Archives: January, 2007

Sienna and Hayden Exhibit Extreme Dedication to Their Craft by Banging For Reals
K-Fed Dissatisfied With Britney's Offer of 25 Million
Insane Cougar Comes to The Defense of Isaiah Washington, as Does Lesbian Scrub
Remains of the Day: Take a Look at Diddy's Twins
Louboutin's Latest Creation
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott to Celebrate Their Love With a Tupperware Party
Body Buzz: Moves You Should Add To Your Workout
Brangelina Moving Into A Haunted Mansion?
Hugh Grant Not Invited to Liz Hurley's Weddingstravaganza
Josh Hartnett Talks About His Break Up With Scarlett Johansson
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Thandie Newton
Quick Hits: Jengelina!
"The Game" In Trouble For Pretending To Be A Cop
Denise Richards and Richie Sambora Still Going Strong
Bride Gone Wild
Please Make Sure Bridget Moynahan Doesn't See This
Lagerfeld is Fighting "PC Fascism"
Tyrese Reiterates That He Did NOT Hit His Pregnant Girlfriend
Meet Just Jack
Aniston Speaks: Making Out With Monica and Her "Deviated Septum"
Miss USA Admits to Snorting All The Yay
Victoria Beckham is Just Slightly Hypocritical
Can Hyde Be All That Great?
Brandy Sued
Nicole Richie Licks Up Some Coke
Hide Your Cameras and Memory Cards, Diddy's Hanging With Sienna
The Galaxy Just Isn't Sexy Enough
"Armed & Dangerous" Breaks A Leg. Farmer Shoots It In The Head Rather Than Pay Exorbitant Medical Bills.
New Miss America, So Shiny And New...For Now
If The Police Think Their Reunion At The Grammys is Going To Get Me To Watch, They're Mistaken
Today Is Officially Lily Allen Day
Music in the Morning: Young Love - "Find a New Way"
I Love New York: Pootie is Without Bling, Cheddar or Paper
Crazy Bitches Act Out On...Celebrity Fit Club?
Who's Lurking in the Shadows?
Courtney Cox Doesn't Want to Offend Any of Her Beautiful Celebrity Friends
Lindsay Lohan Is So Irritating That She's Actually Causing Rehab Patients to Go Back to Drugs
Remains of the Day: Howard Stern is Still Sad
Courtney Love To Be The New "Wasted" Female Judge On American Idol?
Tyra Obsessing Over Scary Photos of Her
"Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge" Premieres Tonight on MTV
Kate Won't Have to Find a New Day Job
Bad Fashion Overtakes 'Factory Girl' Premiere
Beauty Buzz: Diamonds, Godiva Chocolate and Sienna Miller
Is Rachel McAdams The New Katie Holmes?
Diva's Dancers Discouraged by Dismal Dividends
America Talks About Her Rough Beginnings
Liquid Lunch Ep. 15 - "DJ, Play Me Some Walking Music!"
You Spin Me Round: Coachella is Coming!
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Mena Suvari
Quick Hits: Gisele and Tom - the Non It Couple
Paris Hilton Suing Website, When She Should Be Jumping On The Bandwagon With It
Hugh Grant's Drunk Dance
Harry Potter's All Grown Up!
Fashion Fix: Alber Elbaz Pinned, Proper, and Could Kick Karl's Ass
Borat Named One Of Britain's Most Powerful Men
J.Lo to Arbitrate
Which Hollywood Kid is on the Road to Trouble?
Miss USA Under Tight Surveillance
Eddie Murphy Claiming He's a Shoe-In to Play The Godfather of Soul
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Prepare For Funeral
Pete Doherty and Kate Moss Check Into Rehab Together
Scarjo and Ben Stiller to Receive Hasty Pudding Awards This Year
Red Light or Green Light Style
Eddie Murphy Frightened of Scary Fans
Niki Taylor Sues E! Entertainment For Implying Her Life Is a Failure
Someone's Not Aging Well
Kevin Federline's Best Work To Date
We Still Love Heidi Klum Even When She's Looking Dead Tired
Diddy's Dalliance Documented
Music in the Morning: Be Your Own PET - "Adventure"
Short Pseudo-Hottie Leaving Grey's Anatomy?
Who's Covering up the Kids
Hilary Duff Gets Her Swerve on
Anna Nicole's ex Went on Larry King to Casually Discuss a Miscarriage She Had
Remains of the Day: More Reasons to Love Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman
Katie Won't be Returning to Gotham City
Stella! Stella!
Robbie Williams Gets Pete Wentz's Blessing To Have His Way With Michelle Trachtenberg
Body Buzz: Top Destination Spas
Brandy Screwed
"My Super Sweet Sixteen" - Ep. 3 Trailer
Paulal Abdul Named "Woman of the Year" By Nevada Ballet Theater
Caption Mariah
The Fashion Disasters From the SAG Awards
Quick Hits: Amy Poehler on Skates
George Clooney Gives Pam Anderson Dating Rumor The Old "Hell To The Nah" Treatment
Who's Behind That Purse?
Anne Heche Blames Her Sparks with Co-star on Chemistry
ASL's Best Dressed SAG Awards Red Carpet-Caste
Lance Bass and Reichen Are Done. Like For Serious.
Scott Storch Upset That He Bothered Making So Much Money, Only To Find That Girls Still Find Him Creepy
Sienna Miller is Apparently The Most Important Person Ever
Separated at Birth
Gwyneth Stops Burning The American Flag Long Enough to Defend Lohan's Crazy Ass
Miss USA Admits She Has a Problem
David Beckham is Prince Charming
J. Lo's Dad is a Member of The Flying Saucer Insanity Brigade
I Know Coping With Kylie's Cancer Was Stressful, But Isn't She Into The Ladies?
See, Thousands of Shoes Can Make Anyone Happy
Angelina Jolie's Mother Passes Away
Screen Actors Guild Awards: TV Winners
Paris Exposed And Getting Paid For It?
Britney Spears To Do 'Dr. Who'?
Screen Actors Guild Awards: Film Winners
Ugly Betty: Burqua Bitch Revealed!
Music in the Morning: Tokyo Police Club - "Nature of the Experiment"
The Spanish Don't Appreciate DiCaprio's Tardiness or His Pissy Attitude
Jordan Catalano is a Total Douchebag
The Wayne Stays In The Picture
Sienna Miller Claims She's Gonna Re-Gift Her Sundance Swag
Have a Socialite's Night: Felicity Does New York
Lindsay Having Revolving Door Installed at Her Rehab
If Mary Were Into Couture
If There's Tail to be Had, Justin Timberlake's Getting it
Madonna and Family Hit the Red Carpet
Hilary Duff Has Taken Her Veneers And Moved on
Body Buzz: Morning Meals In Five Minutes Or Less
Gwen Stefani is Not a Fan of Fur
The Chicago Sun-Times Headline Department Just Beat us
Scott Baio Dishes All His Dirt
"Stars" Come Out For Factory Girl Premiere
America To Pick Justin Timberlake's New Partner
Quick Hits: Tom is Going to be Pissed
ASL on The Hollywood Prom 2007 Red Carpet
Guess Who Is Caught in the Rain?
Kimora Lee, Still Working The Drama
A Socialite's Library: 'Secrets of the Model Dorm'
Michael Jackson Reinventing Crazy
America Ferrera Once Felt Like an Ugly Betty
Chad Lowe Is Getting High Off Life and Love These Days
James, Your The State of Your Estate Is Officially Bonkers.
Anyone, Anyone?
Jake Gyllenhaal Likes The Ladies
Blind Children Mistake Gwyneth Paltrow For Britney as She Reads to Them
Drew Barrymore Transparently Trying to Meet Conor Oberst
EXCLUSIVE! J.Harvey's Night at Pure With Jenna Jameson!
Some Guy Doesn't Love Leno
Someone Failed to Gird the April Vogue Cover
Hollywood Prom 2007
Special Olymics Says Thanks, American Idol, For Insulting Us Like Everyone Else
"Happyness" Brought To The Homeless
Before and After the Nicole Kidman Accident
Kevin Federline's Super Bowl Ad Causing Drama
Music in the Morning: Miho Hatori - "Barracuda"
Who Cares About The Rape Scene? The Movie Sucks.
Paris Has Smoked Everything But Her Tampon ...Oh Wait.
Lindsay Lohan Breaks Out of Rehab Again
YouTube in Trouble
Posh is a Blogger
Nicole Kidman in Car Accident
Perez Hilton Makes Number Two
Oh Honey...No
Jessica Biel is Free to Work on Her Hardbody More
DiCaprio Likes The Birds
Beauty Buzz: Bath Time Is Your Escape Time
This is The Hooker That Robbed J. Harvey in Las Vegas on Tuesday Night After Jenna Jameson's Party
Elijah Wood Speaks Out About Jared Leto Attack
Sharon Stone Is Done Bringing SexyBack
Quick Hits: Paris and Her Crap for Sale
UFC's Hollywood Red Carpet Event at Mood
Van Halen Better Reunite Before David Lee Roth Loses Any More Hair
Gwyneth Paltrow is Pepper Potts
Jen In Danger Of Throwing Away Her Half of Her "Best Friends Heart Pendant" From Courtney In The Trash
Kirsten Dunst Scoops Up Drew Barrymore's Sloppy Seconds
'Black Snake Moan' Premieres at Sundance
Lindsay Lohan Hearts Rehab
Tyra Banks Punches Fat Rumors In The Face
Jennifer Garner's Ring Drama
Remember When Brit Took a Face-Plant on New Year's Eve? Yeah, Well Apparently Champage Wasn't The Only Thing on The Menu That Evening
Christie Brinkley FInally Officially Offloading Her Punkass Husband
Guess the Rack
All is Not Well In Madge-World
Beckhams Plan to Throw Themselves a Couple of Welcome us to L.A. Parties
Nicole Kidman Won't be Making Any Flicks Alongside That Weird Guy She Was Married to
John and Jessica Have Silent Rage-Filled Dinners Like The Rest of Us
Harmony Korine's "Mister Lonely"
Jenna Jameson Is Tito Ortiz's Best Birthday Present
Katie Holmes Gets a Leg Up
Anne Heche Can Now Fully Enjoy Being Surrounded By Men In Trees
Oh, Snoop. Still So Incorrigible After All These Years.
Another Interview for Lisa Timmons With Judy Faber's "BlogBuzz"
Brandy Involved In Fatal Car Crash Last Month
Music in the Morning: Handsome Boy Modeling School - "Rock N Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)
Remains of the Day: Pete Burns is Not Happy With His Lips
Jennifer Aniston Gives The Ol' Schnaz An Overhaul
Lance Bass Needs To Find A New Boyfriend
Remains of the Day: Kate Hudson Hooks Up With a Rocker
Dakota Fanning's Rape Scene--Reactions At Sundance
Leonardo DiCaprio May Have Just Ruined The Surprise
"Grey's Anatomy" Producer Gives Her Two Cents
Body Buzz: Sweet Surrender
Whoah. Isaiah Washington Checks Into Rehab
Guess Whose Bum This Is
K-Fed Wants Britney To Go Into Rehab
Presenting The Meltable Beckhams
Quick Hits: Justin is One Bad Ass Possible Oscar Winner
Angelina Spends $700 For A Shower
Caption Jordan
More John Mayer And Jessica Simpson Getting Cozy As A Couple Stuff
Cooking Show Host In Host Water?
Paris Hilton For Sale
What You Talking About Willis?
Tara Reid Does Have a Reason to Be at Sundance After All
Katie and Posh Celebrate With Armani in Paris
Tori Spelling Tries to Trump Up Interest For New Reality Show
Jamie Foxx is in 'The Foxxhole'
Gwen Stefani Announces New Tour Dates
Envy....Thy Name is Chanel
Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham Do Lunch in Paris
Watch Out Virgins, One Of You Is About To Pop Your Cherry AND Get Your First STD
Joe Francis And His Glow-In-The-Dark Grill Catch A Break In Court
Isaac Cohen Still Clinging To His Fifteen Minutes
Does Anyone Really Care if Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are Married?
Oscar Nomination "Oohs" and "Ahs"
Music in the Morning: Kelis - "Lil Star"
Looks Like Helen Mirren Might Be Queen of The Oscars
Victoria Beckham Takes in Some Chanel
Is That Giorgio in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to See Me?
Remains of the Day: Riding Tara Reid
Leo's Rocky Romance
Forgive Me Father, For You are Fabulous!
It's a Text War Between Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead!
Beauty Buzz: A Whiter Brighter Smile
Angie Hits Up Vietnam
Liquid Lunch Ep. 14 -"Seriously. We're Getting Cancelled This Time."
For Rocky, Stallone Said, "Let's Wait A While."
Brad Pitt Owes His Career Success to Strippers
The Celebs Hit Sundance
Quick Hits: Brad Still Looks Hot in Orange
You Spin Me Round: The Shins Are Back
Eva Longoria Left Stunned By Marcia Cross' Orgasm
Plastic Surgeon Guesses Britney Spears Has Aged About Ten Years
Kimberly Stewart and Harry Morton?
Naomi Campbell Slams Witchcraft Rumors
Adrienne Shelly's Husband Expresses His Pride Of His Wife's Last Performance
Jessica Simpon and John Mayer Get Couple-y In Miami
Jennifer Garner Takes on the Red Carpet
Mrs. Garrett Feels Joan Collins is a Bitch and Hard to Work With
Tom Christ?
Aniston on Cox to Go Lesbo
Keira Knightly Will Sue Your Ass For Speculating About Her Weight
Leonardo DiCaprio Is Not Some 'piece of cute meat'
Editor Lisa Timmons On The Local L.A. News
Fashion Fix: Beyonce's Got Something Better Than A Bat Signal...
The Academy Award Nominations
Oscars Love 'Dreamgirls'
TIME Magazine Says They Interviewed Randy Jackson, But It Sounds Like They Just Gave Him A Foot Rub
Paris Hilton Pleads No Contest In Court
Britney Spears Gets Trashy
Fall Out Boy Will Write A Sad Song About Their Recent Album Leak On The Album After This Next One
Keith Urban Talks To Fans About His Rehab
'Dreamgirls' Hits London
Music in the Morning: Rex the Dog - "Tony the Beat"
18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Nominations
Justin Denies Responsibility For Britney-Focused "Dick in a Box" Re-Mix
Cameron Diaz and Kelly Slater Hook Up in Hawaii
Lily Allen Does MTV's First "Discover and Download" Tour
Paul McCartney to Pay Serious Bank to Golddigger
Remains of the Day: Ian Ziering Set to Dance With the Stars
Caption Josh Duhamel
Justin Timberlake's Mom Had Hot Celebs at Her Birthday Jam
The Best of the Worst
Fun Fashionable Finds
Alicia Keyes Plans to Blow Stalker's Head Off
Sundance Film Festival Featuring Documentary About Banging Animals, I Pray It Wins An Oscar Just For the Discomfort at The Ceremony When They Have to Play an Excerpt From it When The Nominees Are Announced
FOX Stars Celebrate
Naomi Wants More Work
Body Buzz: Eat More Fiber
Anna Wintour Sounds About as Bad as You Thought She Was
Justin Timberlake Sneaks Into Sundance
Entertainment Weekly Loves Their Lists
"Everybody Hates Chris" Doesn't Hate Isaiah Washington
Nibbly Things: Is Vince Vaughn a Playa?
Lindsay Lohan's Missing Some Prime Partying In Sundance
Fox Defends Its Idol
Anna Nicole Getting Sued By All The Lawyers I Assume She's Not Currently Sleeping With
John Mayer, Musician and Peacemaker
Scott Speedman Hits Slamdance
Well, She's Gotta Pay For That Plastic Surgery Somehow
Jenna Elfman Knocked Up
A Shaggy Rocker With Interesting Tendencies
Frances Bean Cobain's Birth Was Just as Loony as You Think It Would be
Sources Say Brit Should Just Name Her Next Album "Heavy Metal Vomit Party"
Jenna Bush to Put Her Bong Down Long Enough to Write a Book
Don't Feel So Bad, Celebrities Have Had to Work Shitty Jobs, Too
Felicity's Knocked Up
Brad and Angie to Meet with Jenn, Hair-Pulling And Slap-Fighting Predicted
More of "My Super Sweet Sixteen" on MTV
Clive Owen Front and Center
Victoria Beckham To Michael Jackson, "Is My Nickname Creepy Spice?"
Bindi Irwin Thinks My "Television" Career Is A Joke
Christina Aguilera Wins at NRJ Music Awards
Anderson Cooper Goes On With His Bad Self
Gisele Bundchen and Karl Lagerfeld Are Not On Team Anorexia
Hilary for President
Music in the Morning: Of Montreal - "Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse"
I Love New York: "He Drinks a Lot, And I Like That."