Archives: October, 2007

Cameron Diaz Finds the Secret to Healthy Skin...Finally
Wanna Buy A Ghost?
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Lauren Conrad Hits The High Seas in Knee-Highs
How to Be a Professional Reality Show Contestant
Remains of the Day: I'm Not Pregnant!
B-List Showdown
Nip/Tuck: Meta-TV
David Beckham Keeps It Tidy
Heather Mills Brings The Drama
Thandie Newton Wants Us Thinking About Darfur Now
"Unqualified with J. Harvey"
The Lohans Pretend to Be a Family
Hania Barton Likes Mixing Fashion with Near Unconsciuosness
Breaking News: Cute Guy From "Prison Break" Going To Prison For Four Years
Britney's Assistant Spills the Beans While Britney Refuses to Promote Her Album
Caption Rick Fox
Nicole Richie Hurriedly Empties The Ashtray, Fans The Smoke From The Room And Answers Those Accusations
Out Of Vegas And Into The World!
A Mental Patient, A Bimbo, And A Troll Walk Into A Bar
Tony Romo Makes Bank to Fund His Side Project of Bedding Female Celebrities
Why Not Go As the Naked Chef This Halloween?
More from Carrie Bradshaw's Does She or Doesn't She Wedding Album
High Fashion Disaster of the Day: Cate Blanchett
Zac Efron Panhandles the Paparazzi
Redneck Dad For Halloween
Pierce Brosnan Hands Out A Beatdown
Music in the Morning: Mary J Blige - 'Just Fine'
Britney Can Only See Her Kids Three Days A Week
Celebs Like The Taste of Butter
Liquid Lunch Podcast - Two Episodes for the Price of One
Chris Crocker Experiences a "Blackout"
David Beckham Claims TomKat Has Never Tried to Make Him Drink the Kool-Aid
Yet Another Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Rumor
No Comparison
Lourdes Shakur?
The Jolie-Pitts Get the Thumbs-Down from Barack
Caption Fergie
It's the Angel Ball, Dawg
Joaquin Phoenix Doesn't Like It When You Call Him a Puppy Dog
Britney Spears, Angry Wench, Hopes for Decent Album Sales
Rumer Willis Is Busy Being Famous
Maximus Living Up To His Name
Emily The Strange Injured Herself
Aren't They A Little Old For This Kind Of Behavior?
No Vegas Party for Lindsay Lohan this New Year's
Who's the Trashy Scout?
Halle Berry Talks about Her Tumultuous Upbringing, Looks Fantastic
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Nicky Hilton
Ethan Hawke Looks Old, Has Upcoming Film Role as Criminal
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Is As Insecure As The Rest Of Us
Kylie Minogue Can Never Be Normal
The Power Of Christ Compels You!
Mandy Moore Punishes Her Uvula
Diana Ross' Hair Explodes, Jennifer Hudson Tortured in High Heels
Shia LaBeouf Wants to Acquaint Himself with the Female Population of Hollywood
Spice Girls Make "Headlines" with Their Boring First Single
Celebrity Weekend Photo Mix Featuring JT, Brit, Nicole & Flava-Flav?
Remains of the Day: Move over, Emily Post!
Was This Part Of A Haunted House?
Daniel Craig To Serve On Her Majesty's Secret Service Four More Times
Nicole Richie's Come A Long Way Baby
Lindsay Lohan Accused of Wrecking Another Relationship
Marc Jacobs Helps Sell Some Art
Catherine Zeta Jones Claims Anorexia Rumors are Hogwash
Oprah Offers Emotional Apology for Abuse
Renee At The Buffet
Hugh Jackman's Show Got Cancelled, He's Ok But Melanie Griffith's Currently Homeless
Vince Vaughn Is Tall And Coming Down Your Chimney
Kate Hudson's Halloween Bash
Heidi Klum Hypnotized by Oprah
Guess the Ass
ARIA Awards Bring Out Australia's Finest
Caption Justin Timberlake
Lindsay Lohan Gets Spied On Trying to Be Anonymous
The Matthew Shepard Honors
Where's His Costume?
Music in the Morning: Amy Winehouse - 'Back to Black' Live in Amsterdam Oct. 22
Britney Hangs With Tony Romo
Carrie Underwood's Not Anything Special
Britney's Boobs Are 100 Proof
Name the Celebrity Package
Paris Is Threatening
Night of Stars Gala Honors the Rule Breakers
Ryan Gosling Isn't Burning Any Bridges
Caption Zac Efron
Who's Doing Some Puppy Manhandling?
Owen Wilson Keeps It Professional
Paris Hilton Was the 'Most Talked About' Person in 2007
Words Of Wisdom From Britney
Britney Spears Puts On a Decent Outfit for Court
Dr. Rey Wants to Put Underwear On You
Dina Lohan Thinks We Haven't Seen Enough of Her
Julian McMahon & Dylan Walsh Talk To ASL
Britney Has A Counterpart In Britain!
Remains of the Day: No Charges for Orlando
You Know He Leaked It
Rwanda Said No
Russell Crowe Speaks
Caption Bai Ling
...Children Getting Older And I'm Getting Older, Too
Owen Wilson's First Interview Since The Incident
Important People At A Ball
"Nip/Tuck" Removes the Bandages from Its Fake L.A. Office
Britney Spears Escapes Hit-and-Run Charge
Renee Zellweger Stung in the Face by A Cartoon Bee?
Adam Brody Wants to Be a Superhero
Coppola Says De Niro, Pacino and Nicholson Just Phone It In
Who's Taking the Little Tyke to a Halloween Party?
Roberto Cavalli Launches H&M Line Flanked by His Hot Lady Friends
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Helena Bonham Carter
Sean Penn Wins An Award, Is Most Likely Unimpressed
Matt Damon Knows Where The Money Is
Eva Mendes Is A Johnny Depp Fanilow
Music in the Morning: Jose Gonzalez - "Teardrop"
Still Squawkin'
Blake Lively Feels Like She Sprang from America's Loins
Reese and Jake PDA!!!
Renee Zellweger Happily Waved Goodbye to L.A.
ASL's Interview With Miles Heizer
Daniel Dae Kim from "Lost" Arrested for DUI
Remains of the Day: Halle Berry is Boobalicious
Natalie Portman Wishes She'd Kept Her Drawers On
Morocco Mole And Secret Squirrel
Seriously, Scrape Some Of That Off
Sophia Bush Gets Cozy with Tony Romo
Caption Cybil Shepherd
Jordan Brings the Heat
Environmental Awards Go to People Who Make It Look Better
America's Next Top Model: Quitters Are Unattractive
Britney Spears Has Been Doping in Her Fight Against Mr. Sandman
Jessica And Vanessa Brought The Stank To The Panty Show
Lauren Conrad's A Bitch And Her Show Is About As Real As Santa Claus
Lance Bass Squares Off With 50 Cent
He'd Better Pull A Good Lawyer Out Of His Hat
Constantine Gets Lost in Deborah Gibson's Eyes
Who's Looking a Little Pale?
Emile Hirsch Could Have Been Molested by La Lohan
Paris Hilton is a Scream
Holy Cleavage, Catwoman!
There's No Need For This
Diddy Pushin' Hooch
Music in the Morning: New Young Pony Club - 'Get Lucky'
David Beckham is Plenty Manly
TomKat Celebrates One Year of Crazy
ASL's Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons
Mark Wahlberg Would Like to Offer Us Tickets to the Gun Show
Exclusive Interview with Marcia Gay Harden at "Rails & Ties" Premiere
Remains of the Day: Reichen Loves His Little Black Dress
Lindsay Lohan's Rockin' Cokeless New Year's Eve
Christina Aguilera's Hidden Baby Is The Worst Kept Secret Ever
Eve is Happy to Be Rid of Her Least Favorite Accessory
"Unqualified with J. Harvey"
Gwen Stefani Shops with Her Baby Boy, Dressed to Kill
The Eastwood Family Comes Out for the L.A. Premiere of "Rails & Ties"
Britney Spears' Dancers Say "Gimme More!"
Kevin Bacon at Rails & Ties Premiere
Nicole Kidman's Movies Are Stinkin' Up The Joint And She's In Love But Not Happy
Has Anyone Seen Vanessa Williams?
The Ballad of Heidi And Seal
Truck Vandalizer Was Jealous Of Ex-Boyfriend's Career
Robert Redford and Tom Cruise Get Their War On
If A Five-Year-Old Boy Thinks Zac Efron is Cute Does That Make Him Gay?
Lindsay Lohan Ruins Celebrity Dating for British Drummer
Ryan Phillippe Does the London Strut
Mariah Carey Wants You to Smell a Little Like Burning
Mess Might Have Hit
Music in the Morning: Bloc Party - 'Flux'
Lance Bass Is Bitter
Music in the Morning: New Young Pony Club - 'Get Lucky'
Drew Barrymore Gets Old-School Glam
David Hasselhoff's License to Drive KITT Suspended
Carrie Underwood Wants to Take Us on a "Carnival Ride"
Remains of the Day: Do we really want to know?
California Wildfires Endangering Cheesy People's Dwellings
Halle Berry Thinks All Jewish People Have Big Noses
Reese And Jake Bringing It Out In The Open
Britney Spears Gets Dissed by Roseanne Barr
The Spice Girls Make "Headlines"
LeAnn Rimes Gets Sick from Being Sexy
BREAKING: Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon Go Public in Rome
Fainting with the Stars
JLO Has Some Limo Problems, Loses Her Grandma
The Emancipation Of Moustache
The Hollywood Awards!
Ryan Gosling Fired, Mark Wahlberg Hired
"The View" Looking To The Intelligentsia To Replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Colin Farrell Lets His Sexy Self Be Seen at Borders
Who's the Helmet Head?
Oprah Reveals a Dark Secret from Her Past
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Cate Blanchett
Gwen Stefani is Baby Kingston's Tour Guide Through Prague
Bitch Better Have James Lipton's Money
Happy Birthday, Hooker!
Tom Cruise Pleases Fans
Music in the Morning: Tegan and Sara - 'The Con'
George Clooney and Christian Slater Give Lohan A Shout-Out
Gisele Bundchen Prances in a Bikini, Spats with Boyfriend
Jake Gyllenhaal Knows His Way Around the Men's Room
Socialite's Malibu Castle Destroyed, Celebrities Evacuated
Remains of the Day: Pink en route to Splitsville
Nicole Kidman To Possibly Eat Subs And Cheese Fries And Maybe Something with Mayonaise
The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Should Avoid Direct Sunlight
George Clooney, Energy Expert?
Let Me Give You Some Advice
Andy Baldwin Provides Today's Recommended Beefcake Supplement
Britney Spears Makes Like a Slutty Robot on New Album
Rumer Willis Finds Comfort in the Dark Side
When a Blind Item Isn't a Blind Item
Carrie Underwood Tries to Keep Her Love Life Undercover
Jessica Alba Can't Dance And Mike Meyers Is An Eccentric Jackass
Surfing For Peace
Sienna Miller Has A Complaint
Cruella Deville In The Hizzy!
Mary Kate Gets Praise from Ghandi
Guess the Tush
Kim Kardashian Keeping it Klassy
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Fergie
Britney Spears Sports a Fat Lip
Reese Witherspoon Credits Her Brother With Getting Her Through The Biggest Mistake Of Her Life
He's Reluctant To Be Photographed Next To You When You're Wearing That Gay Hat
Music in the Morning: Lisa D'Amato - 'Ace of Spades'
Who Would Have Thunk?
Who's Involved in a Faux-Mance?
Copperfield Cancels Some Shows
Russell Crowe: The Accidental Spitter
Just A Smalltown Girl, Living In A Lonely World!
Catherine Zeta Jones Enjoys 'A Fine Romance'
Britney Can See The Kids Again?
Suri Cruise is Spoiled
David Copperfield Trying To Make Rape Allegation Disappear
Get a Sneak Peak at Britiney Spears' New Album
Spike TV's Scream 2007
Dumbledore Was Gay?!?
What Do Zac Efron on Rachel Bilson Have In Common?
Britney's Still In It To Win It
America's Next Top Model: Deliciously Yours, Benny Ninja
Katie Not Ready To Have Another Child By Secret Surrogate Just Yet
A Socialite's Life Is The Perfect Cure For Your Weekend Hangover!
Eva's Lookin' Draggish
Celeb Buzz Meter for Oct. 19th, Featuring Orlando Bloom, Britney Spears & Lindsay Lohan
Remains of the Day: Giddy-up!
David Copperfield's Penis Magically Appears In Woman's Vagina Against Her Wishes
Don't Forget the KT Tunstall Giveaway!
Tiny Emperor Of Outer Space Likes Meryl Streep
Looking For Where She Left Her Dignity
"The Young & The Restless" Gets Blown Straight To Hell Starting Today!
Hopefully She Doesn't Look Like Borat
The Olsen Twins Are Evading Capture
She Should Have Had Reservations About That Dress
Brangelina Shouldn't Move Around So Much, Says Therapist
Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, Broken Up or What?
Britney Spears Runs Over Photog's Foot
Mariah Carey Crazy for a Fox?
A Tale of Two Upskirts
Hugo Boss Says Black is the New Black
Caption Donatella Versace and Iggy Pop
Lindsay Lohan Engagement Confusion
Perez Hilton Gets Sued by Crazy Person
Uma Thurman Almost Gives Us a Peek at Her Goods
Amy Winehouse ARRESTED!
Music in the Morning: Architecture in Helsinki - 'Debbie'
Hugh Jackman Returning to Theaters as Wolverine
David Beckham Ready to Play the Field Again
Jake Gyllenhaal Acts Goofy When His Best Friend's Around
Viral Video of the Week: I Want to be a Disco Dancer
EXCLUSIVE: Trailer for New Season of Project Runway!
Looking Good, Feeling Great
Remains of the Day: Is That You, Harry Potter?
Blake Lively Thinks It's All Crazy
God Forbid
Britney Spears Sings a Sad Love Song
Mad Men Finale Sneak Preview!
When Models Go Boom
Anderson Cooper Shows Us a Planet in Peril
Ellen DeGeneres Has the Ability to Invoke Death Threats
'Viva La Cure!' Shout Celebrities from the Pink Carpet
Lohan Learned Nada
Britney Spears Loses Visitation Rights, For Now
The Hoff's Ok!
Ben Affleck Has His Priorities Straight
Marc Jacobs Turns To Outer Space For His New Marketing Campaign
Matt Damon Gets Love From Japan
Someone's Really Into Halloween
Claire Danes' Therapists Help Chase Away Those Monsters Under Her Bed
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Chris Crocker and Brandi C
Britney Spears' Lawyers Meet Secretly with Kevin's
Just Cause' He Dances Go-Go, Don't Make Him A Ho, No
Music in the Morning: Lacey Conner - This Thing Called'
Lohan And Her Boyfriend Have A Lot In Common