Archives: April, 2006

America's Next Top Model: THAILAND!
Party Patrol: 'Across The Hall'
Caption It! #124 Contest
Gael Garcia Bernal Is AnOtherMan
Kylie Minogue Is Back In The Studio
Quick Hits: Sienna Miller To Launch Jeans Line
Advertiser Spit And Polish
Teri Hatcher Is Luckless
Tom Cruise Goes Shopping
Have A Socialite's Night
Juanes Quote Of The Day
Blog Dish: Michael Jackson And Paula Abdul Were Separated At Birth
Fashion Fix: Grapevine Gossip Is Lighting Up My Bat Phone
Kelly Osbourne And Kevin Zegers
A Devil Wears Prada Sneak Peak
Michelle Pfeiffer Is Making A Comeback
Would You Like A Corpse With That Pizza?
Package Watch: Hugh Jackman As Wolverine
Nibbly Things: More Trouble For The Baldwins
Blow Out: Jonathan Does Hawaii
Charlie Sheen's Friends Are Backing Him Up
Is Tom Cruise A Liar?
Christina Aguilera And Mariah Carey To Go Gay?
Pete Doherty Injects Smack Into Unconscious Girl
Jennifer Love Hewitt Skews Older
BREAKING: Rosie O'Donnell Is The New Co-Host On 'The View'
Angelina Jolie Focuses On Poverty And Not Brad
Alec Baldwin's Reign Of Terror
Quick Hits: FHM Thinks Keira Kngihtley Is Sexy
For Your Listening Pleasure: Gomez
Do I Have Any Volunteers To Ice Robbie Williams' Groin?
Who Are The World's Sexiest Vegetarians?
Adam Brody Makes Losing Elle Girl Just A Little Easier
Blog Dish: Vaginal Davis Isn't A Tom Cruise Fan
Mariah Carey Is Particular About What Touches Her Lips
Jessica Alba's Near Slip
David Spade Address The Locklear/Richards Situation
Josh Holloway Is A Manly Man
Nibbly Things: Snoop Dogg's In The Doghouse
Jessica Simpson Works On Improving Her Posture
Janice Dickinson Is A Lady
Bill O'Reilly Blames The Dead
Angelina Jolie Is The Most Beautiful Person In The World
Michelle Rodriguez Is Still An Odd Bird
The Beckham's Want To Expand
'Project Runway' Returns This Summer
Matthew McConaughey On The Field
Quick Hits: Ryan Seacrest Host Extraordinaire
All The Ricky Martin And Matt Pokora You Could Ask For
Small Town Socialite
Lindsay Lohan Is Dating Brody Jenner
Jordan Graces You
Keira Knightley Is The Face Of Mademoiselle
Poor Tisha Campbell
Blog Dish: A Day Of Silence
Tom Cruise For Nike
Denise Richards Is Dead To Heather Locklear
Gratuitious Brazilian Model Post
Nibbly Things: Teri Hatcher Is Susan Meyer
Is That Mariah Carey Ringing In Your Ear?
Britney Spears Fires The Nanny
Brandon Davis Jeans
Tom Cruise Can't Wait To Wed Katie
Mary-Kate Olsen Needs Protection
Is George Michael Still Grieving?
Cameron Diaz Rubs Off On Justin Timberlake
Pink's Fix
Janice Dickison's The Life Of The Party
Quick Hits: Has Josh Lucas Become Bloated?
Brangelina Bless The Rains Down In Africa
Britney Spears Is Pregnant With Her Second Child
How About Some Nice Grilled Side Of Mother For Dinner
Fashion Fix: Prada's Porcelain Pond
Keri Russell Is Back
More Charlie Sheen Allegations
Blog Dish: Don't Criticize Barbra Streisand's Fashion Choices
Cristiano Ronaldo Dons A Speedo
Brokeback Mountain, Vermont
Lindsay Lohan Upstaged By Cher
Kevin Costner Outed In Massage Sex Scandal
Nibbly: Jamie Foxx Gets Sprayed
New Names At Target
Leave Brangelina Alone
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Likes Them Older
Colin Farrell Enjoys A Better Burger
Honey, What's Up With The Bangs?
MossTril 5000
Britney A No-Show At Kevin Federline's Listening Party
Caption It! #123 Winner
Quick Hits: Jordan Is A Whiz With Some Needle And Thread
Charlie Sheen's Foul-Mouthed Voicemails
Ryan Phillippe Skateboarding
Tom Cruise's Quickie
Jude Law And Sienna Miller Spotted Together
Blog Dish: Celebrities In Bathing Suits
Halle Berry And Her Insecurities
Denise Richards Hooks Up With Richie Sambora
Kirsten Dunst
The Natasha Lyonne Diaries
Hayden Christensen Celebrated At Tao
Nibbly Things: Brett Ratner's A Re-Gifter
A Relationship That's Not Quite Believable
Keira Knightley Is Stunning
A Crispy Paris Hilton
Jenna Jameson's Not Kid Friendly
Charlie Sheen Denies Charges Leveled By Denise Richards
Mark Ruffalo Shines In 'Awake And Sing!'
Say Hello To May Anderson
Sharon Stone Trudges On
Kathy Hilton Shows Some Affection
Caption It! #123 Contest
Tori Spelling Not 'So NoTORIous'
Evangeline Lilly Quote Of The Day
Sienna Miller's New Man
Quick Hits: Is Nicollette Sheridan Looking To Get Pregnant?
Denise Richards Levels New Charges At Charlie Sheen
Have A Socialite's Night: Fulfill Your Trapeze Fantasies
This Is How Things Should Have Been
Fashion Fix: Priscilla Has Seen Better Days
Blog Dish: Matthew McConaughey Did Not Do Something
The Newly Slim Janet Jackson
Angelina Jolie Advertiser Baby Gift Fund Drive
Ryan Phillippe Gets A Sponge Bath
Britney Spears Has Trouble Keeping Sean Preston From Falling To The Floor
Nibbly Things: Jennifer Lopez And John Travolta To Star In 'Dallas'
Paula Abdul Face Down On The Ground
United 93
Sienna Miller Hits MisShapes
Page Six Deep-Sixing Freelancers
Who Is The Proud Owner Of This Pet Giraffe?
Katie Holmes' Plan To Help Her Lose Fake Baby Weight
A Hollywood Funny Man Who Loves Twinks
Oh No, Not Again Julia
Quick Hits: Celebrate With Kevin Federline
Nicole Kidman Quote Of The Day
Red Light Winter: The Review
Pete Doherty Arrested For Possession, Just Hours After Leaving Court
Bad Easter Bunny
Jake Gyllenhaal Jumps On The Funky Facial Hair Bandwagon
And the Pulitzer Goes To...
Blog Dish: Will Brooke Shields' Baby Kick TomKat's Baby's Ass
Janice Dickinson, The Queen Of The Overly Dramatic
Leonardo DiCaprio's Dating A Draft Dodger
AHHHH! What Has Happened To Jocelyn Wildenstein?
America's Next Top Model: The Ugly Side
Nibbly Things: Moses Martin's First Official Photograph
Happy Birthday Carmen Electra!
TomKat's Baby Revealed To Be An Alien
Oh Julia, No!
Eva Longoria Could Have Led Paris Hilton Lifestyle
Superman's Brandon Routh's Got Milk
An Actress With A New Girlfriend
Is Angelina Jolie Going To Dump Brad Pitt?
Dangerous Muse Contest: Round Three Winner
Quick Hits: Teri Hatcher Did Not Have Sex In A Van
Ricky Martin Poses
It's Back To Rehab For Whitney Houston
Helena Christensen Hits Miami Beach
More TomKat Baby News
Eminem In Crisis
John Stamos
Rachel Rakes in the Bucks for Burberry
Blog Dish: The Suri Cruise Additon
Dancing With Brodie Holland
Jennifer Lopez Glams It Up
Kevin Federline Quote Of The Day
Nibby Things: Jude Law Gets His Panties In A Twist
The Paparazzi Are Probably Happy Suri Cruise Is Born Too
Blow Out: Man Tears Were Shed
Keira Knightley Is Not A Role Model
Wentworth Miller Accepts His Hunk Label
Jack White's Take On Coca-Cola
Will Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Marry In Nambia?
Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Give Birth To Suri
Kelly Clarkson Frolics On The Beach
Lindsay Lohan Dines With Marc Jacobs
Small Town Socialite: Have Some Fun With Mandy Moore
Brooke Shields Has A Baby Girl
Quick Hits: Is Moses A Clue To Gwyneth Paltrow's Psyche?
Jessica Alba Is A Tomboy
Dangerous Muse Contest: Round Three
Who Is The Unsexiest Man Of Them All?
Blog Dish: Elton John Sells Off Old Wardrobe For Charity
Christina Milian's Heart Woes
The 'Blow Out' Drinking Game
Fashion Fix: K-Fed Continues Down The Shame Spiral
The Many Looks Of Lindsay Lohan
Nibbly Things: Nicole Kidman's Name Will Halt An Interview
Colin Farrell & Nicole Narain Reach Sex Tape Settlement
Victoria Silvstedt's In Need Of Double-Sided Tape
Homeless With A Conscience
Tom Cruise Plans On Eating His Baby's Placenta
Bobbi Kristina Brown Is All Grown Up
A Hollywood Stud Falls Off The Wagon
Katie Holmes' Smile Drives Tom Cruise Crazy
Kylie Miinogue In France
It's The Tom Cruise Birthing Seminar
Quick Hits: There Will Be No Wedding For Jen At Oprah's
Caption It! #122 Winner
Lindsay Lohan's Skin Care
One Big Doobie
Blog Dish: Brittany Murphy Goes Blond
How Pete Doherty Spent His Easter Weekend
Mischa Barton For BeBe
Is Johnny Weir Too Gay For Figure Skating?
Paris Hilton Is A Lakers Fan
Nibbly Things: Sihako Pitt?
Julia Roberts Has Turned Green
Tiger Woods' Word Slip
Holy Moses
Katie Holmes To Give Birth In Home Hospital
Angelina Jolie Was The Greatest Lesbian Lover Ever
Blind Item Brain Teasers
Caption It! #122 Contest
Adam Brody And Rachel Bilson
Quick Hits: Should We Worry For Denise Vasi?
Bob Schieffer And Katie Couric's Lovefest
Have A Socialite's Night: Bijou Phillips In Hedwig
Jada Pinkett Smith: The Rocker
Blog Dish: Tom Cruise Is On Prime Time
Brad Pitt Morphs Into Maddox
Red Light Winter
When All Else Fails, Katie Holmes Shops
Jake On The Street
Advertisers That Buckle Up
Paris Hilton Quote Of The Day
Nibbly Things: Is Eminem Suicidal?
Kate Moss Is Killing British Art
Fashion Fix: Lindsay Lohan Gets Around
Keira Knightley To Play Eliza Doolittle
Katie Holmes Is A Scientologist
Greed Is Never A Good Thing
Alec Baldwin Is Out Of Touch
Why Eva, That's A Big Bottle You're Holding
Dangerous Muse Contest: Round Two Winner!
Quick Hits: Kylie Minogue Is Back
The Titanic Returns
Avril Lavigne Discovers The Paparazzi
Dave Chappelle On Why He Walked Away
Blog Dish: Lindsay Lohan Captured In Wax
Possible Future Colin Farrell Sighting
Cameron Diaz Poses
Josh Holloway Quote Of The Day
Carmen Electra Rides The Sybian
Nibbly Things: Is Paula Abdul Making Things Up?
ANTM: Payless Has The Most Exciting, Coolest, Hippest Shoes In All The Known Universe!
Kate Moss Gets Twisted
Tara Reid Goes For The Clown Makeup
What Happens When Sextuplets Really Don't Exist
Beyonce Hits The Beach
'American Idol': The Odds On Who Will Win
Tom Cruise Is A Giver And A Helper
Dangerous Muse Contest: Round Two Reminder
Quick Hits: Lindsay Lohan And Jessica Simpson In Catfight
Jake Gyllenhaal And His Friend Take In Another Laker Game
Angelina Jolie To Give Birth In Africa
Gwen Stefani Is Having A Girl
Blog Dish: Brazilians Want Their Madonna
Is Britney Pregnant Or Just Plump?
Blow Out: It's All About The Product
Scarlett Johannson To Play 14-Year-Old
Cameron Diaz And Justin Timberlake Still Together
Not Quite Mother Of The Year
Nibbly Things: Dina Lohan Pays Off Bathroom Attendant With Wad Of Cash
Sienna Miller Was Naughty On Oscar Night
Lindsay Lohan And Kate Moss, BFF
Let's Try This Again
Releasing A CD Doesn't Make You Cool
Oh My God It's Matthew McConaughey
Cindy Crawford And The Homeless Guy
Small Town Socialite: Help Ruin 'American Idol'
Quick Hits: Madonna And Guy Ritchie Had A Rough Patch
Paris Hilton Sings Happy Birthday To Hef
Dangerous Muse Contest: Round Two
Simon Rex Can't Seem To Keep His Pants On
Blog Dish: A Nude Keri Russell
Sean Preston Federline Fractures Skull
BREAKING: Child Services Plays A Visit To Britney Spears' House
Paula Abdul's A Little Off
Say Hello To Violet Affleck
Fashion Fix: It's A Yard Sale
Say Hello To Skinny Janet
Nibbly Things: Jake Gyllenhaal Is Not Coming Out
Breaking: Jessica Simpson Able To Do Two Things At Once!
Gwyneth Paltrow Is The $1.2 Million Per Minute Woman
Nick Lachey Gets Cozy With Cacee Cobb
Tom Cruise Is The Punchline
A Rocker On Drugs, Oh My
Mariah Carey Is There For Whitney Houston
Caption It! #121 Contest Winner
Quick Hits: Meredith Vieria's Former Abuse
Queen Latifah Celebrates At Snatch
When Ryan Seacrest Can Afford An $11.5 Million Dollar House...
Lions To Protect Angelina Jolie From Paparazzi
Blog Dish: Paris Hilton Amongst Filth
Jessica Alba's Monkey Encounter
Nope It's Not Mortimer Martin, It's Moses Martin
Package Watch: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Omarosa Gets A Lift