolie and Maddox Visit New Orleans
Chace Crawford Has Trouble Being Chaste
Movie Buzz: "Awake," "Enchanted," and "The Water Horse"
Helena Bonham Carter is Johnny Depp in Drag
Remains of the Day: After He Cheats
Katherine Heigl Takes a Big Bite Out Of The Hand That Feeds Her
James McAvoy - The Unlikely Sex Symbol
Amy Winehouse Runs Around, Shirtless and Crazy
Oily Celeb Hanger-Ons and Closeted Celebs
The Kennedy Center Honors Diana Ross, Steve Martin and Others
Madonna Wants to Help Guy's "Revolver" Go Off With A Bang
Brad Pitt Tries to "Make It Right"
"Movies Rock," According to Stars Like Fergie, JLO and Beyonce
Spice Girls Start Re-Spicing Up Our Lives
Quote of the Day
Miss Puerto Rico Universe Pepper Spray Incident Continues to Unravel
Jesse Metcalfe Back With Nipple-Slipping Nadine Coyle
Britney's Instant Birthday Party--Just Add Cake
Gabriel Aubry Chats with Halle Berry's Unborn Baby
Whitney Houston Back On-Stage
Music in the Morning: Snoop Dogg - 'Sensual Seduction'
Christina Aguilera Baby-Belly Poses
Meet the New 'It Couple'
Britney Spears' Scrub Skipped Federline's Deposition Thingy
Guess the Ass
Lindsay Lohan Tops "Dumbest People In Hollywood" List
Britney Spears Celebrates Her Birthday at the Scandinavian Mansion of Style Party
Montel Williams Is Threatening
Jennifer Love Strikes Back
Breaking! Michelle Pfeiffer Actually Looks Her Age!
Jomo Get Serious
"American Idol" Breeds Class
Guess Who's Playing Garbage Man?
More Details On Lindsay Lohan Tossing Out The Xbox
Adrian Grenier Gets a Lift From the Paps
Paris Hilton Succumbs to Puffy-Lip-Syndrome
Quote of the Day