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Lindsay Lohan Pimps Herself Out for Some Spending Cash

Lately, it seems like all Lindsay Lohan does is shop. While it’s good that she’s keeping herself out of the clubs, for a while there, I thought she might want to consider working again, at the rate she’s shopping. But it seems that the down-and-out actress has found a new way to make…

Lisa Timmons |

Katherine Heigl and Her Fiance Doing Shooters, Getting Healthy

Katherine Heigl and her husband-to-be, Josh Kelly, took a trip to a health store in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, downing shots of ginger and wheatgrass, and ending the trip with a full-on internal cleanser. I love the series of photos after the jump, which has Katherine looking like she’s in…

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Exclusive World Premiere: Heavy Vee “I Don’t Need a Hook”

Like Oprah and her “Favorite Things” episode I have been secretly working behind-the-scenes on this for weeks. Negotiating with record label corporate suits and even yanking it out from under another top internet gossip blogger to be able to launch it here, on “A Socialite’s Life” for the first time ever. Am I…

Wayne Ford |

Who’s Shooting Paint Balls at the Paparazzi?

Photos: Flynet Onilne

Find out who the “actor” is after the jump.

Michael Prieve |

Zachary Quinto is Easily Distracted

Zachary Quinto, star of “Heroes” and the actor cast to play Spock in the J.J. Abrams film, “Star Trek,” posed for pictures in For Him recently, looking like a more suave, debonair version of one of my favorite goofy people, Jason Schwartzman. Here are some photos from the shoot, and in one of…

Lisa Timmons |

It Makes Her Look Frumpy.

Spice Girl Melanie Brown is wrapped up in a blanket because ____________ ?


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“Sweeney Todd” Stars Catch Some Dinner Off-Duty

Here’s my beloved Johnny Depp, after a night having dinner with his friend and long-time associate, director, Tim Burton and Burton’s wife, Helena Bonham Carter. The three met up at the London restaurant, Cipriani, looking rumpled, wacky and dressed in black and/or like a cartoon detective–which is my favorite way for them to look.

Lisa Timmons |

“Dancing With The Stars” Champion Helio Castroneves Enlists His Partner’s Help In Continuing The Public Charade That He Didn’t Leave His Fiancee For Her

Helio Castroneves is this year’s “Dancing With The Stars” winner, and he also called off his engagement the night after he won. Rumors have been swirling that he’s gotten with his blonde bombshell partner Julianne Hough, who broke off HER engagement last May. Please tell me that “Hough” is pronounced “ho”. Hough is…

J. Harvey |

Nicole Kidman’s Scientology Retinal Implant Revealed

So THAT’S how Tom Cruise is keeping tabs on her ass! She’s her own surveillance device. Flashbulbs can do creepy things. She looks like she has a glass eye. Nicole Kidman could seriously supplant Sandy Duncan as America’s premier celebrity glass eye wearer. Nicole Kidman has revealed that her adopted kids with Tom…

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America’s Next Top Model: Shanghai Surprise/Personality Crisis

Previously – Lisa doubted herself, and the judges can smell that like a dog can smell fear. Just cause she dances go-go, it don’t make her a ho, no. But it does make her next to go! The Cover Girl shoot was an all-around disaster. Oh, and Heather continued to be bullied,…

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If Zac Efron’s Hairstyle Catches On, I’m Leaving The Country

That’s a brave young man. I guess once you’ve pulled down three million to star in “High School Musical 3″, you just don’t care what people think. Obviously, you’re doing something right. But if I start seeing teenage boys with scrunchies, I’m through. The guys at the gym must chortle a lot when…

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Music in the Morning: Amy Winehouse – ‘Tenderly’ (Live on Jools Holland)

November was a bad month for Amy Winehouse, so let’s end it with a short clip of Amy at her best: performing “Tenderly” Live on Jools Holland.


Family TV Awards Likes it “Ugly” and “Musical”

Last night, the Family TV Awards awarded “Ugly Betty” with the honor of best comedy and its much-lauded star, America Ferrera, walked away with the award of best actress. Her trophy closet’s got to be nearing capacity, with her wins of an Emmy, SAG awards, as well as a Golden Globe already in…

Lisa Timmons |

SNEAK PEEK at Tonight’s Episode of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style

Tim Gunn makes like a paleontologist and goes through the artifacts in the closet of his latest makeover subject tonight in the new episode of his show, airing on Bravo at 10/9c.

Lisa Timmons |

James Franco and Mila Kunis Parody “The Hills”

The Hills with James Franco and Mila Kunis on

Oh, what would “The Hills” be without pensive looks and awkward dialogue? Well, when James Franco does a hilarious impersonation of the disgusting Justin Bobby and Mila Kunis perfectly mimics Audrina Patridge’s vacant looks in the latest short from, you start to get…

Wayne Ford |

Paris Hilton’s Parents Meet Her Beautiful Boyfriend

Paris Hilton’s man of the moment makes for some pretty compelling arm candy, and it looks like Paris is at least serious enough about her relationship with Swedish beau, Alex Vaggo, to introduce him to her parents, Kathy and Rick. The family went out to dinner last night at Madeo’s and from the…

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Tom Cruise Receives a Bambi Award

No, Tom Cruise isn’t being rewarded by Germany for being particularly doe-eyed and lovable, as you might surmise by the fact that he received a Bambi award. Basically, it’s a prestigious media award that is 59 years in the making and the daughter of one of the winners once noticed that the tiny…

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Ruining Christmas For All Of Us

God, why don’t these two just have a camera run on them 24 hours a day and start a website so those who CHOOSE to look at them can? Damn, if these are what’s creeping up on this holiday season, I wish the North Pole would make like Jonestown. Here’s Spencer Pratt and…

J. Harvey |

Celebs Gather For Museum Opening

Why does Maggie Gyllenhaal insist on dressing twice her age? What’s with that? She’s sapping the hot out of Julianne Moore with her decay! She looks slightly less ageing Russian dance teacher than she did the other night, but still – she’s made up like your Mom’s ready for dinner at the captain’s…

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