Archives: March, 2006

Caption It! #120 Contest
Cat Waves Down Passerby To Be Rescued
Heather Locklear With Richie Sambora
Blog Dish: Girls
Brodie Holland
Have a Socialite's Night: To Do This Weekend!
Advertiser Drop And Roll
Naomi Campbell's Fists Of Fury
Nibbly Things: Leo Gets Around
Jordan And Peter Andre
Joey Breaks Up A Marriage
John Travolta Has A Little Thick Head
Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo?
America's Next Top Model: Posers
Quick Hits: Will Cindy Adams Ever Get Things Right?
Cable News Is My Boyfriend: Anderson Cooper's Uniform
Cristiano Ronaldo Exposed
Blog Dish: Oh Bjork!
Tom Cruise's Shows Yahoo! Some Skin
Jessica Simpson Wants To Actually Drop Kids Off At The Pool
Ryan Seacrest And Teri Hatcher Are An Item
Nibbly Things: Paula Abdul Renews 'Idol' Contract
Whitney Houston Is Cracktastic
Tara Reid Riding In Cars With Boys
Blow Out: 'This is all for you Ash'
Yesterday's Email Issues
Brad Pitt To Make Architecture Sexy
Charisma Carpenter
Quick Hits: A Visual Wikipedia
EXCLUSIVE: Katie Holmes Birthing Poster
Pink's Brother Stole Her Girlfriend
Is Mariah Carey Expanding?
Six Toed Cat Attacks Avon Lady
Whitney Houston Is Hopelessly Hooked On Crack
Blog Dish: 8th And Ocean's Sean
Sharon Stone Offers Oral Sex Advice To Young Girl
Is It Love For Lindsay Lohan And Leonardo DiCaprio?
Nibbly Things: Justin Timberlake To Portray War Hero
Scary Face Of The Day
Brandon Routh As Superman
Jennifer Aniston Not In Marrying Race With Brad Pitt
Brokeback Mountain Wins GLAAD Award
Quick Hits: Say Goodbye To The Bluths
Kate Moss Warns Lindsay Lohan About Drink And Drugs
Fashion Fix: Say Hello To The Condom Dress
Julia Roberts For Ferre
Blog Dish: Wilmer's Women
Scarlett Johansson Is The Sexist Woman In The World
Small Town Socialite: Sharon Stone Is Back
The Many Faces Of Tom Cruise
Marc Anthony Is Very Expressive
Happiness Drove Nicole Richie To Drugs
Nibby Things: Barbra Striesand And Prince Charles?
Mariah Carey Should Not Wear Skin Tight Clothing
Wilmer Valderrama Is Hung?
Tara Reid Falls Asleep While Standing Up
Star Jones Did Not Almost Die
Eww Surrounded By Ewwwwww
Jordan Embraces Garishness
Nicole Kidman Knew Tom Cruise Was Tapping Her Phone
Quick Hits: Victoria Gotti Gets Cookin'
Is Gemma Going Down (I Hope Not)
Caption It! #119 Winner
Prozac Popping Models
Narcissism To The Nth Level
Pete Burns Goes Koo Koo
Blog Dish: Santino Rice Has Yard Sale
Kate Moss Goes On A Bender
Britney Spears And Kfed Celebrate His New Album
Tara Reid Frames Her Rack
Pam Anderson and Dita Von Teese at Chef J.'s opening
Nibbly Things: Did Demi Moore Finally Get Knocked Up?
David Hasselhoff Alleged Not So Charming Behavior
The Mirror Has Two Scary Faces
The Gays And The Call Girls
Lindsay Lohan's No Tara Reid
Weekend Roundup: Britney And Her Faux Birth
Caption It! #119 Contest
Rosario Dawson Has Imperfections
Quick Hits: The FedEx T-Shirt You've Always Wanted
Underage Drinker Busted At Mood
Advertising With Celebrities
Gisele Bundchen's Shady
Fashion Fix: Dominatrix Models Spank the L.A. Runway
Blog Dish: Will Lindsay Lohan Be Donning A Golden Lasso?
Perez Hilton Confirms He Is The Love Child Of Tom Cruise And Star Jones
Ooops I Left The Baby In The Car
Pete Doherty Kicks Photographer In The Head
Angelina Jolie Forbids Brad To Film Sex Scenes
NIbbly Things: NBC Letting Naomi Campbell Near Knives
The Penis Jacket
Chef's One Big Dead Child Molestor
What Dick Wants
Good Morning!
Pink Wants To Give Her Husband A Show
Shopping With Johnny Weir
America's Next Top Model
Quick Hits: Get Your Very Own Curt Cobain Action Figure
The Fishnets Always Give It Away
Vin Diesel's Confusing Photo Shoots
Name The Product
Blog Dish: Gold Lipstick Is Not Pretty
Former Clay Aiken Fans Speak Out
Charlie Sheen Is A Nut Job
An Afternoon With Pete Doherty
Nibbly Things: Crocodile Tears For Bernard Lacoste
Eva Longoria Claims Allure Twisted Her Words
We'll Let You Have A Go At The "It's Not Kevin Costner" Blind Item
What Would Happen If Star Jones And Tom Cruise Reproduced?
Mariah Carey To Tour With Mary J Blige
Blow Out
Quick Hits: Paula Abdul Is Important
The Bitterness Continues: Do Ugly Lawyers Make Better Employees?
An Alternative Way Of Coming Out
Brad Pitt - The Illusionist
Blog Dish: Tom Cruise And The Awkward Hug
Adriana Lima And Ana Beatriz Barros
Man Throws Own Severed Penis At Police
Cher Meets Christina Aguilera
Nibbly Things: Celine Dion, Celebrity Impressionist
What Has Gillian Anderson Been Up To?
Gwyneth Paltrow Flirts With Another Man
Daniel Craig To Go Full Frontal In New Bond Film
Naomi Campbell Voted Personality Of The Year
Tori Spelling's Not Getting Any Candy
Quick Hits: Lisa Rinna Expands
Celine Dion Is Enchanting
Welcome To An Evening In Hell
Blog Dish: The Secret Behind Jodie Marsh's Talent Revealed
It Must Be Sienna's Boyish Features That Hayden Christensen Fancies
Fashion Fix: Karl Lagerfeld And Elton John Still Feuding
Rumor Mill: Lindsay Lohan Makes Snow Angels
I Need To Know Who White Sunglass Guy Is
Nibbly Things: Star Jones Goes Under The Knife
Barron William Trump
Seemingly, Vitamins Aren't The Cure-All
Eva Longoria Racist Granny
Liza Minnelli Does Larry King
Blind Items: Junior Socialite Gone Wild!
Shakira Has A Massive Erection
Simon Cowell On Clay Aiken Gay Sex Scandal
Kirk Cameron Channels Tom Cruise's Career Path
Josh Hartnett Quote Of The Day
Pink Speaks
Quick Hits: Lola Skye Insists She Never Dated Hayden Christensen
The Reason Why Brangelina's Italian Wedding Never Happened
Caption It Contest #118 Winner
Ryan Reynolds Is Pretty
Blog Dish: Salma Hayek Goes Full-Frontal
Adriana Lima's Virtues On Display
Brazil Gets Creative With Lost Promotions
Nicole Richie's Potty Mouth
Nibbly Things: No Pedestrians Injured In Lizzie Grubman Wedding
TomKat Makes Out At Baseball Game In Front Of Children
Kirstie Alley Slims Down
Blind Items: A Male Socialite And The Stingy Rich
Paris Hilton Dumps Stavros Niarchos For Paris Latsis
Celebrities Monkey Around At ShoWest
Weekly Roundup: Brad Pitt And Angelina To Wed In Italy?
Caption It Contest #118
R Kelly Goes On
Who Ever Said Labels Were Misleading?
Quick Hits: David Beckham's Horny Look-alike
Operation Advertiser Server Relief
Rumor Mill: Hugh Jackman, Beyonce & Paris Hilton
'Daddy's Girl' Still Creeps Me Out
Blog Dish: Sienna Miller Celebrates Her Rack
Reese Witherspoon Is Pissed
The Deli Guy Says Brangelina Getting Married This Weekend
Say Hello To The Cleaning Hunk
Nibbly Things: Jessica Simpson Bails On G.W. Over Border Policy
Keeping Up The The Lohan: Lindsay Lohan And Adrien Brody!
Blind Items: Drugs, Sex and More Sex
Tori Spelling's Fiance Is An Idiot
The Power Of Tom Cruise
Someone Has Had Some Work Done
TomKat Married?
Is Teri Hatcher Dating Ryan Seacrest?
Quick Hits: Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher's Miracle Baby
TIm Gunn and Andrae Do Red Lobster
Madonna Still Knows How To Stir It Up
Couple Jailed For Robbing 5-Year-Old
Jessica Alba In FHM
Blog Dish: Britney Spears Has No Common Sense
The Bitterness Continues: Newly Married And Bitter
Mother On Board
Sharon Stone Promotes 'Basic Instinct 2' Through Peace
Nibbly Things: 'Basic Instinct 2' Premiere Is Unique
So It Turns Out, Nicole Narain Is A Greedy Whore
The Soprano's With A Twist
Christina Aguilera's "Own To Russia With Love"
Vince Wants Jennifer Aniston To Fatten Up
How Do Ciara And Bow Wow Spend Their Vacation?
Ladies, Who Would You Do?
Quick Hits: An Ailing Tammy Faye Baker
It's A Musical About Starvation And Execution!
Blog Dish: It's One Big Ball Of Gyllenhaal Love
The Bitterness Continues: Bitter May Not Be The Word
Advertise With Your Boobs
Ladies, I'm Sorry To Say, Jack Black Is Off The Market
We Can Only Hope
Beyonce Is Bootylicious
Keeping Up With The Lohan: She's A Maneater
Nibbly Things: Madonna And Guy Ritchie Dress Up, And It's Not Even Halloween
Charlize Theron Has Not Dumped Stuart Townsend
Paris Hilton Doesn't Go For The Understated
At Least Kimberly Stewart Wears Underwear
Liza With A Z
Estee Lauder's Beautiful Love
Quick Hits: Chastity Bono And Tom Cruise's Past
Jennifer Lopez To Star In 'Dallas'?
BREAKING: Nicollette Sheridan And Michael Bolton Engaged
Scarlett Johansson Is The Most Natural Beauty
A Jason Preston Update
Blog Dish: Pamela Anderson's Interesting Use Of Her Boob
Fashion Battle: Mariah vs. Lindsay
The Bitterness Continues: From A Former Dairy Queen Employee
Mariah Carey Loses Weight For Her Art
Nibbly Things: Scientology Kills The Career Of Isaac Hayes
A Nicole Kidman Pregnancy
Kevin Federline Threatens To Strip
Star Jones And Al Reynolds Pimp It Out
Free Flowing Beer?
Courtney Love To Help Pete Doherty
Yesterday's News: Jennifer Aniston Does Not Want To Be Your Victim!
Hello, Anyone There?
Dominque Swain Invents New Pose
Sean Combs On Body Hair
Blog Dish: We Want Your Opinions
Please Bear With Us
Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Resurface
Debbie Harry And Lindsay Lohan Have The Giggles
Nibbly Things: Charlize Theron Is Single
Michael Douglas Quote Of The Day
Let's Meet Jason Preston, Marc Jacob's 'Rent Boy' Sidekick
Britney Spears' Undying Love For Brad Pitt
Kimberly Stewart Is About To Burst
A Drunk X-Man With Puppy Love
Paris Hilton Photo Album For Sale On Ebay
We're Home!
How To Lose $500 Million In One Year
Quick Hits: Marc Jacobs Is Hiring
How About A Little Lindsay Lohan Rumor
'Bitter Is The New Black' Contest Winners
Angelina Jolie Worries That Brad Pitt Will Leave Her
Blog Dish: Doogie Howser Rides The B Train
The Britney Spears Pregnancy Rumors Keep Coming
What Are Your Thoughts On Gossip Blogs?
Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Live In The Hood
Mariah Is Ho-riffic In Her New Video
Nibbly Things: George Clooney Emotinally Ravaged Teri Hatcher
Advertiser Humping
Would You Really Want To Take Sex Advice From Jay McCarroll
Tom Cruise Asks Nicole To Postpone Her Wedding
Model Wannabe's Gone Wild!
Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Claiming Sidekick Hack
Amanda Lepore Heads To The Gym
Your Last Chance To Win 'Bitter Is The New Black'
Quick Hits: Sarah Silverman Likes The Word Balls
Eva Mendes & Joaquin Phoenix
Project 'Star Wars'
Pete Doherty Is A Romantic
Blog Dish: Eva Longoria Has Lesbian Crushes On Her 'Crew'
What Not To Do When Encountering A Celebrity
Sharon Stone Quote Of The Day
Once Again, No Foul Play Found In Princess Diana's Death
A Friend Used For Feed, By A Friend In Need
Nibbly Things: Tara Reid's Big Payoff
Chloe Dao Is The Next Great American Designer?
Brad Pitt Has Picked Out Baby Names
Welcome To Lindsay Lohan's Life
Adam Levine Gives Jessica Simpson Text Messsage Kiss Off
Katie Holmes Has Chosen Victoria Beckham As Birthing Partner
Lauren Hutton's Odd Oscar Fashion Choice
Have You Ever Wondered What A Drunk Christina Aguilera Looks Like?
'Bitter Is The New Black' Contest
Quick Hits: Take Home Amanda Lepore
Lil' Kim's Is One With The Lord
Sean Combs Is Daddy's Girl
Britney Spears In A Bikini
Blog Dish: Vivica A. Fox Is Hardening
The Pussycat Dolls Give Free Show
A View Of Pete Doherty I'd Rather Not Have Seen
Victoria Beckam To Play Alexis Carrington?
Say Hello To Vin Diesel's Kryptonics
Nibbly Things: Lindsay Lohan Would Do Nude For Oscar
Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz's Penis
Kate Moss Reinvents Uses For The Fabergé Egg
Teri Hatcher Reveals Former Sex Abuse
A Little Self-Depreciating Humor From David Beckham
It Must Suck To Be Bobby Brown
Donald Trump Ups The Ewww Factor
It's A Contest! Have You Ever Been Fired From Your Job?
Quick Hits: Angelina's Got A New Toy
Kevin Federline Puts His Boxers On Outside
Who Are The Bearers Of These Matching Rings?
Courtney Love And Catherine Deneuve
Sean Combs Is Unforgivable
Blog Dish: An Obscured Look At The Oscars
Caption It! Contest #117 Winner