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Roseanne To Replace Rosie?


With Rosie O’Donnell off “The View,” ABC execs have been scrambling to come up with a replacement for the outspoken co-host. And there’s a rumor floating around that Roseanne Barr is their top choice.

“She’s a piece of work, she’s a character, she says what’s on her mind and she’s funny,”

Lisa Timmons |

MTV Australia VMA’s Bring Out American C-Listers

Australian MTV Music Video Awards was an international event.While local acts such as Silverchair, Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll picked up awards, the night belonged to pop rebel Pink and emo rockers 30 Seconds To Mars.The ceremony, famed for its exciting performances rather than prestigious awards, was kicked off by an acrobatic performance by…

Jessica Marx |

Britney’s Shopping Her Story Around

Britney’s ready to put her family on blast. She’s shopping her comeback interview around to several sources, including “Allure” and “Vanity Fair” . Remember when her and her Moms were like best pals and would go out midriffing together? Yeah, they’re cut off now. They better hope the little sister’s kiddie show keeps…

J. Harvey |

Who’s Stepping Out?

Which married bad-boy Oscar winner has a bit on the side with an early-20s NYC Latina beauty, said to resemble Beyonce?

Jessica Marx |

Walking Pile Of Drugs Gets New Implant


Pete Doherty received a new implant to help him in his battle with drugs. Well, maybe not “battle.” More like “completely reciprocal, loving relationship with lots of sharing and good times.”

The Babyshambles frontman, who has battled heroin and cocaine addictions, will return to a Midlands clinic today to receive a…

J. Harvey |

Topshop Tonight

The long anticipated Kate Moss for Topshop line debuts tonight for the British. New York will have to wait until May 8th for the Barney’s New York bash. The event is going to be huge. Sir Philip Green will be in attendance for the launch as well as the much talked about after…

Cara Harrington |

American Idol Finalist Will Cut You


American Idol 2005 finalist Jessica Sierra was pinched for coke and for cutting a guy – in his eye. Damn. You don’t see Sanjaya out attacking people. This goes to show that it’s not all red carpets and automatic recording contracts if you make it on that piece. Sometimes it’s short shorts…

J. Harvey |

Paris Hilton To Enter Bullrun 2007

if there hasn’t been enough Paris Hilton in our lives, now she’s going to be competing in this year’s Bullrun behind the wheel of a Spyker C8 Spyder. Bullrun, an eight-day rally and traveling fiesta,, will be running from Montreal to Key West starting on May 11. Paris was part of the 2004 rally…

Jessica Marx |

The People Who Brought You “Sex And The City” Are All Ruthless, Backstabbing Sluts

The guy and gal who created “Sex and the City” had a falling out because they’re both producing what is essentially the same TV show for different networks. Both of these show sound exactly like “Sex and the City” except that they’re on network television, so no one’s gonna drop the “c-bomb” or…

J. Harvey |

Marcia Cross Brings Out The Babies

I haven’t been this happy for Marica since she ripped off her wig on “Melrose Place” and exposed that Grand Canyon-sized scar on her melon, propelling her into TV infamy as loony tune Dr. Kimberly Shaw! This is her with the twins. She looks happy. You would be, too. The conversation piece of…

J. Harvey |

Lohan Basically Giving Us All A Free Pass


Lindsay Lohan confessed recently that she likes the paparazzi. I have to give her credit, at least she’s ‘fessed up to what we’ve all known for the last couple of years. She’s a big coked-up attention whore. Ok, she didn’t mention the “coked-up” part, but you know how it is.


J. Harvey |

While I’ve Been Watching TV and Eating Veal…

…Angelina Jolie’s been out getting her humanitarianism on. Just kidding, I don’t eat veal. But I wasn’t kidding about Angie. She took a trip to NYC to speak this past Friday at a screening for “A Place in Time” for a number of public school students. Also sponsored by the Tribeca Film Institute, the…

Lisa Timmons |

Prince William’s Ex-Girlfriend Points Finger At Charles


Kate Middleton, the young brunette who recently split from Prince William, hasn’t traditionally been one to divulge too much information about her relationship with the royal. But, it seems that her frustration over inquiries into what caused the break-up, has her spilling the beans.

Jigsaw co-worker Philip Higgs tells British newspaper…

Lisa Timmons |

Britney Spears Has Some Car Trouble

And I’m not just talking about losing her hat, whilst driving around in her convertible with the top down, which befell her recently, as you can see in these pictures. Friday evening, the pop star was stopped by police on Sunset Blvd. when she was caught going faster than the posted speed limit.

Lisa Timmons |

Victoria Beckham’s Nipples Report For Duty

I’m assuming that either one of two things are going on here:

1) Either Victoria’s nipples are cramming by finals and have been living off Red Bulls and espresso beans for the past two days,…

2) …or they are recognizing her status as an officer (which I’m surmising from her official-looking,…

Lisa Timmons |

The Stars Flock to Coachella

Hollywood hit up the three-day music festival in the desert this weekend, with celebs and regular folk alike, sporting skimpy outfits whilst enjoying some of their favorite musical acts. Amy Winehouse gathered a crowd, as she performed songs from her hit album, “Back to Black,” and Bjork also was a major draw, as…

Lisa Timmons |

Music in the Morning: White Stripes – ‘Icky Thump’

No, we don’t have a video for the first single off the White Stripes’ new disc yet, but we do have our first taste of what to expect when the album drops this summer. Check out the new song, “Icky Thump.”

I hope you like it as much as I do.


Who is the Bikini Babe?

Guess which starlet is enjoying the beaches of Hawaii. Find out who she is after the jump.

Jessica Marx |

Lindsay Lohan Loves Chanel

Lindsay Lohan and her friend (and ridiculously rumored lesbian lover) Samantha Ronson, and Lindsay’s personal assistant Jennie Munro are laughing hysterically in a hotel room in the Mercer Hotel. The threesome are searching for dish about Lindsay on gossip blogs on Ronson’s Blackberry, and find some of the outlandish rumors hilarious. Most of…

Jessica Marx |

Observations of an Obsessive Compulsive TV Aficionado

Welcome back to another addition of OCD TV! Today I would like to talk about a little British show called Katie and Peter. I myself am a half Brit, I grew up over there until my pre teen years and my mother and her whole family are English which may explain why while…

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