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Victoria Beckham Does Not Have An Eating Disorder

People reports that Posh Spice claims she has attained her svelte figure through strict dieting.

Victoria Beckham credits control, not an eating disorder, with keeping her figure so thin.

“I eat really healthy, I love Japanese food, lots of fish, any sort of fish, any sort of vegetable, lots of fruit, that…

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Julia Roberts is Pregnant

Page Six and a clarion call of angels reports that the most beloved woman in America is with child.

Page Six has learned that the auburn-tressed Oscar winner is pregnant with her third child and will give birth next summer.

Her pregnancy is somewhat of a surprise since the…

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Gyllenhaals Flee Fire

E! Online reports that Jake and his sis escaped a hotel fire.

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal were forced to evacuate the rustic Northern California lodge they were staying at Wednesday when a fire broke out in the chilly early morning hours, the Marin Independent Journal reported.

The fire destroyed…

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Fashion Fix: Who Better than a Playboy Playmate…

To bring in your New Year! Jennifer Braff is a model extraordinaire. Not only is she graced the pages of Playboy and Bonita magazine she adds Calendar Girl to her resume. With modeling experience that started when she was just 10 years old Jennifer is a pro and offers experience and intelligence.

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Fashion Reveals Its Dirty Secrets

Anna Wintour, whose notorious ice-queen persona was the inspiration for “The Devil Wears Prada,” has decided that rather than shirking away from the behind-the-scenes drama for which she has now become infamous, she is embracing it. According to the New York Times:

Last week, Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, agreed to…

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Lohan Puts Her Sobriety to The Test

After a dry Christmas Eve spent in NYC without so much as touching a drop of the drink, Lindsay Lohan seems to have stuck her guns so far this holiday season when it comes to her commitment to avoiding the booze. But just cause she’s not drinking doesn’t mean that she’s going to…

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James Brown Returns to The Apollo

James Brown was brought back to the place that launched his career over forty years ago, so that his fans could remember the man on the stage on which many people first experienced the phenomenon that was the Godfather of Soul. Reuters reports:

Thousands of James Brown fans lined up on Thursday…

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Britney Spears Wants To Ignore Someone Else’s Baby

Inspired by Maddona’s adoption of her Malawi son, David, Britney Spears is looking to add a tsunami orphan to her passel of younguns. Starpulse News Blog reports:

The singer – who recently filed for divorce from Kevin Federline – fell for a four-year-old boy called Wang, from Bali, who lost his entire family…

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Music in the Morning: Wolf Parade – “Modern World”

Montreal-based Wolf Parade got their start in 2003; Arcade Fire offered singer Spencer Krug an opening gig on tour, but only if he formed a band. He quickly rounded up a few guys to form Wolf Parade, and it’s been full-speed ahead ever since. They released their debut EP within that year, and…


Danny Bonaduce Fears For His Life

Contact Music reports that Danny Bonaduce reports he’s received death threats for supporting Dubya. Why waste the energy to send a death threat to this person?

Former PARTRIDGE FAMILY star DANNY BONADUCE is terrified for his life after speaking out in support of US President GEORGE W BUSH earlier this month (DEC06).

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Beauty Buzz: Top Ten Hottest Guys of 2006

Ladies now it’s your turn for some fun after hours of research leaving my personal opinions out (Tom Brady, Eric Bana, Christian Bale and Julian McMahon). I give you the list of the top ten hottest guys in the entertainment industry. I comprised the list of course based on looks, and most importantly buzz from…


Britney Fans Shut Down Their Website

Star reports that even die-hard Brit fans are over it due to her crazy ways.

Britney Spear’s over-the-top antics have taken their toll on the fading pop star: Her fans are fleeing!, the most popular Britney Spears fan Web site, announced on Wednesday it is shutting down in January.

“As Britney…

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Diana Ross Can Give Guidance

Female First reports that Call Her Miss Ross feels she could guide the next generation of insane diva monsters.

The music legend is very impressed by the current crop of female singers and insists she would be happy to give up her time to educate any of them privately.

She said:…

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Remains of the Day: The Battle of the Ankles

Finally, an in-depth investigation into the actual width of Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen’s ankles. [popbytes]Jake Gyllenhaal’s holiday weekend was almost ruined when a fire broke out at the inn he was staying at. Jake proved he’s a nice guy by assisting in the recovery efforts. [Towleroad] A preview is online for the new…


Miss Nevada Gone Wild Wasn’t a One-Time Deal

TMZ reports that the former Miss Nevada’s claim that she only acted out once on film was somewhat of a miscalculation on her part.

Look what we found! Katie Rees, former Miss Nevada, was up to her old tricks … this time at Tia’s Mexican Restaurant in Tampa, Florida.

The revealing picture was…

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Who Wants to Wear Nicky Hilton’s Throwbacks?

A few reports here and there have taken a look into celebrity lines. While Gwen Stefani rocks the retail world with her line of L.A.M.B products other attempts at being a designer have failed miserably in the US. Nicky Hilton’s “Chick” seems to have tanked along with Jessica Simpson’s would be line. Jennifer…

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Carmen and Dave’s Pendulums Swinging The Other Way Since Split

Divorce makes you queer.

Talk about irreconcilable differences! Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro have apparently both gone gay since pulling the plug on their two-and-a-half-year marriage earlier this year.

Talk about irreconcilable differences! Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro have apparently both gone gay since pulling the plug on their two-and-a-half-year marriage…

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A Socialite’s Library: Joshi’s Holistic Detox: 21 Days to a Healthier, Slimmer You – For Life

Have you ever wondered how Gwyneth regained her MILF body so quickly? What about Cate Blanchett, Sadie Frost, and Kate Moss? Well, A Socialite’s Library dug deep and did some serious research to find out for you! Not only are the answers spelled out in a 250-page book (complete with yummy recipes), but the body…


Former US Weekly Writer Likes em’ Young

Jossip reports on some scandal involving a former US Weekly writer. Ugh.

Can Us Weekly weather another scandal? It’s gonna have to, though at least with Timothy McDarrah, the Wenner tabloid can say he’s no longer on their payroll (seen here in April ’05 at Paula Froelich’s it! book party). Which is great for…

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Eva Longoria Knows How to Open a Sale

Eva Longoria got a chance to mug for the camera with a set of puppies as she opened Harrods winter sale. This was after she made her grand entrance in an open carriage pulled by two black horses.

Like her luxury-loving alter ego Gabrielle, she didn’t fail to impress in the glamour…

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