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Aww. Another Reason to Love Ryan Phillippe

We love the fact that Ryan Phillippe is a walking billboard for the Children’s Defense Fund. This is probably the fifth time he’s been our favoritedaddy of the day.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Children’s Defense Fund, it’s mission is Leave No Child Behind® to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a…

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Name the Shy Starlet

(Mavrix Photo)

Or whatever you want to call her? Find out who’s being shy after the jump.

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Friday Five: J. Harvey’s Top Five

(Mavrix Photo)

It’s Friday, the sun is shining, I got a free Us Weekly and some beauty products in a gift bag from a party that I totally should not have been invited to, but totally was, so yeah. I’d say things are looking good from here. And do you know why you…

Lisa Timmons |

Friday Five: Lisa Timmons’ Top Five

Did you guys know that Lisa Timmons was at US Weekly’s “Hot Hollywood” party? She was hanging out, sipping cocktails with Lohan, and J. Lo and (ugh) Paris, and the rest. Why? Because that’s where she belongs, damnit! My invite got, uh, misplaced.

1. Lisa’s Exclusive from US Weekly’s “Hot Hollywood”

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The Beckhams Found A House, L.A. Braces Itself


Posh and that tall drink of blond water that keeps her in diet pills and celery sticks have found a homestead.

The multi-million-dollar mansion is “modern, airy, very light and spacious with lots of windows,” a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE, adding: “It still needs a bit of work…

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Paris Hilton Exposes Her…Innards?

Just when it seemed like there was absolutely, positively no inch of Paris Hilton’s person, with which the American public wasn’t already on a first name basis with, an artist created a “corpse” of the infamous heiress, revealing a hypothetical view of her insides.

This probably isn’t what she had in mind.

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Have a Socialite’s Night: Meet Tim Gunn in Person!

Los Angeles:

He may have left Parsons, but Tim Gunn will still be at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising on Friday morning to sign copies his new book at 11:30AM. “Make it work”. Then get in line. [Link]

The guest list for this weekend’s Burbank Airport Hollywood Collectors show…


Flat Iron And Dannielynn Are Free, Virgie Consoling Herself With Canned Ham And White Russians


Free! That baby is free! Free to live with the best hair-care products imaginable! Virgie Arthur’s last minute attempt to stall Dannielynn from leaving the Bahamas failed. Even the judge thinks she’s tired.

Virgie Arthur’s last-ditch appeal to block Dannielynn’s biological father from leaving the Bahamas with the infant has just…

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The Wayne Stays In The Picture

Save The Mermaid. Save The World.

I’m sure most of you tuned into American Idol’s telethon show on Wednesday (if you missed it you can check out the best and worst parts here) and saw what an odd hodgepodge of segments they weaved together. But, strangely enough, most of it seemed…

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Letter Lover Contest Winners!

Congrats to Katie W., Ashley H., Brenden A., Rochelle K., and Carole T. for winning a copy of Samara O’Shea’s For The Love Of Letters and a gorgeous stationery set! …


Crazy Defends Other Crazies’ Marriage


Oh, shut up Jenna. You wackjob.

Tom Cruise’s friend and fellow Scientologist Jenna Elfman is shooting down reports that the actor’s five-month marriage to Katie Holmes is unstable.

“Honestly, they’re happy,” Elfman, 35, told PEOPLE at Thursday’s Healthy Child Healthy World benefit in Santa Monica.

“They have…

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The Recapists Have Been Busy

Did you miss the penis episode “Grey’s Anatmoy” last night?

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Linsday Lohan’s Driver Acts Like Lindsay Lohan


I guess driving around a spoiled, out-of-touch-with-reality starlet all day can have some adverse side effects. Like making you act like a spoiled, out-of-touch-with-reality starlet’s driver. Tony Bennett’s daugher, Antonia Bennett spilled to Page Six that a fender bender with Lindsay Lohan’s driver, John Zagata, resulted in Zagata losing his temper and…

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Fashion Fix: “Sex and The City” Caption It Contest

I wouldn’t be a good little blogger if I wasn’t constantly digging up goodies for loyal “A Socialite’s Life” fans. Every Friday for the next 2 weeks I will be giving away prizes thanks to HBO and their store of goodies. If your favorite shows are “Entourage” and “Sex and the City,”

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Whitney Houston’s Young Piece Of Tail Looks Like He’s Figuring Out Why Bobby Stepped

Would you want her mad at you? I wouldn’t. She’s the kind to laugh at car accidents if she thinks it’s God’s will. Look at her reading him up and down. I’d rather have a mammogram.

(Splash) …

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Quick Hits: ‘Grey’s Anatomy Embraces the Penis’

And some big nuts.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Visits ‘Gardener of Eden’

Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers St., nr. Greenwich St., 8 p.m. Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio will be on hand to support the directorial debut of main brah Kevin Connelly, erstwhile Entourage star. Do you think they even call each other “bro” and “brah,” or do they have some sort of entirely idiosyncratic communication system based…

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Phil Spector’s Crazy Hair Is Just the Tip Of The Iceberg

Getting drunk and pointing his gun where he shouldn’t seems to be a favorite pastime for music producer, Phil Spector, whose murder trial began with testimony from his ex-girlfriend, Dorothy Melvin. Melvin, who was working as Joan Rivers’ manager at the time, claims that she woke up after spending the night over at…

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Celebrity Buzz Meter for April 27th, 2007

Now every Friday on A Socialite’s Life, Wayne Ford counts down the top 10 celebrities with the most buzz on the Internet in the past seven days. Really, what more needs to be said? Watch the video. Why am I glowing?

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