Archives: July, 2006

Meg Ryan is Moving to Massachusetts
Paris Hilton Sluts it Up With Stavros Niarchos
Mel Gibson Does the Obvious and Enters Rehab
Remains of the Day: Nancy Grace Wants Scott Peterson To Be Denied Ice Cream
Nick Lachey Camera Phone Scuffle
Victoria Silvstedt's Party Almost Turns Lethal
Tori Spelling Gets Some Free Porn
Pamela Anderson Wedding Photos & Details
Quick Hits: UK Gay Gets Caught Up in Brandon Routh Excitement
Ben Affleck Almost Catches Ball
Lance Will Soon Say "Bye-Bye-Bye"
Dina Lohan Defends Her Daughter
John Paulus Underestimated the Claymates
Janet Jackson Quote of the Day
Nibbly Things: Mama Simpson Prefers a Not So Slutty Daughter
'Black Princess' Calls Britney Ugly
Mel Gibson Likes Speeding in Malibu
Madonna's Vodka Wash
Graham Norton Isn't a Fan of Angelina Jolie
Lindsay Lohan, Back Out on the Town
Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock's Wedding Brought to You By Corona
YWYWTBYN: Everyone Wants To Be a Writer
Video in the Morning: Paris Hilton's Ultra Sexy Baby Shower
Mel Gibson Quote of the Day
Matthew McConaughey Goes Solo
Katherine McPhee Well Enough to Serenade Bush
Justin Timberlake Determined To Keep Talking Out His Ass
Remains of the Day: Hilary Duff May Not Be a Virgin After All
Kate Moss Has Total Body Makeover
Britney Pregnancy Scare
Have A Socialite's Night: A Bloc Party You May Even Enjoy
Beyonce Learns How To Kiss
BREAKING: Mel Gibson Arrested for Suspicion of DUI
Cameron Diaz on Curves
Quick Hits: Jamie Lynn Spears Has a Hot Boyfriend
Lohan Reprimanded For Partying Ways
Scarlett Johansson To Be Replaced By Reality Star
Keith and Nicole to Move to Britain
Molly Sims Dumps Boyfriend To Stop Living A Lie
Fakey-Fakes Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie Pretend To End Feud
Lindsay Lohan Basically One Hot Mess
Advertiser Roll Call
Nibbly Things: Do We Still Love John Travolta?
Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx Talk About Miami Vice Sex Scenes
Memory Lane Filled With SARS & Killer Sharks
Vin Diesel and Maria Menounos?
Tabloid Roundup: Nick and Vanessa Cause a Stir
Christina Milian Gets Smacked By Eva Longoria
Fashion Fix: Sex Sells and Money Talks
Music in the Morning: Janet Jackson's 'Call on Me'
K-Fed, America's Next Top Model?
It's Not You, It's Me
Katharine McPhee Well Enough To Co-Host and Sing on 'The View'
Remains of the Day: 'Tabloid Wars,' The War No One Cares About
Nicky Hilton Poolside With Brandon Davis
A Socialite's Life Throws Melissa Berkelhammer A Bone
Gisele Bundchen and Leo DiCaprio Spotted Together
Simon Cowell's Been Having An Affair
Quick Hits: Kiefer Sutherland Shows Some Wear and Tear
Another Day, Another Matthew McConaughey and Jake Gyllenhaal Moment
Times Is Tough for The Hoff
Scarlett Johansson's Birthday Lap Dance
Barbra Streisand Looking Quite Frumpy
Beauty Buzz: It's Who You Know
Suri Sighting By Pinkett Smith
Pam Anderson Makes Me Wonder If She Knows What Getting Married Is
Hillary Clinton's Bust on Display
Nibbly Things: Tori Spelling May Not Be Shut Out Of Will As Previously Thought
Lindsay Lohan Hearts Africa
Jubilee Jumbles
The Beckham's Demand Your Attention
Jack Osbourne Tricked By Royals Into Having Alcohol
If Only Jessica Simpson Was an MTV Talking Head
Charlene Tilton Quote of the Day
Movie in the Morning: 'Short Bus' Preview
Paris Wonders, 'D'ya Think I'm Sexy?'
Britney Spears May Not Be So Nice
Remains of the Day: Ryan Seacrest Has A Man-Crush on Orlando Bloom
Scarlett Johansson Lands Yet Another Endorsement Contract
George Michael Wedding On Again
Lindsay Lohan Overcome By LA Heatwave
Former Page Six Writer Seems Ready To Spill The Beans
The Jolie-Pitts Look A Bit Scary in Wax
Quick Hits: Calista Flockhart Returns to Television
Is Someone With Child?
Pierce Brosnan's New Gig
Are TomKat Set To Wed?
Colin Farrell Made Me Like Him
Candy Not Sweet To Tori
Nick Lachey Continues Winning The Newlyweds' PR Battle
Nibbly Things: Britney Spears is Cutting Back on the Cheetos
Lindsay Lohan Needs Some Things To Do Before She Dies
Shiloh Nouvel Pitt to Be Made into Wax Baby
Sausage Hookers from Hooters
Brangelina Resurfaces!
Lance Bass Comes Out of the Closet - He's Gay!
Matthew Perry & Aaron Sorkin Joke About Bad TV and Drugs
Madonna's Concert Tour Demands
Sean Preston Federline Is One Big Baby
Music in the Morning: Justin Timberlake's 'SexyBack'
Exclusive: Natalie Portman vs. Paparazzi
George Michael's Wedding Is Off
Christina Aguilera New Album Not So Sexual
Remains of the Day: Prince Harry Makes Some Adjustments
Jessica Alba is in Talks For 'The Eye'
David Hasselhoff Off The Booze
Lionel Richie Gets Feeling Hurt by The Media
Tom Cruise Gets Domain Name
Quick Hits: Orlando Bloom No Longer Bangs Groupies
Keira Knightley Restrains Her Boobs
Janet Jackson Enjoys Her Drama-Free Man
Fashion Fix: Star Jones' Body Make Up Ruins Couch
Natalie Portman Goes Postal On Paparazzi
Christie Brinkley's Hubby Very Sorry
Ouch, That's Gotta Hurt
Nibbly Things: Colin Farrell Gets A Restraining Order
Robbie Williams Calls Out Guy Ritchie
Matthew McConaughey Gets Some Post Surfing TLC
Beauty Buzz: Super Models Make Super Comebacks
Okay, Jeremy Piven's Birthday Party Was Just Plain Wierd
Paris Hilton Throws Back One Too Many
Dessarae Bradford Quote of the Day
Celebrity Mundane: Halle Berry Carries Her Dogs
Model Behavior
Music in the Morning: 'SexyBack' Preview
Lindsay Lohan Confounds
Salma Hayek Denies Claims She Has $100 Million
WWD Fails To Mention Who Brought You the First Black Orchid Scoop
Matthew McConaughey Surfs Once Again
Remains of the Day: Paris Hilton Exits Safely From Vehicle
Katie Couric Quote Taken out of Context
Eva Longoria Loves Dolphins
Blog Dish: Captain Jack Sparrow Worship
Madonna Adopting African Village
Rihanna Cheated On Former Boyfriend
Quick Links: Kim Basinger and Jodie Foster?
Oprah Getting Heat for Denying She's Gay
'Miami Vice' on Big Screen Thanxx to Jamie Foxx
Kylie Minogue Concert Ticket Frenzy
Daily News' Hud Morgan Gets Blown Off Over and Over
Expensive Yacht Helps Rekindle Beckham's Love
Miss Universe Passes Out
Matthew McConaughey's Not Quite Moment of Zen
Woman Who Interrupted Colin Farrell's Tonight Show Appearance Tells Different Story
Jessica Simpson Running Scared
Who's Yapping on the Phone?
Nibbly Things: Beyonce and Tina Knowles Sued
YWYWTBYN: Good For The Soul or Good For The Wallet?
George Michael Caught In Park Sex Tryst With 58-Year-Old Pot-Bellied Man
An Unfabulous Mariah Carey
An Encounter With Paula Abdul
An A-Lister And Her Boozy Brother
Kirsten Dunst Makes Up With Chanel
This Article Made Me Like Monica A Little More
Have A Socialite's Night: Tom Jones Plays the Hollywood Bowl
Christina Augilera Promotes Her Ass Off
Remains of the Day: Jack Nicholson Seems To Like Stripes
David Beckham Plays Daddy
'How Not To Look Fat,' The Tips
Paris Hilton CD Details
Sienna Miller and Jude Law Class It Up
The Divine Sisterhood of The Traveling Panties
Hayden Christensen Is All Smoky
Quick Hits: The Kelly Clarkson Chop
Jessica Simpson Not Helping OK Magazine Sales
Viggo: Full Frontal
Kim Cattrall Is Banned
Jake Gyllenhaal And Lance Armstrong, BFF
The Dramatic Life Of Anderson Cooper
Advertiser Role Call
Lindsay Lohan Finished Reading Tabloids
Leah Remini Talks about Suri Cruise
Tara Reid Likes Her Champagne in the Afternoon
The Donald Speaks Out About Britney Spears
Colin Farrell Confronted by Woman on 'Tonight Show'
Nibbly Things: Kevin Federline Promises Not to Suck
Mischa Barton Almost Gives the Store Away
Beyonce Had Tough Time With 'Dreamgirls' Role
Brandon Routh Is Rapping Officer Dino Wong
Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Are Not Getting Married Anytime Soon
Naomi Campbell Arrested and Released!
Music in the Morning: Gnarls Barkley - 'Smiley Faces'
'Snakes on a Plane' Not to Be Screened by Critics
Pam in a Pickle with PETA
'How Not To Look Fat,' The Winners
Naomi Campbell Damages Yacht
Remains of the Day: Paula Abdul Could Use a Lift
Jordan Suffers Miscarriage
Natasha Lyonne Sighting
In Defense of Paris Hilton
Quick Hits: Kristin Cavallari Embraces Fake Hair Trend
The Stars Come Out For ABC
'Project Runway's' Malan
A $30,000 Date with Jessica Biel
Beauty Brings People Together
Who Is Our Favorite Daddy?
Blog Dish: Are You Hungry Enough to Eat the Dishes?
Ashlee Simpson Performs At Victoria's Secret Pajama Party
Tori Spelling Not Pregnant
Nicole Richie Passes Out While Shopping
Dakota Fanning Seems Intent on Creeping Me Out
Carmen and Dave Can't Say They Didn't Try
Nibbly Things: Celebrity Car Crashers
More Mean Girls Type Shit
Brad Pitt Quote of the Day
Project Runway: The Nightmare of My Life
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck to Flee to Boston
Tabloid Roundup: Starving is the New Black
Christina Aguilera's Marylin Monroe Inspiration
Justin Timberlake Gets Publicity for His New Album
Music in the Morning: Jessica Simpson's 'Public Affair'
Linda Evangelista to Grace the Cover of Vogue--Pregnant
Coming This Season on 'Flavor of Love'
Surfing With Matthew McConaughey
Remains of the Day: Kirsten Dunst Heats Things Up
Paris Gets Off Easy
'How Not To Look Fat,' Your Last Chance
Lindsay Lohan with Her Third Choice
Quick Hits: Remember Pat O'Brien's Betsy?
Colin Farrell Clean and Sober
Dave Navarro Likes Chicks with Fake Boobs
Peter Cook Gives New York Daily News Something To Focus On
Mary-Kate Olsen Glams It Up
Bobby and Whitney On The Rocks Again?
Heidi Klum Not Delivering Third Child Via Water Birth
Jessica Simpson Makes Out with Friend, Dane Cook
Eddie Murphy to Wed Scary Spice
Matthew McConaughey's Moment of Zen
Nibbly Things: Maddox Jolie, The Cutest Kid in Hollywood
National Enquirer Apologizes to Britney Spears
Jonathon Rhys Meyers does Versace
Celebrity Mundane: Cindy Crawford Shops
Lance Armstrong's Rear Joke
John Cusack Restrains Alleged Stalker
Jamie Pressly Advises Models Not To Act
Music in the Morning: Fergie's 'London Bridge'
Paris Hilton Still Predictable
BREAKING: Leah Remini Confirms Suri Cruise's Existence
Oliver Stone Still Deliciously Crazy
What The Hell Is Britney Talking About?
Remains of the Day: Jake Shears Flaunts It
How Does Madonna Stay So Muscled? A $7,000 Plate
Beauty Buzz: Tara Reid's Showing Wear and Tear
Blog Dish: How To Fly Into An Ineffectual Rage
Denise Richards Baring It All for Charity
Katie Holmes Really Loves Shopping at Barneys
Pam Anderson Gets Engaged to Kid Rock
Let's Hope Marc Jacobs Doesn't Want to Be As Thin As His Models
Quick Hits: Urkel Lives!
The Television Critics Association Tour
Oprah Still Not Gay for Gayle
Christina Aguilera Issues a Refund
A Candid Diana Bianchi
Keira Knightley's Daytime Fashion
Beyonce Album Cover
Trouble Brewing in The Jones-Reynolds Household?
Paris Hilton Thinks Quite Highly Of Herself
Nibbly Things: George W. Bush Gives A Rubdown
Gwen Stefani Loves Her Baby
'How Not To Look Fat' Contest Reminder
Fashion Fix: Cate's Granny Panties
Carson Daly's Not Looking Very Pretty
Method Man on Wendy Williams
Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro Finally Split Up
Brad Pitt Still In His "Doing Good" Phase
Outkast Nixing Oprah Appearance
Remains of the Day: Even More Rachel Ray
Project Runway: How Do You Say Cheater in German?
The sh_t heard 'round the world
Fashion Confuses Tara Reid
Thankfully, Some Michael Jackson News
Win A Date With Jessica Biel
Lindsay Lohan Freaks When She Has Zits
Quick Hits: Some Classic Heidi Klum
Justin Timberlake Was Doing So Well...Until Now
'How Not To Look Fat' Contest
Cristiano Ronaldo Knows How To Make Himself Look Extra Beautiful
Lauren Conrad Tries To Make Her Move
Tom Cruise Helps Honor Steven Spielberg
Christie Brinkley Kicks Her Cheating Hubbie to The Curb
Avril Lavigne Takes A Walk Down The Aisle
Paris Hilton Kissing Brandon Davis
Nibbly Things: Katie Holmes Enjoys A Nice Cherry Soda
Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Attend The Same Party
YWYWTBYN: Cry Me A River
Mischa Barton Lets One Slip
Anne Coulter Flashes Panties To Donnie Deutsch
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Try To Hide
Music in the Morning - Kelly Clarkson's 'Go'
An Undesirable Movie Producer
'20 Times A Lady' Winning Entry No. 5
'20 Times A Lady' Winning Entry No. 4
'20 Times A Lady' Winning Entry No. 3
'20 Times A Lady' Winning Entry No. 2
The Closest To Reassuring Pete Doherty News Yet
Mr. T Giving Up His Gold
A Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey Collabo on The Horizon?
Remains of the Day: Taylor Hanson is a Baby Making Machine
Have A Socialite's Night: Steven Spielberg Comes To Chicago