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A Mental Patient, A Bimbo, And A Troll Walk Into A Bar

Here’s a series of pics of Jessica Simpson, Owen Wilson and Ashley Olsen out and about. Who’s with who? What’s going on? Are pinheads and fashion midgets the cure for depression? It appears as though Owen and Jessica went out on a date.

The two dined Sunday at the Huntley Hotel in…

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Tony Romo Makes Bank to Fund His Side Project of Bedding Female Celebrities

If quarterback Tony Romo looks like a happy camper here, it might have something to do with the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have announced a six-year contract extension for the 27-year-old football player. Romo, one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, is reportedly estimated to be worth a whopping $67.5 million…

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Why Not Go As the Naked Chef This Halloween?

All you’d need is a strategically placed pot or salad bowl and you’ll be good to go. Check out the “costumes” after the jump.

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More from Carrie Bradshaw’s Does She or Doesn’t She Wedding Album

A crowd of passersby came out to see what looks like Carrie Bradshaw’s fabulous wedding, with bridesmaids Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha decked out in bridesmaid dresses that made it look as if the ladies might bust out some flamenco moves at any given moment. Now, I’m not sure if this is a dream

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High Fashion Disaster of the Day: Cate Blanchett

This one is up for interpretation. The editors give their points of view after the jump.

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Zac Efron Panhandles the Paparazzi

Zac Efron is learning that sometimes having a gang of paparazzi constantly tailing his tiny, skinny-jean clad behind isn’t always such a bad thing. Monday, the High School Musical star was strapped for change, but still needed to feed the meter for his car and turned to the photogs for assistance. According to…

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Redneck Dad For Halloween

Seriously, what’s the Australian equivalent of a Nascar-watchin’, greasy-haired, dip spitting, Confederate flag bumper stick on the F150 hick dad? In his civilian life, Russ always looks like he just got back from a fishing trip/whore safari with his buds. Here’s Russell Crowe doing some Halloween shopping with the kids and wife. Luckily,…

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Pierce Brosnan Hands Out A Beatdown

James Bond has a license to beatdown! Pierce Brosnan is being investigated by the LA Country Sherrif’s department for allegedly tuning up on a photographer in Malbu last Friday. The incident was said to have taken place at a mall. Can you picture James Bond at a mall? Looking for the disk containing…

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Music in the Morning: Mary J Blige – ‘Just Fine’

Mary J. Blige is back with a new disc, Growing Pains. Check out the first single, “Just Fine.”


Britney Can Only See Her Kids Three Days A Week

That girl on the left is like “do I really want to be photographed with these people? I might need to seek employment some day.” The courts have ruled that Britney Spears will not be regaining 50/50 shared custody of her children with Kevin Federline. The court-appointed parenting coach found Britney’s parenting to…

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Celebs Like The Taste of Butter

Hearing that there is a club named Butter that is a celebrity hot spot at the moment just reaffirms my suspicion that everyone really does love butter. Once my boyfriend was very complimentary after I’d made him a grilled-cheese sandwich and asked me what my secret was and I replied, “Lots and lots…

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Liquid Lunch Podcast – Two Episodes for the Price of One

Episode 52 of LLP almost ended up being a lost episode, because Lisa kept forgetting to upload it due to technical issues and whatnot. Because it was soooo long ago (last week) it’s easy to guess that words were exchanged about Britney, Paris and Carrie Underwood. Enjoy!

Ep.52 – The Podcast That

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Chris Crocker Experiences a “Blackout”

Here we see Britney’s most famous fan (for the next 14 minutes and 59 seconds) Chris Crocker, blowing kisses to the cameras right after purchasing his copy of Ms. Spears latest album, “Blackout.” In a red and blue yarn dress, Crocker smiled wide for the cameras as he undoubtedly spouted his confidence in…

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David Beckham Claims TomKat Has Never Tried to Make Him Drink the Kool-Aid

David Beckham was recently named Britain’s most powerful man under the age of 40 by Arena magazine, and he reciprocated by showing off his tattoos and famous friendships to the mag. The footballer, who is as well-known for his abilities on the soccer field, as he is for his international sex appeal, chatted with the…

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Yet Another Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Rumor

There’s yet another rumor floating around that Angelina Jolie is with child. This seems suspect, mainly because I don’t think having biological children is her thing. It’s much easier to order a child from a Third World country. Can you blame her? I’ve known pregnant women, and while there’s joy to be had…

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No Comparison

Comparing Jessica Simpson to the gorgeousness that is Michelle Pfeiffer is like comparing a beautiful diamond to a rancid kidney stone. Often times I will refer to Angelina Jolie as The Most Beautiful Woman In The World but I’m pretty sure it’s actually Michelle. Look at her. LOOK AT HER. Flawless. She makes…

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Lourdes Shakur?

This is a good one. A new book is claiming Madonna dated Tupac Shakur and wanted his baby inside her. If you’ll recall, Madonna went through that crazy search for a sperm donor in the late 90’s and also hit up Dennis Rodman before settling on her personal trainer, Carlos Leon. I can’t…

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The Jolie-Pitts Get the Thumbs-Down from Barack

Dang, Angelina is looking mighty veiny these days! Her arm looks like it’s made out of marble. I know girlfriend is still suffering from the loss of her mother and the stress of being a high-profile star, but she needs to try and force herself to hit the craft services table now and…

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Caption Fergie

Photos: Getty Images

More Fergie pics are after the jump.

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It’s the Angel Ball, Dawg

Yeah, peace to you too, Dawg. Randy Jackson and a very patriotic-looking Don King (who is double-fisting the American flag) are here on the red carpet for the 10th Annual Angel Ball, the purpose of which is to photograph celebrities–oh yeah, and to raise money for cancer research. Those in attendance managed to…

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