Archives: August, 2006

Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend's Hat Swap
If this was 'Murder She Wrote,' Jessica Fletcher would be standing over Laura's dead body looking for clues...
Hollywood A-List Too High For Christina Ricci
Grace Jones is Smokin'
Mary Kate Comes Down From Her Mountain
Beauty Buzz: Cher Turns Back Time
Music in the Morning: Hilary Duff - 'Playing With Fire'
ANTM Is Back, Bitches
This Is What It Looks Like When Rich People Divorce
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Remains of the Day: David Copperfield's Fountain of Youth
Recycled Tween Plot
Superhead Ain't Her Nickname Cause She's Awesome At Math
Take A Ride In Paris' Bed
Greg Laswell Contest Reminder
It's Always Exciting When A Feud Arises in Pop Music
Ben Affleck Is Whining
Oh Canada!
Quick Hits: Winona Ryder's Crush on Keanu Reeves
Hello Mobo
Is Her Modeling Agency Even Real?
Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson Airport Meeting
Hassling Divorce for the Hoff
At Least It's Not "Most Publicized Vagina"
Lifetime TV Movie Scenario?
Nibbly Things: Tom Cruise - Superhero
Just Me and Dupree
Nicole Richie: 'I am not anorexic.'
Is Lance Bass Feeding A Gold Digger?
Ivanka Trump Quote of the Day
Beyonce Unhinged
Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie Help One Another
Beauty Buzz: Sandra Bernhard Mouths Off About MAC
Celebrity Mundane: Nick and Vanessa Go Grocery Shopping
The Return of Christy Turlington
'Laguna Beach' is Back
Drew Barrymore's Momma Clock
Brad Garrett's Got a Secret
'Don't Cha' Wished You Had Picked a Song Like Me?
Remains of the Day: Did Britney Spears Marry Her Father?
It's Not Quite the Same Without Matthew McConaughey
Barbara Walters Probably Not in Marcia Cross' Top 8
Lindsay Likes It Samantha Style
Eva Pigford to Headline St. Kitts Fashion Weekend
Boy George's Community Service--A Good Time for All
Quick Hits: Courtney Cox and David Arquette Are Chariable
Oh Nick, It's Called Show Biz for A Reason
Breaking News: Steven Spielberg's Loaded
Someone's Looking a Little Smoother
Princes Will Be Princes
Greg Laswell Contest
Where you go, Joe?
Nibbly Things: One More Look
Britney Does the Safety Dance
Andy Dick Goes On A Licking Spree
You May Not Know Who Ashley Madison Is, But . . .
Brad Pitt Takes the Kids to Work
Kimberly Stewart Needs a Fashion Intervention
Charlie and Denise in Peace Talks
When Reality TV Stars and Celebrities Hook Up
Nelly Furtado Does a Little Chartiy
Fashion Fix: Madonna's New Addition
Kevin Federline: Male Model
They Built It, So Kevin Costner Came
Howie, I mean Mandel Stuck in Airport
A Time Out For Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson
Remains of the Day: Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette
Justin's Sexy Entourage
Absence Makes The Heart Horny
Thursday Nights Will Never Be The Same
Christina Aguilera Loves Nude Female Bodies
Whitney Houston's Sister-In-Law Explains Herself
I'm Happy He Came Out When He Did
Quick Hits: Angelina Jolie Prefers Mom
Natalie Portman Working On Some Sexy Roles
Tom and Katie Save The Day
YWYWTBYN: The Italy Finale
The Sean Combs White Party: Paris and the Gang
I'm Not Saying ALL Publicists Are Angry, Bitter People...
Lindsay Lohan's Boob
Kate & Pete...Wedding Bells?
Nibbly Things: Boy George Begins Sanitation Duty
Kate Bosworth Slips
The Return of 'Firecrotch'
Papa, Can You See Me?
Alleged Non-Celebrity Sees Suri Cruise
Britney Spears is House Hunting Y'all
A Prime-Time Actor With A Boyfriend at Home
Music in the Morning: The Hoff - "Jump In My Car," The Actual Video
Kingston Rossdale Goes to Work
Jesus Is One "Loving Dude"
Celebrity Mundane: Jessica Biel Goes to the Drycleaners
Remains of the Day: So I Met This Guy at a Bar...
Kylie's Rock
Jen and Vince Buying Property in Wayne, Illinois
Courtney Cox Sounds Pretty Normal
Blog Dish: Did God Blow You Off?
Christina Aguilera Is Smarter Than I Thought
You're Not Going To Find Beyonce in Britain
Advertiser Roll Call
Beckham Gets Booted
California's Never Gonna Have A Real Governor Again
Quick Hits: Ladies, Kanye West is Off the Market
The Mystery Behind Veronica Mars' Injury...
60 Minutes of O.J. and Nancy Grace
Reese Witherspoon Is Not Happy With Jessica Simpson
The White Oprah
Who's "The Body?"
Nibbly Things: Jennifer Garner Can't Stand the Heat
Paris Hilton Needs to Stop with All The Pets
Lindsay Lohan's Tattoo Inspirations
Suri Cruise Refocused
Mischa Barton Ticks of the Royals With Text Message
Victoria Beckham Really Wants a Baby Girl
Fashion Fix: Ashley Judd is Still Alive
Denise Richards Loves Her Kids
Music in the Morning: Sean Combs' 'Come To Me'
Marmont Wants Lohan Out
Morningwood Contest Final Winner
Kate Moss - The Trifecta
James Franco Shares His Fag
Remains of the Day: Whose Tombstone is the Coolest of Them All?
Jesse Metcalfe Talks About Banging Chicks...We're Still Not Convinced
The Latin Lovers
Lindsay Lohan's Being Stalked
Carmen Electra Heads to Divorce Court
Charlize Theron Gets A Tongue Lashing From Her BF...And Not The Good Kind
Posh & Becks to Meet Suri
Quick Hits: Christina Aguilera Graces Yet Another Magazine Cover
Matthew and Lance Sitting in a Tree
White Sunglasses Guy Still Wearing White Sunglasses
Justin Timberlake Quote of the Day
Dirty Little Muppets
I See Little Baby Suri Cruise in the Window
Leo and Tobey Hit the Beach
US Weekly Pissed at Jennifer Aniston
Nibbly Things: Britney Spears to Renew Wedding Vows
Please Help This Lost Homeless Girl
Captain Save-A-Ho
Gwyneth Paltrow Quote of the Day
A Naughty Heidi Klum
Beauty Buzz: Jenna Jameson Gets A Wax Job
Lindsay Lohan Ass-erts Herself
Tori Thought It Wasn't Big Enough
Kylie Minogue Begins Concert Rehearsals
Impersonations in the Morning: Liza and Carol
9/11 Movie Controversy for Oliver Stone
Desperate 'Smurf Gone Wrong'
Heidi Klum Gets Her Own Bra
Remains of the Day: Robin Williams in Rehab
Liar, Liar Crotch On Fire
Eastern Bloc Ho
Matt and Lance Just Wanna Have Fun
Quick Hits: Val Kilmer Pulls A John Travolta
Just kiddin'!
Africa Is All, "Who Are You Guys?"
Surprise, Kathy Griffin at Gay Club
Morningwood Contest, Last Chance
"Trust The Man" Premiere Has Stars Seeing Hearts
Blog Dish: Get Un-Stupid
Something Smells Like Pretty People
Suri Cruise to Appear in Vanity Fair
Dave Navarro's Got Some Big...Shoes to Fill
Scary Lindsay Lohan Quote of the Day
Nibbly Things: Nicolette Sherdian, a Single Woman?
Jessica's Not Finding Comfort in Dating
If We Cover the Baby in Purple No One Will See It
More 'Ocean's Thirteen' Goodness
Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner Break Up
You May Want to Think Twice About Getting a Boob Job in Russia
Kevin Federline Realizes That His Marriage Needs Work
Michael Jackson Walks The Bankruptcy Plank
Nudity in the Morning: Um, 'Project Runway's' Vincent Libretti
Tori and Candy: Still Duking It Out
MTV Curse, The Barker's Split Up
I Really Hope This Is Good News
Remains of the Day: Jake Gyllenhaal Discovers the Trouble With Spandex
Has Pam Got A Bun in The Oven?
Matthew McConaughey Takes a Rest
Scientology Celebrates Its 37th Birthday
Ms. Janet Prefers Them Young
Quick Hits: Christina Ricci's 'Black Snake Moan'
Lindsay Lohan Wants to Entertain The Troops
Beauty Buzz: Ashlee Simpson Wants You To Love The Way You Look
Fun Times on the Set of 'Ocean's 13'
I Wonder What His Trophy Looks Like...
Oh Keith...You Tease
Morningwood Contest
Celebrity Mundane: Jake Gyllenhaal Walks His Dog
Nibbly Things: No Gout About It, Jared Leto is a Dedicated to His Art
Paramount Puts On Cruise Control
Fabian Basabe Sounds Like A Douche
Bloom & Kate's Tiff
Blog Dish: King of Booze
Jude Law Breaks Up With Sienna Miller Again
Is Penelope Cruz Still on the Payroll?
Mischa Likes it Rough and Public
Madonna To Renew Wedding Vows
Just Another Day at the Beach For Keanu Reeves
Fashion Fix: Even the Pope likes it Haute
Music in the Morning: David Hasselhoff - 'Jump in My Car'
Jordan Returns
Paul McCartney's Divorce Woes Continue
'Desperate Housewives' Celebrate Season Two
Remains of the Day: AJ McLean Still Exists
Vanessa Minnilo's Big Head
Clay Aiken Has The Best Crazy Fans
Madonna A Hit in Rome
The Real Reason Paris Hilton Dances on Banquettes Exposed!
Star of "Boat Trip" Denied
Posh Still Has Short Hair
Quick Hits: Colin Farrell, Not So Great in the Sack
Linsday Lohan Has Some Fun
Okay, Cutest Baby Picture Alert
Brangelina Sleeping in Separate Beds
Courtney Love Making A Comeback?
Mariah Carey Loves Showing Off Skin
The Hoff Needs His Own Weekly Podcast
Jessica Says Album's Not About Nick
Kate Hudson on Kate Moss
Nibbly Things: Patrick Swayze is Looking OLD
Extra Special Celebrity Mundane: Julia Roberts Goes Grocery Shopping
YWYWTBYN: "Model" Behavior
Whose Ass Is It?
Britney Spears Takes the Family Shopping
Hugh Jackman Gets Another Excuse to High Kick
Kid Rock Says Pamela Anderson is Amazing in Bed
Music in the Morning: Scissor Sisters - 'I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
Male Fan Sends Kate Beckinsale Naked Photos
Clay Aiken to Release Another Album I Will Never Hear
Remains of the Day: Lobster Rolls are the Perfect Summer Dish
Britney Spears, Stoned?
Think We're Beating A Dead Horse?
Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos: A Portrait in White
Have a Socialite's Night: David Goodwillie Barnes and Noble Reading is Tonight
The X Games Party Was Rad
Quick Hits: Jared Leto - Rock Star
Colin Farrelll Defends Colombians
Project Runway's Keith Says He's No Pumpkin Eater
Introducing The New Jen
Madonna Angers Catholic Church...What Else Is New?
Advertiser Roll Call
Eva Longoria's Different from The Other Pretty Girls
Is "Sugar Tits" Just A Friendly Nickname?
Lohan's Supposed Brush With Paparazzi
I Thought I Told You Never to Call Me Here...
Nibbly Things: Take a Moment and Make Naomi Happy
Janet Jackson Influenced By Fans
Fashion Fix: Dolce Drops Your Jaw
I Love It When Victoria Beckham Listens To Me
Penelope Cruz Reveals That She Too Has Met Suri
Channing Tatum Is Pretty
Carnie Wilson Quote of the Day
Mel Gibson is Crazy
What Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen Up To?
Bruce Willis Sues Childhood Friend
Kylie Minogue Maintaining a High Profile
Remains of the Day: Johnny Depp to Take on Fatty Arbuckle Scandal
What Will Paris Hilton's Reunion With Stavros Do To Her Ban on Sex
Gavin Rossdale's Daughter Chats Up W Magazine
Victoria Beckham to Take on Justin Timberlake
Katie Holmes Making a Break for The Compound Walls?
Quick Hits: Joss Stone Can Work a Bikini Too
Lindsay Lohan Gets Some Career Advice
Rob Schneider's Open Letter to Mel Gibson
Beauty Buzz: Celebrity Must Haves
Melanie Griffith Lends Her Daughter a Helping Hand
Do You Want To Work For Gwen Stefani?
Cindy Crawford Shows Off The Bod in Saint-Tropez
Oh, My Genitals
Nibbly Things: Pam and Kid Are Back In Malibu
Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson Still Together
Nina Garcia HATES Cowl Necks
Hell to The Nah
And Denial's A River in Egypt...
People, Star Jones Is Not Divorcing
Brad Pitt Podcasts His Way Into His Children's Hearts
Mel Gibson's Vodka in a Water Bottle Trick
I'm Still Not Grooving on Victoria Beckham's Cropped Hair
Reader Email of the Week
Video in the Morning: "The Black Dahlia" - Trailer
Who is Penelope Cruz's Gay?
Christie Brinkley Kills With Kindness
Meg Ryan Will Work For Food
Sean Combs White Party
She's A Cameleon
Jennifer Lopez Relaxes
Quick Hits: Avril Lavigne Has Fun on Her Honeymoon
Move Bitch, Get Out The Way
Elizabeth Hasselback Flails Away On 'The View'
Fashion Babylon
Nicole Richie Loses Her Cameraphone
Anna Nicole & Britney, Future BFF?
Lindsay Lohan to Be Questioned in Mother's Suit
Michelle Williams Loves Them Aussie's
The One In Which Tara Reid Breaks My Heart By Not Showing Up