Archives: January, 2007

Fashion Fix: Haute Stuff
Liquid Lunch Is Back In Effect
Rosie and Trump: Round 34,673 Alpha Quadrant Niner
Britney's Record Company Sticking With Her
Beauty Buzz: Touch Up Your Toes!
Drew Barrymore Good at Pointing Out The Obvious
America Ferrera Shines
The Greatest Comeback Of All
Escape to the Bahamas
Beyonce Is Holding A Nationwide Search For Back-Up Dancers
Quick Hits: David Beckham is One Hot Chia Pet
Kate Hudson Acting Like A Woman Scorned
Hilary Swank Flying Solo
Now, It's Rosie Vs. Barbara
Paris Arraigned Today, Prison Bulldykes Readying Toothbrush Shanks in Hopes That She'll Have to do Time
Tara Conner Was So Horny At A "New York Dog" Cover Shoot, She Couldn't Sit Still
Marilyn Manson Misses Pussy The Most
Brad and Angelina Make an Appearance
Meadow Soprano is Trying to Land Her Next Job
It's Interesting Exactly What Disgusts Jenna Jameson
Nicollette Sheridan Says It's Not Time Yet To Marry The Assclown
Nick Lachey Doesn't Want to Ruin This With a Lot of Talk
Cumming Betrothed
Angie Backpedals
Trend Watch: Sunglasses, The Italians Do it Right
I Heart Gwen Stefani
Cancer Never Looked So Good
Stars Align To Alleviate Teri Hatcher's Menstrual Cramps
Someone Give That Woman An Oscar
Music in the Morning: Starlight Mints - "Popsickle"
Madge Pays Someone Off
Rosie's Kids Comment on Trump
Notorious B.I.G.'s Killer To Be Named?
Remains of the Day: How Does Matthew McConaughey Keep Scoring With the Ladies?
JT Confirms It's Over With Diaz
Kelly Clarkson Punks it Up
Two For the Money
Who's With a Mystery Girl?
Kate Hudson's Ex Can't Get Into Hyde
Mariah Carey Stays Moist
Body Buzz: Glide Into The New Year
Nicole Kidman Buys Baby Clothes
Keira Knightley Show Off Her Bikini Bod
Mel B Is Scared Spice
Quick Hits: What a Waste of Perfectly Good Cash
Melanie Griffith Is All, "Um, No."
Orlando Bloom Enjoys Nature
The Saga That Is Screech's Sex Tape Continues
Angelina Slams Madonna's Illegal Adoption
New York Film Critics Circle Honors Jennifer Hudson
House of Dereon Takes On The Nets Dancers
The Crackhead vs. The Angry Lesbian
Did Britney Fall Asleep On The Job?
The Awards Season Has Begun
Courtney Love Puts Her Old Nose Back On
Paris is Helpless
Hilary Duff Not Into Short Guys
Paula Abdul Claims Sobriety, America Urges Her To Get Checked For a Possible Brain Tumor or Stroke
Matt Leinert Likes The Trashy Ones
Beyonce Liked Hilary Swank's Dress
Model Watch: Double Your Pleasure
Elizabeth Hurley's Wedding Will Have Dancing Elephants
Beyonce and Jay-Z Get Their Nesting On
Some Silly Mortal Tries To Fuck With The O
Angelina Found a Fantastic Dad in Brad Pitt
Britney Spears and K-Fed Cut Their Babies In Half
Music in the Morning: The Blood Brothers - "Laser Life"
Trya Banks in Vanity Fair
Faith Hill Might Be Out One Smokingly Hot Husband
Tori's Idea of Torture
A Socialite's Library: I Like You ~ Hospitality Under the Influence
Ivanka Defends Daddy
Lohan's Definition of "Sober" Means "Drinking Vodka Out of Water Bottles"
Jordan's Son Burns Were From Accidental Scalding
Eva 4 'Eva
Jon Voight *Hearts* Gossip Like The Rest of Us
Britney Speaks
Body Buzz: Tone Up By Jumping Rope
I Love New York! (And Her Crazy-Ass Hellfire Eyes Momma!)
Lindsay Lohan Blows Al Gore
Who's That on Jesse Bradford's Shoulder?
Hurricane Donald Hits Meredith Vieira
Quick Hits: Courtney Lovin'
Two Pretty Actors Get Hitched
Britney Pulls A Stuart Smalley
Police Reunion In The Works
The Wayne Stays In The Picture
Paris Hilton Sleeps With Monkey
Mr. Peepers Finds His Mrs.
Hilary Swank and Patrick Dempsey Hit the Red Carpet
Jay-Z Homeless?
Drew Credits Laughter With Holding Her Relationship Together
TV Sportscaster Apparently OUI While Beating Girlfriend
Pam Anderson Wants Someone Sexy
Marilyn Manson Left by His Satanic Bride, Hundreds Brace For Divorce is Evil And Was Obviously Invented by Christ Concept Album
Oprah Sued by Audience Member
ASL Exclusive: Climbing the Fashion Ladder
Nicolette to Lucy, "I Ain't Scared."
Beyonce's Too Bootylicious For Public Restrooms
Britney Spears Is Making My Job Ridiculously Easy
Megan Mullally's Talk Show Euthanized
Music in the Morning: The Decemberists - "Los Angeles, I'm Yours"
Britney Having a "Moment"
Tyrese Loves Babies
Miss USA Responds to Recent Public Criticism About Her Slutty Behavior by Vowing to Better Herself And Possibly Pose For Playboy
Remains of the Day: Lily Allen's Dog Resurfaces
Jenna Jameson's Pimp Now With Shanna Moakler
Handy Manny/Fez/Mandy Deflower-er/ Designer?
Beyonce Poses
Lindsay's Appendix Gets Thrown Out Of Club Firecrotch
Well, At Least He's Got The Yelling Thing Down
Beauty Buzz: The Eyes Have It
This Better Not Interfere With Heroes, Scary Spice to Hold Televised Paternity Test
Another Young Hollywood Marriage Bites The Dust
Soap Operas Have The Best Crazy Fans
Quick Hits: Kate Can Do Better
Pasadena Rugby Club Calendars for Sale
Busta Rhymes Seems To Be Working Overtime, Maintaining His Street Cred
What The F*$% Is A Bob Yari?
Video Of Steve Irwin's Attack Given To His Wife
Caption Mario
Teri Hatcher Makes A Vow I Doubt She'll Keep
Paris Hilton Presumably Had A "Job" Before This
Justin Goes Solo to the 'Alpha Dog' Premiere
Lisa Ling is Engaged to a Doctor, Never Had to Sit Near Elisabeth Hasselback, Lives Wondrous Life
LeBron James Wants His Boy to Have an Early Start
Friend Wants None of That
Justin Confirms It?
The OC is Done
Oprah Backs Madge
Karl Would Have Thrown a Shit Fit
Madonna Makes News By Not Doing Something
Sending Pregnancy Results Out In A Christmas Card? How Festive!
LL Cool J's on Tour
Britney Has A Blue Christmas Without Kevin
Vince Was Hoping For A Christmas Miracle
Music in the Morning: Hot Chip - "Over and Over"
Barbwa Says Sowwy...Sort Of
Teen Mag Editors Shuffle
"The L Word" Walk-On Role Can Be Yours...For A Price
Madge Isn't a Scientist
Remains of the Day: Barbie Alters Hilary Duff's Life
Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig Get it On
Jewel Explains The Record Industry to Us
I See London, I See France....
Celebs Ruin New Year's Eve
Some Breaking Mario Lopez News
Britney's New Record Might Have to be an EP
Body Buzz: Healthy Tips To Cut 100 or More Calories
JT and Scarjo Compete For "Biggest Douchebag" Title During Video Shoot
Beyonce's Songwriting Oscar Will Have To Wait
Ashlee Simpson Is The New Favorite Daughter
Quick Hits: 10, 9, 32, 13, 57 , 1 Happy New Year?
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Kid Scorned
Scott Storch Wants To Get Into Lindsay Lohan's Pants
Maneater Threads Has An Exclusive New Years Deal For You!
Is Rehab The New Black?
Who is Usher's Babe?
Now Ryan's All, "I Pick Flick!"
I'm Sure That Was One Hot Immaculate Conception
Someone is in Need of Some Sun
Epitome of Evil's Murder Confession Could Still Get Published
Demi Moore Explains Why She's With Ashton
Caption Jessica and Perez
Stylist Rachel Zoe Denies She's Into Starvation
Teri Garr Recovering From Aneurysm
Brother of Hilary Duff's Ex and Nicole Richie's Current Engaged to Some Actress
Anna Nicole Given Deadline For Paternity Test
Beckham is Afraid of Heights, Spiders, and PETA
A Timberlake/Johansson Collabo?
Mandy. Seriously.
I Completely Forgot Justin Timberlake Has A Movie Coming Out
K-Fed Decides To Singlehandedly Reassert Just How Incredibly Fake Wrestling Is
Gwen Stefani Likes to Play Hooky
Music in the Morning: The Kills - "No Wow"
Bonnie Fuller Isn't Dirt-y
Beauty Buzz: A New Year, A New Do
Natural Father of Madonna's Baby Wants to Say Hey
Courtney Love's New Year's Resolutions
Remains of the Day: Is Halle Berry Engaged?
Fashion Nostradamus
Eva Not Down With Strippers
Christina Aguilera Helps NYC Ring in New Year
Renee Zellweger Tells Us Marrying Kenny Chesney Was a Mistake. Again.
Vanessa Minnillio Forgets She's on TV
Old Guy Better Think Twice Before Suing Makers of "Factory Girl"
Brandon Davis Lets It All Hang Out
Kate from Lost Cries us a River
Jessica Simpson Makes Out With Her Plan B On New Year's Eve
While Lindsay Lohan's New Years Eve Was Uneventful ...
If Only Kevin Costner Could Have Protected Her From This Fate...
Quick Hits: Did He Trade Up or Down
Beauty and the Beach
Indiana Jones Rides Again
Out With The Old, In With The New For Nick Lachey
AOL Should Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know
Who Was Nicole Richie Kissing on New Years Eve?
Nick and Jess Split Their Shit
Oprah Annoyed With Inner-City American Youth
Caption Tara
Busta to be Busted
NFL Player Never Dated Jessica Simpson
Paparazzi on Nicole Kidman's Last Nerve
MJ Haunts James Brown's Funeral
Laguna Beach People As Annoying in Real Life as They Are When Scripted on TV
ASL's Lisa Timmons Gets 30 Seconds on The DL
Kate and Pete Fake Married? UPDATED
Fashion Fix: Crappy New Year's Eve Fashion
Paris Hilton Does Something Predictably Stupid
Pammie and Kid Enjoy Joint Custody of Vegas
George Michael Moons 2006 On Its Way Out
Animal Has Trouble Keeping Up With The Big Dogs
Music in the Morning: J Dilla - "Nothing Like This"
Happy New Year!