Archives: December, 2007

Refined Lady
Gisele Bundchen Is No Different Than The Rest Of Us
Remains of the Day: Liar, Liar!
Celebrities Flock to the Cathouse Grand Opening
Local Blogger Does Good
Heidi Montag Puffs Em' Up
Hova's Wait for His Club to Open is Ovah
Someone's Having a Fake Relationship
Lindsay Lohan's Got Busy Lips
Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Still Doing Whatever It Is They're Doing...Together
Guess the Weave
Jessica Alba Needs To Make Up Her Damn Mind
The Person Who Takes The 2007 ASL B.S. Awards Number One Slot Is ...
Britney Spears Drives Crazy, Beats Lohan for Film Role
Kevin Federline Parties Like a Responsible Parent
Caption Giorgio Armani
Music in the Morning: Against Me! - 'New Wave'
Sienna Miller Celebrates Her 26th Birthday With Paparazzi Fracas
Hayden Panettiere Joins Lindsay Lohan at Capri Film Festival
Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens Prefer the Drive Through
Linsday Lohan With Some Dude On The Isle Of Capri
Sean Penn's Dinner Date Pre-Divorce Filing
Tony Romo Does It Without Jessica Simpson
Britney Spears And Her Newest Confidante
2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 2 - Isaiah Washington
Family Ties Theme Song
Emerald Nuts Commercial - Addicted to Love
Who Knew Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr. Were Friends?
Whose Sarong is Riding Up?
Miley Cyrus Wants People To Get Their Minds Out Of The Gutter
Angelina Jolie Voted Top Humanitarian of 2007
Brandy Got A Pass
Who is Jennifer Anitson's Latest Mystery Man?
Nicole Kidman Is Pregnant?
2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 3 - Lindsay Lohan
Lily Allen Says Something Halfway Intelligent
Brangelina Helps Out New Orleans' Economy
Goa Is The Place To Be
Hopefully She's A Better Director Than Actress
Remains of the Day: Britney Reigns
Were Carrot Top, Pootie Tang or Yahoo Serious Unavailable?
Eric Dane In All His McSteamy Glory
What the Celebs Are Doing This New Year's Eve
What Went On In That Hotel Suite With Britney And The Photographer
Why Doesn't Jessica Alba Just Wear A Hockey Mask?
Penelope Cruz Breaks The Incest Taboo With Her Sister
Santa Claus Brought Divorce And Breakups For Celeb Couples This Year
2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 4 - Pete Doherty & Amy Winehouse
Mischa Barton Refuses To Let Pesky DUI Arrest Interfere With Her New Year's Eve Party Plans
Quote of the Day
Soccer Players Roam Free and Shirtless in Miami
Who's Not Giving Face?
Fergie's Rocking a Glamorous Engagement Ring
Kim Kardashian Covers That Ass Up, Goes For Coffee
Amy Winehouse Wanted In Norway
Music in the Morning: Black Lips - 'Veni Vidi Vici'
Ellen DeGeneres Still Popular Despite Picket Crossing And That Whole Dog Thing
Vanessa Hudgens Hides Her Own Nose Out Of Sympathy For Ashley Tisdale's
Carrie Underwood Spends Christmas With Guy With Ridiculously Spelled Name
Ivanka Trump, the Blonde Heiress with a Job
Remains of the Day: Yet Another Pregnant Celeb?
Jessica Alba To Officially Make Cash Warren's Life A Living Hell Until Eventual Divorce
UPDATE: Is Jennifer Aniston Boarding The Celebrity Baby Train? (Looks Like No)
Ben Affleck Wants Your Money, Your Cell Phone And Your Shoes
Michael Lohan Continues to Earn His BS Award
Will Smith Assures His Fans He's No Hilter Lover
Is Baby Shiloh the Blond Black Sheep?
Mischa Barton's Mugshot Reveals Her Hair's True Colors
Encino Man to Divorce
Cougars Are Limber
Brangelina Gives Their Kids a Happy Meal Christmas
Penn Badgley's Photo Shoot Reveals That Starving Artists Have Killer Abs
Kristen Bell Sneaks a Tryst with Dax Shepard
Mariah Carey Takes Her Puppy Diamond Shopping
BREAKING: Mischa Barton Nabbed for DUI
The Gays Love David Beckham and He Hearts Them Back
2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 5 - Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt
Lindsay's Saying the One Time She Wasn't Wasted in 2005 Was Before Her Car Accident
Exclusive: Guess Who's Boarding at O'Hare?
Brangelina Do Some Good in N'Awlins
Paris Hilton Takes Job At Zoo To Make Up For Lost Inheiritance
Fergie And Josh Duhamel To Wed Fergaliciously
Jamie Lynn Spears: Who's Your Daddy?
Music in the Morning: Ciara - 'That's Right' Feat Lil Jon
Hugh Jackman Invites Us to a X-mas Gun Show
Lindsay Lohan's Stellar Choice in Men Continues to Haunt Her
Remains of the Day: Halle Berry's Belly
Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz Shop for Non-Dildo Purchases
Posh Robbed of the Clothes Off Her Back
Arnold Schwarzenegger Could Have Been A "Legend"
Britney Spears Better Set Her Alarm This Time
Barron Hilton Carries On The Hilton Family's Tradition Of Skeeviness
"Boys, Please, No Pictures! I'm Just Being Selfless And Providing! No Need For Flashbulbs! THAT'S NOT MY GOOD SIDE, YOU ASS!"
2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 6 - Paris Hilton
Leonardo DiCaprio and His Girlfriend Could Possibly Do Something Exciting
Together Forever
Music in the Morning: M.I.A. - 'Paper Planes'
2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 7 - Denise Richards
The Only Thing That Could Have Made This More Ridiculous Is If There Was An Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solo And They Were Bound At The Wrist And Wielding Switchblades
Remains of the Day: Michelle's Mug
Dr. Phil Endorses the Lynne Spears Brand of Parenting
Katherine Heigl Gets Hitched
2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 8 - Pamela Anderson
Quote of the Day
A Typical Saturday Night For Britney Spears
Who's Wearing the Cargo's?
Sad. Crazy. Sad. Crazy.
Lindsay Lohan's Ex Dishes Dirt
Paris Hilton and Alex Vaggo to Get Paid to Pretend to Care about One Another
2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 9 - Tom Cruise
2007 ASL B.S. Awards: No. 10 - Dina & Michael Lohan
Ty Pennington and His Little Legs Enjoy the Beach
The 2007 Bitchslap Awards!
Who's Sporting the Neck Tattoo?
Cute Moms Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner Take a Stroll
Paris Hilton Doesn't Understand Why Dating Such a Pretty Boy Might Not Be Wise
Remains of the Day: Angelina Jolie in Review
Jennifer Lopez Does Some Pregnant Christmas Shopping
Caption Zac Efron
Lindsay Lohan Obviously Still Hurtin' For Cash
Introducing Season 2's Cast for "Rock of Love"
A Socialite's Life Does Style Network
Tom Cruise Owns The Kids
More On The Most Publicly Trashy Family In America
Brangelina Saves Christmas
Violet Affleck Does a Dog Impression
Did Criss Angel Magically End Pam Anderson's Marriage?
Pregnancy Hasn't Made Jessica Alba Any Less Obnoxious
When The Duff Sisters Attack
Music in the Morning: The Pogues - 'Fairytale of New York'
Melissa Joan Hart Is Large With Child
Remains of the Day: On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me...
Colin Farrell's Kid Is Doing Ok
R. Kelly Finally Makes His Way To Court
Amy Winehouse Full of Grace
Kim Kardashian's Mom So Proud of Kim's Ability to Skillfully Expose Her Ladyparts
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Engage in Acting Exercise
Did That Haircut Come With A Free Bowl Of Soup?
Terrell Owens Obviously Terrified Of The Simpson Family
Lindsay Lohan Keeps Her Nose Clean
Matt Damon and His Brood Breeze Through LAX
Jada Thinks Hubby Will Smith Was a Knockout in "Ali"
Does Casey Aldridge Have "Felony Carnal Knowledge" of Jamie Lynn Spears?
Sharon Stone Don't Come Cheap
SAG Nominations Walk on the "Wild" Side
Eva and Tony Parker Connected at the Hands, Sue X17
Guess Who's the Sk8er Girl?
Jessica Alba Braves the Paparazzi Storm to Get Some Shopping Done
Tom Sizemore Is A Free Man
Britney's Kids to Be Drug-Tested
Jenna Jameson Fears Melting
Katie Holmes Replaced Nicole Kidman As "Mom"
Music in the Morning: UGK - 'Tell Me Something Good'
Christina Aguilera Celebrates Her Birthday Wearing Red Wax Lips
Is John Edwards Expecting a Love Child?
The Four Seasons Has Had Enough of Britney Spears
What's the Real Deal with Casey Aldrige, Jamie Lynn's Baby-Daddy?
Remains of the Day: Season's Greetings!
Lindsay Lohan Picks Up a New Best Girl Friend
Victoria Beckham, Don't Read This If You Want to Be Surprised on X-Mas
Jennifer Anistion Enjoys a Boring, Yet Busy Day
Mary J. Blige and Patti LaBelle Do Mother-Daughter Glamour Poses on the Red Carpet
Jamie Lynn's Million Dollar Bun in The Oven Should Arrive in Spring
Colin Farrell and Woody Allen Take in a Screening of "Cassandra's Dream"
Nip/Tuck: Satan Claus Is Coming To Town
Spears Parents Deal with The Aftermath of Jamie Lynn's Pregnancy News
Heidi Montag Confirms That She Called Off Her Fake Wedding
Britney Shops for an Outfit That Says, "My Teenage Sister Just Got Knocked Up"
Who's Dropping the Green?
Mischa Barton Poses for Maxim, Wants More Creative Control
Caption Nativity Scene with Michael Lohan
Justin Timberlake Pulls a Stunt for the Upcoming Super Bowl
Mary J. Blige Has Been Experiencing "Growing Pains"
Lily Allen Rumored to Be Pregnant
Jamie Lynn Spears On the Road to Becoming Britney With Pregnancy Confirmation
Music in the Morning: The Kills - 'U.R.A. Fever'
Simon Cowell Drops Some Extra Chest Baggage
The Hoffs Done Hassling Each Other
SNEAK PEEK at the New Episode of "Real Housewives"
Leighton Meester Would Like You to Know She's Not a Complete Bitch
Viral Video of the Week: Gay Phone Sex Operator
Remains of the Day: Lauren Supports Some Troops
Rihanna Nixes Talk of Josh Hartnett Romance
Meanwhile, In Bizarro World, Lil' Wayne Makes Out With Zac Efron
Jenna Fischer Gets X-Mas Present from Fan, While Paparazzi Slam into Her Car
Fergie Sings Away the Blues of Public Embarrassment
Violet Affleck Hails a Cab
What Do Katie Holmes, X-Tina and Brad Pitt All Have in Common?
Unqualified With J. Harvey: Marie Needs To Shut The Hell Up
Amy Winehouse Locked Up
Adrien Grenier at Water Charity Event, Still Into the Whole Unshaven Look
Paris Hilton Mourns the Loss of Her Bra
The "Gossip Girl" Boys Are Prince and The Revolution
Is Kristen Cavallari Coming to Terrorize 'The Hills'?
Brad Pitt Excited to Play Santa
Quote of the Day
Fear Not, Tom Hanks Won't Be Snorting Rails On Screen
Guess Who Has the Pushy Handler?
Music in the Morning: Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - 'Answer Me'
Morgan Freeman, Jenna Jameson and Jack Nicholson on The Red Carpet
Tara Reid Collapses and Goes Boom
Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Without Child
Remains of the Day: The Simpsons Recycle
Helena Bonham Carter Gives Birth to a Gothic Baby Girl
In A Shocking Turn Of Events, Pamela Anderson Has Filed For Divorce
Snoop and Becks, The New Celebrity BFFs
Ashlee and Pete Take a Big Bite Out of One Another
Celebs Honor Matthew Shepard
"I Maybe Gittin' Hitched, Y'all!"
Lindsay Lohan Needs Money For Christmas Presents
Brad Pitt Causes Chaos At 'Regis and Kelly'
Ricky Martin Flies Away
Jessica Simpson's Presence At His Game Spells Disaster For Tony Romo
Who Doesn't Want Her Picture Taken?
Nicole Kidman's Sylist Was Given a Box of Tin Foil and Told to "Make It Work"
Box Office Success Has Will Smith Showing Fans Appreciation
Damage Control With Eva Longoria And Tony Parker
Katie Holmes Shops
Music in the Morning: Amy Winehouse - 'Love is a Losing Game'
Jamie Foxx's Hotastic Birthday!
Truer Words Have Rarely Been Spoken
Victoria Beckham May Want To Rethink Those Tight Costumes
This Might Sober Her Up
More David Beckham in His Armani Skivvies
Tom Cruise Puts Those Gay Rumors To Rest By Attending Celine Dion Show
The Four Seasons Has Had Enough Of Britney Spears
Kat Von D Tattoos Her Little Heart Out
Um, I Think Tara Reid Has Been Doing Some Extreme Dieting
Victorian Beckham Goes To Bat For Her Husband's Penis
Britney Spears: 'Piece of Me' (The Full Video)
Ashley Tisdale Debuts Her New Nose
Texans To Endure Jessica Simpson's Terrible Movie
Lindsay Lohan Wants Hannah Montana Tickets Like The Rest Of Us
Vanessa Hudgens Is Lucky Her Mom Is Still Speaking To Her
"Sunset Blvd. Holidaze" Video
Remains of the Day: Daughtry's on Top
Rumer Willis Changes Her Hair Up
They Will Make A Year-End List For Anything Nowadays
You're Looking Inside the Mouth of the Top-Selling Artist of 2007
Julia Roberts Is Seriously Over The Paparazzi
Lindsay Lohan Smooches Nicole Richie's Ex, Gets Props from Tarantino
"Scrubs" Cast Prepares Its Goodbyes
Human Fly Releases Paparazzi-Bashing Video
"Top Chef" Host Padma Lakshmi REALLY Serious About Her Diet
Here's a Montage of Paris Hilton Getting Frisky at the Club
Reese and Vince Pretend to Love Each Other While Plotting the Other's Demise
Nicolas Cage's Wax Figure Attends "National Treasure" Premiere
Paula's Pee Pilfered
Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Take In Dinner and a Basketball Game
Chace Crawford Spotted with Mystery Cow Companion
America's Next Top Model: Chinese Tired Drill
Amy Winehouse Has a Pretty Low-Key Day Out
Don Cheadle and George Clooney Recognized by Humanitarian Efforts
Amanda Beard Splashes About
America's Next Top Hobbit
Britney Spears In Trouble With K-Fed's Lawyer
Music in the Morning: The New Pornographers - 'Use It'
Dennis Quaid and Wifey Do Some X-Mas Shopping
Marc Jacobs is a Walking, Talking Camel Toe
Britney's 'Piece of Me' Video: Yay or Nay
Katherine Heigl Won't Grace the Golden Globes with Her Golden Curls
Remains of the Day: Top 10 Man-Whores of 2007
Liza Minelli Looks Fine Here, But Collapses in Sweden
Karolina Kurkova Gives the Girls a Squeeze
Madonna to Wear New Face to Her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction?
Paris Must Be High to Think Canned Champagne is a Good Idea, Oh Wait...
Quote of the Day
Katie Holmes Tells In Style Her Love for Tom Takes Her Breath Away
John Mayer Looks Like a High School Musical Dad
Paris Hilton Hits the Clubs in Germany on a Boyfriend Search
Topless Model Brags About Bagging Eva Longoria's Hubby
Spice Girls Reveal Their Plane, Baby Busts Her Ankle
Brad Pitt's Getting a Motorcycle for His Birthday
Hayden Panetierre Forgoes Dolphin-Saving For Golden Globe Nomination Reading
Kate Walsh Hits Rome Without Her Hubby
Project Runway: "Bad Decisions At 3 AM"
Who's Running From the Paps?
Chris Martin Sleeping On The Street After Row With Gwyneth
"Grey's Anatomy" and "Heroes" Cease Ratings Duke-Out to Strike
Music in the Morning: Kid Sister featuring Kanye West - 'Pro Nails'
Teri Hatcher Gives
Kiefer Sutherland Needs To Come Empty My Hamper
Posh And Becks Got Lapdances
Mario Lopez Lends His Dimples To Help The Cause of Fake Boobs
Remains of the Day: Sing It, Sister!
Christmas Evie Starring Jack Plotnick
Janet Jackson Has A New Song
Lindsay Lohan Musically Communing With Britney's Faux Babydaddy
Pam Anderson and Rick Salamon to Take Their Home Videos to Cable TV
What Made Madonna's Blue Eyes Black?
Ike Turner Passes Away
Andy Roddick Spotted with Mystery Blonde
Shia LaBeouf Gets a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card
George Clooney Enjoys Some Nookie in Italy
Britney's Got Some Splaining To Do
That Must Have Been One Greasy Pizza They Shared
Lily Allen Can Read, Judge
Brangelina Make Couple of the Year
Oprah Says Her Support of Her Girls School is Undebatable