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And Then Some Heroes Came Along

The stars of the hit phenomenon known as “Heroes” are currently traveling around the world to promote both the release of Season One on DVD, as well as the upcoming premiere of the new season this fall. I have to admit that I’m behind on my “Heroes” watching and in addition to having…

Lisa Timmons |

The Jig Is Up For Britney’s Ex-Manager

Such a delicate flower. You wouldn’t think this chick was a multi-millionaire and international pop star now, would you? She looks like that lady at the end of the bar down at the local Elks Club who wants to know who took my f*cking lighter and threatening to punch the Keno girl if you…

J. Harvey |

Mel B. Is On Top Of The World

She might want to slow down on the pints. Drunk ain’t pretty. She looks like she’s about to tell people how much she loves them and then pass out under the limo. Scary Spice is moving on with her life. She’s letting the courts handle her babydaddy Eddie Murphy, she’s making some serious…

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Music in the Morning: José González – “Down the Line”

José González is a Swedish singer/songwriter who makes beautiful, chill folk music. Check out his video “Down the Line” from the In Our Nature disc.


Jennifer Garner Draws the Line at Getting Her Boobs Punched

Now that is one tough mother. In her upcoming film, “The Kingdom,” Jennifer Garner plays a U.S. government agent who heads to the Middle East and is charged with the task of unraveling the details behind a bombing that took place there. To get her into fighting shape, she had to undergo some…

Lisa Timmons |

BREAKING: Britney Spears’ New Tracks


It’s Britney, bitch. I like to think that she’s talking to me directly, fully aware that I’ve been waiting for some word on her comeback album for YEARS now. TMZ has two tracks that are supposedly some new Britney songs that will be on her upcoming. The first track has my attention,…

Lisa Timmons |

Larry Birkhead Denies OK! Magazine Accusations


So, apparently, OK! Magazine is all in a tiff with Larry Birkhead, canceling a $1.7 million deal for a photo spread, alleging that the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter misled the magazine. OK!’s decision to pull the plug on this deal that would have put the publication in the position of…

Lisa Timmons |

ASL Giving Away Tickets to See Rufus Wainwright at the Hollywood Bowl!

We have five pairs of tickets to give away to see Rufus Wainwright Sings Judy Garland at the Hollywood Bowl. Here’s the info on the event:

Rufus Wainwright Sings Judy Garland
Sunday, September 23, 2007, 7:00 PM
Hollywood Bowl

Following his acclaimed 2006 tribute to Judy Garland’s 1961 Carnegie Hall…

Lisa Timmons |

Pam is 30% More Unpredictable on this Season of “The Office”

The best comedy on television (in my humble opinion) returns with a 1 hour season premiere on Sept. 27th! And to wet your “Office” pallet here is NBC’s new 3 minute promo. Enjoy.

Wayne Ford |

Eve Annoyed That Her Alcohol-Monitoring Anklet Doesn’t Match The Rest Of Her Outfit

Then don’t drive drunk, dummy! She’s irritated that it’s a big ole’ accessory not suitable for most shoe selections. Better to just wear a sackcloth and call it a day. Didn’t she used to have a clothing line? Just throw a label on it and call it yours! Didn’t Fitty market bulletproof vests?

J. Harvey |

Resident Evil: Extinction Exclusive!

Browsing through the email today at A Socialite’s Life we came across a music exclusive. The 100 million dollar Resident Evil franchise is coming out with another movie. Resident Evil: Extinction looks to be the biggest and baddest of them all. Aside from a smoking hot Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil has had some of the…


Maybe They Overpaid

Becks injured himself yet again the other day, making fans wonder what in the hell all that money was for. People here in Boston were already grumbling because you had to buy tickets to see another four games to see him play against the New England Revolution. And he sat out! Now those…

J. Harvey |

My New Favorite Couple Enjoyed A Romantic Dinner


As we reported earlier, Rihanna and Shia LaBeouf are coupled. More details are emerging as to what their dating life is like. It’s wine and strawberries and pick-up trucks. *sigh* I’d go for a ride in his new pick-up truck. I bet he can work it in the sack, too. Because the…

J. Harvey |

Naomi Campbell Whacks Apartheid Upside the Head with a Phone

Not really, but when you think about it, her destructive tendencies really could have been put toward more constructive uses in the past. I feel like we should have told her that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for bumping her nail appointment and BAM, problem solved. All that we’d have to do is…

Lisa Timmons |

Jesse Metcalfe Expresses His Heartbreak Through a New Tattoo

Jesse recently broke up with Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle, and chose to express his heartbreak over the breakup by inking himself up. Here’s what Jesse had to say about his new tattoo.

“Everyone has had their heart broken but this is just a reminder not to let it happen again.” Surely,…

Michael Prieve |

Brandon Davis Has a Birthday and Nobody Cares

When Paris Hilton left Mr. Chow yesterday evening, she escorted Brandon Davis, the birthday boy of the night, out the door only to lose him immediately after the paparazzi found her. Seeming more interested in finding out where her car was located than finding her friend, Paris wandered through the flashing lightbulbs, asking,…

Lisa Timmons |

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards Keep the Sexual Tension High by Appearing Ready to Kill Each Other at Any Given Moment


Exes, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards seem perched and ready to take out the other’s throat in public at the drop of a hat. Why? Oh, because they can’t seem to work out their child custody issues. Charlie’s pissed that Denise insists that an “assistant” of hers be present whenever Charlie and…

Lisa Timmons |

Lauren Conrad to Confuse Me by Populating the World with More Clones

Despite these photos of the young “The Hills” starlet, life’s not always just a day at the beach for Lauren Conrad. Oh no, she also finds time to squeeze in activities that include making my job a hell of a lot harder. The young reality-television star has announced plans to partner up with…

Lisa Timmons |

Thanks For The Sperm, Now Step


Bridget Moynahan is not happy with Tom Brady. She just had his kid but chins are wagging that she doesn’t even want to look at him. You know she’s already teaching the kid to say “Gisele’s a whore with scabies”.

“Tom was only allowed to see the baby for a short…

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