Archives: September, 2006

Have A Socialite's Night: It's Always Nice to Cher Your Things
Eva and Tony Are Single Again....
Nicole Richie May Be Back On The Sauce...Or Worse
Remains Of The Day: She Would Be Pam Without Her Nipple Slip
Baby's Got Bank
Guess Who
Time To Buy The Cow
Brad's Got Babies on The Brain
Quick Hits: Aaron and Nick Are As Fugly As They Are Stupid
Oh Honey...
Lohan Stiffs Chauffeur
Jake Rides Again
Hey Britney, Madonna's Got Your Nose
Ryan Phillippe Goes To War
Nibbly Things: Jagshemash, Jagshemash, Ho!! Oh...That Isn't Right
Keira Knightly To Be In Mother's Movie
"A Princess of The Throne"
It Is So Sad
Critics "Heart" Ugly Betty
Does Jamie Pressley Have A Bun In The Oven?
Music in the Morning: Full Circle
Keith and Nicole: Almost A Fallout
Remains of the Day: Some People Will Do Anything
Simpson Smack Down
Anna Marries.....
Gwyneth and Beyonce New BFF's
Britney Takes Her PR into Her Own Chubby Little Hands
Orlando and Penelope - Secret Lovers?
Quick Hits: Someone Shave Him Already
For The Love of Pete
Naomi Thinks Court Is for Ugly People
Kate Beckinsale Speaks Fondly of On-Screen Marriage to Adam Sandler
Project Runway: "Flowy...colorful.....Uli!"
Teri Hatcher Arrested for Indecent Exposure...
Nibbly Things: He Won't Go Away
Rosie Named The Worst-Looking Celebrity
Miss Nasty
Jake and Reese Tackle Politics
Private Autopsy Results Reveal Details from Daniel Smith's Death
This Just In...The American Public Is A Bunch of Suckers
Could Lindsay and Wilmer Be Friends Again?
Music in the Morning: Kylie Minogue-Red Blooded Woman
Angie to Get Her Vogue Back On
Brad Pitt Is Shot!
Remains of the Day: Nicky Hilton Better Bake a Cake With a File In It
Toothpaste? I Don't Think So
Blog Dish: Oh What Fun
Terrell Owens Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt
Baldwin The Bastard
Nicole Richie Spills to Tyra
Quick Hits: It's The Thumb Ring
Fegie Spreads Her London Bridge Disease
Denying Eating Disorder Accusations Burns Calories
Kate Moss Busted for Puffing A Fag
Nip/Tuck: "Melissa Gilbert Is into Bestiality"
Anna's Baby Daddy Speaks
Nibbly Things: Sex Tapes....Ewww!
Jessica Simpson Loses It
Here Comes the Bride
Brad Pitt Tranny TV Project
Katie and Tom to Take Their Freak Show to The Big Screen
Posh's Pants Problem
Chris Klein Speaks Out About Baby Suri
T-Mobile Drops Catherine Zeta Jones
Music in the Morning: Modest Mouse
Fashion Fix: Not For the Weak Stomach
The Passion Of The Drunk
Super Star!
Flavor of Love: "Call Me When You Get Sick Of These Hoes."
Remains of the Day: Poor Bobby, Poor Locked in a Downward Spiral to F-list Bobby
Ode de Minogue
Make Up Your Mind, Already!
I Think Someone Needs Her Own Reality Show
Lindsay Lohan Tries To Win Back Ex-BF
Quick Hits: On Broadway
No More Free Milk
Russell Crowe Just Says "No"
Joe Simpson Continues to Suck
Leo DiCaprio Still Whining About The Titanic
Adorable, Sexy, Messy All at the Same Time
Nibbly Things: Jennifer Lopez Says 'Adios'
One Fierce Pussy-Cat
Beauty Buzz: Tanning Cream That Prevents Skin Cancer
Gladiator to Return from The Grave
Eva Is Still Photo-Worthy
Lindsay Gets Busy With Paris' Ex
Man-Hands Pushes Wine In A Can
Music in the Morning: Alive Again
Brad Pitt Hearts Borat
X-Tina Invokes Marilyn Monroe...Again
Remains of the Day: They're Always After His Lucky Charms
Blog Dish: When My Little Ponies Attack
Billy Bob Defends Adoption Joke
Madonna to Adopt
Mischa Dipped Her Foot in that Cesspool
Quick Hits: When Sly Loved Powder Blue
Aaron Carter Calls off Stupid Engagement
Naomi Campbell Beats Australia to Death with Her Cell Phone
Jake Gyllenhaal Out With Dad
Ashlee Visits Church
Paris & Nicole On Speaking Terms?
The Slow, Painful Decline of Jordan Catalano
Nibbly Things: This Little Piggy...
J Lo In The Kitchen
In Overdose And In Health...
Drama Always Ensues
Orlando-"Take Your Tongue Out of My Mouth Please"
Hooter's Future Competition
Celebrity Mundane- Snaggletooth Pumps It
Music in the Morning: Divorce is Such a Nasty Thing
Have A Socialite's Night: McGreevey Paints the Town Red
Some Eric Bana and Gisele
Lindsay and Harry Split
Steve-O Releases The Secret Weapon!
Remains of the Day: From Bad To Worse
Two Can Play This Game
Man Oh Manny!!!
Zooey to Take on Janis Role
"America's Next Top Mildly Attractive Woman"
Kate Bosworth Blames Superman Curse for Break-Up
Celebrity Mundane- Kingston and Gwen
K-Fed Flushes Popo
Christina: Lady in Red
Nibbly Things: Ewwww!
Jessica Still Holding on to Nick's Shirts
Baby #2, Electric Boogaloo
Beyonce Entertains Across the Pond
Gwen Smells As Good As She Looks
Could George and Renee Be Together Again?
Carmen's Bringing Sexy Back Too
Music in the Morning: Scissor Sisters-Comfortably Numb
Paris: "Like I Really...I Don't Remember. I'm Not Like That Smart."
Justin Bringing Sexy Back to Europe
Remains of the Day: Stretch Mark Nation
Fergie Goes Down on London in NYC
Gilette Replacing David Beckham with Another Pretty Face
Beauty Buzz: Victoria's Latest Secret- She Likes To Read
Nick Lachey Has Standards
Quick Hits: Jessica... Did She or Didn't She?
Armani Hosts Blowout Bash
Rupert Everett: The Spermless Wonder
SNL's All, "Holla At A Playa!"
Brad and Angelina Are Still Saving The World
Mischa Barton, Too Sexy For America?
Nibbly Things: Thank God
Really? Katie Holmes?
To Be A Strawberry
The Future Lady Blythe Danner-McCartney?
Victoria Beckham is a Yummy Mommy
Who Is Wearing This Unique Footwear?
Cameron Diaz Cries Assault
Clay in the Morning
Gwen Stefani's Almost Ready To Drop
Whitney Looking For A Comeback
Oh Snap! Joe Simpson Gets A Part-Time Job
You Guys It's Going To Be Fabulous!
Remains of the Day: Lawyer Responds to John Travolta Kiss
Lohan's Bionic Wrist
How Much Is That Paula In The Window?
Paris Hilton Spotted at Marquee
Sean Combs Does Some Good
Kate Winslet Hearts Jude Law
Quick Hits: Elizabeth Taylor Swims With the Sharks
Fashion Week Not Doing It For Hugh and His Gal
When She's Not Saving Children from Third World Countries...
Blog Dish: The Fast Food Edition
Mischa Barton Admits to A Giant Ego
Steve Irwin's Daughter Speaks at Funeral
Eva Longoria's In Love
Nibbly Things: The Elusive Clay Aiken
Hopefully It's Not A Case of The Blind Leading The Blind
Jack Osbourne's Pink Undies
Britney Spears' Tummy Tuck
Jessica Simpson Found Movie Therapeutic
Paris and Lindsay's Toy
Justin Gives the Paparazzi What They Want
Nip/Tuck: FX Has Replaced Your Usual Nip/Tuck Episode With Soft-Core Gay Porn Starring A.C. Slater from "Saved By The Bell". Hurray!
Rehab Is For Lovers
Bobby Brown is Sad
Music in the Morning: Robbie Williams - 'Lovelight'
Those Beckhams Sure Know How to Sell Stuff
Shakira and Robbie: Hello Coattails
The Canadians Love Jen and Marc
Remains of the Day: Cindy Crawford Keeps Modeling in the Family
Legal Cocaine
La Lohan To Take Her "No-Panties-Peep-Show" Across The Pond--Permanently
Oh No She Didn't!
Wait A Minute...They Sing?
Quick Hits: Scissor Sisters Know How to Party
Fashion Fix: Desperation K-Fed Style
Hayden Christensen Lines Up For Epic
K-Fed's Time Limited
Flavor of Love: 'Everytime I see you, I see the backend of you.'
Ashley Olsen Attempts To Hide
Rachael Ray's Cooks Like She's On Speed
Scarlett Johansson Reveals...Well, Nothing Really
Nibbly Things: Anna Nicole Smith Cashes In On Photos
Um, No
When You Have A Show Full of Girls...
Jessica Simpson Is Ready For Winter!
Stephen Baldwin Quotes of the Day
John Mayer Makes Some New Friends
Being Pretty Sometimes Limits Your Job Options
Blog Dish: Burger King Sure Is Patriotic
Lindsay Lohan: Trendsetter
Beauty Buzz: The Saga Continues For Those Skinny Models
Video in the Morning: Mandy Stadtmiller
J Lo's Ex-Boyfriend Makes Good
Either Lindsay Lohan's Wrist Is Really Hurting...
Here Comes the Gibson
Here's Johhny!
The Scissor Sister's Surprise
Alec Baldwin's Got Shit to Say, Y'all
Tom Cruise Is on The Rebound
Quick Hits: Christina Aguilera Gets Cutesy
The Black Crowes, Not Sounding So Good
Dead Body Arrives at "CSI: Miami"
Jennifer Garner is Not Pregnant
The GOP vs. Rosie
Is Brad Pitt Going To Take On A Mission Impossible?
Holy Crap, I Owe Tyra Banks Some Props
Nibbly Things: Whitney Houston Goes to the DMV
Matt Damon is a Good Guy
A 2nd Autopsy, Still No Answers For Daniel Smith's Death
Paris Hilton Mocks 'The Girl Next Door'
An Arrest at TomKat's Home
Hungry Life The Wolf
Victoria Beckham Slips a Nip
Yep, It's Sutton Pierce Federline Y'all
Lindsay Lohan Tells Mom To 'Go To Hell' And Fractures Her Wrist
A Former Butler Who Can't Stop Talking
Video in the Morning: Mario Lopez Works Out
JC Chasez Keeps Himself Occupied
Have a Socialite's Night: Free Cheesecake
Jessica Simpson Does Damage Control
Remains of the Day: Hayden Christensen Enjoys the Gay Rumors
Hannah Gives Anna Something To Smile About
Beauty Buzz: No Skinny Models Please
Lindsay Lohan Puts The Needle On The Record
Quick Hits: Kevin Federline's Trick
Sarah Michelle Gellar: Thief
Blog Dish: Not Until We Find Osama!
Kevin Federline Jumps in the Pool
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Take in Some Bansky
Advertiser Roll Call
The Love Boat
The Scientoligist Mafia--Using Weird to Intimidate Its Enemies
Julia Stiles is Raving
Nibbly Things: At Last, Elton Ends The Feud
SJP Has A Bun in The Oven?
Nicole Richie, Naturally Skinny
Julian McMahon Goes For the Gay Kiss
Christie Brinkley Gets Rid of Husband Number 4
Posh Spice to Host Fashion Rocks
Fake Feds and Brangelina
Vanessa Minnillo Quote of the Day
Fashion Fix-Used Prada Benefit Cancer
Music in the Morning: Janet Jackson - 'So Excited'
Pure Class
Tom Cruise Sex Scandal in Tell-All Book
Scarlett To Relive A Nightmare?
Mr. Clooney Goes to Washington
Remains of the Day: George W. Bush Should Have Better Things To Do
Oh, Survivor
Bangs Are Back?
"The Natural" Look Tops People's Best-Dressed List
George W. Bush, Meet Little Richard
Spike Feresten--New Talk Show Cutie
Lovey-Dovey Crap
Quick Hits: Amy Smart Returns to Television
What Is It With Pop Stars and Space?
"The Black Dahlia" Sexy Costars Avoid Romantic Confessions
The Mysterious Death of Daniel Smith Continues to Unravel
Nick Lachey Won't Gab About New Relationship
Woman Commits Suicide After Nancy Grace Interview
Lindsay Lohan & Harry Morton, Media Sluts?
Nibbly Things: Did Paris Hilton Fake Her Vocals?
One Hot Mess With A Side of Olsen
I'm Bringing Drinking Back...YEAH!I'm Bringing Drinking Back...YEAH!
Full Size Jolie-Pitt Family Photos
Project Runway: 'Oh, Jeezus!'
Brad Pitt Is Tired
An Interesting View of Kate Bosworth
Kimberly Stewart Takes Scary To A Whole New Level
A Tribute For A Good Mate
Video in the Morning: Meredith Viera Makes Some New Friends
Tom Cruise Needs To Pick Up Some Rembrandt
Tommy is a Wishful Thinker
Remains of the Day: The Jolie-Pitt's Captured on Film
Latin Flavor of Love
Once a Cheater.....
More Information on Anna Nicole Smith's Son's Death
'All The King's Men' Hits Toronto
Quick Hits: Raquel Welch Knows How to Work a Wig
Can I Get An Amen?
Scarlett Johansson Doesn't Swing That Way
Lonelygirl15's Creators Expose Themselves
Nick Lachey Is A Porn Freak
Blog Dish: Oh, To Sleep In A Coffin...