Archives: October, 2007

Zac Efron Gets Juiced Up Before the Big 2-0!
Kristen Bell Golden, But Single
Justin Timberlake Finds Long Lost James Van Der Beek for Me
People Mad at Ryan Gosling over his Break-Up from Rachel McAdams
Photo Mix: Chick by Nicky Hilton at LA Fashion Week
Junkies Unite
Remains of the Day: Hayden Has Brains and Beauty
Stephen Colbert For President
"I Hate You!"
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
More Celebrities, Err, Slightly Famous People Hit the Pumpkin Patch
Leo DiCaprio Looks Like He Might Engage in Some Swashbuckling
Kate Walsh Says Age Ain't Nothing But a Number
"Street Chic" Meets 40's France at Audigier in L.A.
Kate Moss Parties in the Name of Selling Clothes
Lance Bass' Homosexuality Stunned Britney And Marc Anthony
Vampires Suck
Rihanna Spells It Out For These Tramps
Ellen's People Are Making Her On-Air Tears Look A Little Crocodiley
Katie Holmes Escapes to New York
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Lindsay Lohan
The Twenties Become Angelina Jolie
Caption Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Spencer Pratt Wants to Be a Rich, Evil Genius...Minus the Genius Part
Ricky Martin Demonstrates How He Got To Where He Is Today
She Had Cancer?
Music in the Morning: Fiery Furnaces - 'Ex-Guru'
Lindsay Lohan Wishes Her Parents Would Stop
John Mayer Waxes Nonsensical--Cause He's Just So Damn Funny
Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 51 - "It's Time for Some Bloom Gloom"
Meredith Questions the Awareness of Jake's Hiney
Heidi Montag Admits to Starting Sex Tape Rumors?
Remains of the Day: Anderson Cooper the Grouch
But Does He Own Sanity?
Clay Aiken To Take To The Stage
PETA Trying To Recruit K-Fed To Save Britney's Dogs
Amy Winehouse's Father Has Her Obituary Ready
"The Young & The Restless" Goes Kaboom Starting Friday! And You Can Win A T-Shirt Commemorating The Mass Destruction!
Los Angeles Fashion Week Gets a Kick-Start on Partying with Heatherette
Robbie Williams is a Calorie-Counting, Paranoid, Sex Machine
Nicky Hilton Has Another Fashion Week Show without Sister Paris
Sean Combs Passed Out A Beatdown And Will Turn Himself In To Take The Credit
Halle Berry Feels For The Young Ones
One Stop Shopping - Spice Girls And Thongs
"Elle" Honors Hotness In Film
Paula Abdul Teases Us with Info about the New Season of Idol
I See London, I See France
Diablo's Cantina Opening Attracts Sexy Demons and Celebrities
Britney Spears Turns Herself In for Hit and Run
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Anne Heche
Angelina Jolie Honored for "A Mighty Heart"
Carrie Underwood Dating Guy With The Gayest Name In Hollywood
Jamie Foxx Has An Inferiority Complexx
Music in the Morning: Justice - 'D.A.N.C.E' (Live on Jimmy Kimmel Live)
Is Any Of Her Sexual Activity Not Filmed?
Paris Hilton Headed for Rwanda
Movie Buzz: Things We Lost In The Fire
Hilary Swank Has a Close Call on Rodeo Drive
Martin Sheen Beats Perez Hilton in Popularity Competition with the Gays
Remains of the Day: If I Were a Rich Girl
She's So Whimsical
More Details On Orlando Bloom's Wacky Night
Colin Farrell Talks About His Son
Michael Caine Saw TomKat Before Any of Us
A Troubled Cable Star?
Matthew McConaughey Can Still Attract a Quality Piece
Lindsay Lohan Better Take Care of Her Weave and Boobs Because She Can't Afford New Ones
Ron Wood and Keith Richards Fight over Drugs
J. Harvey Likes Jennifer Garner Despite Previous Appearances And Ben Affleck Likes Directing
It Hasn't Even Aired Yet, And The Drama's Already Happenin' On "Project Runway"
Jenny McCarthy And Jim Carrey Seem Like They're An Ok Couple
Leonardo Dicaprio Is Ready To Build An Environmentally Friendly Paradise On His Private Island, And He Thinks Bush Sucks
Anthony Kiedis Sires a Bear
Which Hottie Has a Slight Paunch?
Vanessa Williams Wants to Help Us with Our Skin Problems
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Katie Holmes
Britney Spears Gives Justin Timberlake Some Money
Pam Anderson Says She's Not Pregnant By Man Who Had Sex With Paris Hilton, You Can Go Back To Focusing On Global Warming As Our #1 Environmental Hazard
Music in the Morning: Fergie - "Clumsy"
I Don't Think She Needed To Tell Anyone Anything In This Case
Ancient Jewish Mysticism Brings Rich People Together
Who's Doing Some Adjusting?
Affairs and Cats and Gossip
Ashlee Simpson Admits Nosejob But Denies Rat Poison In The Face
T.I. Was Apparently Readying For His Own Private War
Are You Sure You Want To Take Credit For That?
Julia Roberts Credits Husband For Widening Of Hips
Just Shut Up , Bitch
You Do NOT Want To Work For This Heifer
A Socialite's Life Exclusive: Gina Gershon Answers Half Of J. Harvey's Questions And She's Singing In NYC About Her Cat
Your Weekend Isn't Complete Without A Socialite's Life!
Josh Hartnett and Rihanna Suck Face
Anna Nicole Smith's Former Psychiatrist is Howard K. Stern's Dogsitter
Britney Spears' New Album Cover
Celebrity Buzz Meter for October 12th, 2007
Remains of the Day: Hef's New Leading Lady
A Collision Of Worlds Produces The Quote Of The Day
Halle Berry Speaks
Avril Lavigne Is Irritating
"In Touch" Had A Party, No One They Invited Got In
Enrqiue Iglesias To Appear On J. Harvey's Favorite Soap
He Probably Shouldn't Have Worn That "Blame Samantha" Sweatshirt
Orlando Bloom Acts A Fool, Crashes Car
Angie And Brad Have Good Taste In Art
Al Gore Is A Winner
Tom Brady Makes Nice for the Camera
Does the Shaggy Hair and Protruding Chin Give It Away?
Pamela Anderson Hates Her Pretend Unborn Baby
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Kim Kardashian
Britney Spears Goes After Perez Hilton
Fall Out Boy Uses Lightbulbs to Make a Political Statement
Kate Moss Goes Blonde
Gwyneth Paltrow Begins Her Eating Tour of Spain
Music in the Morning: Avril Lavigne - 'Hot'
Britney Spears Refuses to Stop Making Gossip Headlines
"Gossip Girl" Coming Back for Second Season
Celebrity Photo Mix: Paris Fashion Week
Gwen Stefani Releases New Single "Now That You Got It"
Remains of the Day: Baby Kingston Out and About
Ricky Martin's Still Queenin' It Up
Michael Jackson Lucks Out
Celebrities Will Whore Just About Anything
Britney Spears Keeps Ignoring Me
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Carrie Bradshaw
"Mad Men" Sneak Preview!
Bruce Willis Has a Heart of Gold...and a Forehead of Alabaster
Madonna Can Be Purchased for a Mere $120 Million
Advanta Sees Tennis Partners Elton John and Billie Jean King Raise Thousands
Joaquin Phoenix Is Kind Of A Prick
America's Next Top Model: "Can I Just Get One Thing Straight? I DON'T Have A Prickly Disposition!"
Lohan's Latest Victim
Heather Mills' Cash Cow Is On Its Way In From The Field
Reese Witherspoon Is A Free Woman
Kelly Osbourne Back to Her Partying Ways?
Who's the Aamco Lover in Need of a New Pair of Pants?
Has Anyone Even Heard JLO's New Album?
Britney's Having A "Blackout" Earlier Than Expected
Penelope Cruz Shot in the Rear by Cupid on Woody Allen's Set
Here's Pamela Anderson Endorsing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Eva Mendes Doesn't Want Kids
Music in the Morning: CSS - Alcohol
Michelle Rodriguez is Set For Some Hard Time
Tara Reid Tries to Pull a Fast One
"Wristcutters" Premieres from the Beyond
Movie Buzz: "Michael Clayton"
Get Ready for Kylie
Remains of the Day: Reese is Officially Single
Crack Will Catch Up With You
It Was A Shotgun Wedding
Amy Winehouse Looks Like She Got in a Fist-Fight with a Blender
Win Some Eric Clapton
Rosie O'Donnell Opens Art Exhibit in New York
Eva Mendes Exposes Herself for "We Own the Night"
Charlize Theron Only Has to Worry about Competing with Sexy Dead Women Now
Angie Hates Clooney
Britney's Dad Enters Michael Lohan Territory
George Clooney's Fame Is Why The Wait In The Emergency Room Has Been So Damn Long At Palisades Medical Center
Miss Jackson If You Married!
Who's Doing a Little Shopping at Fred Segal?
David Hasselhoff Back in Rehab
Justin Timberlake Gets Three AMA Nominations
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Jennifer Lopez
Britney Spears is Staying Drug-Free
Jack Bauer's Gonna Do Time
This'll Happen (Part 2)
Music in the Morning: The Hives - 'Tick Tick Boom'
Pam's Wedding Was Classy
Backstreet Boys Attempt to Become Relevant Again
Zac Efron Dons His Sensible Sweater for a Trip to Australia
Liquid Lunch Podcast Turns 50!!!
Can You Say Major Improvement
Lily Allen Got Hypnotized
Remains of the Day: Jake Gyllenhaal Goes on a Mission
Spice Girls Get On Diddy's Bus Of Jewels
Jennifer Lopez's Husband's Ex Can't Keep Her Yap Shut
Vision Awards Celebrates Being Able to See
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Chloe Sevigny
Britney Spears Gets Advice from Sharon Osbourne
Nicole Kidman Still Wrinkle-Free After All These Years
Victoria Beckham is the Slutty Jetson
Pete Doherty Puts Down The Pipe, Picks Up The Donuts
Angie And Brad's New Crib
You Know She Talked On That Phone During The Movie
Red Sox Nation Represent!
Tom Cruise Asks Germany for a Do-Over
Guess the Rack
Posh Gets Her Blog On in Paris
No Baby Talk For Jennifer Lopez
Britney Spears, Alcohol Dispenser
Vanessa Minnillo Was Born At Night, But Not Last Night
Marriage Makes You Beautiful
Tiger Woods' Baby Makes an Appearance
"I Still Look Worlds Better Than You, Hag Bitch."
Viral Video - "Uh Oh"
Tom Ford's Ass
This'll Happen
Remains of the Day: Fashion is for the Birds
Jon Voight Grabs Some Family Time
Louis Vuitton Brings Em' Out To Play
Kylie's On The Mend
Owen Wilson Chills Out
Even More Celebrities Love Pumpkins
Fabio's Still Proudly Rocking the Man Cleavage
Maddox Jolie-Pitt Has a Much Cooler Life Than Me, But I Already Knew That
Sean Combs Caught Baby-Handed
Nicole And Keith Do NYC
Fratboys Are Gay
Ruckus At Sushi: Jamie Lynn Spears Will Take You On
Christina Aguilera Purchases Sibling For Impending Baby
Vanessa Hudgens Sometimes Enjoys Wearing Clothes...and Sunglasses
Guess Who's a Peach Lover
Mariah Carey is So Money and She Doesn't Exactly Know How Much
Celebrities Love Pumpkins
"Things We Lost in the Fire" Looking Good
Spice Girls to Fly Around the World in Spice Force One
If Britney Spears Offs Herself, These People Are Going to Feel Like A-Holes
Music in the Morning: Britney Spears - 'Get Naked'
Music in the Morning: Kelly Clarkson - 'Don't Waste Your Time'
Are the Photos of Carrie Bradshaw in a Wedding Dress Just a Dream?
Nicky Hilton Celebrates Her Birthday With Mr. T
Britney Spears Reunites With Her Mother and Sister
Pamela Anderson Makes Mockery of the Institution of Marriage Once Again
Jessica Simpson Puts on a Smile For Operation Smile
Nicole Kidman Shines at New Line Cinema's 40th Anniversary Party
Ordinary Citizen Douses Paparazzi and Britney Spears' Mercedes With Hot Coffee
Confirmed: Lindsay Lohan Out of Rehab!
Celebrity Buzz Meter for October 5th, 2007
The Two Faces of Britney Spears
Remains of the Day: Ugly Posh
People Need Lives
Mannequins In The Front Row
Put on Your "Surprised Face" Masks, Guys
Catherine Zeta Jones Sells More Stuff--Diamond Encrusted Stuff
VH1 Hip-Hop Honors is a Hip-Hop-Stravaganza.
Why Did Janet Get Married?
That Bathroom Stall In Rehab Was Mighty Busy
Collect Your Marbles, Crazy Lady
Owen Wilson's Alive And Well
Michelle Pfeiffer Thinks I Should Be Content with My Two Boring Eyes
Who's Using the Hair-Shield?
Even Gisele Bunchen's Toe Cleavage is Sexy
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Madonna
Jessica Simpson Probably Deserved That Leg Beating
Britney Spears' 'Gimme More' Video
Notice Those Aren't Her Children She's Holding
Is That A Human?
Music in the Morning: Sex Pistols - 'God Save the Queen'
Robbie Williams Surprises L.A. Audiences
Ralph Lauren Wants You to Look at All His Fabulous Cars
Celebs Want to Help Britney and She Prepares to Release a New Video
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Well, Is She Out Or Not?
Remains of the Day: Kate Beckinsale Vamps it Up
Angelina Jolie Is Not Only Destroying Your Psyches, She's Also Destroying Your Computers
Big Tony Drops A Dime On Britney
Mark Wahlberg Wants to Take it Easy
Not Sure What New Shows To Watch This TV Season?
Win a Pair of VIP Tickets to LA Weekly's Detour Fest
Lordy, Lordy, AFI's Forty!
Rita Cosby Gets Served with Anna Nicole Smith Lawsuit
Nick Cannon's Back on the Market
America's Next Top Model: "Check Out Your Thighs In The Mirror!"
Drive That Car Home And Stay There
Hair Product Addict To Take Daughter Pimping To Television
Charlie Sheen Is A Gem Wrapped In Skin
Kim Kardashian Needs To Cover That Ass
Brad Pitt Says, "George Clooney for President!"
Who's Horsing Around?
Lindsay Lohan Would Like a Crack at Frat Boys
Lily Allen to Stand up Straight Long Enough to Act in a Movie
People Want To See Jennifer Aniston On Their Magazines
Britney Can Visit Her Kids
Music in the Morning: They Might Be Giants - 'I'm Impressed'
Jennifer Garner Looks Cute, Misses Home
Jennifer & Orlando Mexico Photo Mix
Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Watch Her Eat
Remember The Good Ole' Days When She Was Only 3/4 Used Up?
Remains of the Day: Single and Stacked
Howard K Stern Sues Journalist For "Exploiting" Anna Nicole's Memory *chuckle*
Brad Pitt's Ass On A Wall
Ryan Gosling, Unfortunate Prom Date
Sweaty, Bloody, Dirty Milo Ventimiglia
John Mayer Must Think He's Robert De Niro Or Something
Nic Cage's Burglar Gets Nabbed
Britney Spears Gets License, Made Disappointing Sex-Tape
FOX Reality Awards: Morons Clobbering Each Other
Princess Diana At The End
America Awarded
Lohan Dons Stevie Nicks Wig, Reunites With Dad
Katherine Heigl's Future Hubby is So Ready for this Marriage Thing
Who's Showing Some Skin?
Classic Ryan Phillippe Bare Butt
Halle Berry Tells Oprah Her Dirty Pregnancy Secret
Eva Longoria Plays Us Like a Well-Tuned Fiddle
Jude Law As Hamlet
Brad Pitt's Disgusted, Sad