Archives: January, 2007

Ugly Betty: "They're All Gonna Laugh At You," Daniel!
Angelina Not Thrilled With Dubya
Doogie Howser Throws His Two Cents in
Just a Little Eye Candy For the Weekend
Lindsay's Checked Into The Most Accomodating Rehab in The World
Have a Socialite's Night: Cedric Comes to the Chicago Theatre
A Socialite's Library: Book Launch Party - Secrets of the Model Dorm
Beast from UK's Celebrity Big Brother in Trouble
One More Reason I Love New York
Halle Doesn't Want Any Chit-Chat, Thanks
J. Harvey in Life & Style
Grace Thought to be Acting a Fool by The Aussie Locals, But I Can't Say I Fault Her Reasoning
"Dance Life" - Episode 2 Sneak Preview
Body Buzz: Don't Forget To Stretch
Ouch. Oprah Lost a Baby at 14
Style Conviction: The Turban
"Check It Out, Y'all, I'm Dating A Gentleman!"
And We All Knew This Was A Matter Of Time
Quick Hits: No More Baby Showers For Cheetos
The Lost Seinfeld Episode Entitled, "The Unpaid Debt"
More Things To Make You Say, "Oh Lindsay."
Justin To Consider Double-Dipping?
The Wayne Stays In The Picture
Ashley Olsen Single Again
Paris' Wonky Eye Not Happy With Her Contacts
Name That Celeb Mom
Even Celebrity Moguls Can't Get Into EVERY Party
Ted Nugent is Off His Damn Rocker
Fergalicious Engaged?
Jessica Simpson Can't Shop For Groceries Anymore
America Ferrera Better Buy Herself a Helmet, Naomi Campbell to Guest on "Ugly Betty"
Daniel Craig Trying to Land Sienna Miller
But it ain't nobody, that's just my baby daddy.
See You At Target on Feb. 4th
Eddie Murphy Reconsiders Kicking It Old-School
Cammie Laughs Nervously And Is All, "OMG, I'm Totally Fine, You Guys!"
Isaiah Washington Grudgingly Says, "I'm Sorry, Dammit."
Another Nose-Candy Princess?
"Breakfast at Tiffanys" with Lisa Timmons on CFUN
Usher Coming Out Of The Closet?
Music in the Morning: Boy Least Likely To - "Hugging My Grudge"
Queen From American Idol in a Snit Because Angelina Stonewalled Him
Grammy Awards Has Every Star Ever
Cameron's Hurt, Moves Fast, Picks up Surfer
Someone's Pretty Flexible
Remains of the Day: It's Paula Abdul vs. Jewel
Vienna Opera Ball Chooses Paris, Eschews Britney
God of F*ck Having a Mid-Life Crisis
Lohan in Rehab: Even More Details!
Body Buzz: Lindsay in Rehab - What Went Wrong?
America the Beautiful Recognized by Congress
"Why Hello There, Back-Up Plan."
This Is What A Shoe Emergency Looks Like
Quick Hits: Kevin Is....Well See Description Below
It Was an 'Alias' Reunion
Being Edie Sedgwick
Isaiah Washington Has GLAAD Mad
Kim Kardashian Says, There Might Be A Sex-Tape, But I'm Not Selling It
Noel Gallagher Is Not a Robbie Williams Fan
Jeremy Piven, You're NOT Still In The Running...
K-Fed Working On Revamping His Image
Who's Hiding Behind That Mop of Golden Hair
When Two Celebrities Sit Beside Each Other on a Couch And Exchange Pleasantries, We Report on it
Salma Hayek's Dog Saves Her From Gas
Can Beckham Still Bend it?
Some Evil Mastermind Tried to Fake a Paris Hilton NYC Party
Dina-ial: Lohan's Mom Thinks She's "Amazingly Fine" Despite Checking Into Rehab
Lohan in Rehab: More Details
Jessica's Golden Globes Filled It Out Better
Foxy Brown Actually Leaves Court Happy
James Brown Still Above Ground
Britney Pregnant? That's Crazy-Talk, Says Rep.
Becks & Posh May Have Found Their L.A. Pad
Music in the Morning: Cansei de Ser Sexy - "Alala"
BREAKING! Lindsay Lohan Checks Herself Into Rehab!
Katie Holmes And Independence Are Strangers
Nick Popped The Question?
Don't Piss Off Paul Sorvino
Remains of the Day: Angelina Jolie Pisses off Annie Leibovitz
Posh Doing What Posh Does Best
Zarf Rocks!
Fashion Fix: Must-Feast-O Manifesto
The Angel and The Quarterback
Time to Get Teary
Drew Barrymore's Got a Daddy Figure: Bruce Willis
Beauty Buzz: Your Current Obsessions
Why Is Donald Trump Getting A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame?
Could They Be Any Cuter?
"Jacob the Jeweler" Calling His Celebrity Friends For Help
Quick Hits: Mischa Loves the Beach
Diana Ross To Mentor On "American Idol"
T.R. Knight Talks About The Isaiah Washington "Faggot" Incident
Jennifer Aniston Plays Engaged
Jessica Simpson Has a Penis
Tom Cruise Has to Escort Katie and Posh Everywhere so Katie Won't Jump Ship
Oh Brit-Brit, Say It Ain't So
Hilary Swank Gets Dissed At The Golden Globes
Sacha Baron Cohen's Golden Globe Thanks
The Consensus is That Maria Menounos Tanked at The Golden Globes. Who? Exactly.
Cameron Diaz Probably Scared The Shit Out of Jessica Biel When She Rolled up on Her in That Freaky Outfit at The Golden Globes to Yell at Her
Kate Moss' B-Day
K-Fed Gets a Job
Denzel Kicks Tom Hanks' Ass
And You Think We Don't Listen
Inquest Ordered Into Anna Nicole's Son's Death
Paula Abdul Wasn't Drunk, High, Tired or Having Mike Problems; She Was Having "Fun"
Say It Ain't Faux
Penelope Cruz Wants To Get Her Ugly On
Brangelina Move To N'Awlins
Keith Urban Out Of Rehab, Looking To Tour
The Golden Globes May Be Over ...
Ryan Seacrest Vs. Joan Rivers
Music in the Morning: The Winterkids - "Tape It"
Travis and Shanna Doing it For The Children
Lindsay Drops Her Vial of Coke Behind Toilet, Spends Twenty Minutes Trying to Find It, Pisses Off Other Bitches in Line Who Want to Do Rails Too
McConaughey Goes Down Under
Remains of the Day: Jordan's Son is Back Home
Isaiah Washington Tries Some Damage Control at The Golden Globes, But Only Succeeds in Making People Feel Uncomfortable
Impress Castro With Cleverly Arranged Paper Clips And Win
More From the Golden Globes InStyle Party
Jake Nixes SNL Skit With Spandex Buddies, But Does Wear 'Friend"'s Jacket Live
Hugh Hefner to Challenge The Laws of Nature
Beauty Buzz: Golden Globes Beauty Report
JT Has a Good Golden Globes, Avoids Ex And Mocks Prince
Super Bowl To Britney, "Buh-Bye!"
It's All Happening Outside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel
TMZ Coming To A TV Near You
Quick Hits: I Guess it is a Little Appropriate to Dress Like a Yeti
Liquid Lunch Podcast Episode 13
The Bollywood Wedding Wars
Lindsay Lohan Is Finally With A Guy She Can Just "Go Wild" With
Naomi Campbell In Court Today
Golden Globes Fashion - The Misses
Angie and Brad's Sullen Red Carpet Crawl
Celebs Like To Party All The Time, Party All The Time, Party All The--Well, You Get My Drift
Aniston to Play Bitch Magazine Editor Opposite Cox's Bitch Magazine Editor on Dirt, At Least It's Not a Friends Reunion
Lost Creators Plot Ending, And They Had Better Give us Some Goddamn Answers
The Golden Globes: TV Winners
Sting Calls The Police
Actually Paula Wasn't Drunk, High or Tired, it Was the Mike.
Renee Rides on The Back of Dylan McKay's Motorcycle, Hopefully They're Going to Have a Megaburger Down at The Peach Pit
The Golden Globes: Movie Winners
Who Knew Beauty Queens Did Stuff Besides Wave?
At Least You Can Kind of Tell It's Actually Lindsay Lohan This Time
Becks Hoping For An Acting Career
Arnold Schwarzenegger Likes Being Governor, But Wishes There Were More Explosions And Aliens
OMG, Seriously Britney. Stop It.
ASL's Golden Globe's Best Dressed Report Card
Music in the Morning: Norah Jones - "Thinking About You"
Hilary Duff's Sister Bags on Jessica Simpson's Weaves-For-Sale
Britney Spears Pre-Slumber
A Golden Globes Pre-Party!
Jenny Shimizu Needs Attention
Remains of the Day: 'Crank Yankers' Does Jessica Simpson Prank
Sabrina the Teenage Homophobe or Clarissa Explains It All, Especially How She Hates Fags
Fashion Fix: Style Show Down
Victoria Beckham Begins House Hunting
Leo Likes Swag, Doesn't Shill For it
Eddie Van Halen Writes Music For Skin Flicks And Wins Awards For it
Body Buzz: Overcome The Winter Workout Blues
Celebs Lining up to See Beckham
Name That Ass
Madonna Still Friendly With Her Baby-Daddy
At Least We're Not Writing About Michael Jackson Raping A Baby Elephant, Right?
Quick Hits: Jake Turns America to the Glory that is Drag
Rumor Mill: What's Whitney Houston Doing With Ray J?
Angelina Jolie Still Gives A Shit About Fashion
Toni Braxton Sues Former Manager
Bravo, It Is A Changin'
Peace in Darfur
Sad Zach Braff
Vanessa Minnillo Experiences The Down Side Of Having A Hot Boyfriend
Critics Awards Loves "Miss Sunshine"
Paula Abdul Isn't Drunk or High, She's Tired
Anna Nicole Has Some Pictures of Her Baby She'd Like to Sell You
Janice Booted From Free Swag Room After Mistakenly Believing People Want Her Autograph on Their Shit
24 Plotting to Kill us All
Britney and "Eyezik" do Vegas, Britney's Kids Ask to be Put up For Adoption
Lindsay Lohan Is Really Proud of Her Tits
Tom Cruise is The New Dear Abby
Naomi Campbell Fires Someone--And Amazingly, Without Seriously Injuring Them
As If We Need More Reasons To Love Jake Gyllenhaal
Newsweek Is All, "Um, Yeah, In Case You're Braindead And Weren't Sure, OJ Totally Did It."
Johnny Depp To Produce Russian Spy Movie
Kylie Cancels Shows Due To Sickness
Guess Who is All Glammed Up
Music in the Morning: Mastodon - "SeaBeast"
Who's Riding the Ducati?
Madonna's New Kid is Bitchy
Justin and Cameron: Relationship Apocalypse
Denise Richards Almost on Her 2nd Husband
Remains of the Day: Nipples Make Their Appearance on The CW
Queer Eye Closing
Mischa Barton Out as Face of Bebe
Fashion Fix: Screw Christmas! Fashion Week is Coming!
Paula Abdul is High
Peter Jackson Barred From Middle-Earth
Trailer for The New Season of "My Super Sweet 16"
Body Buzz: Strength Training A Vital Part of Your Workout
Screech Retracts His Claim That He Had Nothing to do With That Tape Getting Out, Much Like he Should Have Retracted That Dirty Sanchez. Ugh.
Britney Spears, Cleaning Up MySpace One Page At A Time
Have a Socialite's Night: Check Out a Hot Plumber
Family Of Paul McCartney Cry Abuse
Quick Hits: Alba Off the Market?
JLO Is All "Sarah Plain And Tall"
Donald Trump Looks Math Squarely In The Eye And Says, "You're Fired!"
Happy Birthday Mary J. Blige
The Beckhams Are Coming! The Beckhams Are Coming!
The Wayne Stays In The Picture
Ex-Miss Nevada To Pose For Playboy
Oooh, Queen. You Are Looking Fierce, Part Deux.
At Least Rosie's Making Nice With SOMEONE
Who's Getting Mobbed By the Paparazzi?
J. Harvey Regrets His Earlier Kelly Osbourne Post After Discovering Just How F*cking Crazy Sharon Osbourne is
Crazy Cougar's Sequel Wins Worst Reviewed Movie of The Year
Dina Lohan's Going to Fake an Appendectomy Anyday Now
Caption Jason Davis
Kelly Osbourne Wants To Pose Nude, Depressed by Being Rich And Privileged
James Brown's Will Didn't Include Wacky Girlfriend
250 MILLION?!?
Madonna...Blah, Blah, Blah...Adoption
Reality TV Tries Reheating Boy Band Leftovers
Smell Like Christina Aguilera
A Socialite's Library: What Was She Thinking? [Notes on a Scandal]
Wait For It...GASP!
Tara Reid Gives Dolphin Mouth AIDS
It's Just Kind of Sad Now
Music in the Morning: Clinic - "If You Could Read Your Mind"
Madonna and Britney: Not BFF's
Aniston's Breasts Were The Most Impressive Guests at The People's Choice Awards
Condoleeza Rice Hot For Fox
Remains of the Day: Britney Buys a Puppy
Part-time Lesbian Assists Real One
Ducking For Love?
Taking Bets Now
John Mayer Doesn't Want His Family To Know He's With Jessica Simpson
Doctor Doubts Lohan Actually Had an Appendectomy
Beauty Buzz: Color The Hair Down There
David Arquette Blames Angelina for Brad and Jenn's Break-up. Well, Duh.
Lifestyles Of The Trashy And Wasted
Hilary Swank Was No "Freedom Writer"
Quick Hits: Sobriety or Death? That is a Tough One...
Renee Zellweger Wants A Gun And Has Legal Drama
Julia Roberts' In-Laws Should Nickname Her "Petty Woman"
Oh Yeah, We Almost Forgot About Suri Cruise
Caption Tara
John Waters Hearts K-Fed
Meryl Streep Could Be In "Jackass 3" And Make It Oscar-worthy
Who's Saying Goodbye?
Matthew Fox Lives a Sexy Lifestyle
Paris "Chews You Up, Spits You Out"
Courtney Cox Worried About Going The Way of Matt LeBlanc, Gets Aniston To Guest On Her Show
Britain's Squawking About "New" Princess Di
Marcia Cross In Bed
You Won't Be Getting The Usual Free Shit When You Present At The Golden Globes This Year
Hufnagel Jumps Ship Before Gap Goes Under
Kelly Osbourne Plans To Go Back In Time In The Future, But Without A Delorean
Paris Hilton Acts Like A WWF Character Stereotype
Britney's "Stylist" Distances Herself From Her Trashtastic Client
"Give me your perfectly-manicured, your trendy. Your well-coiffed masses..."
Music in the Morning: Towers of London - "How Rude She Was"
FX's President Acknowledges That Courtney Cox's New Show Sucks
Britney's Latest is Kind of a Donkey
Lindsay's Liver is About as Unhappy as You Think it Would be
Remains of the Day: Claire Danes' Questionable Hookup
Angie and Marilyn Manson Into The H-Bomb Together? Huh?
Best Dressed of the PCA's- ASL's Invisible Trophy Goes Too...
I Regret to Inform You That Rosie, Trump and Barbara Walters Are All Still Going On and On and On....
Paula Abdul Feels That Simon Cowell Is Like A Protective "Lover" to Her, Still Drunk
Body Buzz: A Better Workout Routine - Part One Cardio
George Michael Feels It's Ok To Drive While So Stoned That You're In REM Sleep
Stern to Sirius: "Is That A Bonus In Your Pants, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?"
Katie Holmes Reminds World Why Marrying Tom Cruise Isn't All Aliens And Couch-Jumping
Quick Hits: No Bun in Berry's Oven
Mandy Moore Picks Up Where Nicole Richie Left Off
Whitney's Auction Includes Other People's Stuff
Hey Britney. They Say You've Already Lost Control.
James Brown Still Not Buried and Accused Of Rape
Drew Barrymore and BF "On A Break"
Lots of People Holding Up a Heavy Glass Statue
50-Cent Selling Rubbers
Jeremy Piven Feels That John Cusack Can't Handle His Success, John Cusack Lifts Weights And Talks Football To Counter Piven's Giving People The Impression That They're Queer Or Something
The Faux-Goth Chick From Evanescence is Engaged.
The Usual Suspects Won The People's Choice Awards
The NAACP Unaware That Dreamgirls is Boring as Hell
Evan Rachel Wood REALLY Wants to Stick it to Her Parents
Oooh, Queen. You Are Looking Fierce!
Jan. 18th Is "Freaky Thursday"
PETA Points Steve-O At Ringling And Says, "Go Pee On This."
Bindi Irwin's Manager Says She's In Control
Paris Hilton Pops Out While Checking For Damage
Clive Owen Likes His Product
Music in the Morning: Viva Voce - "From the Devil Himself"
Ugly Betty: Betty's Got A Brand New Bag
Cranky Queen Gives Us His Tired List Again
Grey Gardens 2007 Reveal Their Style Secrets
Remains of the Day: Lindsay Lohan Likes Leftovers
Scarjo Uptight Over Photos of Her Translucent Nudity
It'll Take More Than a Coffee Cup