Archives: December, 2006

Body Buzz: Snacks With More Flavor and Less Calories
Siberia to Close
Who Do I Have To Blow To Get A Show On E!?
Oprah Puts The Kibosh on Random House
Are Thongs A Thing of the Past?! Crotch Exclusive
Quick Hits: Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay...For the Love of Bras
Travis Who?
Courtney Love Reaches Out To Pete Doherty
Heidi Klum Says Giving Birth's A Piece of Cake
The Wayne Stays In The Picture
Sara Evans, Dancing Her Cares Away
Rosie Didn't Realize Referring to Chinese As "Ching-Chong" Was Offensive
Who's Wearing the Funky Hat
Paris Doesn't Do MySpace?
24 is Choosy
Kato's Back And Being Truthful
Paris Hilton's Minion Denies She Uses Powder
Tom Brady's a Free Man
Ahmet Ertegun Passes
Them's Some Funny Boobies
Vince's One Night Stand Expresses Her Regret
What Vince Vaughn Had For Thanksgiving...
Danny Bonaduce Has No Room To Talk--But Still Does
Nicole Richie Better Hope She Looks Good In Stripes
Music in the Morning: Yo La Tengo - "Sugarcube"
Heather Locklear Must Have Stopped Laughing Long Enough To Catch A Glimpse Of Shirtless Schaech
Brad and Angie Not With Child
Those Pictures Aren't of Jennifer Aniston
Ryan Seacrest is Anxious
Remains of the Day: Star Jones To Be Heard, But Not Seen
Marc Jacobs Guarded His Party Like the Holy Grail
Detonating Her Marriage Seems To Have Been A Lark For Kate Hudson
Guess Who's Ripped?
Skyy Vodka Jet-Set Junket: Destination Las Vegas
LA Times Runs Old Interview With Scorsese
Ancient Curmudgeon Displeased With "Factory Girl"
Beauty Buzz: Haute Couture Lip Gloss
Winona Abstains From Five-Finger Discount
Dixie Chicks Dunzo
Don't Fuck With Yoko
Quick Hits: Oh Scarlett You are Still Pretty
Nick Lachey Tells Jessica He's Going To Remarry
Britney Doesn't Tend To Go Far When Looking For Someone To Boink
The Final Word on Diana's Death: Accidental
Naomi Watts Shines at 'The Painted Veil' Premiere
Madonna's Not A Fan Of The Jokes
Beauty Pageant Juicy Gossip Goodness
The Women of Hollywood Get Their Charity On
Paris And Britney Done?
Best Songs of 2006
Nicole Might Go Inside
Golden Globes Nominees Announced
Jenna Bush And Random Argentinian Guy: Not Dating
Janice Dickinson's Plastic Surgery and Drugs Shield Her From Harm
Do Two B-Listers Make One A-List?
Britney Forgets Her Bra
What's Next?
Haha, Francis.
Gwen Stefani Not Yet Ready For No Doubt Reunion
Andre 3000 Gets Ready For His First Comedy With Will Ferrell
Music in the Morning: Interpol - "C'Mere"
Travis Barker Unaware He Sorta Traded Down There For a Second...
Peter Boyle Died
Shakira Shakes Hips For The Good of All Mankind
Remains of the Day: How Long Have Nicole and Joel Been Dating?
Liz Smith Cut Down
Zeus von Furstenberg Comes Down from the Sky
Britney's Latest Sperm Donor Has No Clout
The Golden Globes Nominees Will Be Announced Tomorrow
Body Buzz: The Fittest Cruise Ships
Kanye West Gets A Taste Of What It's Like To Be Borat
Nicole Richie's Lawyer Speaks For Her High Ass
Skyy Vodka Jet-Set Junket: Destination Vail
Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Put The Smack Down On Global Warming
Brad Knows His Place
Quick Hits: Miracle Working Photoshop
Well, If The KKK Says It's So...
Oh Fate, You So Crazy
Blind Item
"Concert for Diana" Sells Out In Minutes
Farrah Fawcett is Back
The Alterna-Emo-Boy Band Wars Continue
Sacha Baron Cohen Just Keeps Getting Sued
What's Up With the Stringy Hair?
Naomi Campbell Blames Psychosis on Others
K-Fed to Pretend He Can Write?
Manhattan DA Basically Says Fabian Basabe Deserved to Get His Ass Beat
Sienna's Therapist Obviously Thought She Was a Bitch
Nicole Richie Emerges Post-DUI Bust
Stella McCartney's Newest Creation
Who's Side Are You On?
Ewan McGregor Was Once A Stupid Boy
Jen, If This Is True, TELL Me You Brown-Bagged That Shit
At Least He's Not Trying To Get Attention By Being Angrily Racist
Gwyneth Paltrow, Super Ex-Patriate
Music in the Morning: Howling Bells - "Setting Sun"
Christina Buys For Britney's Kids
Angelina Finally Comes Clean
Matt Damon Gets His Funny On
DeVito Protests Damning Label of "Drunk"
Remains of the Day: Um, A Little Bit of Staged Kelly Clarkson Vandalism
Shiloh Does Cambodia
Jada Gives
Tori's Having a Man
Beauty Buzz: The Best Beauty Gifts for $25 or Less
NBC's Trying to De-Gay Character on Heroes?
Lindsay's All, "Look At Me, I'm In AA."
Celebrate Every Month With a Hot Priest
Mel vs. Eddie...Let's Get Nasty
Quick Hits: "No Wire Hangers!"
Princess Di's Birthday Commemorated By Concert
Mariah Tells Mary Carey to Step Off
Skyy Vodka's Jet-Set Junket: Destination Miami
Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams--It's Back On
Caption Tara
Liquid Lunch Podcast Episode 10
But Which One Pays For The Weave?
Keanu's The Star of His Own 80's Movie
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Show Some Loving at Film Premiere
Blender Magazine Lists The Top 50 Worst Artists in Music History
U.S. Denies Tapping Princess Di's Phone
Luda Has Interesting Backstage Demands
Lindsay's Mom Caught Out There
Kid Rock Moves On
Camille Paglia Weighs in on Britney
Ashton Couture
Britney Spears Hooks Up With Some Dude
Foxy Brown In Court...Again
Courtney Love Has A Good Day In Court
Jenna Jameson Ends Marriage
Music in the Morning: Midnight Movies - "Patient Eye"
Nicole Richie's Mugshot
ASL's Lisa Timmons Sells Her Soul To Skyy Vodka
Remains of the Day: Scarlett Models
Nicole Kidman Is Bound and Determined That Her Drunk Husband Won't Ruin Christmas, Damnit!
Michelle Williams Lets Us Know How Time-Consuming Yet Wonderful and Gratifying Celebrity Parenthood Is
Fashion Fix: Molly Sims Is A Vanishing Breed of Ugg-Lovers
Lindsay Dries Out, Peace Reigns in the Middle East
Kate Winslet Has a Problem With The Thin Chicks
Body Buzz: Rock Your Body and Your Workout
Posh Styles Kat
Beyonce Keeps Her Shit Private
Jewcy Hosts ASL Editor, Lisa Timmons
Brad Gets A Birthday Treat From Angie
Quick Hits: Nicole is 85 Pounds of Bad Ass
More Details About Lady Di's Death
I Really Hope Dakota Fanning Ends Up Normal
JLO Ready To Adopt?
Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston Reunited
Director, Brett Ratner, Gets His Grandma Her Own Reality Show
Nicole Smokes a Bowl, Pops Some Pills, Drives, Gets Busted
Paris and Britney Say They're Just Friends
The Pursuit of Tom Cruise's Happiness
His Name Is Prince, And He's Playing The Superbowl
Joe Not Placing Products Directly in Jess' Movie
Jude Law Cries Us a River
Tom and Katie Party
Sienna Miller's Movie is Acting All Crazy
Brad and Angie Not Getting Married
Television Review: Wedding Wars
Rosie O'Donnell Pissing Off Asian-Americans
Paris Hilton Claims She's Not Engaged
Meet the Classy Guys Who Will Be Competing for New York's Affection
Janice Dickinson. Ain't A Damn Thing Changed.
Music in the Morning: Animal Collective - "Grass"
America's Next Top Model: The Heartbreak of Psoriasis Couldn't Hold Her Back!
Nip/Tuck: If You Ever See Jackie Bissett At The Playground - Call 911
Heather Mills McCartney Wants Sienna Miller to Portray Her Gold-digging Ass
Ellen Pompeo Insisting That She Wants To Be Heavier Hopefully Makes Most Women Want to Punch Her
Dolly Parton Gives Jessica Simpson a Pass
Lindsay Lohan Embraces Yet Another Angst Cliche
Fashion Fix: That's My Bush
Have a Socialite Night: Rachel Ray Wants to Sign Your Book
Britney's Depressed and Anxious
Body Buzz: Festive Cocktails = Fattening Consequences
Beyonce Says She's Not Marrying Hova
The Wayne Stays In The Picture
Man Stabbed At Home Of Nick Lachey's Trainer
Lou Diamond Phillips Sentenced To 32 Months Probation For Battery
Quick Hits: Jake In See-Through Shirt
Bradgelina To Marry In South Africa On Christmas?
Are We Still Friends?
Momma Simpson Calls Jessica's Performance "Embarrassing"
James Blunt Getting Married..Never to Sing Again?
Lohan Threatens Old Assistant With Al Gore
Blade Busted
Mandy Forgives Wilmer?
Actor Doherty Fought "Not A Suicide", Claims Friends
Paris Flashing Something Other Than Her Vagina
Rosie Not Leaving The View, Fans Waiting For Inevitable Elisabeth Hasselbeck Bitchslap Overjoyed
Al Gore More Concerned With Global Warming Than Coke Whore
Joel Madden Wanted Something a Little Leaner
Lane Garrison Having a Very Bad Day
Even Long Legs Gets Cranky
Clooney Would Love To Do Bollywood Flick; Agent Has Heart Attack
Rihanna Named New Face of CoverGirl
Project Runway Without Tim Gunn?
Madonna Makes PETA Mad
Music in the Morning: Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir
K-Fed is Okey-Dokey
College Backpacker Impetus to Aniston/Vaughn Breakup?
Pregnant Scary Spice Unaware Eddie Murphy Had Dumped Her Ass
Remains of the Day: Matthew McConaughey Cries
Lindsay Lohan is Displeased With Whore Derve, Regurgitates It
Madge Designs for Hennes & Mauritz
Jennifer Hudson Does Not Have a Problem With Gay People, Eddie Murphy Breathes a Sigh of Relief
Mel Gibson Even More Racist?
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The Divine Miss M Thinks Britney Should Get A Life
Beauty Buzz: Prevent Chapped Lips This Winter
Dakota Fanning's Otherworldly Qualities Captured by Lagerfeld
Quick Hits: Why Is Everyone Hating on "O"
And the Grammy nominees are....
So NoTORIously Desperate For Cash
Bungalow 8 Is Not On The Market
Caption Beyonce
Want To Look Like Gisele? Eat Cheeseburgers
Gwen Stefani Shows of Baby Kingston
Aniston's Rep Reaches Out To Perez
Lance Remains Hopeful About Reichen Relationship
'Blood Diamond' Makes It's LA Debut
Tom & Katie Don't Invite Oprah to Their Party on the Death Star
K-Fed Attends Book Launch For Open Bar
Britney Speaks
Lindsay's Moms Speaks
Damon Wayans Fined For Usage of The N-Bomb
Lindsay Texting Whilst High. Again.
Erin Oprian: Style Entrepreneur of "Amore Fashion"
Paris Hilton Likes Her Woman Canal Smooth And Bare
Lane Garrison May Have Been Drunk Driving At Time Of Fatal Crash
Momma Lohan To The Rescue!
Britney Spears Not Being Probed By LA Child Services
Music in the Morning: The Knife - "Heartbeats"
Courtney Love and Janice Dickinson Critcize Britney's Parenting, the Unabomber Criticizes Osama Bin Laden's Bombing Technique
Nawlins Loves Angie & Brad
Gwen Stefani Releases Odor
Remains of the Day: Rock Stars Made of Legos
TomKat Celebrating Their Wedding Again This Weekend
The Kate and Crazy Pete Saga Continues...
Fame Victims Swarming Vegas on New Year's Eve
Go Bayside! Mario Lopez Joins The CW Family
Body Buzz: What is Cardio Bar?
Pete Doherty in More Trouble, It Must Be Wednesday
Olivia Newton-John Wants More Grease Money
No Wedding In Sight For Jim Carrey And Jenny McCarthy
Quick Hits: Santa and the STD
Lindsay Getting Hardcore With The Drugs?
Britney Inspires Paris To Do Some Baby Makin'
Courtney Cox's Sister-In-Law Calls Doogie Howser 'Weak'
Hollywood's Most Powerful Women Eat
Dave Navarro & Carmen Electra Want To Set Good Example
Can Someone Please Remind Britney Spears She Has Children?
Victoria Beckham Takes in Some Kitson
Pam Admits She's a Little Impulsive
Beyonce and Jay-Z Might be Getting Married
Lance Bass Moves Fast
Elvis' Granddaughter Hooks up With Pop Singer With Really Silly Hair
The "D" in Depp Stands For "Diva"
Aniston and Vince Vaughn Over - Wasn't That Already Kind of a Done Deal?
Kate Moss Heads Up Auction for Charity
Holly Go-$807K
Proof That Andy Dick Has Overplayed The "Offensive" Card
The Paris/Stavros Love Endures
Caption Matthew
Pete Doherty...I Think We All Know What This Post Is About
Jenna Jameson Knows Good Crotch When She Sees It
Music in the Morning: Thom Yorke - "Black Swan"
David Beckham Cool With Being Impersonated If It Means Selling His Musk, But Not If It's Nude Housecleaning
Paris Sports Stalker Jewelry
We're Getting High-Tech On The Red Carpet And Shit
Beyonce Denies Jealousy
Remains of the Day: Jim Carrey's Having a Few Problems
Eddie Murphy's Playing Some F*cked-Up Babydaddy Shit
I am Style Icon....Bitches
Adam and Rachel Appear to be Finito
Tyra Plays a "Character" on ANTM
Beauty Buzz: Sweet Treats For Your Sweet Self
Jennifer Garner Needs to Tell People to Have a Nice Tall Glass of Shut The F*ck Up
Liquid Lunch Podcast Does VH1's Big in 06 Awards
Ivanka: "I'm Not Paris!"
Did Kid Rock Cheat?
Quick Hits: Have an ET Christmas All You Scientologists
Jordan's Back On The Baby Wagon
Crazy: The Trickle Down Effect
Life&Style, You Make A Good Point
Mary J. Blige Furalicious at the Billboard Awards
"Charlie's Angels" Director, McG Gets Deep
Say Hello to the 'Dreamgirls'
Madge's Adoption Is Pushing Her Marriage Over The Borderline
The Billboard Awards
Jessica Simpson Experiences Some Difficulty While Trying to Honor Dolly Parton
Pete Doherty Free Once More to do as Many Drugs as Humanly Possible
A Celeb With a Habit?
"Prison Break" Actor in Serious Trouble
Rip Torn. Ripped.
Gwyneth Was Misquoted
Twas the Night of a Thousand Thongs
A&E's Red Carpet Premiere of "Wedding Wars"
...And As It Turns Out, Keith Urban Is Still In Rehab