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Someone Else Verbally Bitchslaps That Twit On The View

(Totally unrelated video, but why the hell not? Sing it girl.)

The only reason I would ever watch The View is to see people make that conservative cretin chick cry. Rosie’s apparently started getting around to it. Elizabeth was speaking in defense of the Patriot Act and big Rose shut her ass down.

J. Harvey |

Fashion Fix: Oscar Blandi Raffinata Straightening Balm

The good people behind Oscar Blandi clued me in on how to steal the straight hair styles that were a hot trend on the Oscar red carpet. The Raffinata Straightening Balm was the secret weapon to score the look.

Oscar Blandi is a celebrity stylist and provides the answer to fight…

Cara Harrington |

Britney’s Celebrity Friends Wish Her Well

All the stars who currently AREN’T in rehab are making an effort to let Britney know that she’s loved and shit . Where were YOU people when she was out gallavanting with Paris? Couldn’t you have stepped in then? The damage is already done! Her kids think she’s the homeless woman who barges into their…

J. Harvey |

Glamour On Wheels

The ravishing Miss Elizabeth Taylor and her white diamonds celebrated her 75th birthday in Las Vegas. I loved my grandmother’s, but I wish I could have had a third one, and it could have been Elizabeth Taylor. She wouldn’t have given a shit that I liked boys. She would just want a fourth…

J. Harvey |

Remains Of The Day: Chris Evans Gays Things Up

The Fantastic Four 2 trailer is now online, and it features a little boy-on-boy affection courtesy of co-star Chris Evans. [Towleroad]According to Star magazine, Howard K. Stern pimped out Anna Nicole Smith to various dudes because he felt it was “good for business and good for the future,” whatever that means. [INO]Vincent Pastore…


Diaz and Aniston Discuss The Guy Who Did Their Nosejobs


Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston had a plastic surgery-klatch about the dude who worked rhinoplasty miracles for them. I don’t see a difference. But I’m sure when you’re a neurotic Hollywood-type, a miniscule shaving of flesh can make you a new woman.

Cameron Diaz, 34, couldn’t stop gushing…

J. Harvey |

ASL’s Red Carpet Video at the Playboy Mansion

It’s pretty clear from this video that Lisa and Wayne are so rarely allowed to come near an actual red carpet, and with good reason. It’s a little too much for them just yet. But they’re doing their darndest to try and capture the spirit of the lightbulbs flashing, and yelling of “Hef!

Wayne Ford |

Beauty Buzz: Restore Your Hair’s Natural Beauty

Only at Sephora can you find Ojan’s Restorative Hair Treatment. This is a uniquely formulated versatile hair rejuvenator. Ojan’s Restorative Hair Treatment contains 100% Ojan palm nut oil. Ojon oil is harvested and extracted by the Tawira people of Central America and has been for centuries. After the oil had been extracted from the nut…

Miu von Furstenberg |

Tori Spelling Could Burst at Any Moment

She’s going to burst any day now!

Jessica Marx |

Heather Mills Assures Us Her Leg Won’t Be Flying Into The Audience


Heather Mills realizes that people have many a question about how she’ll fare on Dancing with the Stars seeing as one of her legs isn’t biological. She says that she’s got it under control.

Discussing whether her prosthetic leg might come off while she’s competing, Mills – whose left leg was…

J. Harvey |

Trend Thrift: Ocean Park Merchants Mart

The Ocean Park Merchants Mart might as well be dubbed LA’s Spitalfield Market. Located at 2411 Main Street in Santa Monica, the Ocean Park Merchant’s Mart has the air of a European marketplace, yet it’s just two blocks from the sunny Santa Monica beach. It is host to about twenty booths of both…


‘Number 23′ Contest Winner!

A Socialite’s Life is helping promote the release of Jim Carrey’s new film “The Number 23.”

Jessica Marx |

Anna Nicole’s Mother Meets Her Granddaughter


Emotions are running high during this time of extended litigation caused by the untimely passing of Anna Nicole Smith, and not just inside the courtroom. It must have been an emotional encounter for Anna Nicole’s mother, Virgie, who was allowed to visit her granddaughter for the first time in the Bahamas last…

Lisa Timmons |

Travolta Gets Things In Gear At ‘Wild Hogs’ Premiere

the movie Wild Hogs they get to ride Harley Davidsons on a boys-only road trip – and it seems John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H Macy aren’t willing to let go of their alter-egos just yet.The acting quartet, who hit the film’s Hollywood premiere on Tuesday with their mean machines, had,…

Jessica Marx |

Izzie, Please Don’t Go


Reportedly, a reputable source has revealed to People that Katherine Heigl is leaving “Grey’s Anatomy,” citing salary disputes as her motivation. Heigl, who plays Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens on the ABC drama, is dissatisfied with her pay in comparison to that of her co-stars.

“Katie is disappointed and hurt that…

Lisa Timmons |

Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Gwyneth Paltrow


You know why we chose this photo don’t you? The editors have their say after the jump.

J. Harvey |

Helen Mirren’s Dirty Little Secret

(Image source)

Ha! Just because she’s so elegant and classy, doesn’t mean that Helen Mirren doesn’t enjoy leaving the panties at home, while the rest of her goes out and parties. The sixty-one year old Oscar winner shared with Oprah Winfrey that the Christian Lacroix dress she wore to the…

Lisa Timmons |

Brad Played Mr. Mom On Oscar Night

Jolie, 31, has no time for double-stick tape and a pair of Spanx on Sunday night.The Goodwill Ambassador blew off the Oscars to travel to Africa where she immediately got down and dirty in the mud of a refugee campsite.As the couple prepare to adopt a Vietnamese child (a source tells Us they’re already…

Jessica Marx |

ASL’s Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons

State of the Blog Address:
So, I’ve actually been pretty social since my last letter to you guys in which I was whining about my cold. Since then, I’ve enjoyed a visit to a pre-Oscar mansion filled with goodies, was filmed by a French documentary TV crew in my apartment, and took a trip to…

Lisa Timmons |

ASL Video Lounge Launches With Snarking Heads Photo Junkies!

In the first ever webisode of what I’m sure will become an ASL Video Lounge staple, three lovely funny ladies sound off on the latest celebrity photographs. Starring Kristy Messer, Lisa Timmons, and Sarah McChesney. ASL Video Lounge clips are produced by Wayne Ford and archived at

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