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Jennifer Garner Exploits Her Family for Her Craft

Jennifer Garner looks every bit the sweet mom in these pictures with her and Violet out for a winter stroll in the park, but her portrayal of a high-strung character in “Juno,” might have her on her family’s shit list. Jennifer admitted at a screening of the film at the Producers Guild of…

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EXCLUSIVE Weekend Reprise: Heavy Vee “I Don’t Need a Hook!”

I know we’ve already told you about this earlier, but we thought that maybe you hadn’t had a chance to check it out and it really, truly shouldn’t be missed. The woman does the splits, for God’s sake! Also, here’s some background info on the woman who appears to be wearing the hardest…

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Weekend Photo Contest

This contest coincides very conveniently with the airing of “Troy” on AMC December 1 – 3 @ 8/7PM CT and thanks to the good folks at AMC, we can offer you a prize package that includes the ultimate collectors edition of the DVD (a special edition DVD, a 40 page book featuring “The…

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Tila Tequila Might Not Be As Into The Ladies As You Thought, But She Gets Points For Inspiring Wannabe Ninjas To Commit Suicide By Cop

UPDATE: Just so y’all know, Tila claims it’s bogus, stating on her site that, “My whole life I have been judged so that’s nothing new to me so I don’t feel the need to justify my sexuality to anyone!” Come on guys, she’s more than just a sexual being. She’s a drink.

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Adrien Brody Fakes Some Extra Girth

Photos: Getty Images

“Hey guys, I’m Oscar-award-winning actor, Adrien Brody! Remember how much weight I had to lose to be convincing for my role in ‘The Pianist’? Yes, looking that emaciated was quite a stretch for me. I skipped lunch for a whole day to achieve that gaunt look.” I kid because there’s…

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Hilary Swank, Bad-Ass with a Bob

Hilary Swank is rocking her new haircut that was given to her by Oprah on her “Great American Haircut” episode and looks plenty happy not only with her do, but with her boyfriend, what’s-his-name. The two of them can safely walk down a dark alley because Hilary has no problem laying the smack

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Eric Dane Is Angel Food

I’ll refrain from channeling my inner teenage girl and discussing Eric Dane. It’s going to be hard. And I’m not going to focus on Rebecca Gayheart having offed a kid so you don’t see her much anymore. She’s probably been through enough. Jesus, where does that leave me? Uh, there’s Ana Ortiz. *crickets*…

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Forgive Me For Saying This But She Doesn’t Look As Trashbag As Usual

I know, I know. There goes any integrity I ever had. Which would have filled a thimble! But she looks less whorish here. Maybe it’s because of that Swedish pizzaboy Alex Vaggo she’s been dragging around lately. Maybe his wholesome Swede good lucks softened her up a bit from her usual turboslut appearance.

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Britney Spears Trying To Get The Works Down At The Plastic Surgery Clinic

Here’s Britney Spears arriving in her customary cloud of flawless glamour at the Four Seasons. Her home away from home. Her actual home is a short distance away but she loves hotels. Reports are saying that Britney was so aghast at her appearance at the 07 VMAs that she’s barging into any plastic…

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Are We Happy That Jude Law is Embracing His Male-Pattern Baldness?

Yes? No? The gentleman with Jude in the picture seems to be questioning it.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

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“The Hills” Done in Drag

I know, I know, we’re looking a little obsessed with parodies of “The Hills” lately, but this one is good. I don’t even really keep up with the show, but this guy in a wig taking on the role of Jen Bunney, going to apologize to Lauren Conrad is awesome. He totally makes…

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Lindsay Lohan Back on the Dating Market

It’s like the end of an era–if we were all fruit flies, that is. Lindsay Lohan has reportedly split from her boyfriend, Riley Giles, and it sounds like the deed went down shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday, revealed an inside source to People magazine. “She is concentrating on her life and her career,”

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Fergie And A Weird Mix Of Quasi-Celebs Celebrate 40 Years Of Wilhelmina Models

The only reason I know anything about Wilhelmina is because it was the agency Angelina Jolie went with in “Gia”, which is one of the hottest movies ever made and made shooting up between your toes and dying of AIDS look absolutely glamorous. Remember when Gia carved her name on the desk, and…

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The Spice Babies Are Infected! Run!

Geri Halliwell says that she has to leave her 18 month old daughter Bluebell back at the Ginger mansion for the opening night of the Spice Nanas tour on Sunday. Why? Bluebell has chicken pox! And an unfortunate name if you’re not a My Little Pony. And where did she get it from?

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Ashton Kutcher Is Looking Good

Damn, what a difference when he leaves his hot aunt (wife Demi Moore) at home. I like this non-clown look. Unfortunately, it’s for a film role and not a shift in personal style. Here he is on the set of “Personal Effects”. In other clown news, Ashton is set to be the cover…

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The Huffington Post Bitch-Slaps In Touch

Here are some pictures from the Huffington Post, demonstrating just how useless the text-message screen shots are that In Touch used to try and prove that J.R. Rotem had, in fact, communicated with them that he was the father of Britney’s unborn baby. It’s pretty much as easy as changing a name in…

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Reese Witherspoon is One Rich B*tch

It’s no wonder Ryan Phillippe took the break-up so hard. I just read that currently, Reese Witherspoon, sits at the very top of the list of the top ten paid actresses in Hollywood, often snagging between $15 and 20$ million a film. But even sweeter than that, is getting to snuggle up with…

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Jordan Shows Some Sisterly Love?


Always the classy act, Katie Price, aka Jordan, gets out of her limo with care, and then proceeds to full-on kiss her sister Sophie. Straight men everywhere are rejoicing in the streets!

More photos of Katie Price and her sister are after the jump.

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Lance Armstrong On His Making-Out Marathon

You have to admit, the man has endurance. And clearly Lance Armstrong believes that the best defense against accusations that he’s robbing the cradle with Ashley Olsen is to immediately hook up with some other woman. Lance Armstrong has now been spotted getting all cozy and flirty with a mystery blonde at the…

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