Archives: December, 2006

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Creature Double Feature
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Donna Martin to Pen Memoir
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The Ricker on 24
Gwyneth Paltrow is Patriotic
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Christina Aguilera Gets Angrry
Clay Aiken Needs Some Rest
Quick Hits: Oh Dear
Scarlett Johansson Is Ready To Bare It All
TV Review: "Campus Ladies" Season 2 Premiere
But Ving, You'd Make The Cutest Bear
George Clooney's Pig Turns Into A Bacon Angel
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Brit-Brit Turns 25 At The Zoo
Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl Calling It Quits?
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Robert Downey Jr. Offers to Help Keith Urban Get Over Booze
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J-Lo's 1st Ex-Husband Wants to Write a Book
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Hey Britney, They Say Your Ex Is Gonna Lose Control
Lane Garrison of "Prison Break" Involved in Fatal Car Crash
My Fair Britney
Music in the Morning: Mates of State - "Fraud in the Eightes"
Ugly Betty: Sweaty Palms or An Ugly Betty Christmas
Fresh Prince Not Down With Extraterrestrial Volcano Worship
Kramer to Grovel in Attempt to at Least Partially Salvage His Standing in Society and the Entertainment Industry
Sandy Bullock and her Hot-Ass Murderous Thug-Looking Husband Aren't Pregnant
Remains of the Day: Mary-Kate Olsen May Be Allergic to Poultry
A Gift Exclusively For ASL Readers -Maneater Threads Offers A Holiday Discount For You!
Say No to Flannel
Oh Hell No!
Lindsay: Of Course I'm Gonna Drink. What Are You - Sober?
Blind Item!
Have a Socialite's Night: Eartha Kitt Could Use Your Help
Russell Crowe's Publicist Quits
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We Was Just Kiddin'
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Today Is World AIDS Day.
Beyonce Got Rid of Kelly and Michelle for This Very Reason
Mel Gibson's Into Gore
Britney *Hearts* CVS
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Oprah's New Garden Dude Has Worn a Thong
Lindsay Unaware They Weren't Giving Out Award for Most Annoying Drunk
I Wish Sienna Miller Was My Sister Too
Richard Simmons Gets Steamed On Letterman
An Obama/Ludacris Collabo
Jay Leno Sues Over Stolen Jokes
Pete Doherty Wins An Award For Sucking
Music in the Morning: Cornershop - "Lessons Learned From Rocky I to Rocky III"