Archives: January, 2006

Team Lohan And The Lost Diary
Why Can't Bobby Trendy Just Go Away?
Naughty Pastor
Jordan's Slip
Blog Dish: You May Know Your Son Is Gay When ...
Jessica Alba Is The Ideal Girlfriend
Marcos Baghdatis' Improper Ball Placement
Who's Nominated For An Oscar?
Ashley Judd Quote Of The Day
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Ben Affleck's Special Milk
Tom Cruise: Up The Razzie
Quick Hits: Will Anna Wintour Be Downgraded?
Caption It! #112 Contest Winner!
Bijou Phillips Is Pissed At Lindsay Lohan
John Galliano Menswear: For The Everyday Man
Paris Hilton's Shopping Spree
Quick Hits: Baby Jessica Ties The Knot
Joan Collins Quote Of The Day
The Ring Is Out Of The Bag
Blind Items: A Woman Seducing A Gay Man?
Blog Dish: Matthew McConaughey's Memory Lapse
Christina Aguilera In Rolling Stone
Winona Ryder and Robert Trujillo
Jessica Simpson Is Confused
Tom Cruise Puts Sex Life On Hold
Nibbly Things: Pamela Anderson Hooks Up With Kanye West
Tara Reid Confuses Dog WIth Homeless Person
This Sienna Miller And Hayden Christensen Thing Is Just Weird
Lindsay Lohan Injures Herself At Byran Adams' Mansion
The Ellen Barkin And Ron Perelman Divorce Gets Interesting
Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Couple Mish Mash
Caption It! #112 Contest
Kate Beckinsale Is Scared
Janet Jackson's Looking Slimmer
Quick Hits: Aaron Spelling Is A Dirty Old Man
Mariah Carey Will Perform At The Grammy's
Barry Manilow Walks
Blog Dish: Salma Hayek Likes Her Curves
A Million Little Advertisers
Pay No Attention To Angelina Jolie
David Gest And Da Brat
Clay Aiken's Boy Toy
Nibbly Things: Lindsay Lohan Gets Deep
Blind Items: Crystal Meth And Then Some
Prince Harry's Duty
Paris Hilton To Sing About Her Sex Tape
This Could Have Been The Next 'American Idol'
Kenny Chesney's Not A Flaming Homo After All
James Frey Pisses Off Oprah
Benicio Del Toro And Brad Pitt
Jake Gyllenhaal Is Still Yummy
A Calmer Tara Reid
Quick Hits: Kevin Federline Really Digs His Own Music
How Not To Try And Cure The Hiccups
Rocky VI
Maddox Jolie-Pitt Addresses The Paparazzi
Page Six: The Magazine
Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Together Again
Reese Witherspoon To Appear At Brits
Kate Moss Writes A Book
Nibbly Things: 'Strangers With Candy' Gets A June Release Date
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Finally Hold Hands
Michael Jackson Confuses Burkha WIth Abaya
Sienna Is Possessed By The Devil
Rumor Mill: Reese Has Chosen Nina and Claire Hallworth
Brad Pitt Likes His Motorcycle Jacket
Kate Moss Celebrated Her Birthday With 15-Hour Party
Quick Hits: Meet John Galliano - The Pirate
Who Is Pink Making Fun Of?
George Clooney Forced To Cut Back Boozing
Jennifer Aniston Spends Her Time At Sundance Smoking
Jodie Foster's Special Friend
Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Take Out Violet
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Visit The Airport
Nibbly Things: Kevin Federline's Rap Is Horrible
Gisele Bundchen Goes To The Beach
Kanye West Evokes Jesus
No Sex For Katie Holmes
Blind Items: An Actress Three-For-All
Kate Moss Agrees To Face Questioning
Tara Reid Version 2.0
Blog Dish: Scissor Sisters Are Back In The Studio
Quick Hits: 'American Idol' Doesn't Love The Gays
Antonio Banderas Turns Grey
Paris Hilton Wants You To Love The Life You Live
Is Nicole Kidman Engaged Or Broken Up
Jennifer Aniston Shacks Up With Vince Vaughn
Kate Beckinsale Works On Her Gluts
Mariah Carey In V Magazine
Nibbly Things: At Least Drew Barrymore Has A Sense Of Humor
Jude Law Got Tired Of Annoying Sienna
Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson Hug
Britney Spears And The Paparazzi
The Best Of YouTube
Beyonce Eyes Up Jay-Z
Sienna Miller And Jude Law Hit The Rocks
Quick Hits: 'Survivor's Richard Hatch Drops A Bomb
Lindsay Lohan Drinks
Caption It! #111 Contest Winner!
Fergie In A Bikini - Not Such A Good Thing
Blog Dish: Mischa Barton Quits
Woody Allen Gives Scarlett Johansson Fashion Advice
Julia Roberts Receives Susan Sarandon's Help
Blind Items: A Partying Teen Queen
Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry at the Soho Grand Hotel in NYC
Wentworth Miller On The Loose
Jessica Simpson Has Fallen On Hard Times
Nibbly Things: Rocco DiSpirito Wants You To Know He's Heterosexual
Mariah Carey Hangs Out With Naomi Campbell
Whose Hair Is This?
Is There Marriage Trouble For Madonna And Guy Ritchie?
Reason Number 232 Not To Marry With A Prenup
The Weekly Roundup: The Gaytastic Golden Globes
Caption It! #111 Contest
Kathy Hilton's Good Vibrations
Quick Hits: Meg Ryan Takes Part In The Adoption Craze
Kelly Osborne With Lindsay Lohan's White Sunglass Guy
Sundance Is Upon Us
Blog Dish: Naomi Campbell Loves Haute Living
Natalie Portman And Debra Messing's Dress Mess
Our Advertisers Don't Do Chanel
Rumor Mill: Was That Chanel Dress Worn By A Third?
Cameron Diaz And Justin Timberlake Get Kissy
Evangeline Lily In Arena
Nibbly Things: Beyonce Goes White For Dreamgirls
Pamela Anderson Goes To Bat For The Chickens
Mmmm. Blind Items.
Angelina Jolie Pregnant With Twins?
Jared Leto: Before And After
Paris Hilton Pees In A Cab
Eminem's Pretty Wedding Photo
Kate Moss Cozies Up To Jack Osborne
Say Hello To Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt and Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt
Gisele Bundchen Takes The Runway In Brazil
Golf Pisses Off Cameron Diaz
Chloe Sevigny Fugs It Up
If You Missed The Scarlett Johansson Golden Globes Grope
Quick Hits: It's 'American Idol' Time Again
Is The Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown Marriage Over?
Kate Moss Should Just Turn Lesbian
Heath Ledger Avoids The Gay Part
Is Katie Holmes Feeling Down?
The Fallout From The Reese Witherspoon Chanel Dress Debacle
The Angelina Jolie Baby Scan
Nibbly Things: The Colin Farrell Sex Tape Goes PG, Sort Of
Macaulay Culkin's Book Is An Embarassment
The Teri Hatcher - George Clooney Date
We Have A Winner!
Joaquin Phoenix Quote Of The Day
Madonna's Mean
Quick Hits: Nicole Kidman's Ghostly Appearance
Beyonce Is The Fun Fearless Female Of 2006
88-Year-Old Woman Trapped In For Six Days Lives To Tell About It
Paris Hilton Was Celebrating
Victoria Beckham On The Runway
Jake Gyllenhaal Avoids The Globes
Nibbly Things: Angelina Jolie Collapses?
Reese WItherspoon And Ryan Phillippe
DJ AM Is Hoping To Save Nicole Richie's Life
Lindsay Lohan Bailed
Tom Cruise Give Katie Holmes The Gift Of Fashion
Eva Longoria Just Needs To Shut Up
Lawyer Gone Bad
Quick Hits: Sienna Miller Channels Edie Sedgwick
Matilda Ledger Makes Another Appearance
This Is Your Last Chance
Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Can't Stand The Cold
Sofia Vergara's Stuff
1st Annual Jet Celebrity Poker Tournament
Nibbly Things: Jamie Foxx Likes Big Butts, He Cannot Lie
The Golden Globes Were Pretty Gay
Behind The Whitney Houston Photo
Who Knew Travolta Was A Breast Man
Tom Cruise Gives Katie Holmes The Gift Of Himself
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Quick Hits: Brittany Murphy Engaged. Baby To Follow?
Which Golden Globe Winner Possesses These Feet?
What's In Your Goodie Bag?
Caption It! #110 Contest Winner!
Courtney Love Is Not Fan Of Lindsay Lohan
Felcity Huffman Won't Be Happy
Blog Dish: Scott Storch, Eww
Jessica Simpson Turns Red
Victoria Beckham Loves Chaps
Two More Days
Lindsay Lohan Parties With Sean Lennon And Her Mother
Kathy Hilton Shows Them Off
Nibbly Things: Pete Doherty Arrested Once Again
Don't Worry, Britney Spears Is Fine
Eminem Remarries Kimberly Mathers
Happy Birthday Kate Moss!
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Visit Haiti
Heath Ledger Gets Squirted
Did Kevin Federline Cheat On Britney With A Porn Star?
An Emaciated Actress And A Martha Stewart Wannabe
Whitney Houston's A Wreck
The Weekly Roundup: Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Reproduce, And Don't Tell Jennifer Aniston
Caption It! #110 Contest
Quick Hits: Who Is Adam Levine Dating Now?
Kate Beckinsale Wishes To Quit The U.S.
Sir Ivan Wilzig
Blog Dish: Angelina Jolie Is Proud Of That Bump
Five More Days
Brad Pitt Didn't Tell Jennifer Aniston About Baby
Advertiser Good Luck Charms
Photographic Evidence Of Lindsay Lohan Bathroom Sharpie Scrawl
Dolce & Gabbana Gets Kinky
Sienna Miller Nanny Quote Of The Day
Janet Jackson Goes To See 'Narnia'
Nibbly Things: Courtney Love And The Bean
Victoria Beckham Goes Shopping With Katie Holmes
A Little Sex Advice From Miu von Furstenberg
Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Are Engaged!
Cindy Crawford Digs In
Nicole Kidman's Engagement Ring?
Does Jessica Simpson Have A Shiner?
Britney Spears' Looking To Make Blackwell's 2006 List
Quick Hits: Is Macaulay Culkin Set To Remarry?
Six More Days
Deciphering Lindsay Lohan's Twisted Words
A Million Little Refunds
Some People Just Have Trouble Letting Go
Arnold Schwarzenegger Is In Trouble
Blog Dish: Serena Williams Hides Nothing
The Beckhams Doing What They Do Best
It Was Hat Day On TRL
Naomi Watts Almost Gives Away The Store
Nibbly Things: Usher Is Dating His Stylist
Britney Spears Brings Out Sean Preston Federline
Angelina Jolie Pregnant With The Most Beautiful Baby In The World
Lindsay Lohan Has Issues With Scarlett Johannson
Take A Sneak Peak At Dreamgirls
Jake Gyllenhaal On Kissing Heath Ledger
Jennifer And Vince Hug It Out
Nicole Richie And Steve-O
Seven More Days
Quick Hits: Say Hello To Lady Bunny
In Cameron Diaz's Shoes
Woman Found Dead In Front Of Her TV
Britney Spears Appears To Be Suffering From Temporary Blindness
Freddie Ljungberg Is Back
Per Usual, Mariah Wears The Wrong Footwear
Kimora Lee Simmons Is A Pretty Butterfly
Lindsay Lohan Denies Alleged Bulimia
Blackwell Voted Britney Spears Worst Dressed
NEWS FLASH! Angeliana Jolie Confirms Pregnancy
Nibbly Things: Whitney Houston's Back On Crack
Colin Farrell Exposes Himself
What Would We Do Without Star Jones?
Photoshopping Contest Sponsored By Mobile Edge
An Eva Longoria Family Outing
Kate Beckinsale Is A Sexpot
Nick Lachey Sues Jessica Simpson
The Blind Dining Experience
Will Oscar Tame Heath Ledger?
Quick Hits: 'Newlyweds' House Is Up For Sale
The Campus Ladies Have Arrived!
Meet Heidi Fleiss' First Hire
Jordan After The Jump
Julia Roberts And The Twins
Kate Moss Is Lined Up For New Dior Campaign
Tony Parker Pitches For Eva Longoria
Nicky Hilton Goes For Gold
Nibbly Things: Tara Reid Feels Herself Up
Heather Locklear Still Has It
Brad Pitt Looks Like A Monkey
Avril Lavigne In Bazaar
I See London, I See France
Queen Latifah Shops With A Friend
James Franco In GQ
Kevin Federline Swings And Changes Diapers
The Glamorous And Not So Glamorous Sarah Jessica Parker
Quick Hits: Sienna Miller's Boobs Are Everywhere In Her Home
I Would Have Stuck With Michael Vartan
Ashlee Simpson Gets Kisses In Hawaii
Jessica Alba Leaves Hawaii
For Your Consideration: Tara Reid
Brad Pitt And His Plane
Blog Dish: Brooke Burke And The Burger King
Ellen Meets Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes
Is Nicolette Sheridan Engaged To Michael Bolton?
Lindsay Lohan Is Just Fine
The Gospel According To Star Jones
Nibbly Things: Steve-O Claims Responsibility For Paris Hilton Bentley Crash
Jordan Goes To The Beach
London's Celebrity Big Brother Four
Nick Lachey's Women's Shoe Fetish
Mischa Barton's In An Unfortunate Spot
You Can Stop Working Again
Feeling Like Hell
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Did Not Assault Girlfriend
Kate Moss' Mother Loves Jamie Burke
Matthew McConaughey Is A-OK
Quick Hits: Sophia Verga's Rack
It's Great To Be A Homeless Drunk In Canada
Keanu Reeves Makes A New Friend
Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikovia Go For A Ride
You Must Read Headlines Carefully
Jon Stewart To Host This Year's Oscars