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Who Has a Craving For Kosher Yogurt?

Find out after the jump.

(Photos courtesy of Celebrity Babylon)

Jessica Marx |

It’s All Fun and Games Until You Piss Off the Claymates

Despite the fact that I’ve always sort of thought he resembled a Christmas elf, it doesn’t sound like Clay Aiken was filled with holiday cheer when dealing with fans this hoilday season. A number singers were not allowed to sing during Aiken’s holiday concert Saturday, even though they had won singing competitions and…

Lisa Timmons |

It’s the Four Season’s For Brangelina

It looks like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and the kids are going to be spending this New Year’s in Costa Rica. They have been in Costa Rica since Christmas Day, and are staying at the exclusive Four Seasons Resort in Papagayo on Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast.

Accompanied by their three children,…

Jessica Marx |

Eva Longoria Has a Feud with Heather Mills?

I’m not exactly sure why, but it sounds like Eva Longoria is a steadfast member of Camp Paul McCartney in the Mills/McCartney battle that’s taking place across the ocean. From

Cherry recently revealed he’d love to audition the estranged wife of SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY for a spot in the ABC series, saying, “If…

Lisa Timmons |

Remains of the Day: Mike Tyson Cops To Being an Addict

That should have read: Mike Tyson tells a cop that he’s an addict. [TMZ]Dakota Fanning’s rape scene in her upcoming film “Hounddog” went swimmingly. The tiny actress only incurred mild psychological damage. [CW]The best part of 2006? The NSFW crotch shots, of course. [Celebitchy]Filmmakers have their eye on Johnny Depp to star in the upcoming…

Jessica Marx |

A Mom on the Mend

Which soon to be single mother of two is looking happy these days? Find out who this fit mom is after the jump.


Jessica Marx |

Looks Like Everybody’s In Trouble

With the fallout over Mel Gibson’s potty mouth episode seeming to cool down a bit, it now looks like the cop who arrested him is facing some problems of his own. Page Six of the New York Post has the details:

The L.A. sheriff’s deputy who busted the star for DUI says…

Lisa Timmons |

We’re Sorry Australia

As an American, I generally feel obligated to apologize any time one of our trashy little starlets decides to venture abroad and–well, exist, really. I kind of was hoping that Paris’ name would confuse people into thinking that perhaps she was French, but I’m pretty sure getting away with that BS is…

Lisa Timmons |

Body Buzz: Top Ten Fittest Male Celebrities in 2006

A few days ago we ranked the fittest female celebrities, and now it’s the guys turn. This list is based upon workout routine, diet, and the physique of the person. We all know that a well balanced diet and daily exercise are the two greatest contributing factors to a healthy lifestyle. Here is a…


Watch Out Victoria’s Secret

Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez are considering releasing a line of lingerie together. The two each have their own label as mentioned here. There is no solid official “deal” yet, but what J.Lo wants God delivers and Marc Anthony signs for it. The appeal of a duo label with two fashionistas at the…

Cara Harrington |

Keith Urban Not Out of Rehab

God, he’s in, he’s out. Stay in one place, and finish your damn treatment! Bumpshack reports that Urban was merely paying a visit to Nic.

Keith Urban is still in rehab according to his representative. Urban was in Australia for the Christmas holiday and a conjugal visit with hottie wife Nicole Kidman.

J. Harvey |

Niki Taylor Hitched

Remember Niki? She found herself a race car driver.

Supermodel Niki Taylor has married NASCAR driver Burney Lamar after a four-month engagement, PEOPLE has confirmed.

It was only in September that Lamar asked for the onetime Sports Illustrated and Cover Girl model’s hand in marriage while her parents watched, her…

J. Harvey |

Quick Hits: Rescue Me

Jake Gyllenhaal makes me swoon as he plays firefighter in his boxers. It’s like my dream come true. [Mollygood]
Ed Norton (creepy guy from “Fight Club”) breaks his back and didn’t know it. Hmmm. [Just Jared]
Please tell me Victoria is just constantly cold. [Hollywood Tuna]
Awww, cute child alert. [Popsugar]
Remember Jennifer Lopez, her…

Cara Harrington |

Anne Hathaway Befriends Bears

For all you crazed bitches who took me seriously when I called Anne Hathaway a racist, here’s a nice item about her to appease you.

Anne Hathaway spent an unusual night on the town on a Friday shortly before Christmas.

The “Devil Wears Prada” star was headed with friends to the…

J. Harvey |

Mike Tyson Busted

USA Today reports that world’s scariest boxer Mike Tyson got pinched for DUI and coke possession.

Mike Tyson was arrested early Friday on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of cocaine after police stopped him shortly after he left a Scottsdale nightclub.

Sgt. Larry Hall said the boxer was…

J. Harvey |

Caption Jamie Foxx

(WENN) …

Jessica Marx |

Mary-Kate Has a New Guy

Page Six reports that Mary-Kate Olsen is busy.

SO who was the male model spotted flirting with Mary-Kate Olsen at the Chateau Marmont last week? Sources tell Page Six it was a “partygoing L.A. hipster” named Travis London – a friend of Mary-Kate’s ex (and current Nicky Hilton man candy) David Katzenberg…

J. Harvey |

Jennifer Lopez Hits Aspen

Joining the other celebs (Seal, Heidi Klum, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Nicollette Sheridan, Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey, and more) who have been hitting the slopes of Aspen is no one other than Jennifer Lopez. Somehow I just can’t picture Jennifer hitting the slopes. Maybe she’s just there for the parties, or the shopping.

Jessica Marx |

ASL Breaks Yahoo!’s Top Ten

Ever visit the site and think, why the hell do these bitches think they’re hot shit? Well, the truth of the matter is, we weren’t really sure until we found out that Yahoo! had us listed as #8 on their Top 10 Blog/Blogger Searches.

Now, we know we’re sporting an inflated ego…

Lisa Timmons |

Ashlee Gives

In Touch Weekly reports that Ashlee Simpson gave some old clothes to her cleaning lady.

When Ashlee Simpson moved recently, she discovered how many barely worn outfits from designers like Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture and Calypso she owned. Rather than let the clothing remain in the back of her closet, the singer…

J. Harvey |
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