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NFL Pro Kicker as Smooth as Manly Silk Down There

Despite the proliferation of dainty ladies, and hellbound homosexuals around here, we occasionally report on the world of sports. Ok, we report on the world of sports when some drunk football player is dumb enough to take naked pictures of himself with his camera phone and they go public.

We got…

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Lisa Timmons Sounds Off for AOL’s The Glamorous Life 2006

In the spirit of end of the year wrapping up list mania, ASL’s Lisa Timmons recently participated in AOL Music’s “The Glamorous Life’s” recent round-ups of the most glamorous moments of 2006. Check it out.

I gave a shout-out to my girl, Beyonce, for her VMA performance of “Ring the Alarm.”


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Ah, Rich White Kids With Problems

Not to trivialize the obstacles he’s faced in life–but I guess that’s what I’m about to do, since that’s the direction I need to go in order to squeeze a joke out of this.

Jack Osbourne thinks he has figured out the root of his susbstance abuse problems: DNA. From

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Bad Prom Memories?

Opting out of a chance to compete in the now wildly successful, “Dancing with the Stars,” actress, Jennifer Aniston and retired professional athlete, Reggie Miller, have decided to sit this one out, thankyouverymuch. The National Ledger reports:

When reports emerged earlier that ‘A’-lister Jennifer Aniston wanted to sign on with the hit…

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Quick Hits: Lady’s “Lady” in Red

At least Pamela wore panties. [Egotastic]
Brad and Angelina separated at birth? I just don’t see it. [Just Jared]
Pickle Spears fans shut down the fan-site because Brit refuses to shower. [Dlisted]
Keith Urban has an evil slutty doppelganger with bad highlights. [City Rag]
Grindhouse” trailer….what the hell is with Rose McGowan and her machine…

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James Brown’s Death Gives Momentum to His Biopic

Oh “Walk The Line” and “Ray.” As much as you are both great films in your own right, now every time a unique musical figure passes away, everybody remotely connected to that individual’s biopic hustles to get shit rolling, all in the name of getting their Oscar buzz on. Page Six of the…

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Sugar Names Kylie Minogue Most Inspirational Celebrity of 2006

The Australian pop princess recently earned herself the title of the most inspirational celebrity of 2006 by British teenagers–readers of the British magazine, Sugar. Her poise and grace during her successful battle with breast cancer revealed a dignity that belies the typical pop star behavior. reports:

Sugar editor ANNABEL BROG says,…

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Rosie and The Donald Give About Two Shits For The Spirit of The Season

These people clearly shouldn’t have blogs. That’s my first impression. First, she called him a “snake oil salesman,” and then he responded with plans to seduce Rosie’s partner from her (cleverly using men and clearly not getting the whole “lesbian” part of the equation) and this is how it continued from there, according…

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Awwww. Matching Hair

Which celebrity and her mother have matching hairstyles? Find out after the jump.

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Britney Christened “Animal”

I must be honest, as much as I dislike me some Parasite Hilton, giving Britney Spears the nickname “Animal” is probably the only redeeming action I’ve ever heard of her doing. US Weekly has the details:

Though the pair were once practically joined at the hip (they previously had a sleepover in…

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Pam Anderson Starts Dating Again

Not that long after announcing her divorce from Kid Rock, Pam Anderson has decided to get back on the hunt for Mr. Right. According to the New York Post’s Page Six:

PAMELA Anderson had the dinner date from hell when her pal, “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss, set her up with wealthy playboy…

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Dylan and Brandon Reunite at The Peach Pit

Wouldn’t that have been just perfect? It wasn’t the Peach Pit, but Luke Perry and Jason Priestley met up for lunch in Beverly Hills yesterday. All that was missing were Kelly and Brenda.

More photos of the former “Beverly Hills 90210″ castmates after the jump.

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Strippers Forgive Lohan

Page Six reports that newly sober Lohan partied at NYC’s famed peeler bar Scores West yesterday doing “research”. She buried the hatchet with members of the profession that she referred to as “all whores” in one of her high-ass Blackberry text ramblings.

Lindsay Lohan got down and dirty at Scores West for…

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OJ On Oxys?

Lock your doors, The National Enquirer is reporting that OJ might be on OxyContin. The last thing we need is a sociopathic murderer who now has ANOTHER reason to kill – for drug money.

A deeply depressed O.J. Simpson has become addicted to the dangerous painkiller OxyContin, say sources.

Reeling from…

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Tim Burton’s Ex Regrets Her Decision, Wants More

Remember Lisa Marie? Probably not. Anyway, prior to their break-up she played a small part in most of Tim Burton’s films. She was Johnny Depp’s Moms in flashback in “Sleepy Hollow”, the crazy-looking alien assassin with the beehive in “Mars Attacks”, and the vampiric tv show host in “Ed Wood”. Tim let her…

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Travis and Shanna Still Divorcing

Page Six reports that despite doing the tongue dance recently, Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler are still over it.

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, who are supposed to be going through a nasty divorce, were spotted swapping spit at new Los Angeles hot spot Winston’s, according to acid-penned blogger Perez Hilton.

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Miss USA Tara Conner Familiar With Rehab

Tara Conner is currently locked up for 28 days, with nary a drink in sight. The National Enquirer has learned that this isn’t her first time down at the rehab. Oh, and her parents provided her with her current breasts as a high school graduation present.

In an exclusive story, The ENQUIRER…

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Who is the Celeb Wearing Little Bunny Foo Foo?

Lately there has been an uproar of PETA singling out celebs who are pro-fur. Even Diddy was put in the naughty chair until he apologized for his coats made of fuzzy animals.

The fighters against fur had this to say about the celeb above:

“You’d think she’d be more sympathetic…

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Meg Ryan Forgoes A Bra, With Sad Results

I’m all about natural aging for women, most especially celebrities, since it’s so rare to see one who’s actually got the balls to give plastic surgery the old, “Fuck off,” and let shit just be as it should. But I just find it very interesting the line at which Meg Ryan has decided to…

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Robert De Niro Talks…A Little Bit

The typically reticent Robert De Niro sat down to give an interview about his latest directorial opus. CNN reports:

In the movie, Damon’s Edward Wilson neglects his wife (Angelina Jolie) and son as he resolutely pursues his espionage career, resulting in a woman whose spirit is broken and a boy overly eager to…

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