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Have A Socialite’s Night: It’s Always Nice to Cher Your Things

Los Angeles:

Property from Cher’s personal collection will be available for your viewing/purchase pleasure this weekend at The Beverly Hilton. Although, it’s hard to believe who’d want to buy things that even Cher doesn’t want anymore…

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be performing at the Hollywood Palladium this…

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Eva and Tony Are Single Again….

I guess this means Eva gets to keep the house?

Life and Style reports that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker have split up. Despite the fact that they just shacked up together in the bonds or mortgage-mony a source told L&S that:

“Eva decided that Tony wasn’t right for her.”

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Nicole Richie May Be Back On The Sauce…Or Worse

The infamously skinny Nicole Richie was recently seen leaving the West Hollywood Recovery Center, a treatment facility that specializes in 12 Step Programs. Nicole was seen on a Wednesday, coincidentally after the Crystal Meth meeting let out.

Now, I’m not saying anything for sure, because AA meetings are also held at…

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Remains Of The Day: She Would Be Pam Without Her Nipple Slip

Surprise, surprise. Pam Anderson slipped a nip in public. Again. [Splash]
I guess that whole segregation thing didn’t work out so well for CBS’s Survivor. After only two episodes, the tribes merged into one unbathed melting pot. [AP]
After announcing “only a moron” would put in a bid to buy YouTube,…

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Baby’s Got Bank

Sutton Pierce Federline will soon grace the pages of People Magazine. With her publicist on hiatus, Britney has been doing her own PR, and negotiated her deal with People on her own.
Let’s just hope that Brit Brit can handle herself and subject us to inappropriate images (a la her Matt Lauer…

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Guess Who

See which celebrity is kind enough to sign an autograph on an old paycheck stub for one of her fans. She has a famous sister, she isn’t a memeber of Team Fire Crotch, she recently debuted in a well known musical, and loves black nail polish.

Find Out After the Jump

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Time To Buy The Cow

According to the oh-so-reliable Star magazine, Johnny Depp is about to make Vanessa Paridis an honest woman. In the past, Depp has stated that he didn’t want to marry his babies-momma because her last name was too beautiful to change. I guess that excuse got old…Next month you can read all the romantic…

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Brad’s Got Babies on The Brain

TMZ reports on the world’s sexiest humanitarian couple:

Could there be trouble in the oh-so-pretty paradise that is the universe of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? According to a report this morning, a tussle over their next child is causing a rift between the stars. “Brad wants another child, preferably a boy – but…

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Quick Hits: Aaron and Nick Are As Fugly As They Are Stupid

Nick looks like that fat pimply kid you stuffed in lockers when you were in middle school. [City Rag]
Pink rocks it like the policeman from the villiage people. [Dlisted]
Kate Beckinsale is a MILF for other MILFs to envy. [Egotastic]
Hilary Swank is worth about 42 cents. [Hollywood Rag]
Guess who is most kissable..[Hollywood

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Oh Honey…

Jessica, who looks quite disheveled, joins Avril, Sharon Stone, Dave Navarro, and a few others at the opening of “Area Nightclub.”

Poor thing not even thirteen layers of lipstick can help.

More Celebs After the Jump

Written by Lisa Timmons

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Lohan Stiffs Chauffeur

In what has become typical behavior for La Lohan, Lindsay has yet to contact the chauffeur who found her missing handbag filled with over $1 million worth of jewelry at a London airport. According to Contact Music:

Lohan’s representative promised TOM WEBSTER a reward or a thank you note from the star…

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Jake Rides Again

For a minute there, we were worried that maybe Jake Gyllenhaal had decided to swear off spandex–until we saw these.

And we relaxed, because once again, all was good in the world.

Written by Lisa Timmons

More Jake Gyllenhaal After the Jump

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Hey Britney, Madonna’s Got Your Nose

The Guinness world record previously held by Britney Spears for Highest Annual Earnings by A Female Singer was broken by Madonna, when she earned a whopping $50 million in 2004. She destroyed Brit’s record, which has held fast since 2001.

At this point, I’m sure Britney would be happy if her…

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Ryan Phillippe Goes To War

…on film, of course.

Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures shot on the set of Kimberly Peirce’s latest filim, “Stop-Loss,” which stars Ryan Phillippe and Channing Tatum. You’re welcome to those of you who enjoy pictures of young men in uniform–and I’m sure we can all agree that Ryan Phillippe is a…

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Nibbly Things: Jagshemash, Jagshemash, Ho!! Oh…That Isn’t Right

I thought Jagshemash was one of the Thundercats. [Reuters]
Liz Hurley takes a big bite out of the Big Apple. [HelloMagazine]
Taking a ride on the “Shortbus” doesn’t seem so bad. [Hollywood]
Nick Lachey living on a swanky bus for his tour. [Starpulse]
Is it llamas or Avril that spit? [Softpedia]

[Image Source] …

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Keira Knightly To Be In Mother’s Movie

The skinny star of Pirates of the Caribbean is set to star in a movie penned by her very mother. From Contact Music:

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is set to star in a new movie written by her playwright mother SHARMAN MACDONALD. THE BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES is based on a real-life incident…

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Just some McSteamy Eye Candy for all you Grey’s Anatomy fans….or for those of you who enjoy hot men in towels.

Written by Cara Harrington

[Image Source] …

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“A Princess of The Throne”

Previously – Monique sucks, Melrose is showy, and Christian got canned.

Michelle and Megan bond and practice their runway walk. Melrose is in the kitchen, thinking about Christian but only thinking about her when the camera is on her I’m sure because if you don’t have time for the “issa” part of…

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It Is So Sad

I am not sure if I should file this one under pathetic or just plain desperation.

Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton lunch at “The Ivy” together. The celebrity press stop that is “The Ivy” is a haven for photogs. Let’s just say that no one goes there for the food. So,…

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Critics “Heart” Ugly Betty

A new fall season of television is upon us and the Critics are raving over ABC’s newest comedy series Ugly Betty. The show is about a fashion executive that is forced to hire an ugly assistant because he keeps sleeping with all his pretty ones. I think America is definitely ready for something…

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