Archives: June, 2006

Caption It! #133
Have A Socialite's Night: Joan Didion Reads In Central Park
Madonna And Lourdes To Collaborate On Book
Remains of the Day: Mariah Carey Only Eats Purple Food
Kylie Minogue Comes Out
Thank You Associated Press
Fashion Fix: Lindsay Lohan Needs Your Help
Pink Shows Off Her Softer Side
A Questionable Tori Spelling
Liv Tyler Helps Launch New Vonage Phone
Quick Hits: The Brazilian Soccer Team Exposed
Hats Off To Dan "The Man" Abrams
Emilie de Ravin From 'Lost' Ties The Knot
Blog Dish: The Wheelchair Bound Pornstar
Angelina Jolie Baby Shower Pics Came From Her Brother's Camera
Botox Brides And Some Charlize Theron Dirt
Fergie Sings
Advertiser Roll Call
Paris Hilton Turns It Up
Nibbly Things: Lil' Kim Is Coming Home
Is Janice Dickinson A Thief?
Rita Cosby Gets The Ax
Daughter CoCo Gives Courtney Love A Hand
ABC Told Star Jones To Lie!
Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey Divorce Imminent
Star Magazine Is So Tactful
Music In The Morning: David Hasselhoff
Social Hollywood Party Pics
This Week On The Hills
Black Eyed Peas Give Guard More Than A Black Eye
Remains Of The Day: Brad Pitt's Identity Fraud
Rapper Khia Dissing Janet Jackson For No Good Reason
David Hasselhoff To Sing Away His Pain
Christina Aguilera Is Not Having A Baby Any Time Soon
Donald Trump's Not A Fan Of Germs
Charlize Theron Receives The Spirit Of Independence Award
Quick Hits: Will Natalie Portman Get To Play Sally Bowles?
Jessica Alba Lines Up Another Role
Keith Olbermann Gives It To Bill O'Reilly
Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Survive Rough Patch
Page Six Is Asking
The Definition Of Vulgar
Nibbly Things: ABC Is Not Messing Around With Star Jones
Charlize Theron Gives Good Face
Tori Spelling Uses Her Father's Death To Fuel Feud With Mother
Pamela Anderson Strips For PETA
Beauty Buzz: You Too Can Look Like Jennifer Aniston
Britney's Moving Back To Louisiana
Tabloid Roundup: OCD Means Something Else In Britney's World
It's A Pickle
Kate Moss, Right Back Where She Started
Janet Jackson Is Back
Remains Of The Day: Anna Nicole Smith's New Diet
Michelle Rodriguez Goes For A Softer Look
Blog Dish: Go On, Ride Your Dadddy
It's A Honeymoon Kiss
Brad Pitt Gives Good Space
Demi Moore Will Gladly Go Under The Knife
Avril Lavigne Quote Of The Day
Tom Cruise Wants To Bring 'MI:4' To Tokyo
Anderson Cooper Slums It
Quick Hits: Barbara Walters Explains The Whole Star Jones Debacle
The 2006 BET Awards
"It's Up To You, New York..."
Nibbly Things: Jessica Simpson Heats Things Up With Dane Cook
The Lindsay Lohan News Roundup
The Dreaded Server Issues
Fashioning the Environment
Britney Spears As Never Seen Before
Naomi Campbell May Be Saved By Plea Deal
Star Jones Says Goodbye
Ashlee Simpson Won't Be Featured In Playboy
Andy Roddick Tackles The Man Purse
Jessica Simpson Refutes Claims That She's Dating Jared Leto
Celebrity Baby Monitor: Sharon Stone Adopts Third Child
Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Arrive In Tahiti
Remains Of The Day: Bill O'Reilly's Version Of The Far Right And Left
Madonna May Look Good For Her Age, But Her Hands Don't
Anna Nicole Smith's Unborn Child = Cold Hard Cash
Beauty Buzz: The Devil Made Her Wear Positive Red 857
Brandon Routh's Former Life
Quick Hits: John Mayer Is A Pig
Boy George Will Be Doing Community Service
I've Said It Before, Ryan Phillippe Is The Cutest Dad
My DVR hates Janice Dickinson
Jessica Simpson's New Video
Star Jones Claims She Was Fired From 'The View'
Nibbly Things: Axl Rose Allegedly Bites Security Guard
Beyonce And Jay-Z, Maybe Not So Broken Up
Up With Scientology!
Nicole Kidman Never Married Tom Cruise In Eyes Of Catholic Church
Bobbi Kristina Brown Poses
Star Jones To Announce She's Leaving 'The View'
The Devil's Pervert
Pharrell Williams Drinks Cristal
Oh No, Richard Has Eaten All The Corn Flakes
Tom Cruise Takes The Bullet
Gwen Stefani Prepares For New Role
Remains Of The Day: Britney And Kevin Are Priceless
Marcia Cross Married This Weekend As Well
Selma Blair and P Diddy?
Keira Knightly Wears A Wet T-Shirt
Quick Hits: Courtney Love Works It
Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Head Off On Their Honeymoon
YWYWTBYN: Everybody Loves Charlie!
'Pirates of the Carribbean' Premiere
Blog Dish: Mmmm. Chocolate and Bacon
Paris Hilton Touches Down For Pee Break
Eva and Jess BFF
Cameron Diaz Lets One Pop Out
Nibbly Things: Stride - The 'It Gum'
Britney Spears' Value Takes A Beating
Just How Much Is Suri Cruise Worth?
Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban's Wedding
Who Is Having A Footwear Issue?
Lloyd Grove Talks Gossip
An Actor With A Secret Double Life
Music In The Morning: I Love My Blog Husband
Lilly Looking to Get Lost
April Scott, the New Daisy Duke
Katie Holmes and Katherine McPhee Separated At Birth
Nelly Furtado, Hippie Mom
Mariah Carey, Sean Combs, and Jamie Foxx get Hollywood Stars
Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Face Off
David Hasselhoff Cries Like A Little Bitch
Slash Seems Like A Nice Guy
Teri Hatcher Staying Put
Phil Spector to Go on Trial
Naomi Campbell Accidentally Mingles With Regular People
Nicole and Keith Want 'Normal' Wedding
Jamie Lynn Sigler about to sign up for Season 7 of "The Sopranos"
Lindsay Lohan Nearly Flashes Her Nipple
I Kind of Always Knew I'd End Up Your Ex-Girlfriend
Brangelina Baby Shower Pix
Mischa Barton in Wrinkled, Brown Overalls
Anna Nicole Kills Another Old Man
Nelly Furtado CD Release Party in Hollywood
Aaron Spelling Dead at 83
Anderson Cooper On The Pitfalls Of Fame
Jessica Simpson Copying Madonna?
Caption It! #132
And Just When I Thought I Couldn't Get Any Worse
Have A Socialite's Night: Keane Comes To The Bowery Ballroom
Naomi Campbell Works It
Quick Hits: LaToya Jackson Is Almost As Freaky As Michael
Andy Warhol Wig Goes For $10,800
Seal Loses In Court
David Hasselhoff Quote Of The Day
Lindsay Eaten By A Giant Black Bush
Blog Dish: Joe Simpson, Former Minister
Mariah Carey And Janet Jackson Team Up
Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Still Together
Eminem's Divorcing In Secret
Nicole Kidman Wedding Details
Advertiser Roll Call
Britney Spears Craves Ice
Nibbly Things: Maddox Paparazzo Was Not Tresspassing
Eva Longoria Fine After Car Crash
The Keith Urban That Used To Be
Jessica Simpson's Nose
Tom Cruise Wants Ten Children
Tori Spelling Has Reconciled With Father
Anderson Cooper Is Giddy
Helena Bonham Carter's Pantaloonsies
Reese Witherspoon's Clothing Choices Confuse
It's Not Nice To Jump The Fence At Maddox Jolie-Pitt's Daycare Center
Has Keanu Reeves Proposed?
Quick Hits: Britney Spears Changes Shades
Christina Aguilera Loves Herself
Sienna Miller Glitters
We're Loving The Brazilian World Cup Team
All In The Family
The Forgotten Child
Blog Dish: Is Eva Longoria A Bitchy Friend?
Celebrities Celebrate 'Superman Returns'
Pete Doherty To Publish Personal Diaries
Nicole Kidman Gets A Prenup
Celebrity Baby Monitor: Is Nicky Hilton Knocked Up?
Katharine McPhee Reveals Eating Disorder
Nibbly Things: Justin Timerlake Dumps Cameron Diaz
Hayden Christensen Likes Blondes
Who Wears Short Shorts?
Beauty Buzz: Take Me Away
Kevin Federline Vows To Save The Penny
Reese Witherspoon Not Pregnant And Suing Star Magazine
America Embraces Fat Actors
Music In The Morning: Ashlee Simpson
Mariah Carey Weight Loss Secret
Whitney Houston Is Supposedly Clean Once Again
You Can Help Save Screech's Home
Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta Jones Won't Reproduce Again
Quick Hits: Are Marc Jacobs And Jason Preston Back Together?
Brittany Murphy To Be Engulfed In Pixie Dust
Tabloid Roundup: Brangelina Is Back
Paula Abdul Ripped To Shreds By British Press
Who Is Lindsay Lohan's Mystery Man?
Blog Dish: Gavin Henson To Have Role In Gay Rugby Film
LL Cool J Has Not Resorted To Plastic Surgery
Young Hollywood's In Love With The Sidekick
Zahara Jolie-Pitt Is Jealous Of Shiloh Nouvell Jolie-Pitt
Rumor Mill: Is Matthew Fox Being A Bad Boy?
The Paris of the United States!
Some Bones Have Washed Ashore
Nibbly Things: Just How Together Are The Federlines?
Tom Cruise Still Riding The Crazy Train
Lindsay Lohan Clashes With Paris HIlton And Sean Combs
Nicole Kidman Gets A Birthday Boost
The Educational Merits of 'The Devil Wears Prada'
Helena Christensen Is A Gypsy
Would You Like Some Crack Sprinkled On Top?
Music In The Morning: Christina Aguilera
Halle Berry With Kitty
Jennifer Aniston Quote Of The Day
Kate Moss Will Not Pen Tell All After All
Quick Hits: Jeremy Piven Steps Over A Line
Michelle Rodriguez Has A Thing For Colin Farrell
Celebrity Baby Monitor: Heidi Klum's Pregnant
A Billy Joel Giveaway Winner!
Could I Have A Little Less Tongue Please?
Blog Dish: Dan Rather Says Goodbye To CBS
Cristiano Ronaldo Warms Up?
Colin Farrell Buys Hollywood Villa
Tori Spelling Brings Out The Claws
The Devil Wears Prada Premiere
Evangeline Lily's New Gig
Nibbly Things: Has Beyonce Dumped Jay-Z?
Kevin Federline Lights Up Miami
Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Ply Paparazzi With Beer
Beauty Buzz: Paris Hilton's 'Just Me'
Jake Gyllenhaal Reassembles A Bike
James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' Song Brings Girl Out Of Coma
Prince Is Funky
Lindsay Lohan Quote Of The Day
Paris Hilton Meets The Man Who Bought Her Stuff
Kate Beckinsale Has Great Aim
Party Patrol: Beauty Mix 2
Mischa Barton Plays Dress Up
Quick Hits: Natasha Lyonne Is Alive!
Boy George Is A Wanted Man
YWYWTBYN: Rest in Peace
Comedic Lovers Jim Carrey And Jenny McCarthy
A Billy Joel Giveaway!
Blog Dish: Cristiano Ronaldo Makes World Cup Debut
Britney Spears Had No Handlers For 'Dateline' Interview
Nick Lachey Axes
Brad Pitt Heading Back To Work
Scary Photo Of The Day
Nicole Kidman Pregnant? Another Look.
Nibbly Things: Is Lindsay Lohan Insecure?
Once Again, Gwen Stefani And Her Newborn Kingston
Angelina Jolie Was Frightened During Birth
Another Week, Another Pete Doherty Arrest
Who's Grabbing That Ass?
Connie Chung Says Farewell
It's Always The Decorator
Weekly Roundup: Britney Spears Lets It All Out
Caption It! #131
Gwyneth Paltrow To Summer In England
Have A Socialite's Night
Kevin Federline To Actually Work
Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets An Apology
Quick Hits: F That
Advertiser Roll Call
Kate Beckinsale Sexy But Not Scandalous
Breaking: Hilary Duff Is Still A Virgin
Jennifer Aniston Has A Sense Of Humor
Blog Dish: Is Brittany Murphy Begging For A "Got Milk" Campaign?
Shakira Gives English Soccer Team The Greatest Gift Ever
Jason Preston Replaced By Lohan
Paris Hilton: Pot Smoker
Anderson Cooper Snags First Angelina Jolie Post Pregnancy Interview
Victoria Beckham Styles All The WAGS
Nibbly Things: Brandon Davis Does Rehab
Britney Spears Is An Emotional Wreck
Beyonce's Dinner Is Disrupted By PETA
Kate Bosworth Studied For 'Superman' Role
Joaquin Phoenix Wishes You Could Pronounce His Name Correctly.
The King Of Bling, Jacob The Jeweler, Is Busted
Music In The Morning: Madonna's 'Get Together' Video
What Is The State Of Carmen Electra's Marriage?
Jack Black Was A Blubbering Idiot During The Birth Of His Child
Quick Hits: Helena Bonham Carter's Fashion Sense
Keith Olbermann Quote Of The Day
Ashlee Simpson Is Different
A Sneak Peak At The Britney Spears 'Dateline' Interview
Kate Moss Is In The Clear!
Blog Dish: Why Are People's Hottest Bachelors Bachelors?
Hugh Jackman Gives Good Charity
Beauty Buzz: Have You Purchased Your Father's Day Gift Yet?
Natalie Portman And Gael Garcia Bernal Reunite
Anderson Cooper Experiments With The Freshmaker
Scarlett Johansson On Set
Scientology Fact Of The Day
Nibbly Things: Bruce Willis Allegedly Assaults Paparazzo
Lindsay Lohan Loses Her Cool With The Paparazzi
Nicole Kidman Rumored To Be Pregnant
Girls Gone Wild, Sex Change, Or Campbell Soup
Hilary Duff Claims Her Music Is Misunderstood
You Must Read Headlines Carefully