Archives: August, 2006

Is Lindsay Lohan Getting Engaged?
Celebs Keep Getting Freebies
A New Woman in George Clooney's Life
Angelina Jolie Graces The Public With Her Presence
A Nonsensical Must-Read
Remains of the Day: Rehab for the Village People Cop
Cover Shot: This Show Should Be About 25 Minutes Shorter
Lance Armstrong Is Working My Last Nerve
Donald Trump and Carolyn Kepcher Go Their Separate Ways
Celebrity Sighting: Hilary Swank and OJ
Jessica Simpson Admits To Being a Former Lip Plumper
Quick Hits: It's VMA Time
Eva Mendes Flaunts It
Are You Ready For Some Fergie?
Candy vs. Tori: The Battle Rages On
Where's The Black Love?
NBC Goes Pink for Sunday Night Football
Don't You Love When A "Church" Reminds You Of A Bank?
Nibbly Things: Alex Rodriguez Drinks His Milk
Ben Affleck Returns to 'Hollywoodland'
Gwen Stefani Not Snubbing VMA's
Britney Spears No Longer a NYC Resident
Paris Hilton on Oral Sex
Okay I Get It, I Have Bad Teeth
Blog Dish: Can I Breastfeed My Adopted Baby?
More Rumblings Of Trouble Between Madonna & Guy
Teri Hatcher's Sex Shack
Video in the Morning - Paris' VMA Pick Up
Mariah Carey's Royal Present
John Travolta's Kiss
'Fat Butt' Comment is Haunting
Penelope Cruz Still Defending Tom Cruise
Remains of the Day: A+ Rod
Romancing The Swank
Scarlett Fever
Legs McGee Scores
Quick Hits: What's Up With Kid Rock's Tiny Head?
Liv Tyler in Bed With 'Strangers'
Can Fame Be Bought?
Paris in Space
CNN Anchor Heard Chit-Chatting In The Restroom
Michelle Rodriguez is One Tough Cookie
Katie Couric's New Look
PETA Not So "Crazy In Love" With Beyonce
Nibbly Things: Rosie Prepares for 'The View'
Um, How Do We Put This...
Lindsay Lohan's Bringing Sexy Back
Marcus Schenkenberg's Still Got It
Charlize Theron to Act in Boyfrriend's Directorial Debut
Rachel Zoe: Handbag Designer
Jessica Simpson and John Mayer?
Saddam Hussein, Involuntary 'South Park' Viewer
Oh Baby- Baby!
Rumor Mill: Venus Williams
Was Paula Abdul Drowning Her Emmy Sorrows in the Bottle?
Paris Not Exactly A Pop Sensation
Remains of the Day: Still Going
Horses Don't Like Celebrities
Sharon Stone's New Boy
Colin Farrell's No Show Stalker
Is Nicole Kidman Preggers?
Lohan Gets Buffed and Waxed
Beauty Buzz: What Were They Thinking?
Quick Hits: Is Pink a Desperate Housewife Wannabe?
Fergie To Open The VMA Preshow
Jamie Lee Curtis Helps Fight Breast Cancer One Step At A Time
Heidi Klum's Bling
The List Of Reasons NOT To Work For Foxy Brown Grows...
Jessica Simpson, The Mute
Sean Combs Needs To Tinkle
Kimora Lee Simmons Too Ghetto?
Nibbly Things: Bruce Springsteen's Marriage is Just Fine
Nicole Richie Is Human Just Like Us
Gyllenhaal Jr. Likes Tiramisu
Paris Is Too Hot To Be An 'Extra'
A Stripper and A Whore
Lindsay Lohan's Poka-Dot Bikini Show
Blog Dish: Same Shit Different Day, Brother
Fun With Decapitated Stuffed Animals
Fashion Fix: Air Marshall
Advertising in the Morning: Angelina Jolie for Shiseido
The Saga Continues, But Not Really
Matt LeBlanc's Mess Of A Life Continues
Jessica Simpson Says Hello to Philly
Remains of the Day: Tara Reid is Denied
Lindsay Lohan's Continuing Poor Footwear Choices
Elizabeth Taylor Went Looking For Sharks
The Emmy After Parties
Meredith Vieira Getting Too Big For Her Britches?
Quick Hits: The Emmy Version
What Celebrities are Hiding Behind This Body?
Emmy Fashion: The Oops and the Oh No
Brad Pitt May Need a Plan B for Plan B
Emmy Fashion, Part Two
Aaron Spelling Got Some Major Shout-Outs At The Emmys
Paris Hilton's Not a Hacker
It's All About The Dresses, Y'all
Nibbly Things: Tara Reid's a Little Tipsy
The Only Reason I Watched The Emmys: Conan O'Brien
Okay Janet, We Get It
Mark Wahlberg is 'Invincible'
Who Is That Bikini Clad Lovebird?
Emmy Pre-Party Fun
Kevin Federline: Actor
Another Day, Another Shirtless Matthew McConaughey Photo Set
You've Been Warned
Christopher Hitchens Flips Off the Audience
Johnny Knoxville Attacked By Man Who Isn't In Jackass
At Least He Is A Good Dad
Hugo Boss Aims To Peak
Remains of the Day: Pete Doherty Launches Give Drugs To Teen Campaign
Perhaps Mel Gibson's In The Berlitz AA Program?
Penelope Cruz is Not a Fan of the Teen Magazines
Matt Damon's a Protective Daddy
Gwyneth Paltrow is Looking Good
Have A Socialite's Night: It's Vegas In LA
Britney Spears Gets Kooky
Marky-Mark Is A Grown-Ass Man With Kids And Stuff
Adverister Roll Call
Are They a Couple, or Just a Couple of Opportunists?
Quick Hits: All Eddie Wants is a Really Scary Spice
A Victoria Silvstedt History Lesson
David Beckham's Says He's Got Milk
It's Hard Being A Rich, Young Socialite
Tom Cruise's Day Planner Must Be Bonkers
Nibbly Things: Have a Look at Katie Holmes' Prison Art
Punched In The Face By Firecrotch
Jesse McCartney Should Work For The CIA
Jessica Biel's John
Karl Lagerfeld Can Be A Real Bitch
Janet Jackson Quote of the Day
Avoiding Jon Voight
Jude Law Doesn't Want To Be Your Superhero
Fashion Fix: Words Can't Describe...That
Music in the Morning: Jordan and Peter Andre - 'A Whole New World'
The Things Eva Longoria Does For Love
Kathy Najimy Turns Off 'Project Runway' Fat
Christina Aguilera Likes To Be On Top
Remains of the Day: More Celebrities Don Some Paint
Celebrity Denim
Employee Of The Month Reminder
I Can See Heather Locklear's Underpants
Nina Gordon Contest Winners
Katharine McPhee Sets Things Straight
Cameron Diaz Goes Brunette
Springsteen Experiencing Marriage Troubles?
Quick Hits: Is Zach Braff Making a Change?
Beauty Buzz: Finding Kate Winslet Some Make-up
Paris Hilton Quote of the Day
Usher Hits Broadway
What A Girls Wants Is Equal Rights
The Celebrities Come Out at Night
Accused JonBenet Ramsey Killer's Family Signs Book and Movie Deal
Mariah Carey Performs, Still Not Interested In Wearing Complete Outfits
Kevin Federline Quote of the Day
It's All Kinds Of Crazy At Paramount
Nibbly Things: Amber Valletta is Stressed Out
Dane Cook's Teeth Are Stronger Than Jessica Alba's
Aunt Beru vs. Travis Bickle
Stereo House Isn't Good Enough For Lance and Reichen
Brody Jenner And Nicole Richie Pretty Much Seem Like a Couple
Open Bar At Maddox's B-Day
An Actor Who Thinks Ahead
Lindsey Lohan Real Estate Mogul
'Survivor' Pits Race Against Race
Music in the Morning: Coldplay - "The Hardest Part"
I'm Holding My Breath For My Invite
Jessica is a 26
Hudson, We Have a Problem
Remains of the Day: Kirsten Dunst Is Confused
Sean Combs is Proactive
Victoria Silvstedt Wearing Her Skivvies
Oprah Does Some More Good
Blog Dish: I Want Some Money!
Drew Barrymore Tries To Bring Back the Poncho
This Sounds Like Such A Good Idea
Quick Hits: New York Magazine Channels W Magazine
Reunited And It Feels So Good
I Smell a Lawsuit
Most Pete Doherty News Just Makes Me Sad
Ashlee Simpson Set To Take Her Lip-Synching Act On Broadway?
Some Nosy Tourists See Suri Cruise
When Was The Last Time Britney Spears Stimulated Anybody?
Employee Of The Month Rocks Out With Its Cock Out
Victoria Beckham Gets Boozy At Nobu
Nibbly Things: Jake Gyllenhaal to Play Lance Armstrong on Big Screen
More Stuff Happens With Tom Cruise
Nina Gordon Contest Reminder
Christina Aguilera Quote of the Day
How Do You Say 'Dirty Whore' In Chinese?
Jessica Alba Is A Klutzy Comedian
Airport Love
Franco Spills The Beans
Hugh Laurie Perfects His American Accent
Ricky Martin's Poofy Hair
A Celebrity Who Tips Off The Paparazzi
Music in the Morning: Mary J. Blige - 'Take Me As I Am'
George Clooney Wants A Membership In The "New Dads Club"
Beyonce Postponed
Demi Whipped
A Shirtless Jude Law
Remains of the Day: Meredith Viera Gets Frisky
The 'Jackass' Boys Are Gross, Of Course
Who's That Coming From Behind?
Wilmer Valderrama's New Gig With Disney
Paris Hilton Acknowledges the You Tube Community
Tara Reid is Amazed by Her Own Boobs
Quick Hits: Eva Longoria Stocks Up
Britney's Last Request
Nina Gordon Contest
James Blunt Gets His Rocks Off
Is It A Sign?
Is Ben Affleck's Movie Curse Over?
Derek Jeter Happy For His Ex, Vanessa Minnillo
Big Surprise, Kevin Federline Sucks
Nibbly Things: Good Morning Chris Cuomo
Every Time A Prisoner Finds Jesus, An Angel Gets Its Wings...
Beauty Buzz: Getting Busted At The Airport
Matthew, Lance and the Ladies
You, Me and a Lawsuit
Jude Law: Daddy of the Day
Blog Dish: Simsalabimbo
Hulk Hogan Has Questionable Taste
Fashion Fix: Why Didn't I Think of That?
TV in the Morning - 'Nip/Tuck' is Coming Soon
Paris Hilton's Own Music Makes Her Cry
Gwyneth Paltrow Loves Her Generalizations
Matt Dillon's Footwear Violated
Remains of the Day: Zooey Deschanel Set to Play Janis Joplin
Matt Lauer is McRipped
Splitsville is Fantastic
Heather Mills Stops Being Polite And Starts Getting Real
Scott Storch is a Bad Baby-Daddy
Britney's Looking Forward To Getting Rid of Baby Weight
2006 Teen Choice Awards Photo Post Three
Quick Hits: Blood on the Red Carpet
Guy Nervous for Madonna's Safety
Holy Depressing Article, Batman
2006 Teen Choice Awards Photo Post Two
Rumer Willis Turns 18
Heidi Klum Wants More Kinder
Fergie Reveals The Woman Behind The Lumps
Nibbly Things: Busta Rhymes Busted
2006 Teen Choice Awards In A Nutshell
And Osama Will Always Love You...
Katie Holmes' Companion
Kevin Federline Inspires Teens
Which Celebrity is Playing Hide and Seek?
A Movie Stud Wanting Some Man-Candy?
White Sunglasses Guy Hangs With The Lohan
America Could Care Less If There Were 'Snakes on a Plane'
Music in the Morning: The Killers - 'When You Were Young'
Nick Lachey to Auction off Reminders of Marriage to Jessica
Bill Murray Quote of the Day
Remains of the Day: Paris Hilton's Dog Emotes
And The Incest Continues...
Have A Sociaite's Night: Snakes in a Gift Bag
Ashton Kutcher's All Grown Up
Nicky Hilton Carries On Family Biz
Out With The New In With The Old
Kate Moss On The Offense
Quick Hits: Jessica Biel's Outtakes
Advertiser Roll Call
Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey Take the Stairs
Can 'Snakes' Live Up To The Hype?
The Bright Side of Drug Possession
Madonna Shows Emotion At Her B-Day Bash
P. Diddy Is A Music Afficionado
Lindsay Lohan Ceasing Her Partying Ways?
Nibbly Things: Is John Mark Karr Trying To Pull a Funny?
When Fashion Gets Ugly
Nicole Kidman and 84 Others Are Against Terrorism
Fashion Fix: Breakfast At Bulgari's
Eva Longoria Clears Up Some Rumors
Could Breaking Up With Lance Be Sheryl's Favorite Mistake?
Britney Spears and Sean Preston Federline
Pete Doherty Arrested on Seven Drug Counts
Kelly Clarkson Parties Like a Rock Star
Justin Timberlake, The Scholar
Denise Richards Quote of the Day
Brangelina's Permanent Digs
Remains of the Day: Uma Hits the Beach
Does the Newly Married Pamela Anderson Have a Baby Bump?
Greg Laswell Contest Winners!
Jessica Biel Talks About Her New Movie
Pen-nipple-ope Cruz
Beyonce Lived On OJ
Mel Gibson: Let's Make a Deal
Quick Hits: She's Alive!
I Guess There Really IS A Time And Place For A Dance-Off
I See Drunk Drivers
Jessica Simpson Fires Her Agent When She SHOULD Be Firing Her Creepy Dad
Diane Lane Avoids A Punch
British People Talk Funny
I Kind Of Don't Care Anymore, But Here Goes...
Nibbly Things: Brandon Davis, Still a Drunk Fool
Britney Says Baby #2 Was Not Planned
Eve Decides It Might Not Be a Good Idea To Date The Son of a Tyrant After All