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Courtney Love To Be The New “Wasted” Female Judge On American Idol?

I kid. I know, Courtney’s busting her ass to clean up her act and I totally appreciate that. Apparently, I’m not the only one. is reporting that executive producer of “American Idol,” Nigel Lythgoe, has contacted Courtney in the hopes of convincing her to take a spot on the panel.

Lisa Timmons |

Tyra Obsessing Over Scary Photos of Her

Tyra’s freaking the f*ck out about those bathing suit pics of her and staging televised demonstrations about how they’re inaccurate. Hell, I probably would be too. I’m entirely unphotogenic and I appear to weigh about 350 in all my pictures and if my shit were broadcast all over the place I’d throw a…

J. Harvey |

“Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge” Premieres Tonight on MTV

A reliable reality show staple throughout the years, Road Rules has launched the “career” of many a reality star. And for those of you who have been ardent viewers, you’ve probably imagined how you’d abuse the power to decide which obnoxious contestant gets to stay and which one gets to go home if…

Lisa Timmons |

Kate Won’t Have to Find a New Day Job

Have no fear Kate Moss is still the face of Rimmel cosmetics. A British tabloid aired the rumor that the company, brought to you by Coty Inc., was in a heated search to find a new model to refresh the campaign and attract a younger consumer. While Kate is only 33 years old…

Cara Harrington |

Bad Fashion Overtakes ‘Factory Girl’ Premiere

Miller and Mena Suvari caused quite a stir at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York when they turned out for the premiere of their latest film. The two actresses, who sailed up the red carpet arm-in-arm, were both glowing with pride as they presented their much-talked about drama Factory Girl.The British actress had plenty…

Jessica Marx |

Beauty Buzz: Diamonds, Godiva Chocolate and Sienna Miller

This year, Godiva has selected Sienna Miller as the face of their annual Valentine’s Day Promotion. The lucky winner for this Valentine’s Day promotion will win the Grand Prize that includes a one-year supply of Godiva Chocolate along with a $1,000,000 shopping spree from Hearts on Fire - “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”.


Is Rachel McAdams The New Katie Holmes?

Well, at least she might be replacing her role in the new Batman movie. It probably won’t be the exact same character–this ain’t Blair from “Guiding Light” we’re talking about–but she would definitely be taking on the role of the love interest for Christian Bale’s Batman/Bruce Wayne. I’m sure they’ll figure out a…

Lisa Timmons |

Diva’s Dancers Discouraged by Dismal Dividends

Sorry about the alliteration, but I’m in a silly mood this morning.

If you’re dancing for Beyonce, you better hope that the glory of getting to be her back-up is renumeration remuneration enough because the salary’s pretty pitiful. TMZ reports that the dancers who are working on Beyonce’s upcoming video are…

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America Talks About Her Rough Beginnings

In keeping with my love affair with America Ferrera, the adorable star of “Ugly Betty,” I’m going to be raving about her throughout the rest of this post. I’m just giving you fair warning.

An article in the esteemed publication, the National Enquirer, revealed that Ferrera’s childhood was a volatile one.

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Liquid Lunch Ep. 15 – “DJ, Play Me Some Walking Music!”

In their latest episode of Liquid Lunch, Wayne and Lisa talk about the tiniest red carpet they’d ever seen in their lives at the UFC event they attended last week, hosted by Quinton “The Rampage” Jackson. Also, Wayne enjoyed a feisty performance by Paris Bennett at Popstarz who even walked like a diva.

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You Spin Me Round: Coachella is Coming!

After getting a peek at this spring’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival line-up, you might think you’re having a 1999 flashback. Performers for this year include Bjork, the ever-present Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the newly-reunited Rage Against the Machine. After leaving the band seven years ago for a “solo career,” singer Zack de…


Fashion Disaster of the Day: Mena Suvari


Find out what our editors have to say about this outfit after the jump. It ain’t nice.

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Quick Hits: Gisele and Tom – the Non It Couple

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen could be the fake couple of the year. [PopSugar]”Surreal Life Fame Games” looks like it will be as trashy as ever. [CityRag] lives! [MollyGood]Ivanka Trump tries to keep them restrained. [Egotastic]Katie Rees, the former Miss Nevada, receives a truly appropriate title. [Dlisted]Heather Graham to take on lesbian role. [Hollywood Tuna]Scissor


Paris Hilton Suing Website, When She Should Be Jumping On The Bandwagon With It


Seriously, if this idiot doesn’t have enough money to pay her STORAGE LOCKER RENT, then her dumb ass needs to be making money off That is, assuming she has two brain cells to rub together to figure that out.

Instead, Hilton’s legal team placed a federal lawsuit on the…

Lisa Timmons |

Hugh Grant’s Drunk Dance

Hugh Grant Drunk On The Music And Lyrics Set NOTTING HILL star HUGH GRANT was so scared by the prospect of performing a dance scene for his new film, he decided to get drunk beforehand. The British actor stars in MUSIC AND LYRICS alongside DREW BARRYMORE, and a defining scene sees Grant performing in a…

Jessica Marx |

Harry Potter’s All Grown Up!

Tossing his big round Harry Potter glasses and cape behind, Daniel Radcliffe, is making it clear that he has done left his adolesence behind and is ready for some grown-ass man roles. Publicity stills for his upcoming performance in “Equus” onstage in London reveal a shirtless, brooding Radcliffe compelete with (GASP!) chest hair.

Lisa Timmons |

Fashion Fix: Alber Elbaz Pinned, Proper, and Could Kick Karl’s Ass

Since 2001, the world of Lanvin has been just a little bit brighter. And this year’s only continued to prosper under the control of Alber Elbaz. Fashion Watch quotes the owner of Lanvin, Shaw-Lan Wang, as being thrilled with Alber and singing his praises by calling him “the true successor to Coco Chanel…

Cara Harrington |

Borat Named One Of Britain’s Most Powerful Men

GQ came out on Monday, with its annual list of Britain’s most powerful men and Sacha Baron Cohen, the man behind Borat, found himself in the number nineteen slot. The success of his film “Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” earned him a spot on the list…

Lisa Timmons |

J.Lo to Arbitrate

E! Online is reporting that J. Lo and her first ex-husband (you know there’s a second on the way because no one likes to wake up next to a meglomaniacal cadaver every morning) will be “arbitrating” over her lawsuit about his tell-all tome.

On Monday a Los Angeles judge ordered Jennifer Lopez’s…

J. Harvey |

Which Hollywood Kid is on the Road to Trouble?

Which designer on a reality show is overdoing it with the scalp cosmetics to hide his thinning hair? Not only does it not look especially convincing, according to a gym buddy: “It’s been known to sweat down his forehead while he’s on the treadmill.”

Jessica Marx |
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