Archives: November, 2007

Jennifer Garner Exploits Her Family for Her Craft
EXCLUSIVE Weekend Reprise: Heavy Vee "I Don't Need a Hook!"
Weekend Photo Contest
Tila Tequila Might Not Be As Into The Ladies As You Thought, But She Gets Points For Inspiring Wannabe Ninjas To Commit Suicide By Cop
Adrien Brody Fakes Some Extra Girth
Hilary Swank, Bad-Ass with a Bob
Remains of the Day: Aniston's New Nose?
Eric Dane Is Angel Food
Forgive Me For Saying This But She Doesn't Look As Trashbag As Usual
Britney Spears Trying To Get The Works Down At The Plastic Surgery Clinic
Are We Happy That Jude Law is Embracing His Male-Pattern Baldness?
"The Hills" Done in Drag
Lindsay Lohan Back on the Dating Market
Fergie And A Weird Mix Of Quasi-Celebs Celebrate 40 Years Of Wilhelmina Models
The Spice Babies Are Infected! Run!
Ashton Kutcher Is Looking Good
The Huffington Post Bitch-Slaps In Touch
Reese Witherspoon is One Rich B*tch
Jordan Shows Some Sisterly Love?
Lance Armstrong On His Making-Out Marathon
Lindsay Lohan Pimps Herself Out for Some Spending Cash
Katherine Heigl and Her Fiance Doing Shooters, Getting Healthy
Exclusive World Premiere: Heavy Vee "I Don't Need a Hook"
Who's Shooting Paint Balls at the Paparazzi?
Zachary Quinto is Easily Distracted
It Makes Her Look Frumpy.
"Sweeney Todd" Stars Catch Some Dinner Off-Duty
"Dancing With The Stars" Champion Helio Castroneves Enlists His Partner's Help In Continuing The Public Charade That He Didn't Leave His Fiancee For Her
Nicole Kidman's Scientology Retinal Implant Revealed
America's Next Top Model: Shanghai Surprise/Personality Crisis
If Zac Efron's Hairstyle Catches On, I'm Leaving The Country
Music in the Morning: Amy Winehouse - 'Tenderly' (Live on Jools Holland)
Family TV Awards Likes it "Ugly" and "Musical"
SNEAK PEEK at Tonight's Episode of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style
James Franco and Mila Kunis Parody "The Hills"
Paris Hilton's Parents Meet Her Beautiful Boyfriend
Tom Cruise Receives a Bambi Award
Remains of the Day: Just Like Angelina and Her Brother!
Ruining Christmas For All Of Us
Celebs Gather For Museum Opening
Christmas Shopping Drives Rumer Willis Round' The Bend
Stars Twinkle at the Lighting of the Rockefeller X-Mas Tree
UK 'Heroes' Promos Are Very Cool
Caption Tara Reid
Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Engaged to Hot Scot
The Infamous Text Message Conversation about Britney's Faux-Pregnancy
Why Even Bother Calling This a Blind Item?
Gwyneth Paltrow's Marriage is Fine, Thanks
Kristen Bell Is A Saucy Lass
After Being Photographed By Me, Javier Bardem Picked Up Penelope Cruz And Hit The Town
Project Runway: Jacked Up
Johnny Depp: Great Actor, Playing A Murderous Barber, Unusual Sense Of Style
Lindsay Lohan Plans To Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Take His Kids to See "Bee Movie"
Who's Grabbing His Junk?
A Peek at Selma Blair in "Hellboy" Sequel
Britney Attempts to Steal Questionable Undergarments
A Day in The Life of Rachel Bilson
There Better Be Lenses In Those Frames, Josh Hartnett
Daniel Craig At The British Independent Film Awards
Owen Wilson Dating The Bionic Woman?
Music in the Morning: DJ Blaqstarr feat. Rye Rye - 'Shake it to the Ground'
"Sex and the City" Taunts Me with More Pictures
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Patrick Dempsey Puts on the Sausage Casing
Interview with TV Guide Award Winner Laura Howard
Locher's Holiday Promotion Nears an End!
Brad and Angie Heat Things Back Up in the Bedroom
Remains of the Day: A Doctor Should Know Better
God Strike Me Deaf - Lindsay Lohan Working On A New Album
A Socialite's Life Exclusive: J. Harvey On The Red Carpet At The 17th Annual Gotham Awards!
Falling Asleep On The Beach Can't Have Been Good For That Baby
SYKE!! Britney's Not Pregnant
David Beckham Charms Australia
Whose Scarf is Between Her Legs?
Hyde Conveniently Loses Audrina Patridge's Number
Future Shirtless Ryan Reynolds
Nip/Tuck: Extreme Makeover (Whore Edition)
Old Lady Lohan Might Be Tippling Again
Britney Spears, PREGNANT Sex-Freak
Jake Gyllenhaal Will Play Joe Namath So He Can Earn Enough Money To Stop Having To Solicit Men In Cars
A Tardy Britney Eluded Us
Guy With Coolest Name Ever Wins "Dancing With The Stars"
Shia LaBeouf on the Set of "Eagle Eye"
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Cleo Rocas
Sharon and Ozzy Give It Away For Charity
Quote of the Day
VH1 Presents "Celebrity Rehab"
Husband-Thief Rose McGowan On Why She Took Up Acting
Laura Linney is "Savage"
Hayden Panettiere Might End Up In The Clink In Japan
Music in the Morning: Georgie James - 'Need Your Needs'
Paris Hilton Busts Out the Laundry Day Outfit
BREAKING Britney Spears Video Shoot
Blake Looks Lively on the Set of "Gossip Girl"
SNEAK PEEK at Tonight's Episode of Project Runway
Golden Compass London Premiere with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 57 - This Might Be Five Minutes Because I Need A Sandwich
David Beckham Keeps His Package Tightly Wrapped
Remains of the Day: Another Heroes Hottie
Usher Sentenced to 18-Years
Details Magazine Thinks K-Fed's An Awesome Dad
Johnny Depp Loves the Layered Look
Madonna Prefers Sheep of a Different Color
Lindsay Lohan Returns to L.A. After Wearing Out Her Credit Card in NY
Dancing with Bizarre
Amy Winehouse Hits Up the Parapazzi for Spare Change
Film Independent Spirit Awards Nominees Announced
Copping Cargo from the Kardashians
Miss Puerto Rico and the Pepper Spray Incident
All Britney Wants for X-mas is Some Time with Her Kids
Kimora Lee Simmons Allegedly Ripped Off Macy's
Who's Signing Autographs For the Fans?
The Three Faces Of Skeeve
Rihanna Is A Style Star
Kid Rock Might Chop Those Nascar-fan Length Locks
Penelope Cruz Embraces Her Roots And Emulates Several Madonna Videos
Why Didn't We Think Of This?
Music in the Morning: A.i. - 'Hey Now'
Nicole Kidman's Face Bears a Lonely Wrinkle, While Nicole Does Some Good
Jessica Alba Would Like to Take Her No-Nudity Clause Acting Self to Broadway
Movie Buzz for Nov. 26th, 2007: Weekend Box Office & "Cloverfield" Trailer
Amy Winehouse Promises to Possibly Go to Rehab
Remains of the Day: Ulterior Motives?
Thousands Hurl Themselves Onto The Jagged Rocks Below At The Possibility That Patrick Dempsey Could Leave "Grey's Anatomy"
Child Welfare Once Again Looking Into Britney Spears And Kevin Federline's (Lack Of) Parenting Skills
Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel In New Zealand
Pete Wentz Tries to Stop the World from Poking Fun at Ashlee
Quote of the Day
Daniel Craig Won't Make His Neck Disappear
Oprah Takes Covert Visit to Africa, Faces Tell-All Book
Kylie Minogue's Off-Stage Collapse
Tara Reid Stinks
Larry Birkhead Still Showin' Off That Baby
Hayden Panetierre Is Tastefully Jailbaity
Elton John Greets David Beckham In The Most Elegant Fashion Possible
ASL Photo Archive Contest
Lindsay Lohan Wraps Up Her Family Business
Who's Shopping at Saks With Her Boyfriend?
Zac Efron Likes to Drive
Marie Claire Awards is Where the Supermodels Go
Paris and Nicole, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Dollars
Brandon Routh Is Straight?
Cindy Crawford Still Putting The Rest Of These Bitches To Shame
Walgreens Isn't The Only Place Shia LeBeouf Has Had His Drunk Ass Tossed Out Of
Music in the Morning: The Killers - 'Shadowplay'
Paris Hilton Has Style
J.K Rowling Has Been Voted The Most Fascinating Or Something By "Entertainment Weekly"
Malibu Fires Put Stars on Alert
Who's the Blonde Actress With Dax Shepard?
15 Year Old Miley Cyrus Has The World On A String
Saturday in the Park With Sandra Bullock
Does China Know That Britney Spears Is Attempting To Adopt Chinese Twins?
Who's Posing With the Baby?
"The Bachelor" Must Be Thrilled He Picked A Gal Who Can Kick His Ass
Tara Reid Rumored to Be Difficult on Set
Quote of the Day
Perez Hilton Smacked Down By The Law
Mr. Beckham Goes to China
Hulk Hogan's Wife Taps Out
Macy's Parade
Who's Hanging With the Sketchy Guy?
Kate Walsh Has The Life I Was Supposed To Live
Katie Price Downsizing Her Breasts In Hopes She Can Land The Lead In "ET: The Musical"
Amy Winehouse Is Lovely
Avril Lavigne Does Some Surly Christmas Shopping
Paris Hilton Jams Fruit in Her Mouth in China
Nancy Grace Takes One Of Her Kids Home
It's Comforting To Know That Even David Beckham Can Take A Bad Photo
Music in the Morning: Pulp - 'This is Hardcore'
America's Next Top Model: "I Have To Put My Trust In Strange People I Don't Know? I Don't Trust Some Family Members..."
Kylie Minogue Has X-Ray Vision
The Bachelor Should Only Be Worshipped, Shirtless, From Afar
A Singer/Songwriter With Drinking Issues. You Don't Say?
Lindsay Lohan Spends More Time with Her Older, Less Scrupulous Clone
Kevin Federline Says His Closet is Skeleton-Free
Love It, Or Hate It?
Project Runway: Who Spit On My Polymorphic Cape?
Hopefully Calista Flockhard Had A Roll Or Something
Louis Vuitton Wants Britney Spears To Quit It
Our First Look At Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher's Borat Baby
Who's Hiding Behind the Surfboard?
Video in the Morning
Happy Thanksgiving!
"The Hills" Doesn't Need Another Vacant Blonde
Jessica Simpson Dating A Plate of Fries?
Celebrity Photo Mix with Molly Shannon, Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson and More
Pete Wentz Makes a Sex Tape or Just Clunky Acting?
Remains of the Day: Save the Stoplights!
Heather Mills' PR Lady Is Even More Berserk Than She Is
Pamela Anderson Doesn't Want Anyone To Know That Those Boobs Are Sorta Taken
Mike Tyson Gets Turned Out
Colin Farrell Finds Charity Tiring
Name That White Substance
Project Runway New Episode SNEAK PEEK!
Hayden Panettiere Needs To Swipe Some McNuggets For Me! C'mom, Claire Bear!
Salma Hayek's Breasts Are A Gift From God! Praise Jesus!
"Unqualified With J. Harvey: Ahoy There, Obsession!"
George Clooney Wants The Paps To Leave Him And Britney Spears The Hell Alone
Milo Ventimiglia Really Is Normal
Nip/Tuck: My Brain Could Use Some Numbing Spray After This One
Mariah Carey Launches Her Fragrance, Risks Yeast Infection
Jan Adams Ends His Larry King Interview, Blames Patients
Lindsay Lohan Spends Thanksgiving with Crazy
Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Pensive on "Sex on the City" Set
Who's Fondling the Produce?
Dennis Quaid and Cedars-Sinai Speak Out
Caption Carson Kressley
John Mayer Thinks JT's Bringing Awesome Back
Zahara Jolie-Pitt's Biological Mom Comes Forward With Some Info
Nicole Richie Having A Boy, Spying For France
Kanye West's Mother Is Laid To Rest
Music in the Morning: Fiery Furnaces - 'Navy Nurses'
iVillage Makes Me Giggle, While Attempting Half-Heartedly to Be Environmentally Conscious
Jude Law Has No Regrets Over Nanny-Gate and Wears Tight Pants to "Sleuth" Premiere
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 56 - American Music Awards Look Dangerous
Dennis Quaid's Babies Suffer Overdose in Medical Mix-Up
Remains of the Day: Smokin' Simpson
Mandy Moore and Her Trashmouth
Madonna's A Damn Scrooge
Will Smith, Say It Ain't So! Not My Willie!
Real Housewives of Orange County SNEAK PREVIEW
Jennifer Garner To Team Up With Ricky Gervais
Britney Spears Suddenly Gets Shy
Paris Hilton Might Have A New Sex Tape, And I Might Be Into Dudes
Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's Fake Wedding Is In Fake Danger
Julia Roberts Subjects Her Baby To Possible Kidnapping Attempts
Johnny Depp Probably Doesn't Think This Post Is About Him
Vanessa Hudgens Confirmed for High School Musical 3
Oops, She Did It Way Back When...
Hayden Panettiere Parties with Ne-Yo
Mel Gibson Refrains from Yelling "Sugartits" at L.A. Lakers Game
Who's Being Protective at the Airport?
Hayden Christensen Almost Boinked by John McEnroe
Caption Shia LaBeouf
Mary-Kate Olsen's In The Hospital
Michael Lohan Serves Food to the Homeless
Menudo Lives!
The Inquest Into Anna Nicole Smith's Son's Death Began
Who Are The Jonas Brothers And Why Are They Bleeding?
Music in the Morning: Gwen Stefani - 'Early Winter'
Joe Simpson and Jess Might No Longer Be an Item
Stars of "Men in Trees" Picket in Support of the WGA
Heather Mills Airing Her Dirty Laundry Via Billboard?
Hugh Jackman Does Baby Bicep Curls on Bondi Beach
ASL Lisa Timmons Spreads Her Love to Another Podcast
Remains of the Day: Debra Messing's Mumu
Natalie Portman Is Incredibly Stylish And She Has The Magazine To Back It Up
Tom Cruise Seemed To Have A Sense Of Humor For A Second There But That Was Quickly Proven False
Rosie O'Donnell's Back On "Nip/Tuck" And Being Attacked By A Bald Eagle
Locher's Holiday Promotion Continues!
Lenny Kravitz Wants You to Get on His Bus
The American Music Awards Performances
Fergie Kisses the Plastic in the AMA Pressroom
It's Eva's Party and She'll Hog Chairs If She Wants To
Wilmer Valderrama Off to Visit the Troops
Heath Ledger Gives Elton John-Impersonating Little Person A Lift
Nicole Kidman Is Full Of Information
Aaron Carter And Hilary Duff Trying To Resurrect Tween Camelot?
Jonathan Rhys Meyers And His Thousand Yard Stare Get Busted In Ireland
Julia Roberts Used Her Body to Find Her Husband
Guess Who's Going For a Bike Ride
Disney Enjoys an "Enchanted" Evening
The Spice Girls Sing (Sort Of)
Nicole Richie Gets Baby Shower, Probably Having a Boy
Demi Moore And Her Paperboy Are On Hand For Planet Hollywood Casino Opening
Britney Spears Teaches Mother Of Three Heidi Klum How To Use Diapers
Everyone On Earth Was At The American Music Awards
Music in the Morning: Lisa D'Amato - 'Bikini'
Caption Hayden Panettiere
Helena Bonham Carter Is Funny
Britney To Pass Out From All The Tryptophan On Hannah Montana's Couch?
Project Runway: "Pooing Fabric"
ASL Photo Archive Contest!
J. Harvey Watches The Premiere Of "Project Runway" In Style At Tresemme and "New York" Magazine's Premiere Viewing Party!
There's No Way He Wasn't Someone's Bitch
Simon Cowell: Not Gay, Uses Botox, The Hair Is Real
Birds In Australia Know What's Up
America's Next Top Model: I Am Not A Muse(d)
Lily Tomlin Interview from the Writer's Strike
Britney Spears Driving Privileges with the Kiddies Revoked
Nicole RIchie to Be Feted with a Shower from Paris
Remains of the Day: 13 Going on 30
Lance Armstrong Pedaling That Bike Backwards
Please Tell Me That's A Hilary Duff Lookalike
Katherine McPhee Got A Ring
Lindsay Lohan Enjoys Life After Jail
Eva Longoria Has A Tat.
Jessica Simpson Wants You To Buy Her Crap
Several Of These People Are In It For The Free Panties
Britney Spears Goes for Broke
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Explodes in Pretty and Sparkles
Girl Power Uplifts Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Lindsay Lohan In and Out of Jail
Celebrating Makeup To Fight AIDS
Guess the Booty
J. Harvey In Mourning As Scott Caan Is Now Dead To Him
Richard Simmons