Archives: May, 2006

David Beckham To Sort Of Write Third Book
Sean Federline's Dent
Quick Hits: The Story of Shiloh's Namibity
Rachel Weisz's Apeish Eyebrows
Let's All Celebrate National Break Up Day
Hugh Jackman Officially Adopts Daughter Eva
Blog Dish: Paris Hilton's Video Boy Toy Is Model Lucas Babin
Meet The New Kevin Federline
Jennifer Lopez To Enter Reality TV Realm
I Hate My Co-Worker Contest Reminder
The Two Sides Of Kate Bosworth
Nicky Honey, Get It Together
Who Was Stacy Kiebler Kissing At Pure?
Nibbly Things: Elizabeth Taylor Is Not Knocking On Death's Door
Keira Knightley's Night Out By The Loo
Goodbye Katie Couric, For 'Today'
Mariah Carey And Her Legs
Beauty Buzz: Tanning Time
Mariska Hargitay Is All About The Kids
So You Think You Can Dance?
Kate Moss vs. The Paparazzi
Ben Affleck's Emergency Room Confusion
Bonnie Fuller And Kimora Lee Simmons Will Make Everything Better
Mischa Barton Is Bitchy
Quick Hits: Will Madonna Be Must See TV?
You Wish You Were Them, But You're Not
Michelle Rodriguez Out Of Jail After Four Hours And 20 Minutes Of Hard Time
Kristen Cavalleri Visits The Moon
Caption It! Contest #128 Winner
Nicole Richie Bikini Photos
Blog Dish: Ashton And Demi Make Surprise Iowa Appearance
Paris Hilton Snubs Own Film Premiere
Tabloid Roundup: Angelina 2 - Jen 0
Jodie Marsh Goes Mobile
The Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Update
Is Britney Spears Going To Finally Dump Kevin Federline?
Nibbly Things: Halle Berry's All For A Baby, Not For A Husband
Katie Holmes Makes It To Second Base
Designers Are Going Stealth
Jude Law And Sienna Miller Still At It
Let's Go For That Sensationalistic Headline
Mariah Carey Insures Her Stumps For $1 Billion
Celebrities With Drug Problems
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Give Birth To The Most Beautiful Baby In The World
Is Angelina Jolie Scheduled For A C-section?
Caption It! #128 Contest
Kristen Cavalleri To Play Daisy Duke
Quick Hits: Hilary Swank And Chad Love Set To Divorce
Gwen Stefani Gives Birth To A Baby Boy
Nelly Furtado Makes A Splash In London
Have A Socialite's Night: Spend Saturday Afternoon With Victoria Gotti
James Blunt Quote Of The Day
Blog Dish: Scott Peterson Has A Juror Groupie
BREAKING: Gwen Stefani Has Gone Into Labor
Fans Want Oprah Winfrey To Have Nobel Prize
Advertiser Roll Call
Britney Spears With Heaving Wax Breasts
Hugh Jackman Is Not A Steroid Using Homosexual
Is Sandra Bullock Pregnant?
Nibbly Things: Michelle Rodriguez Back In Jail
Beyonce Tells Jay-Z To Lose Weight
Brandon Davis Quote Of The Day
Even Budweiser Doesn't Want To Be Associated With Tara Reid
Kate Moss Pulls A Sienna Miller
Jared Leto Comes Out?
Babies: Celebrity Accessories
Is Ben Affleck Going To Explore The Final Frontier?
Jennifer Aniston's Hair Issues
David Beckham Gets Into Uniform
The Pussycat Dolls' Dolls Have Been Put To Sleep
Quick Hits: New Yorkers, Please Beware Of The Pedestrian Killing Bouncers
Little Girls Everywhere Can Soon Dress Like Beyonce
Janet Jackson Should Be Pissed At Mariah Carey
Paris Hilton Voted This Year's Top Gay Icon
Brian Austin Green Gets Grabbed
Blog Dish: The Enron Boys Are Guilty
Victoria Silvestedt Is One Popular Woman
Beauty Buzz: Victoria Principal's Possible Mess
Britney's Pain
Wilmer Valderrama's Quotes Of The Day
Tom Cruise's Restroom Shame
Nibbly Things: Meet Brandon Davis's Worst Nightmare
Faye Dunaway, Meet Hilary Duff
'American Idol' Brings David Hasselhoff To Tears
Kirsten Dunst Experiences Cannes
Joe Cocker Wins 'American Idol'
Christina Aguilera To Play Tempest Storm
Ryan Seacrest Flirts With Anderson Cooper
Kevin Federline Talks To The Media
Anne Hathaway Is Finished With Designer Duds
When Are You So Drunk That You Should Be Dead?
Quick Hits: Brad Pitt Is A Naughty Daddy
More Than You'll Want To Know About Julia Stiles
Let Us Mourn The Loss Of A Daily Tony Danza Fix
Kimora Lee Simmons Suffers For Her Art
Blog Dish: Is Kristen Cavallari A Shoplifter?
Goldie Hawn And Her Lips
Bill O'Reilly Has Shown Me The Light
Kylie Minogue Set To Marry Oliver Martinez Twice
You Have To Love The British Press
Kristen Bell Is The World's Sexiest Vegetarian
Nibbly Things: There's Trouble In The Land Of TomKat
The Unfortunate Choices Of Mimi
Jude Law And Sienna Miller Are Back At It
Paris Hilton Waves For Cash
It Really Is Over
Free Plastic Surgery At Cannes!
Mischa Barton Quotes Of The Day
Anderson Cooper Addresses The Yalies
The Baby Is Coming, The Baby Is Coming!
Quick Hits: Julia Roberts Wins, Okay Not Really
One Last Thing Sweepstakes Winner!
Sandra Bullock's Stalker Problems
Fashion Fix: Tommy Can You Hear Me?
Colin Farrell Joins Woody Allen Film
Blog Dish: Fran Drescher To Enter Into Politics
Bradon Davis Is Icky Poo
Tabloid Roundup: Britney And Babies
Vince Vaughn Quit Smoking For 'The Break Up'
Dramatic Design
Tara Reid's Honorable Mentions
Nibbly Things: Don't You Dare Move Tommy Hilfiger's Girlfriend's Drink
Denise Richards And Richie Sambora Together In Italy
Dr. 90210 Comes To The Rescue
Don't Ask Clay About Anything Gay
Beauty Buzz: Britney Spears' Fantasy
Victoria Beckham Is Charitable
Inside Lindsay Lohan's Limo
Beware Of Lindsay Lohan Fans Mr. Davis
Penelope Cruz Is Anti-LA
Quick Hits: Nicole Kidman Hires Bette Midler For Her Wedding
Mary Kate Olsen Channels Her Inner Michael Jackson
Caption It! #127 Contest Winner
Jessica Simpson RAW
One Last Thing Sweepstakes
Blog Dish: Don't Touch The Mischa
Madonna On Why She Married Guy Ritchie
Beware Of Trying To Photograph Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt
Dita Von Teese And Chad White
You Wish You Were Them, But You're Not
Tommy Hilfiger In Brawl With Axl Rose
Nibbly Things: Beyonce Had To Lose Weight For 'Dreamgirls'
Paris Hilton Does Cannes In Pictures
Elton John Delcares All Photographers Should Be Shot
Vince Vaughn Quote Of The Day
Lindsay Lohan And Stavros Niarchos Heat It Up
Jennifer Garner Almost Burned Down Her House
Who Is The Comedian That Switched Teams?
Caption It! #127 Contest
Brittany Murphy Sluts It Up For Maxim
Quick Hits: Hugh Jackman Gets In Shape
Have A Socialite's Night: Are You Ready For A Shoe Frenzy?
Uma Thurman And 'The Swarm'
While Britney Spears' Antics Spark Legistlation . . .
Brandon Davis Apologizes To Lindsay Lohan
Dita Von Teese To Strip For The Beckhams
Blog Dish: Superman Is Coming
Elisha Cuthbert Parties
Naomi Campbell To Throw 72-Hour Birthday Party For Herself
Courtney Love And Her Hair Do Some Shopping
Advertiser Roll Call
How Is Nicole Richie Spending Her Spare Time?
Nibbly Things: Charlie Sheen Is 'A [Bleep]ing Perv'
Britney Spears Is Only Human
Fashion Fix: $14.99 And Fabulous
Brandon Routh Puked While Watching Superman As A Child
Is Britney Spears Bodyguard A 70's Gay Porn Star?
Beyonce Knowles: Fashion Executive
Bruce Willis Enjoys Sex
Oops There Goes Sean Preston Federline In Pictures
Mariah Carey's Got Legs
How About A 'Will & Grace' Finale Preview
'The Lost Blogs" Book Giveaway Winners
Britney Spears Almost Drops Sean Preston
Quick Hits: Fun With Brandon Davis
Breaking News: Jennifer Lopez Confirms Pregnancy
Nicole Kidman Is Looking At A Nashville Wedding
Eva Longoria's Heading To Texas
Ellen Pompeo Is Frustrated By Meredith Grey
Kevin Federline Quote Of The Day
Blog Dish: Kate Moss Sure Knows How To Pick Them
Brett Ratner Wants To Photograph Lindsay Lohan Nude
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie To Donate Baby Photo Money To Charity
Access Hollywood Ruins It For OC Fans
Charlize Theron Film Company Troubles
Nibbly Things: Who Has Linday Lohan Been Hanging Out With?
America's Next Top Model: 'I'm A Cover Girl, Mommy!'
What Has Elijah Wood Been Up To?
Paris Hilton's Publicist Responds To The Brandon Davis/Lindsay Lohan Incident
Britney Spears Gives K-Fed An Ultimatium
The Case Of The Missing Front Yard
Bo Derek Lives
Brandon Davis' Lindsay Lohan Diatribe
Kate Moss Gets Paid For Lesbian Kiss
Quick Hits: 'The Devil Wears Prada'
The Beckham's Tattoo Love
Small Town Socialite: Free Tori Spelling
Janice Dickinson Is One Wise Woman
Kylie Minogue Planning Comeback Tour Dates
'The Lost Blogs' Book Giveaway - Last Chance
Jennifer Garner Says Goodbye To Alias
Blog Dish: Brandon Davis Goes Off On Lindsay Lohan
It's Over Again For Nicole Richie And DJ AM
Courtney Love Embarrassed
Katie Holmes Has The Blues
Nibbly Things: Paul McCartney Splits From Wife
Sadie Frost's A Few Sheets To The Wind
Let Lindsay Lohan In, Dammit!
Will Mischa Barton Leave The OC?
It's A Diva Bitch Fest: Mariah Carey vs. Christina Aguilera
Got Kids?
Britney Spears Did Not Break The Law
Nelly Furtado Sexes It Up
Britney Spears Quote Of The Day
Quick Hits: Sheep And Steve Carrell Don't Mix
Miracle's Really Do Happen
Halle Berry And Hugh Jackman Hit Mexico City
Blog Dish: Wilmer Valderrama Is 'Utterly Tacky'
Breaking: Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Are Engaged!
In The (Real) News: Ooops. CNN Cuts To George W. Bush During Practice Speech
Nicole Kidman Celebrates
Fashion Fix: The Plus Side To Plus Size
Is Jennifer Lopez Pregnant?
'The Lost Blogs' Book Giveaway
Where's Suri?
Nibbly Things: Julia Roberts Fails To Receive Tony Nomination
The War Is On Between Lindsay Lohan And Paris Hilton
Tori Spelling Wore White
Hollywood Threeways
Kevin Federline Is An Amazing Father
The Paris Hilton Song
Tara Reid Resurfaces
When Isn't Paula Abdul Wasted?
Ryan Phillippe Takes Walking Very Seriously
Nicole Richie Gets Punk'd (And Eats)
Quick Hits: Maxim Still Loves Eva Longoria
Caption It #126 Winner
Katie Holmes And Brooke Shields Share The Love
Race To Erase MS
Blog Dish: Ellen DeGeneres' Surprise Appearance
Britney Spears Car Seat Snafu
'The Lost Blogs' Contest
Christina Aguilera Gives Us The Goods
Gisele Bundchen Quote Of The Day
Jennifer Garner's On Display
Nibbly Things: George Michael Asleep At The Wheel Again
Angelina Jolie To Produce African Homeware Products Line
Beware Of Asking Cameron Diaz For An Autograph
Meg Ryan Needs Your Help
We Only Have The Finest DJ's In New York City
We've Got A New Coat Of Paint
Nick Lachey's Hurting
Paris Hilton vs. Nicole RIchie Celebrity Death Match
A Drunk Dialing Celebrity
Caption It #126 Contest
Rose McGowan's Looking Fierce
Quick Hits: On The Seventh Day, The Lord Saved '7th Heaven'
Josh Lucas Quote Of The Day
The Electronic Entertainment Expo Is The Place To Be
Have A Socialite's Night: Catch Elvis Costello
Gisele Bundchen Gabs Away
Evan Dando Popped Bijou's Cherry In Rehab
Hilary Duff In Trouble With Animal Activists
Advertiser Roll Call
Jessica Simpson Is Generous
Party Patrol: Tease
Rumor Mill: Charlize Theron Is Getting Married
Lindsay Lohan Gone Wild
Blog Dish: Tom Cruise Doesn't Deliver Suri Photos On Ellen
Tila Tequila And Her 1,027,770 Friends
Has Rachel Green Hurt Jennifer Aniston?
Paris Hilton Doesn't Even Know The Name Of Her Own Video Game
Fergie Sinks The Ship
Nibbly Things: O.J. Simpson, Still A Class Act
Oprah's Legends Ball
Lindsay Lohan vs. Scott Baio
Maggie Gyllenhaal's Prepartum Depression?
Fashion Fix: Interview With A Fashionista
Guess Who's A Scientologist?
How About Some Nacho Libre Swank?
Nicole Richie Explains Paris Hilton Feud
Kate Bosworth's Zipper Issues
The Ron Meyer, Brad Grey, And Jerry Bruckheimer Quotes Of The Day
Quick Hits: Denise Richards Gets Dumped
Oh, That Crazy Kiefer Sutherland
Stephen Fretwell Giveaway Winner!
Michelle Rodriguez Had An 'Amazing Experience' In Jail
Blog Dish: How About Some Victoria's Secret Perfume?
In Case You Missed Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential Party
Who Is The Coffee Diva?
Mary Louise Parker
Scientology Gives You Super Powers
Rachel Bilson Hates Beagles
Nibbly Things: Richie Sambora Claims He Didn't Cheat On Heather Locklear
Kate Beckinsale Is Paranoid Over Her Breath
America's Next Top Model: 'Oh, Phuket'
A Brooke Shields Family Portrait
Red Light Winter Amsterdam Weekend Giveaway
Victoria Beckham And Sienna Miller Are Like Best Friends Forever