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Denise Has Even More Time to Hurl Other People’s Laptops Off of Balconies now that She’s Officially Single

Contact Music tells us that Denise and Charlie are over and out, my friend.

CHARLIE SHEEN and DENISE RICHARDS are no longer husband and wife – their marriage was terminated in Los Angeles on 17 November (06), according to new documents. The couple split last year (05) and briefly reconciled at Christmas…

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Reese Paranoid

Female First reports that Reese has gone a smidge bit more control freak than usual. She’s banned all mobile phones on the set of her latest movie with Jake Gyllenhaal. Losing someone as smokingly hot as Ryan Phillipe will do that to a girl – make her go buck-wild Cruella DeVille crazy lady.

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Anna Better Rent a U-Haul

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Remains of the Day: Mischa Sings!

Joel Madden, Hilary Duff, Kramer


Desperate Housewife Eva Getting Married

People confirmed today that Eva and her long-time boyfriend, NBA player Tony Parker, are betrothed.

“Eva and Tony are officially engaged,” Longoria’s rep, Liza Anderson, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “The couple have never been happier.”

Parker, a point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, flew into Los Angeles after his game on…

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Britney Continues the Shame Spiral

We all make mistakes, but Britney….you need to consult with someone of superior intelligence every time you make a decision. The guy at the McDonald’s drive through is just not cutting it. Having relations and marrying that turd/Vanilla Ice knock off Kevin-NO! Hanging with Paris and airing out your noonie for the world…

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Lindsay in AA?

The Post is reporting Lindsay might be *gulp* sobering up? Damn, what are we going to write about then?

LINDSAY Lohan is flirting with sobriety. After a hard weekend of partying with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, Lohan – who’s been sporting an Alcoholics Anonymous pin – has apparently had enough. A…

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Ellen DeGeneres, As Good As Panties

On Cameron Diaz’s visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ daily talk show, ol’ Cam was sporting a mighty tiny little dress and Ellen decided to use her body as a shield for the audience members who might have been at risk for being flashed a private peek of Cammie’s bits. From Life&Style Weekly:


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And We Like To Front Like We’re The Only Game In Town

The mysterious and elusive behind-the-scensters over at SocialiteRank were kind enough to grant The New York Observer a coveted interview. They chatted it up, revealing only as much as they needed to in order to keep the interviewer interested. What charming little minxes. Here’s an excerpt from said interview.

What are the

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Beauty Buzz: Glam Up Your Makeup For The Holidays

The holiday season brings about a ton of social situations–what with the shopping, parties and activities–you’re constantly surrounded by people! This holiday season, in anticipation of time with friends and family, use this as an opportunity to look your very best. However since this is such a busy time of the year, you might not…


You Mean Brandon Wasn’t Winning Anything Over at the GQ Man of the Year Awards Last Night? Odd.


Please, God, say it ain’t so. You know it’s bad when you dump your scrub and then take up with Paris’.

X-17 shows us the stuff of nightmares. And I’m not just talking about the scary shirts they’re wearing. Britney and Fat Elvis (who I’ve read is going broke) were…

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“Undercover Mike” Renamed “31 Gunshots Mike”

One of the NYPD involved in the recent shooting of a car of unarmed men–most specifically, the man who fired 31 rounds of the 50 total launched into the vehicle–is no stranger to the NYC hot spot, Bungalow 8. As it turns out, he regularly attended the club as an undercover officer. Radar

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You Can Buy Something Jessica Simpson’s Mouth Handled

Before you get too excited, Nick Lachey is not what I’m talking about. From TMZ:

Just before a kissing scene with Dane Cook in the film “Employee of the Month,” a background extra got a little something extra when Jessica Simpson gave her ABC (Already Been Chewed) gum to him. Now you…

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Quick Hits: I Bet It Was One Hot Wedding Night

Tom likes his “unmentionables.” [IDLYITW]
Federline poked a porn star….big surprise. [Hollywood Rag]
Ashton is a Bears fan and it almost makes me like the guy. [Popsugar]
Ellen is a feisty one. [Just Jared]
Melty Face plays dress up. [Dlisted]
Scarlett is taking up smoking and maybe ping pong. [Egotastic]
Jessica Biel and her mane…

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“A New Day” Will Have To Wait Until Another Day

Celebrities get sick too, just like the rest of us normal people. Not all of them are magic. The Showbuzz reports:

Celine Dion has called off upcoming performances of her Las Vegas show because she’s got a highly contagious infection. Producers of Dion’s show say she’s canceled the next five performances of…

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It’s Amazing What Some Grub And A Dye-Job Will Do

Nicole Richie’s looking pretty damn good these days. The bitch has done gained her some 5 lbs, dyed her hair a dark brown and tossed some skeletons (Rachel Zoe, you know who you are) out the closet for a fresh start. People reports:

Richie, who before seeking treatment had dropped to around…

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Suge Knight thinks Snoop’s a Rat, I Still Stand by my Opinion that Jay Leno is

Page Six reports that reported Vanilla Ice-dangler Suge Knight thinks Snoop Dogg avoids the joint via informing.

SUGE Knight, the founder of Death Row Records, has an explanation for how his archenemy Snoop Dogg keeps avoiding jail, despite his numerous arrests for drugs and gun possession.

“Snoop is a rat. He’s a…

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The Ladies Came Out For the GQ Man of the Year Awards

While GQ was honoring the Men of the Year, it was the ladies who dolled themselves up like you’ve never seen before (go Jennifer G.). Hotness was all around. Although, I must say that Ben Affleck has REALLY cleaned himself up.

I wonder if Lindsay hit on Leo?

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Tom And Katie Add A British House To Their Collection

Ah, to be rich and bonkers. I’m so jealous. I’ve got the bonkers thing down. It’s just that “wealth” part that eludes me. Oh, Sugar Daddy, show thyself! Starpulse News Blog reports:

Newlyweds Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have recently purchased a British mansion to add to their collection of homes. The couple paid…

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Anna Nicole Smith Pregnant Again?

Here at “A Socialite’s Life,” we feel it is our duty to tell you when a celebrity may or may not be pregnant. And now, it turns out, Anna Nicole Smith may or may not be pregnant. From The ShowBuzz:

A segment aired on “Entertainment Tonight” Wednesday showed the 39-year-old ex-Playboy playmate…

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