Archives: November, 2007

Veronica Mars Is Hookin'
Nicole Richie's Icy Heart Has Been Melted By Her Fetus
Nick Lachey Is Having An Exciting Time
Zac Efron And Claire Danes Get Non-Profit
Music in the Morning: April March - 'Attention Cherie'
Katie Price Has Hubby Peter Andre By The Balls
EXCLUSIVE: "Mad Men" Picket for WGA Writer's Strike
"I'm Not There" Premiere with Bob Dylan Not There
Remains of the Day: Ben Makes a Difference
Amy Winehouse Booed Off-Stage after Wobbly, Orally-Fixated Performance
Only Date Jessica Simpson If You Really Want to Meet Her Grandpa
Caption Kelly Osbourne
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Get Older
Hayden Panettiere is a Wanted Woman
John Travolta Knows How to Fill a Bra
OJ Simpson to Stand Trial, Makes a Chatty Airline Passenger
Alicia Keys' Fans Left Disappointed at Event
Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia are Still Not Dating and Fabio Loves Giving Hugs
Eva Longoria Gives Us A Beso
There Will Be No Jessica Alba Boobage in "Awake"
Britney Spears Thinks Feet Look Like Road
Rumer Willis Is Miss Golden Globe
Who Needs a Tan?
Nicole Richie To Be Showered
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Sean Combs
Nancy Grace Is Healing
Jude Law In Trouble With The Ex
Music in the Morning: Babyshambles - 'You Talk'
Nicole Kidman's Talkative Lately
Hayden Panettiere Felt The Need For Speed
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
EXCLUSIVE: Jon Cryer Wants You To Send Pencils
Kate Bosworth is Eating Again, But Lashing Out with Awkward Clothing
Jessica Alba to Invade New York
Remains of the Day: Britney Gives Great Parenting Advice
John Stamos In-Flight Attack, Dating Model
Brad Pitt Flirts with Mystery Blonde, Pisses Off Angie
Jennifer Lopez Pregnancy Scare
Kevin Federline Drags Britney Spears Back into Court by The Tenous Roots of Her Weave
Bjorn Borg Gets Racy With New Underwear Line
Another Glamorous "A Socialite's Life" Sweepstakes
"Unqualified With J. Harvey: The Best Letter I Have Gotten So Far"
Paris Hilton to Make Even More Money By Making Adolescent Girls Smell Like Baby Hookers
Ellen Pompeo Gets McMarried
Bon Jovi for Mayor?
David Beckham To Drop Trou For Armani
Nip/Tuck: Ride Me, Daddy
Follow The Drip
She's On The Revlon Ballot
Jay Leno & Julia Louis-Dreyfus Supporting the WGA Writers Strike
Uh, Ok.
Hannah Montana Fans Are Getting Legal On Her
Who's Flipping the Bird?
An Apology From J. Harvey
Lingerie Models Get Some Kind Of Award
He Must Be Looking At The Latest Patricia Fields Costume Choice
Whose Community Is She Servicing?
Angelina Jolie Picks Up Her Pen
Music in the Morning: Arctic Monkeys - 'Teddy Picker'
Heidi Montag: Obvious Christian
Celebrities Love Shiny Objects
EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Griffin With Sarah & Laura Silverman Supporting WGA Strike
Ashlee Simpson Won't Let Pete Wentz Shower Alone
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 55 - Somehow, There's Always Britney News
Charitable Three-Way Takes Place Between Criss Angel, Dita Von Teese and Elvis Costello
Remains of the Day: Tom Brady's Baby
Spice Women For Wal*Mart Type Bargainpalooza Store
She's Going To Backpack Through India?
Locher's Holiday Promotion!
Kate Beckinsale Needs A Vacation
Christopher Reeve's "A Magical Evening" Remembers a Fallen Superman
Caption Brody Jenner Making the Moves
Paley Center Honors NBC Dudes, And Then Some Heroes Come Along
Paparazzi Injured While Chasing Britney Spears
Owen Wilson's New Lady Friend
Ryan Phillippe Lookin' Sketch
"Gawd, Stop Staring At Me With Your Freaky Coke Eyes, Jonathan!"
Boy George's S&M Proclivities Have Landed Him In Some Trouble
Lindsay Lohan Begins To Serve The Community
The Angels Have Landed
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Elton John
Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant Getting It On Again?
Caption Paris Hilton
Who's Shopping at Wild Oats?
Rihanna's a Bad Girl, Not a Heathen
The Finger Pointing Has Begun In The Matter Of Kanye West's Mother's Death
Britney Spears Wants To Divert Your Attention From Her Drama To Her Numerous Works Of Charity
Music in the Morning: Radiohead - 'Entanglement'
Best Villain Since Hannibal Lecter
Kylie Minogue Wants to Tell Cancer to Shove It
Movie Buzz: Crazy Weekend Box Office and A Taste of Sweeney Todd
Girl or Boy for Halle Berry?
Jennifer Garner Wants You to Get Pricked
Project Runway: The Widget!
Remains of the Day: Deacon Phillipe Delivers
You "Scrubs" Fans May Be In For A Long, Long Wait
Something's Off Here
Jennifer Aniston And Terrence Howard Were Allegedly Hanging Out But Take That One With A Grain Of Salt
Hugh Jackman Gives Us a No-Shirt Show at the Beach
Rachel Bilson Returns to Television
Hey "Project Runway" Fans, Our Time For A Fantasy League Of Our Own Is NOW!
"August Rush" Premieres, But I Probably Still Won't Go See It
Nicolette Sheridan Possibly Pregnant
Robbie WIlliams Makes Bank
She Don't Know Her Name
Tao Turned Two
Tom Cruise's Movie Is Unpopular
Kanye West's Mother Passed Away
Elizabeth Taylor Wants You to Sparkle
Who's Covering Up?
Steve-O Grosses Me Out, Wanders Along Robertson Blvd.
Caption Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal
Britney Spears Having More Drug Test and Driving Troubles
Waste Of Film
You Know It's Something From Her Clothing Line
Music in the Morning: Duran Duran - 'Falling Down'
Who's Been Throwing Their Used Gum On The Red Carpet? That's Nasty.
Zac Efron Spotted in the Vicintiy of a 'High School Musical 3' Script
You Think He'd Be Grateful For The Fanbase
Lindsay Lohan Spends the Weekend Shopping
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Breeds
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Enjoy Some Roka
Katie Holmes Jumped The Line
Caption Pauly Shore
How Does a Trip to Bel Bambini Cause All This Havoc?
Who's Into Bears?
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Arrive in London
You Might Want To Change Your Mind On That Rehab Decision
Out Honors 100 Fabulous People
Everyone Hatin' On Ellen Including Roseanne
Motorola Brings Out the B and C Listers
As If Priests Weren't Considered Creepy Enough...
The Brown-Haired Girl from The Hills Breaks Up with Her Boyfriend
Tila Tequila Goes Blonde, Offers Me A Tampon
George Clooney and Renee Zellweger Tell W Magazine How to Outsmart Gawker
Michael Jackson, He's Not Losing It
Remains of the Day: Hef's Calendar Girls
Hilarious But Probably Untrue Story About Brad And Angie Buying Michael Jackson's Child Molesting Preserve
Stay Out Of The Crosswalk When Britney's Behind The Wheel
Ellen's Crossing That Picket Line
Lindsay Lohan Forgets the Bra
Brooke Hogan Pulls An Ashlee Simpson
Like She Even Knows Where Korea Is
Psychotic Killer On Trial For Armed Robbery
Nicole Kidman Sets The Record Straight
People's Choice Awards Nominations Announced with Fresh Breath
Britney Spears Ordered by Court to Answer Her Phone
Ricky Martin Goes Blue on Stage at the Latin Grammy Awards
Amy Winehouse's Hubby Arrested
Kim Kardashian Leaves Angry Voicemail to "Disgusting" Ray J.
Who's Hiding at the Airport?
WGA Strike Enjoys Celebrity Support While Rupert Murdoch Goes, "MWAHAHAHA!"
Smile Bright in the Spotlight With Crest and Scope
Hayden Pannettiere Tries to Save The Dolphins
Is Aunt Goldie Ok?
Squeegie That Windshield!
Music in the Morning: Panda Bear - 'Comfy in Nautica'
Michael Jackson Is Normal
Donna Karan Wants New York to Smell Delicious
Amy Winehouse's House Searched by Police
Viral Video of the Week: 15-Year Old Filipina Channels Effie White
Britney Spears Should Start Cramming for Those Drug Tests
Remains of the Day: Following Posh's Footsteps
I Seriously Doubt Jack Nicholson Cares
Pink's A Lesbian And It's Ruining Her Marriage
Scary Guy Busted On Scooter
ONE LAST TIME - Vote For ASL in the 2007 Weblog Awards!
Beyonce's Ass Shaking Caused A Hunger Strike
Um, Blake Lewis' New Album Cover
Lindsay Lohan's Dizzy And Someone's Selling Her Crime Scene
She's Not Exactly Adept At Smiling, Huh?
America's Next Top Model: Use Your Loveliness And Control Your Sexy
Pop Stars Don't Get Up At 8 AM, Your Honor
Carrie Underwood Wins Big, While Kellie Pickler Cries at the CMAs
Tom Cruise Honored, Speakers Miss The Chance to Make Fun of His Elevator Shoes
There Will Be No "24" This Winter
The Biggest Surprise Since X-Tina Confirmed Her Pregnancy
Anne Heche Doesn't Have to Hide Her Boner for Her Co-Star Anymore
Who's In Trouble?
Two Shaggy Blondes Sitting in a Tree
Caption Michael Jackson
Shakira Is in No Rush to Get Married
Scary Spice Wants A Trio
Lance Armstrong's Midlife Crisis Continues
Music in the Morning: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - '100 Days, 100 Nights'
Paris To Save Drunk Elephants
Amy Winehouse
Whitney Houston Would Rather Be Alone Than Unhappy
Lindsay Lohan to Give Betty Suarez a Visit
Celebrity Photo Mix Featuring Kristin Bell, Lauren Conrad, & Audrina Patridge
Jolie-Pitt Children Frolic, Blissfully Aware of Mommy's Infidelity Rumors
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Remains of the Day: Knowles' Knickers
Dog Isn't Black? (*eye roll*)
Sun Damage
Doing God's Work
Jane Seymour Kicked Off "Dancing with the Stars"
Enrique Iglesias Visits Genoa City!
Chris Brown Readies Himself for Another Hit Album
Hulk Hogan's Son, Nick, Arrested
"Unqualified with J. Harvey"
Britney Spears Gets Support from Julia Roberts
I Thought These Two Were Just Friends?
Nip/Tuck: "Oh Goddamnit, It's Casual Friday!"
Eva Mendes For Campari
Ladies Please!
Height Discrepancy
Russell Crowe Getting His Head Dunked in Church
Who's Hiding the Baby?
Violet Affleck Will Talk Your Ear Off
Caption Steven Tyler
Gisele Bundchen Would Like to Keep Rich by Avoiding Dollars
David Copperfield Claiming A Shakedown
"Project Runway" Season Four Is Almost Upon Us!
Not Bad
Music in the Morning: Foo Fighters - 'Long Road to Ruin'
Butter Is Only Five Years Old
Kim Cattrall Says It's All About the Benjamins
Lunch Podcast Ep. 54 - Tips For Surviving No New Scripted TV
Enrique Iglesias Kisses Strange Girl, Gets Lap Dance
Remains of the Day: Oh My Milo!
The Writer's Strike Is Going To Put Some Roadblocks Up On Wisteria Lane
Hilary Duff Backs It Up
Rihanna's With Josh Hartnett?
Surprise! You're Still In Love With Your Ex!
Milo Ventimiglia Gets Doused
Bailey Lives!
Shia LaBeouf Is Drunk, Busted
Woman Of The Year!
Star Jones Forgets What Size She Came From
Marc Jacobs Is A Damn Body Fascist
Back To The Drawing Board
Pop Quiz: Who Looks Most Like A Serial Killer? A) Angelina Jolie's brother B) John Malkovich or C) Crispin Glover
Lewis Hamilton is Beautiful and Pissing Off His Countrymen
Who's at LAX?
"Entourage" Book Signing Attracts Cute Homeless Man
Mary Louise Parker Gets Trapped By the Paparazzi
Tom Cruise Tries to Convince the Children Who Watch TRL to See His Movie
Kylie Minogue Wants To Bring People Together
Don't Let Angie Near The Turkey
Music in the Morning: Santogold - 'Find a Way'
Rosie O'Donnell Might Have A New Gig
Paris Hilton and Sister Nicky Sell Some More Stuff
The New Hollywood Hot Spot? The Airport.
David Beckham Uses His Hotness to Help Fire Victims
Monday Movie Buzz: Weekend Box Office Numbers Plus a Will Ferrell Teaser
Remains of the Day: SJP is Rubber and Maxim is Glue
Posh Told To Fatten Up
"If This Thing Bites Me, He's Dead"
The Spice Girls' Voodoo
Lily Allen Looking For Attention By Downplaying Her Need For Attention
If Britney Spears Isn't Facing K-Fed's Lawyer in Court, She's Seeing Him at the Bar
Jessica Simpson Promotes Stuff
"No Country for Old Men" Premieres and Coen Brothers Fans Rejoice
Katie Holmes Runs the NYC Marathon, Then Glams It Up for the Cameras
The One Time We're Glad Not to Be TV Writers...
Raw Like Sushi
Paul Wants His Daughter
Angelina Jolie Is Shy
Celine Dion Is A Legend
Jessica Simpson Gets a Halloween Scare
Oprah Winfrey Didn't Take Kindly To Britney Not Returning Her Call
Who's Hiding "Behind" The Paper Bag?
Vince Vaughn Wants to Bring Us Holiday Cheer
At Long Last, Christina Aguilera Confirms Her Pregnancy
Shia LaBeouf's Transformation Into a Drunk Gets Him Arrested
Cate Blanchett Is Lovely And Pregnant
Music in the Morning: Feist - 'I Feel it All' Live on Saturday Night Live, Nov. 03
The Last Thing I Would Want To Have To Do After Running 26 Miles
Vanessa Hudgens Gets a Raise in Allowance
Technical Difficulties This Weekend
Hey Lance, They Say You're Trying to Help Britney Regain Control
Celebrity Buzz Meter Featuring Lance & Ashley, Britney, Lindsay and the Backstreet Boys
British People Give Out Awards
Remains of the Day: Lindsay Puckers Up
Britney Spears Runs Over Officer's Foot, Has the Hots for Kim Kardashian
Paris Hilton Does An Impression of an Angry Skeleton
Blame Stella!
Oprah's Running Satan's School For Girls
Auditioning For Bridesmaids
Photoshop Wizardry With The Spice Girls
Suri 2.0 Set for Release?
Johnny Depp Reveals His Darkest Moment
Ben Affleck Cheers On Wife Jennifer Garner As She Takes On Broadway
Britney's Spending Money Almost As Fast As She Makes It
Wet And Sad
Who's Dick is in a Box
Lindsay Lohan Shoots Collagen Into Her Lips To Look Even Classier Than She Already Does
Caption Melissa Joan Hart
Will & Grace But Trashy
Tony Romo's Penis Must Be Made Of Diamonds
Minnie Mouse's Junkie Sister
That Didn't Take Long
Music in the Morning: Gang Starr - 'Mass Appeal'
Bette Midler Brings Hulaween to New York City
Faux Ugly Betty Cast Does the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Martina Hingis Calls Cocaine Abuse Allegations "Horrendous" and Announes Retirement