Archives: December, 2006

Who Has a Craving For Kosher Yogurt?
It's All Fun and Games Until You Piss Off the Claymates
It's the Four Season's For Brangelina
Eva Longoria Has a Feud with Heather Mills?
Remains of the Day: Mike Tyson Cops To Being an Addict
A Mom on the Mend
Looks Like Everybody's In Trouble
We're Sorry Australia
Body Buzz: Top Ten Fittest Male Celebrities in 2006
Watch Out Victoria's Secret
Keith Urban Not Out of Rehab
Niki Taylor Hitched
Quick Hits: Rescue Me
Anne Hathaway Befriends Bears
Mike Tyson Busted
Caption Jamie Foxx
Mary-Kate Has a New Guy
Jennifer Lopez Hits Aspen
ASL Breaks Yahoo!'s Top Ten
Ashlee Gives
Victoria Beckham Does Not Have An Eating Disorder
Julia Roberts is Pregnant
Gyllenhaals Flee Fire
Fashion Fix: Who Better than a Playboy Playmate...
Fashion Reveals Its Dirty Secrets
Lohan Puts Her Sobriety to The Test
James Brown Returns to The Apollo
Britney Spears Wants To Ignore Someone Else's Baby
Music in the Morning: Wolf Parade - "Modern World"
Danny Bonaduce Fears For His Life
Beauty Buzz: Top Ten Hottest Guys of 2006
Britney Fans Shut Down Their Website
Diana Ross Can Give Guidance
Remains of the Day: The Battle of the Ankles
Miss Nevada Gone Wild Wasn't a One-Time Deal
Who Wants to Wear Nicky Hilton's Throwbacks?
Carmen and Dave's Pendulums Swinging The Other Way Since Split
A Socialite's Library: Joshi's Holistic Detox: 21 Days to a Healthier, Slimmer You - For Life
Former US Weekly Writer Likes em' Young
Eva Longoria Knows How to Open a Sale
NFL Pro Kicker as Smooth as Manly Silk Down There
Lisa Timmons Sounds Off for AOL's The Glamorous Life 2006
Ah, Rich White Kids With Problems
Bad Prom Memories?
Quick Hits: Lady's "Lady" in Red
James Brown's Death Gives Momentum to His Biopic
Sugar Names Kylie Minogue Most Inspirational Celebrity of 2006
Rosie and The Donald Give About Two Shits For The Spirit of The Season
Awwww. Matching Hair
Britney Christened "Animal"
Pam Anderson Starts Dating Again
Dylan and Brandon Reunite at The Peach Pit
Strippers Forgive Lohan
OJ On Oxys?
Tim Burton's Ex Regrets Her Decision, Wants More
Travis and Shanna Still Divorcing
Miss USA Tara Conner Familiar With Rehab
Who is the Celeb Wearing Little Bunny Foo Foo?
Meg Ryan Forgoes A Bra, With Sad Results
Robert De Niro Talks...A Little Bit
Lindsay Lohan...Behaves?
TMZ Makes It Sound Like Gwen Stefani Flashed Cooch
Music in the Morning: Ambulance LTD - "Stay Where You Are"
Paris Rubs Off on Pal Kim Kardashian
EXCLUSIVE: Adam Brody on Rachel, Mischa, etc.
Anne Hathaway is Deluded And Possibly Racist
Remains of the Day: Paris vs. The Animal
Yentas at The View Can't Stop Squawking, Even on Jesus' Birthday
Reader Email: It's On!
Keith and Nicole Reunited Cuz' Rehab Feels so Good
Do You Have a Clue?
Ex-Con Popular, Has Job Options
Body Buzz: Top Ten Most Fit Females In 2006
Cory Kennedy
Renee Zellweger Blasts Her Face In The Name Of Beauty
Paul McCartney Ain't Gonna Let Heather Mills Enjoy The Fruits of His "Hard Day's Night"
Quick Hits: Who Knew Someone Named Wentworth Could Be So Hot
The Queen Bee Is Pissed With Celebrity Big Brother
Puffy Says Sorry About His Fur Jackets
Mary-Kate Gets Her Swerve On Over The Holidays
Shaggy is Back
Those Silly Stars and their Silly Feuds
The Little Prince Off to War?
Jennifer Aniston Avoids Vince Vaughn?
Sandra Oh Officially Split From Guy That Directed "Election"
Tori Re-proposed to
Carrie Underwood Finds Love in Football Stadium
Jude Law and Ex-Wife Visit Africa
Spike Lee to Direct James Brown Flick
Gerald Ford Dies at 93
Shopping Celeb Styles
Elvis Holds on to the Coveted "Most Collected Stamp" Title
La Lopez and Cris Judd Square off for a Dance Dance Revolution
Walking and Talking
Richard Simmons Spreads His Holiday Cheer
The Terminator Gets His Leg Repaired
Music in the Morning: The Pipettes - "Pull Shapes"
Kathy Griffin Reads Raymond's Wife
Lindsay Sporting Holiday Hospital Bracelet
Useless Coiffed Guys Not Battling For Dick Clark's Throne
Remains of the Day: Brandon Davis Hits the Beach
Hilary Duff to Supplant Barbie
Beverly Hills...That's Where I Want to Be
Guy from Laguna Beach Dating The Only Half-Way Recognizable Chick From The Pussycat Dolls
Is it Tacky to Give Engraved His And Hers Hypodermics as a Wedding Gift?
Beauty Buzz: Top Ten Most Beautiful Women of 2006
FHM Done
Ewan McGregor Is Over Angry Fans
Original "Dreamgirl" Jennifer Holliday Speaks Out
Quick Hits: Nothing Like A Plant to Replace Sex...or Fuzzy Boyfriend Memories
Ashlee Lends Her Sister A Helping Hand
Bono Is Now Officially A Knight In Shining Armor
"La Dolce Musto" Is Pretty Sweet
Did You Spend Your Christmas in Aspen?
What The Cool Kids Are Doing New Year's Eve
Donald Trump Sues to Prove Size Does Matter
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Pay a Surprise Visit to Costa Rica
Lydia Hearst Scores a New Boo
Ethan Thinks Uma's a Good Mom
Another Publicist Runs Screaming From Britney
Gus Van Sant Should Have Taken a Cab
James Brown's Wife Forgot Her Keys
Oprah to Live in Sin
Fashion Fix: Thank God There is a New Excuse To Drink
"Casino Royale" Kicks All Other James Bond Movies' Collective Asses
Michael Jackson Looking For "A New Day" Of His Own In Vegas
You Can't Hide
The Godfather of Soul Takes His Act Heavenward
Holy Buttah-Face, Batman.
Music in the Morning: Busdriver - "Avantcore"
Merry Christmas!
Two Queens A-Fightin', And a Partridge in a Pear Tree....
Tough Bitch Returning to Lost
Remains of the Day: Britney Needs to Shout it Out
Britney's Going to Show us Everything
Have a Socialite's Night: Check Out the Brains Behind 'School of Rock'
King of Queens Reign is Over
Body Buzz: Find The Perfect Jeans For Your Body!
Black Eyed Peas Guy Shocked By MJ's Request
It's A Christmas Miracle
Quick Hits: Play Me Some Moutain Music
Catholics Not Interested In Having A "Black Christmas"
Star Jones Gets a Embarassing Phone Call
Another Win For The Williams Sisters--In Court
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Will Reunite
Let's All Fake It Today
Is That The Wicked Witch?
Miss Nevada Latest Casualty in Miss USA Morality Witch Hunt
Barbara Walters Forced to Comment on Rosie/Trump Feud
Nicole Richie's Ex Misses The Limelight
Anna Nicole's Baby to Find Out Who Her Real Father is
Fashion Fix: Style Resolutions
Mariah Carey Gets Loopy For For the Holidays
Jessica Simpson Nixes Do-Over
Suit Against Michael Moore Dropped
"Forrest Gump" Make-Up Artist Murder and Suicide
Mel B Gets All Scary Spice on Eddie Murphy's Ass and Hires A Bad-Ass Lawyer
Music in the Morning: Run-DMC - "Christmas in Hollis"
MisShapes Rues The Days Before EVERYONE Was Trying to Get Into Their Club Night With An Asymmetrical Haircut And a Painted Eye
Beauty Buzz: Is Miss USA: A Role Model For Drunken Coked Up Sluts?
Jake Likes Tea
Trump Sends Rosie Christmas Greetings, Refers To Her as a "Clam"
Remains of the Day: The Love That Paris and Nick Will Never Get Back
Sapphic Speculation About Penelope and Salma
Ah, Looking Back at 2006
ASL Fashion Poll
Diddy Gives Birth To What Are Sure To Be Two More Insufferable Egomaniacs
Harry Potter Author Losing Her Damn Mind
"Grey's Anatomy" Star Plans Wedding Winter Wonderland
Ozzy Went To Rehab Under The Impression That There Would Be a Bar
Reene Zellweger Turns Up the Heat
The Beauty of Ugly Betty
Quick Hits: Beyonce and Jay-Z Take in Some B-Ball
Out Damn Fat!
Miss Teen USA Gets Dumped By MADD
Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Go Balls Out For Their X-Mas Shindig
David LaChapelle's 'Heaven To Hell'
Nobody Does Righteous Indignation Quite Like Vincent Gallo
Star Magazine Puts Out Their List of "Most Annoying" of 2006
The Princely Prince
Hilary Duff Gets Bitter And Judgemental
Guy From My Mom's Favorite Band Likes Four-gies
Kirstie Alley Feels Discriminated Against
Exotic Dancer Leaves Joey Alone
Lesbian Millionaire and Wig-Wearing Millionaire Face Off
It's Not Ok Everyone, Josh and Scarlett Might Not Be Together Still
Santa Came Earlier! Federline Gets Canned...Kinda
Sharon Stone Nixes Relationship Talk
Pink Is Not Australia's Favorite Color
Evangeline Lilly Gets Blazed
Gwen and Gavin Buy JLO's Old Digs
Music in the Morning: No Doubt - "Oi to the World"
Thar's Drugs In Them Thar Hills
Britney Gets Wholesome And Takes Her Little Sister to a Tattoo Parlor
Katie Holmes is Filled With Goodwill
Remains of the Day: J Lo Ain't Adopting
Weasel Defends Stunt
Starving Bitches Need Not Apply
Rocky Balboa Needed Help From Jesus To Win This One?
Pink Loves Sheep
Body Buzz: Shopping For The Fitness Buff
Beyonce Named Best-Dressed
Sean Penn Gets Politically Raw
Paris Hilton Thinks She Has The Authority To Congratulate People
Quick Hits:La Lohan Couldn't Hack It
Britney Brags to K-Fed About All The Ass She's Getting
Tara Conner, The Best Thing To Happen To The Miss USA Franchise Since Self-Tanner
The Fruitcake Lady
Hilary Swank Goes Public With Her New Relationship
Have a 'Black Christmas'
I Hope Someone Gives Jennifer Aniston Good News For X-mas
Introducing Leona Lewis
Caption Tori
Was Jack Nicholson Aware of This?
Hilary And Ex Drop Restraining Order Against Stalker
It's OK Everyone, Josh and Scarlett Are Together Still
Reese Moved Down South?
Star Jones Admits She Sucked
Eminem is Free
Fashion Fix: More Amore! Exclusively for Socialite Fans
Mark Wahlberg Classes It Up
Did Gwyneth F-Up Her Bro's Directorial Debut?
Feel Free To Comment
Basic Instinct 3: Home for the Holidays, Starring Christian Slater and Sharon Stone
J.R. Rotem Dips Into The Community Honey Pot
Music in the Morning: Bing Crosy & David Bowie - "Little Drummer Boy"
Nip/Tuck: Sorry I'm Late/Hurray For Hollywood
Pink and Wife Might Split
Crazy Murderer Sued
Britney Spears Channels Her Inner-Stripper
Remains of the Day: Katie Holmes is Not Pregnant
Joey Fatone Needs to Dance
Liquid Lunch Podcast Episode 11
Some Whiny College Student Thinks Rachel Bilson Ruined Italy For Him.
Diddy Using Dogs For Coats?
Kylie Minogue's Boyfriend May Have Cheated
Beauty Buzz: Winter Static Can Pose Havoc on Your Hair
Shanna Moakler Feels For Tara Conner
The Gospel According To Patti Tour Canceled
Jamie Foxx Annoys DJ Samantha Ronson
In This Corner...
Quick Hits: Some Hot Men is Just What the Doctor Ordered
Reichen VS. Perez Round One
Lindsay Lohan Is 'Awkward' Pole Dancer
Christina Ricci Promises To Never Wear Fur Again
Who's Colin Farrell's Lady Friend?
Bruce Springsteen Is Definitely Team Nick
Cate Blanchett and Lauren Bacall Revel in 'Scandal'
Miss USA Keeps Her Crown, Thousands of Miss USA Hopefuls Nationwide Splash Champagne On Their Breasts And Make Out With Their Girlfriends In Celebration
Sienna Miller's Diet Plan: Vodka
Anna Wintour on Film
Gwen Prays For Another Kid
Courtney Ain't That Sober
Aaron Carter's In Love Again
Eva Longoria Takes Time Out From Wedding Planning to go Shopping in London
Fashion Fix: It's Going to be a Hot Wintour
The Duchess of York Shares Sharon Osbourne's Bathroom Humor
Paris Is Only Spreading Her Legs For The Camera These Days...Supposedly
Brittany Murphy--I Almost Forgot About Her
Justin Timberlake Looking For Partner For Grammy Performance
Music in the Morning: Sarah Silverman - "Give the Jew Girl Toys"
Natasha Lyonne Finally Turns Herself in for The Dog-Molesting Charge. No, You Read That Right.
Britney Shouldn't Open a Kennel Anytime Soon
Tara Conner Was Busy: Coke, Dudes and Canoodling With Miss Teen USA?
Remains of the Day: Maybe Travolta Should Have Worn White?
Martha Stewart Uses a Thumper, And I'm Not Talking About The One From Bambi
Oh No Honey
Posh Spice Wants an Oscar
Judith Regan, Mel Gibson, and Kramer Might Want To Start An Antisemitic Folk Trio
Body Buzz: No More Exercise Excuses
Gassy Britney is Popular
Madonna's Got Pheasant Hunters in Her Sights
Papa Knowles, Troublemaker Extraordinaire
Quick Hits: Street Euro Trash or an Olsen?
Kate Moss Has Boundaries...Sort Of
Oh Matt Lauer. You're Such A Gentleman.
Bridget Moynahan's Desperate Last Move
Jingle Balls
Spice Girls To Reunite?
Anna Nicole's Back on American Soil
Who's Playing Captain?
Mel Gibson: Racist Babydaddy?
Time Magazine Has Named Us People of The Year, And By "Us" I Mean Everyone
Swinging On Pole Bruises Linday's Inner Thighs, Writes E-Mail About It
Nicole Kidman's Latest Flick Isn't Blossoming
Paris Hilton: Trashy Wedding Being Planned?
Ode de Moss
Oprah Gets Real
O.J. Simpson Book Publisher Gets Axed
Local Fisherman in St. Tropez Narrowly Misses Contracting Hep-C from Pam Anderson
The Countdown Until Elisha Cuthbert's Crotch-Shot Starts Now
Skyy Vodka Jet-Set Junket: Home, Sweet, Home!
Music in the Morning: Harvey Danger - "Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas"
Lindsay's Over "Firecrotch"
Courtney Wants Peace With Madge
What channel is Rome on?
Christie Brinkley's Ex Counts Photography Among His Hobbies
Clown With The Keyboard on a Chain Bling Who Snogged Britney Has Some New Trim
Stay Out of The Crosswalks And Highway Rest Areas, George Michael's A-Tourin'!
Have a Socialite's Night: 'The Real World' Denver' Cast in Chicago