Archives: October, 2006

Brinkley Is Stealth
My Funny Federline
Nicky Hilton has a Midget Fetish
Remains of the Day: The Hoff Sweats
Lindsay Lohan Inspired by Angelina Jolie
CBS is Over the Moonves
Ugly Betty: 'Judith Lights up my life'
Fergie's Singing is for the Dogs
Jennifer Lopez Shines at the ACE Awards
Quick Hits: Pamela Anderson May Want to Slow Things Down Just a Tad
ET Lands Anna Nicole Interview
Jessica and Dolly Together At Last
Watch Out, Jerry Seinfeld
Kate Bosworth Avoids Interview...
Nicole Richie Denies Collapsing
Angelina Jolie May Sue
It's A Liquid Lunch Halloween!
What is Nick Carter Doing?
Nibbly Things: Barbra Striesand Gets Soaked
Ryan's Cheating Heart?
Another US Glamour Women of The Year Awards last night...
Brad Pitt as Art
Enter Brooke Shields
Beauty Buzz: The Best Makeup Brushes
Trouble Brewing Between Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes
Fashion Fix: Wedding Bells For Viktor and Rolf
A Galactic Gala
Music in the Morning: Sean Combs feat. Christina Aguilera - 'Tell Me'
Sounds Like A High School House Party To Me
'Studio 60' Soon To Be Euthanized
Brad Pitt Makes Use of a Hammer
President of the Madge Fan Club
Remains of the Day: Owen Wilson's Assets
Jim Beam was the Highlight of the Wedding
The Ultimate Internship Contest
Jude's Baby-Momma Burgled
Everybody Loves Barack
Quick Hits: Kirstie Loves That Finger
The Latest in the Madonna Adoption Scandal
Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman In The Toilet
BREAKING: Tracey Flick Admits Defeat
Brandon Davis Reinforces The Notion That He Is A Douche
Nude Photos of Marcia Cross
Is She A Good Cop, Or A Bad Cop?
Girls Gone Crazy
Nibbly Things: Brooke Hogan's Cheap
A Trick with Treats
Ivanka Trump Likes Her Name
Bill Maher as Steve Irwin
It's All in the Nose
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Take in a Game
Lindsay Lohan Snaps
Whitney Houston Was the Belle of the Hope Ball
A Mogul Rump Lover
The Jolie-Pitts are Pissed at E!
Music in the Morning: John Legend - 'Heaven'
Jessica and Ashlee Simpson - Cover Girls
Caption These
Have a Socialite's Night: A Ray Bradbury Book Signing
Drinking and Shopping With Hilary Swank
Remains of the Day: Mischa Forgot Her Pants
No Mariah In Hong Kong
The Stars Come Out For Reba McEntire
Winona Ryder's Psychopathic Tendencies
Being the Sexiest Woman Alive Is Hard Work
Male-Camel Toe
Quick Hits: Flook Turns 100
Not Your Ordinary Hollywood Bag Ladies
I'd Like That Much Attention Paid To My Breasts
I can't deny...
Sharon Osbourne Gets Some Free Publicity
Ashton Kutcher, Concerned Step-Parent
Naomi Campbell Needs A Man
Hasselhoff Divorce Continues To Get Messier
The Night of Stars
Nibbly Things: Snoop Dogg's Airport Woes
More From The Big Mess
Paris Hilton Loves Wine In A Can
Alicia Silverstone Adopts A Healthy Lifestyle
Sharon Stone Gives Us Peace
Fashion Fix: The Nightmare Side of Fashion
Mary Kate Olsen Keeps Wearing Ugly Clothing
Nicole Richie Seeks Treatment For Nutrition Issues
Music in the Morning: Gnarls Barkley - 'Who Cares'
Guess Who Has Hearts on His Shoes?
Kate Winslet Is a Never-Nude
Could You Use $1 Million?
Remains of the Day: Vinnifer Have Reunited
No, This Isn't Terrifying At All
Jenny Loves Marc's Cannonballs
Adopt-holics Anonymous
Kudos Marchesa
February Nuptials Planned For Liz Hurley
Quick Hits: Jared Leto Has Blogger Issues
Nicole & Keith's Substance Abuse Woes
Robbie Williams, You Cad, You
Lindsay's Neighbors Already Conspiring To Shoo Her Away
America's Next Top Model: 'I Can't Believe It's Not Eugena'
Ashlee Simpson Gets Skechers Endorsement
K-Fed Thinks Highly Of Himself
Girlfriends, Beware
Two Fun Conversation Topics For Small Talk With Tara Reid
Nibbly Things: Pete Doherty and Kate Moss to Wed 'Soon'
Madonna Clears Up Madoption Confusion on Oprah
Ashley Olsen Turns Brunette
Halle Berry Thinks Young
Sandra Bullock Quote of the Day
Beauty Buzz: Go Nude!
Dominic Monaghan's Agent Really Earns His Money
Naomi Campbell's Hands of Mass Destruction Strike Again!
Punky Loses Its Power
Music in the Morning: The Killers - 'Bones'
Kate Moss Calls Heather Mills A Liar
Remains of the Day: Pants Are Optional for Mary-Kate Olsen
Cling Wrap
Jennifer Aniston's Best Friend Right Now Could Be Her Bodyguard
Paris Hilton Apologizes For Her Little DUI
Let's All Go To K-Mart
Nip/Tuck: 'Thumbs Down'
Brad Lays Down the Thunder
Quick Hits: A Tales of Two Blondes
Madonna on Oprah
When Animal Prints Attack!
Vincent Gallo Is And Always Will Be Deliciously Crazy
Making Sense of 'Babel'
Wait a minute...
Demi Moore Continues Her Body Upgrade
Rush Limbaugh's An Ass
Hugh Jackman's a Fan of Adoption
Nibbly Things: Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Not a Fan of 'Law & Order'
A Masked Ball Attracts A-List Stars
Isaiah Washington Says Sorry
The New James Bond Will Leave You Shaken, Not Stirred
Justin Timberlake: Coverboy
Jennifer Aniston's New Puppy Wuppy
One: Bono and the Gang
Eva Longoria Turns to Law Enforcement
Music in the Morning: Kellie Pickler - 'Red High Heels'
Demi Enjoys The Fruits Of Ashton's Labor
It Very Well Could Be the Loch Ness Monster
Tom Cruise In A Spike Lee Joint?
Diddy Throws A Hissy
Vivica Slums It With Federline
Remains of the Day: Vince Vaughn, Documentarian
Britney Can Party Too
The Bilson Theory
Courtney Love Gets It On With Lindsay's Ex
Lindsay Lohan To British It Up
Let The Countdown Begin
Quick Hits: Natalie Makes a Pretty Audrey
Borat's Got Funny Friends--And Fans
Britney Spears' Baby Is A Boy, And He's Not Named Sutton
I Know What Boys Like
Jennifer Aniston Does Broadway
Liquid Lunch Ep. 3
Film Festival--Aphrodisiac For The Stars?
Nibbly Things: Who The Hell Is The Father Of Anna Nicole Smith's Baby?
Paris Hilton to Model in India
Frankie J Is Priceless
Lindsay Lohan Just Needs Some Love
Avirl Lavigne Glams It Up
Fashion Fix: 'At least I didn't bring Lycra back.'
One Trashy Show
Beauty Buzz: Plump Up Your Lips
Jake Gyllenhaal's Anatomy
Music in the Morning: Simon Webbe - "Coming Around Again"
Russell Crowe's Taking A Break Y'all
Are You Up For a Challenge?
Is Kirsten Dunst Dating Her Co-Star?
Paris Hilton's Sex Problems
Left Over Suri Cruise
Remains of the Day: Diana Ross Isn't a Fan of 'Dreamgirls'
Blythe Danner Isn't Jealous Of Gwyneth
Heidi Klum Has Four Weeks To Go
It's Only A Matter Of Time
Phillippe's Anatomy
Stars Protest A Massive Floater
Gyllenhaal Baby Hide and Seek
Quick Hits: Vintage Wentworth Miller
Justin Timberlake and a Meat Slap
Katie Holmes Prepping For Next Batman Movie?
Jessica Simpson Knows How To Use Her Tongue
Sucks To Be Paris Hilton's Friend
Those Wacky McCartneys
When Ugly Shoes Attack!
The Pot's Writing A Book About The Kettle
Say It Ain't So
Nibbly Things: Sara Evans' Nanny Passes Lie Detector Test
Poor Brandon Davis...
An Action Star With a Boyfriend
Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Appreciate Advice From Strangers
Madonna May Just Want to Start Over From Scratch
T.R. Knight Has a Paparazzi Moment
It's Not Paris
Gwen Stefani Readying New Single
Music in the Morning: Amy Winehouse - 'Rehab'
Is it a Tuck or a Dig?
Rachel Bilson Keeping It Private and Shit
Jay-Z to Shill Beer
Pre-Pay With Carmen Electra
Keith Urban Enters Rehab
Remains of the Day: Jennifer Aniston's Driving Techniques
Cate Will Be The "Cancer Vixen"
Michael Knight Quote of the Day
Those Crazy World Dominating Beckhams
Making War Look Sexy
Ugly Betty: 'It's just like Top Model except no one's crying..'
Nicolette Sheridan Not Desperate Enough to Eat Dog Food
Quick Hits: K-Fed Parties With Some Ho's
Christian Bale is Not the Cowboy Type
Madonna Still Kind of Pissing Off The Church
Sharon Stone Gets A Proposal
Another Pothead Waxes Poetic About Marijuana
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Resurfaces
What To Do With Dr. McAngry?
Twinsies: Posh and Katie
Nibbly Things: Robbie Williams Gets Cheeky
What Did Lindsay Lohan Leave Behind in Her in Chateau Marmont Suite?
Lionel Richie Quote of the Day
Teri Hatcher All Smiles At NYC Bash
Kate Hudson on House Hunt
Victoria Beckham To Become A TV Star - Or Not
Anna Nicole Smith Buries Her Son
Kristen Dunst Gets Marie Antoinette
Movie Preview in the Morning: 'Dreamgirls'
Nicole Kindman Thinks and It Probably Hurt A Little
More From The Messiest Little Divorce in London
Worth Their Weight In Gold
Tinkerbell is Still Alive!
Remains of the Day: Tori Spelling Has Quite a Rack
Hey Now, There's No Need to Hide
Alicia Keys Not Arrested
BREAKING: By George, 'Grey's Anatomy' Actor T.R. Knight Confirms He's Gay
Nothing Like Black Leather To Make Halloween A Real Treat
Daniel Smith To Be Buried Today
Quick Hits: Britney Spears' Amazing Weight Loss Plan
Verdad, Wong, and a Gilmore Girl
Fashion Fix: Michael Kors May Be The Last Man Standing
Pam Anderson Hoping for Baby #3
Jessica Alba Speaks and We Roll Our Eyes
Piddly Winks Gets Caught Flirting
Caption Justin
Poor Jessica Simpson
Armani to Outfit TomKat Wedding
Jen and Courteney Friends and Neighbors
Holy Crazy Bastard
Nibbly Things: Madonna's H&M Bomb
Lindsay Lohan Parties It Up With Tommy Hilfiger
Um, Nicky Hilton Poses
Paris Lets Loose Another Stinker
Madonna's Baby-Daddy Tells the World to Butt Out
Project Runway: 'Gather Round'
David Beckham To Recreate Vintage Levi Commerical
Salma Hayek Produces
Beauty Buzz: Annoying Acne Not Just for Teens
Hugh Jackman Turns to Television
Sex Scenes Slightly Uncomfortable For Jason Schwartzman
America's Next Top Model: 'Red Carpet Munching'
Music in the Morning: Bob Sinclair - "Rock This Party"
The Better to Smell The Modelling Contract With
Madge and Her Baby Drama
'The Prestige' to Wow Audiences
Not So Desperate Housewife
Remains of the Day: A Socialite's Life is Sexy
More Details on the 'Grey's Anatomy' Scuffle
Ryan Phillippe Goes To War
Matt Damon Gets His Do-Goodin' On
Justin's Celebrity Supporters
Quick Hits: Modeling For Food
How Much is That Paula in the Window? Part 2
Concerns over Kate Moss' Children
Mills/McCartney Divorce Ups The Nastiness
Mischa Barton Just Wants a Normal Guy
Nicky Hilton's Break-Up
Justin Shakes His Little Tush on The Catwalk
Oh Whitney & Bobby
Witherspoon Wins As A Producer
Lance & Matt, Man-friends 4 Eva
Nibbly Things: Ice-T and Coco Snapped For Nude Album Cover
A Testifying Bono
Baby's First Rickshaw Ride
Nip/Tuck: 'Kidney Punch'
Nicole Kidman's World Tour?
Monica Bellucci Takes On A Different Role
Scary & Donkey Have a Baby On Board
Music in the Morning: Christina Aguilera - 'Hurt'
Vince Vaughn Says He's No Cheater
No Batman For Jake Gyllenhaal
Kirsten Dunst Dumping Spider-Man Franchise?
Remains of the Day: Brad Pitt Reunites With an Old Flame
Madonna Defends Her Adoption
Ashlee Attempts to Help Others
Bruce Willis Gets His Star
The Modern Parent Trap
Snipes' Penal Problem
Quick Hits: Adam Brody Feels No Pain
Momma Posh
Paris Hilton Sleeping Over at The Enemy's