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Aniston Speaks: Making Out With Monica and Her “Deviated Septum”

Jennifer Aniston spoke to People about a variety of subjects . Here’s a special exclusive interpretation of the interview for our beloved A Socialite’s Life readers.

Q: You guest-star on the season finale of Dirt as a lesbian. What was it like working with Courteney again?
A: We had a ball. It was completely…

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Miss USA Admits to Snorting All The Yay


Tara Connor will admit to Matt Lauer that she liked to do rails in an interview to air tomorrow . She also admitted to snorting those rails off of Miss Teen USA’s buttocks. Ok, she didn’t say that but you know it’s the truth, Ruth!

In an interview to air tomorrow,…

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Victoria Beckham is Just Slightly Hypocritical

So, Posh Spice is banning size zero models from promoting her fashion label . HA HA HA HA HA. In other news, fire is no longer associating itself with hot.

A source said: “Victoria wants to give out a positive image that you don’t have to be ultra skinny to look good.


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Can Hyde Be All That Great?

Or has Hyde become a magnet for the B and C Listers? These were the “stars” that were all at Hyde last night?

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Brandy Sued


The family of the woman that was killed in Brandy’s car crash have filed a suit against her. For $50 mil. Does she have $50 mil? “Sittin’ Up In My Room” or whatever it was called was a long, long time ago.

In the wrongful death complaint, filed today by Aboudihaj’s…

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Nicole Richie Licks Up Some Coke

While Paris informs her that Nicole should be snorting it. Such a good friend.

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Hide Your Cameras and Memory Cards, Diddy’s Hanging With Sienna

The New York Post reports that Diddy’s entourage wanted no photographic evidence of him hanging out with Sienna Miller at Crobar in NYC last Saturday night. Everyone involved seems to be trying to be very careful to stress that Diddy had nothing to do with this incident. Despite the fact that he did…

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The Galaxy Just Isn’t Sexy Enough

David Beckham, literally riding in on his steed to America, is setting the waves of change into motion. First, one must find a pad suitable for the Beckhams to call home. Then, before starting work, get rid of the dreadful active-wear sponsored apparel and get some Armani up in here.

Female First

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“Armed & Dangerous” Breaks A Leg. Farmer Shoots It In The Head Rather Than Pay Exorbitant Medical Bills.

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of no more “Armed & Famous” for the world. Sigh. I know I might just be a sucker for anything that Latoya Jackson does (because I’ve never actually seen the show), but I had my suspicions confirmed that the show was awesome by none other than TVGasm’s…

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New Miss America, So Shiny And New…For Now

By showing up and NOT celebrating her new crown with a keg-stand on-stage, the new Miss America already seems like a nun compared to some of her cohorts in the pageant circle. In contrast to Miss USA, the now infamous Tara Conner, whose title was nearly stripped from her by one sternly-disapproving-on-the-outside-but-secretly-happy-for-the-publicity Donald Trump,…

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If The Police Think Their Reunion At The Grammys is Going To Get Me To Watch, They’re Mistaken

Oh, who am I kidding? Even though I’m totally over awards shows, (I never win ANYTHING, dammit) I’m still going to have to check that shit out for work. It looks like Sting’s putting down the pan flute or jazz recorder or whatever it is he’s playing these days and has decided to get…

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Just in case you needed a little something to shock you awake this morning. Happy hump day!

More of Tara Reid post shopping spree after the jump.

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Today Is Officially Lily Allen Day

In my apartment, at least it is. Lily’s debut album, “Alright, Still,” was released yesterday and she’s got an upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live scheduled for this weekend on February 3rd. The outspoken and super-talented Brit songstress is going to be (as we’ve mentioned before) touring the U.S. for MTV’s first-ever “Discover…

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Music in the Morning: Young Love – “Find a New Way”

Everyone digs New York’s newest cutie, Young Love. If you’re into pretty boys playing indie/pop/rock, check him out on tour next month.

Feb 1 2007 8:00P

Knitting Factory Hollywood, California

Feb 3 2007 8:00P

Chain Reaction Anaheim, California

Feb 4 2007 8:00P

Bottom of the Hill San…


I Love New York: Pootie is Without Bling, Cheddar or Paper

Previously – Ok, so I missed the “mangeant”. Seriously, I missed crazy guys in buttfloss. How could I have been so goddamn stupid? My only excuse is that it takes effort to re-cap this shit. It’s a goddamn stamina-requiring endurance race. Anyway, it looks like Token, and maybe the gay guy in the…

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Crazy Bitches Act Out On…Celebrity Fit Club?


Apparently, Celebrity Fit Club is a dangerous place to work . People are getting into brawls over cigarettes and threatening to rape each other. It’s like a women’s prison up in there. D-list comedian Ant (I know he’s D-List because he once appeared in the line-up with me in Life & Style…

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Who’s Lurking in the Shadows?

Find out which newly single celebrity it is after the jump.

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Courtney Cox Doesn’t Want to Offend Any of Her Beautiful Celebrity Friends


Courtney Cox is censoring some of the possible storylines on Dirt because they’re hitting too close to home. She’s rolling up on the writers and telling them to drop certain stories that are thinly veiled accounts of real-life celeb dish.

The former FRIENDS star plays a ruthless magazine editor on the…

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Lindsay Lohan Is So Irritating That She’s Actually Causing Rehab Patients to Go Back to Drugs

(Mavrix Photo)

Lohan’s rehab method could probably be best described as “spoiled bitch sorta goes to rehab to appease insurance carriers/producers on film set so her ass still gets paid” and it’s apparently irritating the other patients. Apparently, people are so annoyed that they’re leaving in droves.

TMZ spoke with a recent…

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Remains of the Day: Howard Stern is Still Sad

Just when it seemed Howard K. Stern couldn’t get any more pathetic and sad, he one-upped himself; Larry Birkhead claimed Anna Nicole Smith had to lock Stern out of her bedroom when she and Birkhead wanted to have sex. [CW]Find out which actors we’ll be seeing a lot of in 2007. [Film Experience]Jean-Claude Van Damme

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