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Observations of an Obsessive Compulsive TV Aficionado

I shouldn’t enjoy this show, I really shouldn’t. It has a lot of things in it that I don’t like including a pun in the title. I never even watched 90210 when it was on, I think I caught a few episodes near the end of the run when Kelly was doing coke…


Friday Five: J. Harvey’s Top Five


Once again, my good friend, J. Harvey has made it very difficult for me to sort through the gems he’s produced this week to try and find my top five favorites. And I know I’m cheating sort of, cause I’m sneaking in extras. But guess what? I’m the editor, so I do…

Lisa Timmons |

Friday Five: Lisa Timmons’ Top Five


It’s that time again. Friday. My week might be a barren wasteland of…uh….barrenness if not for the writing of one Ms. Lisa Timmons. Vivacious. Scandalous. Snarky. She’s the complete package. Sorry, boys, she’s taken!

1. Denise Richards and Pam Anderson get sued – Lisa gives a very interesting description of her…

J. Harvey |

The Soccer Field is David Beckham’s Catwalk

The Beckhams are like a really hot, powerful disease sweeping the world. Kinda like what would happen if chicken pox took to wearing complicated outfits and dished out fashion pointers. Who would have guessed that the once silicone-free Posh Spice would grow into a mogul, knocking boots with soccer star David and ruling…

Cara Harrington |

‘The Tudors’ Tries a Little Too Hard

aim of Showtime’s “The Tudors” couldn’t be higher.This 10-part miniseries about the early years of King Henry VIII wants to match the regal intrigue of “I, Claudius,” the rich characterization of “The Sopranos” and the scope of TV’s classic costumed miniseries.What’s more, it wants to do it all without seeming dated, and by focusing…

Jessica Marx |

Tom Cruise and John Cusack May Have Something in Common

She’s possibly the same Emily Leatherman who John Cusack sought a restraining against order last year. Emily Diane Leatherman, 32, was arrested at 3:36 p.m., and held pending $45,000 bail, Sgt. Rex McEvoy of the Beverly Hills Police Department said Friday. McEvoy could not confirm if Cruise’s Leatherman was Cusack’s Leatherman–however, both women have the…

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Have a Socialite’s Night: Get Your Mika On

New York:

If you want to see a movie about Edie Sedgwick but don’t really care much for Sienna Miller and that underwear-over-the-pants business, the Museum of the Moving Image is showing a fantastic series on Sedgwick – including no Sienna and footage shot by Andy Warhol himself. [Link]

Mika is…


The D List is Alive and Well on A&E

A&E, have you no shame?Is nothing too disgusting to be seen or heard on your shows?Are you familiar with the concept of standards? Remember them?These questions are directed at A&E because they’ve been triggered by the new “Sons of Hollywood,” premiering Sunday.This A&E “reality” series takes you inside the lives of three rich young…

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Beauty Buzz: Eye-Problems Solved!

Here are a few products that I have found to help solve any eye problem. Whether you’re suffering from dark circles, fine lines, and/or puffiness, I’ve got the answer right here for every budget. I also found products that help with your eye make-up as well, so after this post, you’ll have no excuse if…


JLO gets an F-U from Ritmo Latino

The top Latin music chain in the country is effectively shunning Jennifer Lopez by ceasing to carry her albums in any of their fifty stores. This move comes a day after JLO took an autograph-signing field trip to the Bronx.

Ritmo President David Massry alleged that J.Lo “has refused personally to…

Lisa Timmons |

Denise Richards’ House Hunt

The woman whose name I dare not mention in the presence of my Powerbook is on the search for a new house. Us Weekly reports that Denise Richards is looking to make a move and is searching for homes in the $7 million area.

“She wants a nicer place,” says a…

Lisa Timmons |

Britney Spears’ Granny Outfit Won’t Fool Anyone

Britney Spears ventured out last night to , most likely to celebrate the finalization of her divorce proceedings. I’m thinking that Britney’s outfit selection was a bid to try and make her seem more responsible and conservative.

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Fashion Disaster of the Day: Joel Silver

Mmm. I wonder why Joel Silver was chosen? Find out why after the jump.

(Don’t forget to play the Fashion Disaster game!)

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Quick Hits: All Hail “Blades of Glory”

Blades of glory…cereal?!?

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Courtney Love Chats about Her New Look


Courtney Love, the woman who perpetually seems on the verge of some kind of comeback, or mental breakdown, is talking about the drastically thinner body she recently sported on the beach in a bikini. The pictures of Courtney on vacation in Hawaii reveal the new her–a version that is forty-four pounds lighter…

Lisa Timmons |

Maroon 5 is Back

Very funky, and kind of sexy. Who knew?

Jessica Marx |

Someone is Trying to Hide

(Flynet)The book may hide the face, but it can’t hide the body.

Jessica Marx |

Juicy Details from “Grey’s Anatomy” Spinoff

The secrecy surrounding the two-hour “Grey’s Anatomy” episode scheduled to air in May, that will launch the story plot in which Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery into a life of her own, has been such that during a presentation of the episode, cast members were forbidden from discussing details of the new developments. However,…

Lisa Timmons |

Paris Hilton Inches Closer to Possible Jail Time

Oh snap, is this really going to happen? As city prosecutors continue to press for a removal of Paris Hilton’s probation as a result of her reckless driving, she is getting dangerously close to possibly having to actually serve time for her crime. The ShowBuzz reports:

“We’re confident we have sufficient evidence…

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Fashion Fix: Entourage Caption It Contest

[Image Source]

I wouldn’t be a good little blogger if I wasn’t constantly digging up goodies for loyal “A Socialite’s Life” fans. Every Friday for the next 6 weeks I will be giving away prizes thanks to HBO and their store off goodies. If your favorite shows are “Entourage” and “Sex and the…

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