Archives: November, 2006

Denise Has Even More Time to Hurl Other People's Laptops Off of Balconies now that She's Officially Single
Reese Paranoid
Anna Better Rent a U-Haul
Remains of the Day: Mischa Sings!
Desperate Housewife Eva Getting Married
Britney Continues the Shame Spiral
Lindsay in AA?
Ellen DeGeneres, As Good As Panties
And We Like To Front Like We're The Only Game In Town
Beauty Buzz: Glam Up Your Makeup For The Holidays
You Mean Brandon Wasn't Winning Anything Over at the GQ Man of the Year Awards Last Night? Odd.
"Undercover Mike" Renamed "31 Gunshots Mike"
You Can Buy Something Jessica Simpson's Mouth Handled
Quick Hits: I Bet It Was One Hot Wedding Night
"A New Day" Will Have To Wait Until Another Day
It's Amazing What Some Grub And A Dye-Job Will Do
Suge Knight thinks Snoop's a Rat, I Still Stand by my Opinion that Jay Leno is
The Ladies Came Out For the GQ Man of the Year Awards
Tom And Katie Add A British House To Their Collection
Anna Nicole Smith Pregnant Again?
Gotham Loves 'Half Nelson'
Fitty Calls Oprah an "Oreo", Goes Into Hiding
Prayers Answered as Britney Buys Undergarments
Ethan Embry Will Shoot You if You Touch His Shit
Danny Devito Had to Get Loaded Just to Endure Elisabeth Hasselback, Thousands Come Out in Support
Michelle Rodriguez and Andre 3000 Help Out
Make Room on the Mothership
Kathy Griffin Back For a Third Season
Duff Is A Copy Crotch...I Mean Cat
Nicole Kidman Is One Rich Beeotch
LaToya Jackson's Bound To Accidentally Shoot Somebody
Nip/Tuck: Season's Beatings
Celebs Converge at VW Fete
Mel to Michael--"Been There, Done That."
Anna's Back On Trimspa, Baby!
Music in the Morning: Peaches - "Tombstone, Baby"
K-Fed Messed Around with Porn Star?
Britney's Vagina Is On A World Tour
Remains of the Day: We Are All Under the Spell of Scientology
Paris Hates Lindsay. Again.
Brad Is Going Through Withdrawal
Jimmy Choo Spits Some Deep Shit For Y'all
Cameron Diaz Still Claims Her Nose Job Is Medically Necessary
I Hope Britney's New Single is Called "No Drawers"
Body Buzz: Avoid Weekend Weight Gain
Madge's Parenting Skills to Be Examined By People Who Probably Should Be Focusing On the Country-Wide Plauge Going On Around Them
K-Fed's Gobble Day Companion Not Biblical
Brooke Shields Saves TomKat Wedding
Quick Hits: A Little Brad Flashback
Dunst Knocked Up?
Pam Anderson Uses Her Website To Update Fans On Divorce
Daniel Craig and I Feel That Bond Should Bat For the Other Team
How Cute. Heather Mills Thinks She's Somebody.
Is The Butterscotch Stallion Ready To Settle Down?
We're Here To Help
Kid and Pam--The Finger-Pointing Begins
Sofia Coppola's Newest Project--A Baby Girl
Nibbly Things: 'Ugly Betty' Gets New Cast Member
Lindsay Conveniently Forgets that Paris Beat Her Up
The Spirit Awards Are Coming Up...
Everybody Run, Lindsay Lohan's Got a Gun
One Night in Hyde: Where's a Devastating Earthquake When You Need One?
Couldn't They Have Gotten Cooler People to Host, Like Say Roxette or Something?
Somehow, Evil is Triumphing...
Posh Cuts Another Tie
A Football Player, A Prince And Now A Soldier
Tracy Morgan Fired Up For Court
Snoop Arrested Outside The Tonight Show
Nicole Kidman's Reproductive Desires
Hey Kids, Let's Check Out The "Fernando" Exhibit
Music in the Morning: Death Cab for Cutie - "A Movie Script Ending"
X-Tina Still Parties It Up On Occasion
PETA's After Nicole Richie
Remains of the Day: Lindsay Lohan Likes Handcuffs
JLO Working Overtime To Get Pregnant
Paves Ruined It For Everyone
Drunk Driving Ain't Funny, Tracy
The Price You Pay For Living in Paradise
Derek Jeter and Jessica Biel Still Hooking Up
Beauty Buzz: Get Rid of That Ruddy Complexion
Cameron Diaz Still Says She Doesn't Want To Get Married
Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton Spotted Eating Together
Quick Hits: Meredith Loves Some Olsen Action
Paris Censors Britney
Tequila--Jared Leto's Drink Du Jour?
Liquid Lunch, Episode 8
Britney Spears Used To Do Homework, Y'all
A Star Who Sleeps Around
Borat, Not Drunken Shotgun Wedding , Wrecked Pam and Kid Rock's Marriage
Katie's Dad Says He's Crazy About Tom
Nibbly Things: Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Share a Meal
I'm Guessing Nicole's Split With Rachel Zoe Wasn't Too Amicable..
Ugly Betty: Chutney's a Way Hotter Name for a Baby Than Suri or Shiloh...
Hilary Feels That Flashbulbs are the Key to a Successful Relationship Unaware that the Good Charlotte Guy Has Dumped Her
Lindsay's All About Multi-Tasking
Gotti Busted, Revisited
Now They're Just F*cking With Us...
Fashion Fix: William Beaver House Bash
Chris "Nostradamus" Rock?
Seinfeld Cast May Feel The Sting Of Michael Richards' Oopsie
Keira Knightley's Relationship Looking A Little Rocky
"All My Children" Takes A Trip Down Transgender Lane
Music in the Morning: Amy Winehouse - "You Know I'm No Good"
Tom Cruise To Make Music?
A Beck Giveaway!
Remains of the Day: Dina Lohan Still Loves Her Some Wilmer
Veronica Mars, For Shame!
Screw Strippers, Give Me Versace
Is Nicole Preggers?
A Girl With Some Serious Hair Loyalty
Beyonce Has Love For Her Nigerian Fans
BODY BUZZ: Get Amazing Arms In No Time!
Pam Kicks The Rock
Jessica Simpson's Dad Owns a Video Camera
Quick Hits: Skanks on Parade
Britney's Comeback Continues to Take a Dark Turn
Richards Remains "Shattered"
Lindsay Cries "Abuse" From Paris
Poor Jude Law
Anderson Cooper Says, "Hi."
Salma Hayek Has Fantastic Boobies
Nicole Kidman Skips Party
America's Next Top Model: Bullshit.
Nibbly Things: The Princes Set to Honor Princess Diana
Brittany Murphy Flies High
Tom Cruise Hasn't Left the House Without Lycra on these Hips Since He was Sixteen Years Old
Fabian Basabe Proclaims Himself Innocent of Drunk Driving, But Possibly Guilty of Generally Being an Asshole
Say Hello To More J. Harvey
Nip/Tuck: I'm Not Gay But My Partner Is
Weddings Make Lohan Cry
Heidi Klum's Holiday Cheer
Madonna's Plans For A Christmas In Paradise
Kramer vs. Kramer
Paris to Britney, "Underwear Is For Dumb People."
Music in the Morning: Silversun Pickups - "Kissing Families"
Ms. J., Take Notes
Shakira's Hips to Stop Child Labor
We're Here To Help
Dolly Parton Sees Herself in Kristin Chenoweth
Nancy Grace is in Trouble
Madonna Comes to Television Once Again
Quick Hits: Pitt's Free Fallin'
JLO And Posh Are Friends Now
A Beck Giveaway!
K-Fed to Brit, "Oh Yeah, Well, I'm Gonna Tell Everyone You're Gay!"
The Pitts Out-Do the Bushes
Wayne Stays in the Picture
Foxy Brown Gets Tossed Out
A Wild Child Songstress
Nicole Still Working It
Leo's Mom Was All About Gisele
Nibbly Things: David Blaine Escapes
Kate Moss Fancies Herself An Actress
Britney Slumming Again
La Lohan Is Pretty Quickly Turning Into That Crazy Lady With All The Cats
Federline Embraces the Obvious
How Did You Spend Your Thanksgiving?
The O'Donnell, Ripa, Aiken Feud is Finally Over
Britney and Paris Get Into Trouble
Heidi Klum Gives Birth to a Boy
Music in the Morning: TV On The Radio - "Wolf Like Me"
Have A Happy Thanksgiving: Socialite-style!
Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro Still Friends
Angelina Takes Her Posse To Cambodia
Jude is Messing Around Again
Remains of the Day: Ashlee Simpson Wants a Cure
Kate Moss Frustrated With Boyfriend, Pete Moss
Heidi Klum's Ready to Uncross Her Legs and Give More Beauty to the World
Leo DiCaprio, The Hero
Sketch Gets Britney Pissed
Quick Hits: Screech in a Tub
Beyonce and Gwen Looking Better Than Ms. Spears?
Lindsay Drug Overdose?
CHiPS and Salsa
P. Diddy Throws A Baby Shower
Oh Hell Naw
More From the TomKat Wedding
Having Money Doesn't Improve Your Musical Taste
Nibbly Things: Barbara Bush Robbed!
Britney Spears Goes House Hunting
Lindsay Sends Her Condolences
That Outfit Needs More Tim Gunn
Jessica Alba Would Make Algebra Way Hotter
Angelina Having Trouble With The In-Laws?
The Usual Suspects Win Big At The 2006 AMA's
Cameron Diaz Says, "I'm Selfish"
Lindsay Lohan Wants To Be Stevie Nicks
A Prime-Time Cutie in Need of Medical Advice
Who's Working the Cut-Out T-shirt?
Music in the Morning: The Raconteurs - 'Hands'
"Factory Girl" Getting Oscar Buzz
Duran Duran Working On New Album with Young Whipper-Snappers
Keira Knightley Set To Wed?
Denzel Gives Me Jungle Fever
Soccer's Getting In The Way of David Beckham Having Fun
Remains of the Day: Bruce and Renee Comfort Reese
Who Knew?
Liquid Lunch Podcast, Episode Lucky Number Seven
John Mayer and Jessica Simpson Once Again Joined at Their Personal Level of Mediocrity
Someone Doesn't Think That 'Heroes' is the Best Thing to Happen to TV Since Kelly Taylor Got Trapped In The House Fire With the Lesbian on '90210'
Everything's Coming Up Jennifer Hudson
Quick Hits: The Superficial Friends
Josh Harnett Hanging Out With Mystery Chick
Lindsay Takes Out the Fuzz
Nicole Richie Breaks Up With Her Stylist
Cindy Crawford Doesn't Do Kiddie Porn
4 Hours Chess and Sex....Yawn
Ian Thorpe Gets Out Of The Pool
Eddie Murphy Dishes About Divorce and 'Dreamgirls'
Paris Hilton Empties Her Stomach On Stage
Who's Hiding Behind That Fur
BREAKING: Robert Altman, Dead at 81
Fashion Fix: Tommy Gives It All He's Got
Why Didn't J.Lo Just Wear A Big White Dress and a Veil To The Ceremony?
Kramer Apologizes For His Beserk Racist Freakout
Cristiano Ronaldo Has A Stalker
Beauty Buzz: Holiday Hair
Scientology Has Invaded The Maldives
Lindsay Lohan and Michael Jackson--Two Hot Messes In A Pod
Want To F**K Mike Tyson?
Victoria Beckham is Worried
Music in the Morning: DJ Shadow - 'Walkie Talkie'
The Last Single Desperate Housewife Is Off The Market...
Tom Lasted 3 Minutes
It Wasn't Me or Abbie
Possibly the Most Despicable Man On the Face of the Earth With the Exception of Hitler and Maybe a Few Child Murderers Gets His Book and Television Special Cancelled
Kelly Ripa Wants Clay Aiken To Keep His Hands Off Her Mouth
Remains of the Day: Stephen Dorff May Not Be Playing With All of His Marbles
Courtney's Nude. Again.
Film Threat Names The Top 50 Coldest People in Hollywood
Eva Taking the Reigns from Bush
Orlando and Kirsten Get It On
Quick Hits: Tom and the Beanstalk
Pete Doherty Gets Pinched For Crack Cocaine For Like the One Jillionth Time
Brad Pitt Answers Some Questions
Kimberly Stewart Says Her Liver Is Just Fine
More Details From The TomKat Union
Lohan Lost Some More Jewelry
David Blaine To Perform Another Trick I Don't Quite Understand
Is The Robot, Madonna, Actually Feeling Pain?
Kramer Pulls A Mel Gibson
Catherine Zeta-Jones Rocking The Cleavage Again
Nibbly Things: Brandon Routh's Constrained Package
Tom Brings A Dude Along On His Honeymoon
Mariah Carey Gets "Make-A-Wish" Award
Jennifer Lopez Spoofed in Porn Movie
Someone Went International
The Jolie-Pitts Take a Ride
Let's Get Divorcin'!
The "Birds And Bees" Speech Might Need Some Revising
Oh Lindsay, Honey
Britney Spears Heads to Vegas and Hangs With Mario Lopez
Let Me Take You Back
Hollywood Celebrates Skin & Bones
Music in the Morning: The Rapture - 'Whoo! Alright - Yeah... Uh Huh'
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Head Off on Honeymoon
Katie Holmes is Officially Now Kate Cruise
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Arrive at Wedding Site
Liza's Ex Still Drives Her Crazy
Ashley's "Judds" Exposed
Oh God, Those Poor Chambermaids
Angelina Opens Her Goddess Lips and Speaks - Sending the Earth Into Spasms of Joy
Tom's Ex Wishes Him Well
Remains of the Day: Another Round of Celebrity Fatties
Don't Blame The Alcohol
Ugly Betty: Why Didn't My Family Ever Go Salsa Dancing On Thanksgiving?
Have a Socialite's Night: Get To Know the Woz
Oh Yay, A Sex Scandal
Lindsay Lands Ad Campaign
Maddox Jolie Has Complicated Hair
The Cutest Bridezilla
Nicole and Keith Try To Work It Out
Hilary Duff Feeds Some Folks
Quick Hits: Pamela Anderson is Open to Adoption
Keira Knightley, Child Psychic
Kate Winslet, A Happy Mommy
The Wayne Stays in the Picture
Victoria's Secret Takes It To The City Of Angels
Sharleen Spiteri Is The New Shanna Moakler
TomKat Wedding Bells Get Ready To Ring
Nibbly Things: Marc Jacobs is Still With Jason Preston
Who Is That Kissing Celebrity Couple?
Brad Meets With Police
Russell Simmons Quote of the Day
Damn Girl, We Didn't Know It Was That Serious
Fashion Fix: Cavalli Is Working Some OT
Young Director Gets Some Support From The Stars
Cameron and Justin's Hawaiian Hideaway
Ricky Martin Indulges His Inner Child
Too Many Divorces, Too Little Time!
Benjamin McKenzie Creates Awareness For Invisible Children
Music in the Morning: Martina Topley Bird - 'Anything'
Career Kills Another Couple
Avoid Miami
Kylie Works It A Little Too Hard
Remains of the Day: Jennifer Lopez Goes to 'Bordertown'
Have Another Look At Suri
Reese Ready To Get Back On The Red Carpet Again
Jennifer Can Dress