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Paris and Her Shoes

Paris is aiming to find an actual career….and it worries me. The heiress is sticking to what she does best. No, it doesn’t involve a bottle of Grey Goose and getting her knees dirty. Paris is back to designing. Antebi Group is taking a gamble and teaming up with her to crank out…

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Michael Lohan Continues To Act The Fool

Captain Odious was in court again yesterday to drop his demand that Dina Lohan take a drug test. Why, that’s the smartest thing he’s done in awhile. You know she’s had a face full of powder before. He claimed that his changed his mind about this after a tearful plea from his other…

J. Harvey |

They Should Be So Lucky

Britney’s divorce attorney has asked that the details of the custody split between the former Federlines be kept secret. She says that the actual document contains schedules and locations and what not and someone could swipe the kids. Britney’s kids have asked that all details be publicized in hopes that someone stable with…

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Crackhead Utilizes The Press To Win Back Ex-Girlfriend


Pete Doherty has spoken to the the Mirror about how much he wants Kate Moss back. He goes from calling her a “nasty old rag” who “kicked him in the head” to saying how much he loves “her brain”. This is gonna make one HELLUVA a movie in 2014. Calling a globally…

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Free Shipping at Locher’s Until August 15th!

One of my favorite online boutiques, Locher’s, recently added six new accessories to their website. To check them out, just click here. And don’t forget their lovely tops, of which I have two. One, is a powder-blue top with the phrase, “No Time to F*ck” embroidered on the shoulder, along with some very…

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Each Duff Girl Denies Being in a Relationship


The “Duff Boyfriend Watch” continues. Yeah, we know, it’s not quite as scintillating as “Britney Nervous Breakdown Part Deux, the Crazy Continues,” but still. We don’t want the other celebs to feel neglected. Hilary Duff recently copped to going on a couple of dates with Canadian hockey star, Mike Comrie, but claims…

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“Stardust” Premieres in Hollywood

Sunday night, the stars of “Stardust” hit up Paramount Studios to celebrate the open of their film. Michelle Pfeiffer plays a haggard witch in the movie, whose obsession to obtain the secret of eternal youth has her hunting down the fallen star, Claire Danes. Danes chatted with USA Today at the premiere on…

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David Beckham Gets a Truth Bomb from Pele

Soccer legend, Pele, is cautioning David Beckham not to allow all the trappings of his lifestyle to overshadow his commitment to playing soccer. Seemingly more concerned with maintaining his hair and tan, Beckham’s being warned by the three-time World Cup winner to shift his focus toward his game.

“David Beckham is more…

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To Grope or Not to Grope in Public, for Jessica Biel, That is the Question

Even though we’ve seen then out and about together for quite some time now, Jessica Biel still refuses to engage in public displays of affection with the man singlehandedly responsible for bringing sexy back. After leaving Parc the other night together, the two tried to shake off the paparazzi by abstaining from any…

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Music in the Morning: Tegan and Sara – “Back In Your Head”

The first official video from the new disc The Con!



We’re not feeling this. Jimmy Fallon appears to be the top choice to take over for Conan O’Brien when he replaces that douche nozzle Jay Leno in 2009. Can someone explain the Jimmy Fallon mystique to me? Is he really funny? Is it because he’s decent-looking? Is it a Dane Cook thing?

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Alli Sims Steps Up Her Master Plan

It’s all coming together for this chick. Phase One is now complete! Britney’s cousin and former assistant has updated her website with a new pic and a bio and..A SONG! Now, don’t toss me out of the fag’s union but I’ve never actually seen “Les Miserables”. That’s what this song is from I…

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No More Simple Life for Paris Hilton

First, Paris gets herself cut out of her grandpa’s will, and now she’s finding out that she’ll no longer be able to claim “reality TV star” as one of her many, useless hyphenates. “The Simple Life” will not be renewed by E!, who has decided that the finale of the current season, “The…

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Movie Heads: The Simpsons Movie

View this and more exclusive ASL videos in higher quality at SocialiteLife.TV

No offense Sarah but I miss hosting the show with your appendix. He may have been a bit of a diva but at least he didn’t make fun of the fact I can’t read. Oh well the…

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Who’s That Daddy in the Window?

Find out who it is after the jump.It’s Tom Cruise along with Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri having dinner at Bocca di Bacco with Susan Sarandon’s son Miles.

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Al Gore’s Son Pleads Guilty

In reaction to Al Gore III’s guilty plea on Monday, a judge informed the former vice president’s son that the completion of a drug diversion program would be sufficient reason to allow the plea to be dropped, as well as have his drug possession charges removed. In case you’re not familiar with this…

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Remains of the Day: Brian Dunkleman is Still Bitter

Former “American Idol” host Brian Dunkleman is a total sweetheart: during a sad rant, Dunkleman wished AIDS upon his ex-co-host, Ryan Seacrest. Sorry, Dunkleman, but AIDS jokes will never be funny. [Towleroad]Claudia Schiffer dropped trou for French Vogue, but you know, in a classy way. [Grumpiest]Congrats to America Ferrara; the “Ugly Betty” star walked away…


Shed A Tear

Well, it’s official. Britney and K-Fed’s union has been dissolved. Signed in blood. Stamped with wax. It’s over. Cry into your empty Red Bull cans, and don’t spill the bong water with your shuddering sobs.

K-Fed is pulling in 15K a month from Britney for child support. He’s also getting 20 grand…

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Lane Garrison’s PSA

You may remember Lane Garrison as the cutesy actor from “Prison Break” who killed someone whilst under the influence. He has pled guilty and is awaiting sentencing. Here’s a link to the PSA he taped urging people not to drink and drive.

Hoping to prevent people from making the same deadly mistake…

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Caption Prince Frederic Von Anhalt

(Flynet)Prince Frederic von Anhalt, husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor was found naked and handcuffed to the steering wheel of his 2006 Rolls Royce.

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